(with respect to my brother in arms The Marines who tell this Joke differently)

One day A boy was taking a piss in the bathroom, when a Marine Walked in in his dress uniform.

The Boy looked up wide eyed and said "Wow, are you a REAL Marine?"

"Thats RIght Boy" the Marine said "Wanna wear my hat?"

SURE the boy said taking the hat and trying it on while the Marine went into a stall.

Just that moment an Army Ranger walked in. Again The boys eyes got wide.

"Wow are you a REAL Army Ranger?"

The Ranger looked won and said "thats right boy, you wanna suck my cock?"

The boy stepped back suddenly and replied "Hey, I'm not a REAL Marine, I'm just airing his hat!

(For all those who FLame, :) Inter service rivalry is with the understanding that we are brothers in arms, and The army takes it as good naturedly when the 2 role are reversed)

Spemper FI

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2012-11-03 11:26:09
English please bro 🔽

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2012-08-11 20:25:45
Egw symfwnw me Tokyo Witch gia to Pioneer apo osa tradiugoa exw akousei mexri twra. Kai tha ton akousw olo to disko se misi wra pou sxolaw (=kanw kryfa kopana apo ti douleia)cuddles

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2010-05-31 04:23:19
my friends brother was in semper fi...sadly he was killed in the line of duty

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2009-10-12 02:48:02
ok I want to post here I have a son in the army just deployed to Iraq i have students in the marines ( friends of my sons as well) they do joke back and forth seemingly hating the other But when the bullets fly or a threat is made to the other look out cause hell will be paid.and I pity whomever crosses any branch of the military with another branch around...they are brothers in arms, friends and Americans, amkes them the most feared humans on the face of the earth,,,, stay safe guys and gals you are missed at home...

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2009-07-07 07:13:30
Quick question. How do you kill a Marine? You throw sand against the wall, and tell him to hit the beach. That joke gave me some massive arm and chest muscles when I was in JROTC in high school. How was I to know the Master Seargent was behind me?

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