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A story about a friend and I

We waved bye to Forrest’s and my parents as they drove off. It was summer break and they would be gone for several days. My friend Forrest and his 9 year old sister, Scout, were staying at my house for the time they were gone. None of our parents wanted us to be home alone, but they were fine if we were together.

I was 15 and Forrest was 14, but he looks 10 or 11. I live in the middle of nowhere, but we found plenty of things to do during the day, but my favorite time was at night. My house only had two bedrooms, so Scout slept in my parents’ bed, and Forrest and I slept in mine. On the first night, after we were all in bed, Forrest and I stayed up talking. As was inevitable, the conversation eventually drifted towered girls, then sex.

“Do you ever masturbate,” said Forrest.

“Yes,” I said. “What about you.”

“Sometimes.” He admitted. “Can I see?”

“I guess, but only if I can watch you.”

He agreed and we pulled off our pants and shirts. I had on a pair of black briefs, and he had on too small whitey tighties. He had a very obvious bulge, as did I, and I could see the tip of his head just poking out. He seemed reluctant, so I went first, revealing my seven inch long, two inch wide, hairless cock and balls. He stared for a moment and then slid his tight briefs down his legs and off his feet.

I was surprised two see that his already hard boner was about six inches long, an inch shorter than mine. It was the largest cock I had seen besides mine. Forrest’s boner was and inch wide and had not a single hair.

“Wow”, Forrest said. “It’s big.”
“So is yours”, I said.

We started to jack off. I could tell he was looking at my cock, and I was looking at his. I could tell he wanted it, just like I wanted his, but he didn’t want to ask.

After about a minute, I said, “Do you want to do more?”

“Like what?” he replied.

“I'll show you.”

I sat up and then knelt over him. I slowly lay down until our cocks, then chests and finally mouths touched each other. We kissed. He flinched when I put my tongue in his mouth then relaxed and reciprocated. I started to hump. Our dicks ground together, our pre-cum mixing, lubricating.

I slid down his body, until I got to his hard cock. I kissed the tip and licked the shaft. Forrest gave a small moan. I smiled and then slowly pressed his dick through my tight lips, moistened by our mixed pre-cum. Forrest groaned and I took in even more. I licked his shaft and then moved back up. Up and down, in and out.

Forrest started to move his cock in and out. He grabbed my head, forcing it down further each time. I reached my hands underneath him and massaged his butt cheeks, helping him to force more and more of his stiff, ridged boner into my mouth each time I went up and down, and his cock went in and out.

My hand moved closer and closer together until they touched. I used my finger to massage around his tiny hairless asshole. He started to groan, louder and louder.

Then I drove my finger into his tight virgin ass, and it was too much. He gave one final moan and his hot sweet cum squirted into my mouth. Still we moved, squeezing every last drop of cum from his pulsating cock. I swallowed every drop.

When he finally stopped cumming, I licked what I had missed off of his still twitching dick, and returned my face to his. I gave him a long kiss, tongue and all, and then said, “Now it’s my turn”.

Chapter 2

We rested for a minute, and then I rolled onto my back and beckoned him to come. He to first knelt over me, straddling my thighs. He followed my example, lowering his body onto mine. We tongue kissed again. He then started to move down my body. Starting from my mouth, he trailed his tongue in a line to my cock, making me shudder.

When he reached my rock hard cock, he stopped to explore. Using his tongue and hands he made a thorough investigation of my dick and balls. His hands played with my balls while he tasted my cock. His tongue licked my hairless balls while he stroked my shaft.

When I thought I couldn’t take any more, I felt my dick enter his hot, moist mouth. I resisted the urge to immediately thrust up. It felt so good. He started to move up and down. I helped, thrusting my cock in and out.

He wasted no time on my ass. He gave me his middle finger to suck, and I covered it in saliva. Using one hand to stretch open my hairless asshole, he drove his now wet middle finger as far as he could.

His mouth moved up and down my cock, while his fingers, now two of them, went in and out of my ass. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed down on his head and thrust up with my hips, jamming my entire cock into his mouth. I came filling his mouth with my sweet, salty cum. He drank it all, using his tongue to squeeze every last drop down his throat.

He laid his head on my chest and we both agreed that those had been the most incredible orgasms we had ever had. After one final kiss, we fell asleep, naked, in each others arms.

What do you think? It's my first story, and I will write a part two soon as well as continuing to edit this story, so if you have and suggestions for the next story, or things to be fixed with this one, please leave a comment.

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2010-09-01 03:54:30
That was an amazing story and very detailed

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-04 06:37:29
Great story! Can't wait for part 2

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2010-06-08 00:42:21
15 1/2 cock... yea right

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-23 03:00:41
What i think could really help this story is some background fact and à little more stort behind it and à little bit more teasing ifyou now waht i mean;-)

Overall this was à great story and you should keep writing beacuse i think that you own it to the world :-D

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2009-10-23 06:41:24
Well. My 15 & 1/2 in inch cock was pleased by this story

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