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Thwe Fictional reminicences of Max, a WWII Pathfinder
June 1, 1944, Salisbury England
“Johnson! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

That was Sergeant Thomas, my platoon sergeant; he’s always trying to find one of us goldbricking. It’s like it’s a big turn on for him whenever he could catch us doing something we weren’t supposed to.

“Nothing sergeant!” We chorused.

“Well God damn it, the army doesn’t pay you to do nothing! Go get your packs and meet me at the arms locker!”

What the fuck was this all about?

As Tobey and I shagged ass over to the company area to grab our packs, I reflected on what had led me to this point in my life.


March 17, 1942, Macon Georgia
I had found the girl in a beer joint just off the highway; she was hot in more ways than one. Her blonde locks and blue eyes glimmered when they caught the feeble light in the bar, as she introduced herself as Kitty.

“I’m Max” I said looking at her knee length skirt, and the respectable blouse that barely restrained the respectable rack that she had. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a joint like this?” I asked. You know, I think I might have been the first guy to use that line.

“Looking for a good time, how about you?” She said with a twitch of a smile and an arched eyebrow.

“Well, I’m always looking for a good time, toots, how good a time was you thinking about?” I replied coolly, sliding along the bar a bit to put myself right up against her. I figured she would either want to bolt now, or wouldn’t want to advertise to the barman and sundry what she was up to.

“Well, I really think you’re cute, and since my boy friend went off to the navy last year, I haven’t had a man in me at all.” She was almost pouting, her crimson red lips parting slightly as the tip of her tongue peeked through.

I suddenly felt a pressure on my thigh. I almost jumped out of my skin when she ran her hand around from my hip to my groin and started to massage my joint right there in the bar!

“Hot damn lady, you really are ready for it aren’t you?” I gasped, my dick sluggishly stirring.

“You have no idea.” She said wickedly, a salacious smile spreading across her face. She looked up at me from under her lashes and continued to run her hand over my rapidly stiffening penis. “Let’s take your car.”

I groped in my pocket for two bits to cover our beers and dropped them on the counter.

Holy shit! I thought I think I’m going to get laid. While this is not an unusual occurrence, in my life, it was the first time that a girl had picked me up.

We walked quickly out the door, me with my turgid cock pressed closely against her backside, trying to hide my erection. My car was at the back of the small lot, not very far, but it seemed like an eternity as I steered her across the rough packed dirt of the parking lot and over to my 1939 Phaeton convertible. As I reached to open the door for her, she suddenly turned around and I found myself face to face with the biggest set of hooters I ever laid eyes on. I mean her breasts were at least a D cup and there was no cup between us.

“You’re not wearing a brassier.” I blurted stupidly.

“Haven’t you heard, all the patriotic rubber has been turned into rafts and tires” she laughed, delightedly, I guess at the stupefying effect her bosom had on me. That should have been my first clue.

I grasped her by the waist and lifted her up onto the edge of the door.

“Eeek!” she screamed and giggled

My mouth dropped to her chest, seeking the nipple that called to me in a voice only I could hear; a voice that said in a very sultry Mae West voice “Hey Sailor!” My tongue twirled around and around as I applied suction to her breast causing her already erect nipples to stiffen almost painfully. She gasped and moaned softly, her hand seeking once again the cannon in my pants.

As I moved my lips to her other nipple I felt her unzip my trousers and reach inside, fishing for my John Thomas. As I worked on stiffening her other nipple her small hand found what she sought, and she gasped; this time not in pleasure, but in shock.

“God in heaven, mama told me there were men like you, and I thought she was lyin’!” she had drug my cock out of his confinement and was stroking him, all along the ten inch length of him.

At just that moment, headlights crossed us, and I heard the crunch of tires on the parking lot.

“Kitty, baby, if we don’t want to go to jail, maybe we should take this to your place.” I said painfully, her hand was still stroking away on my cock, I noticed that her hand didn’t quite meet when she fully grasped it.

“Not my place, I’ve got nosy neighbors, what about yours?”

“I’m just passing through, got no place to take you.”

“Wait a moment.” She said looking up, as though thinking over something “I’ve got just the place.”

She was still stroking my cock, and I thought turn about was fair play, so I slipped my hand up her skirt. I slid my hand along her stocking clad thigh until I found her panties, then I slipped two fingers under the band against her outer thigh and slid them around until I was holding the gusset. She moaned a bit louder and leaned in to kiss me, and as our lips parted, so did her lips. My knuckles rubbed against the soft inner labia, and brushed lightly against her clit.

“OH, OH, OH, OH!” She cried and convulsed against me, the fell back into the car.

He first orgasm in a long while I thought. As she was recovering, I curled my fingers and stripped her panties from her now damp cunt, stuffing them into a pocket for later use.

I tucked John Henry back into my pants, and walked stiffly around to the other side and got in. She was lying across two thirds of the front bench, with her legs sticking out over the door. I fumbled momentarily with the keys, watching her as she moaned and played with her tits. Finally, the ignition on, I punched the starter and she roared into life. Backing out of the space, and spinning the wheel, I noticed that I had caused her to roll into the floor of the car. I reached down and slid back the bench, gaining another six inches of “leg” room.

I looked down at Kitty and said “You liked that babe?”

She nodded, looking up at me, big eyed.

“You make a left going out of the lot, get on the highway and drive to the next exit, get off there and then make a right and then the third left, don’t stop till you see the wall” she said breathlessly, reaching for my trousers, and my cock.

"You like to go fast? “ I asked and she nodded, working on my belt “You do this right and I’ll go as fast as you want.”

She squealed like a little girl and practically ripped open my pants, grasping my dick with both hands and licking like a lollipop at the pre-cum oozing from the tip. I placed one hand on her head and gently pressed it onto my Johnson, feeling her lips stretched tight and her tongue lapping at the underside. I floored it, and peeled out of the lot.

The faster I drove the faster she bobbed her head. The louder the engine got, the harder she sucked. When I took a turn fast, she would squeal into my joint, and when I began to loose it, she knew to slow down, to tease, and just how to make me keep from blowing my top.

As we began to make the last turn, she quickened her pace, one hand around the girth, the other rolling my balls in the palm of her hand. The road suddenly changed from paved to dirt, and shitty dirt at that. But as the road became bumpier, her attempts to swallow my tube steak grew more animated, until she was going from just the tip, all the way to the bottom, taking my cock into her throat, I had never found a girl who could do that for me before. I began to help her, thrusting upwards, into her throat, and I reached over and pulled her skirt up, caressing her perfect white ass. I was close to blowing my load, and as I slid my middle three fingers down the valley of her ass, across her rosebud, and her pussy she shuddered a little and moaned into my fully engulfed cock. The feeling was indescribable, but it incited me to slip my middle finger into her twat and push the other two forward, so that they just barely tapped against her clit. She began to moan into my cock, and I sped up as she did.

Jesus my fucking eyes are closed! I thought. I panicked and snapped them open to see an ancient stone wall zooming up towards us.

I slammed on the breaks just as she started to lunge at my lap with her face again, and just as I made the last thrust before my dick exploded in her mouth.

I swear on a stack of bibles, it was the most terrifying moment of my life; and until much later it was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I could feel her throat convulsing around my cock, I could feel her pussy gripping my finger fiercely, like a terrier with a rat, and I remember knowing that we were going to die when my car rammed that wall.

When the dust settled, and my vision returned, I realized that I was still alive, that my bumper was just touching the fieldstone of the old wall, and that Kitty had just swallowed about a quart of cum.

As she slowly backed off my softening joint, sucking and blowing all the way, I noticed that my hand was drenched. She had come as hard as I had. I looked down at her and she looked up at me. Her face sweaty, her lipstick a bloody smear across her chin, the glorious gold of her locks in fabulous disarray. I then saw something else, in her eye was a look, a glint, a hunger. She wanted more; more pleasure, more cock, more me. And Christ I was spent.

She crawled up my body, pulling herself up by my tie. She looked into my eyes and snarled “FUCK ME!”

Oh shit!

I opened the door, and slid out. She tried to follow me, but I gently pried her off and pushed her back into the seat. I walked around to the front of the car, and examined my bumper. It was fine; I then turned and faced the car with my reticent Johnson still hanging out the front of my open pants. I slowly took hold of it, pulled the foreskin back and began to urinate.

My stream came forth in a torrent, a golden flood that spewed forth like a garden hose. As I pissed, I saw Miss Kitty standing in the seat of my car, holding onto the windscreen staring wide eyed at my fire hose. As I shook the last drops from my hose, I noticed that only one of Kitty’s hands was holding onto the windscreen, the other was pushed down the front of her skirt, buried in her twat.

I walked around to my door again, opened it and turned off the car. Kitty was still standing in the seat, one hand in her cunt, the other tugging at her nipple.

I looked up at her “Strip Kitty, get naked for me.”

She ripped her blouse off, and struggled with the skirt, finally getting it off, by the simple expedient of pulling it down over her hips, and be damned to the buttons. I was treated briefly to a glimpse of her bush, a wild thatch of golden fur, like the fleece of legend. She bent down to unhook the clips of her garter belt that attached to her stockings, and I stopped her.

“Leave those alone baby, they’re so sexy.” I said and she dimpled at me. My cock twitched.

I held out my arms and she leaned into me. I swung her legs over and lifted her up while kissing her glazed eyed countenance and carried her around to the boot of my car. As I set her down on the boot, she yelped a little.

“Oh damn mister. That’s cold!”

“Hold on a moment, and we’ll warm it up.” I replied, grinning mischievously.

“What are you going to do; I’m too high for… AHHH!!” Her complaint turned into a shriek of pleasure as I leaned her back and plunged my head between her creamy white thighs.

I began by kissing the back of her silk covered knees and continued down and around the thigh until I was nibbling the hollow between her thigh and cunt. She was writhing all over, and clutching at my head, trying to force me to touch her pussy, but I resisted. I began the whole process over on the other leg, and by the time I was ready she was right on the edge of orgasm.

As I placed the tip of my tongue against her tiny dimple, she cried out and by the time I had drug it up her slit and was tippling her clit she was screaming and gushing against my chin. I backed off for a moment and nipped at the soft spot where the buttock joins the back of the thigh, like a sheepdog with its charge; though I very much doubt that any sheepdog had ever banged any sheep.

She had calmed down a bit when I decided to start the French fucking in earnest. I had one hand turned around, holding her pussy open from the top and pressing on the front of her mound. My lips grasped the whole of her clit and my tongue danced around it, tugging at the hood, sluicing up one side and down the other. Swirling around it but never making any solid contact with that sensitive nubbin.

A barmaid in Tijuana taught me that. That a girl’s clit was usually too sensitive to be attacked directly, and needed to be teased into release, she also taught me this other trick, I have no idea where she got it, but I’m grateful for it. As Kitty was gripping my hair and trying to shove my head into her twat, I was slipping two fingers into her.

First my middle finger slid into her cunt, and swirled around eliciting a moan and a jarring thump, as she thrust her pelvis against my face, and humped up to meet the pleasant intruder. Then I pulled out, and started to slide my index finger in, in its place and just as I got the first knuckle into that tight cunt, I started to worm my middle finger inside that little dimple just aft of her cunt. She stiffened up a bit, but I lashed he clit with my tongue, pushed a little harder with my fingers and she opened up just enough for both fingers to slide home.

That was enough to send her over the edge for the second time. Her cries sounded angelic and guttural at the same time. She thrashed and tossed her head to and fro, her hands scrabbling unfeelingly at the steel of my car. I backed off again and leaving my right hand buried in both her holes, I moved my left hand up to massage her massive globes, leaning forward and taking one in my mouth.

She hugged my face to her bosom and kissed my head, making inarticulate sounds. After a few minutes of mauling her tits, I kissed my way back down to her downy cleft and resumed my gentle ministrations. Her sweet-tangy juices flooded my mouth and flowed over my chin at least twice more, as I sucked on her clit, nibbled on the rosy petals of her precious flower and rubbed the inside of the front of her clutching, milking, cunt. Some time during this process, she began to cry, and I knew I had her in that sweetly terrifying place only women can go. That place within themselves where nothing matters but the pleasure; the closest I have ever seen a man get to that place is on the wings of a morphine high.

I had also added another finger to her ass, pulling out of her pussy completely. As I rose from her delta, and leaned forward, she caught my face in both hands and pulled me to hers. Her kisses were tender and loving, even thankful, and the hunger of before was dulled. Not quite gone, but satiated. As we kissed, my fingers still slithered in and out of her ass.

She pulled back slightly and said with a naughty smile “My goodness Max, but you sure know how to show a girl a good time!”

“I try to ma’am.” I replied just as naughtily.

Kitty looked down at my steel hard erection, sticking almost straight out, and I could see that fire rise up in her eyes again.

“Now turn over Kitty, I want to pound that pussy.”

She squealed in delight at the prospect, and almost lost her seating as she rushed to turn over on the boot of my car. She almost lost her balance again when she went to roll over and spun her ass on both of my fingers.

“Ohhhh dammmmnnn, baby!” she cried, pushing back against my hand.

I just grinned evilly and slapped her garter covered ass playfully, pulling my fingers from her back door as I did so. She shivered but said nothing.

I dropped my trousers even further and moved up to stand on the bumper. I lifted my cock, feeling for the dripping tunnel entrance that waited hungrily for my hot rod. Kitty moaned a little as I found it, and pushed forward just enough to keep it in place as I placed one hand on each side of her waist, then slowly pulled her down the length of my shaft. Kitty made a wordless sound as all ten inches of my cock penetrated her constricting cunt.

“Ffffffffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkk.” I moaned, my head thrown back, I hadn’t been in a twat this tight in years.

“Silly, I thought that was what we were doing.” She giggled, and my laugh joined her’s.

After filling her hot box with all I had, I just rested there for a moment. But just for a moment. I moved one hand back and grasped her ass firmly, pushing her away from me, then pulling her slowly back down my dick with the hand on her waist. Moving slowly at first, but picking up speed.

Soon my hips were a blur, and her arched back bowed in rhythm with me, as she fucked back against my thrusts. I was in heaven. Her cunt had grabbed my cock like a fist and was massaging the length of it in a rippling convulsion I had never experienced before. Soon I began to slap her ass, gently and sporadically at first, but slowly growing harder and with increasing frequency. Shortly she was grinding her ass against my cock and screaming out with every smack.

“OOH YES DADDY! HARDER DADDY! SPANK ME HARDER!” That should have been my second clue. At the time though I just wasn’t thinking, y’know?

Her squirming, fully impaled against my stiff pole eventually caused her to collapse into the throws of inarticulate, panting, orgasm, and I had to shift my stance to stay in her. As she slumped forward, I stepped up and crouched over her rump, thrusting. This seemed to do what she needed and moments later she was screaming and shuddering, with me having to hold her hips up to keep her from falling completely. Her trick pussy was still massaging my cock, and I had just about had all I could handle. I could feel my balls tightening and that familiar tingle that began in the small of my back and slowly began to work it’s way up my spine and around to the base of my cock at the same time.

“Oh baby you’re making me cum!” I shouted, and she tried to pull away.

“Don’t spurt in me!” she cried.

Oh shit, she’s right, what the fuck do I do?

Then I had a thought. I pounded into her pussy twice, as hard as I could, then pulled out, and did a hopstitch that placed my hard throbbing cock at the entrance to her ass.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!” she hissed, and I pushed as hard as I could.

Just as soon as my head entered her as, I could feel the tight ring of muscle clamp down just behind the head. I waited just an instant, and then pulled her to me as I pushed into her.

“GOD DAMN!” I bellowed as I spilt my seed into her clutching bottom.

“DDDAAADDDDDDYYY!!!” she screamed and collapsed onto the boot of my car, unconscious and taking me with her.

I don’t know how long we lay there, her weeping softly and shuddering as her ass milked my cum, me trying not to crush her small frame and catching my breath. Slowly, I could feel my now useless prick slip out of her anus. I carefully stepped backwards, and made my way off the car. I paused when I reached the ground and looked at my handiwork; a swollen pink pussy, still leaking the aromatic nectar of the flower of femininity and one fiery red anus leaking the pearlescent tears of my orgasm.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by a sensation I had never felt before. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I wasn’t sure that I liked it. My introspective reverie was interrupted by an unexpected sight. The wall was pulsating red. After a moment I realized that it wasn’t the wall that was glowing, but the gumball light of a cop car that had somehow crept up behind us. That bastard had enjoyed one hell of a show before he decided to bust us.

“Kitty, get up, it’s the cops!” I called to her, franticly trying to wipe both cum off my penis and stuff it back into my pants. She showed no response and I was suddenly struck by a horrible thought; I had killed her! Holy shit, I actually fucked her to death! Then my rational mind clamped down, and took over. I knew she wasn’t dead, I could see her impressive chest rising and falling, and that took a load off my mind, but what about the cop?

The cop had by this time gotten out of his cruiser and had trained the door light on us, as he approached, I could sense his smugness, his self satisfaction that he had busted the horny couple. I had heard stories about this, how cops would bust the couple making out, out at lover’s lane, and proceed to have their way with the girl, the threat of being arrested and convicted of a sex crime used as leverage on them both.

I suddenly felt the urge to kill this man, this pig, this cop. Where the hell did that come from? I’m not a killer, I’m a, well I don’t know what I am, but I’m not a killer. What the hell was I thinking?

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Asked the cop in the exact thick hillbilly accent I had expected.

I had to think fast. “Good evening officer, my wife and I were out for a drive, and the car broke down…” I said fast, not well.

“Don’t you lie to me boy. You were fuckin’. I know what I saw, and I saw you fuckin’. Not just that, but fucking in an unnatural manner. You know what we call that in these parts boy?”

“Um…” I faltered, for once caught without a glib reply.

“SODOMY!” bellowed the cop.

The slightly slurred voice of Kitty, just now retuning from the land of nod added, “Don’t yell, I think you fucked my brains right out of my head Max.”

I was really nervous now; at the very least I was looking at indecent exposure and possibly sodomy as potential crimes.

“Who is that?” asked the cop, stepping nearer to Kitty.

Close enough now to see the cum leaking out of her butthole, her perfect ass framed by the white garter belt. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder.

Her eyes widened sharply. “CLETUS!” She shouted, “Avert your eyes!”

Oh shit, she knows the cop, either we’re safe or I’m about to be beaten to death by Cletus-the-Slack-Jawed-Yokel.

“Katy-Anne! Is that you?” He called out.

“Of course it’s me Cletus; now quit looking at me I’m nekked!” She called back.

Whew, I think were safe. That sounded like the banter of close cousins, not a cop and a criminal. I had a sudden vision of Kitty, or I guess “Katy-Anne”, making the beast with two backs with her cousin the cop, and my cock twitched involuntarily.

“What the hell are you doin’ Katy-Ann Meriwether!”

“I know you ain’t exactly Harvard material Cletus, but what does it look like I’m doin’?” She slid backwards off the car, and I noticed with a perverse sense glee that a nice big dollop of cum dripped out of her ass as she landed on her feet.

“It looks like ya’ll are violatin’ the laws of man and God” Snapped the cop, obviously growing cross.

No baby, do not piss of the man who can incarcerate us both. I prayed silently.

“Cletus Laughton, you are no gentleman, starin’ at me in my altogether, with man juice drippin’ out of me. Let me alone to get dressed” She said levelly.

Cletus the cop turned to me. The look on his face was not a pleasant one. I could hear Kitty moving around by the car, and my door opening, so I guess she was getting dressed.

“What should I do about this?” the cop said, rhetorically.

“Let us go with a stern warning?” I ventured, hopefully.

His gaze was much like staring into a blast furnace, only hotter.

“Give me your driver’s license, boy.”

I passed it to him without a word. He glanced down at it, and then pocketed it behind his badge.

“Maximillian Johnson, I hereby arrest you for Indecent Exposure,” Crap. “Lewd and Lascivious Behavior,” Damn. “Sodomy,” Shit. “Illegal Parking,” What? “And Rape.” Oh fuck.

He pulled out his service revolver with his right hand and pointed it at me. His right hand came up with a pair of handcuffs, and he tossed them to me.

“Put ‘em on, boy.”

I started putting them on, my mind was racing. What the hell was this farm fed pig babbling about? Rape, there was no rape! A little weird maybe, but not rape!

“Um, Officer, I think you may have the wrong idea of what occurred here…”

“Shut up Yankee! You think we’re just gonna’ let you come down here anytime you want and defile our children?”

“Children? What the hell are you on about man?” I was shouting now, the handcuffs chained to one wrist. “KITTY!” I bellowed.

“What is it?” she asked, walking up while tucking her blouse into her skirt.

“What is your name?” I asked, turning to face her.

“Kitt-“she started.

“Your full name.” I interrupted.

She turned a little pink in the cheeks and looked downwards. “Katherine-Anne Marie Meriwether.”

“How old are you Katherine-Anne?”

She blushed a bright crimson. “Sixteen.” She whispered.

“SIXTEEN!” I shouted, taking a step towards her. “WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING, GIRL!”

Katy-Anne started to blubber, and instantly I felt horrible.

Then I felt worse, because the cop tapped me on the head with his Billy Club. I could see the ground rush up as I collapsed; there was no sensation, other than the pain in my head. I could hear the girl screaming at the cop, the cop yelling back, and I felt the cuffs close over my free wrist, just before the world wandered away.

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