Hello, My name is CJ (Pen Name of course). For the past 2 years a darker side of me has been wanting to be unleash. So with this, may I say these stories are purely fictional, and what I type is a way for myself to put the darker thoughts into a constructive use rather then building them up. For your information I never visited a shrink, and will use this outlet for my built up dark hidden desires.
The Stocker Boy Legacy

Chapter 1:
A tickle

I should just tell you about myself. I am CJ, a local stocker boy for a grocery store. I recently graduated from a local high school, and turned 18 not too long ago. I could say safely I’ am a man with different tastes. It started sophomore year, the sexual urges grew to a point where slapping a girl on the ass, giving a nice firm squeeze to that ass, either freshman or even senior girls overcame me tremendously. Then perhaps sliding my finger right into there sweet spot as they bent over, feeling, tickling there panties possibly even, as my thoughts raced, seducing them with just that and fucking in the middle of the hallway. But enough about old school, lets talk about new school.

Clocking into work, my eyes would wonder over towards the young female cashier walking down the stairs, The tight jeans of hers only to shape her ass into a nice rounded pillow: One that would cradle my cock with her soft skin when sliding gently into her hot snatch, the pussy lips to snug around the length of my 6.5 inch member. Hugging it and giving a slight sucking motion as I moved into her. This is something I craved, even the cock in my pants start to stiffen a bit, the tip to poke into the fabric of the boxers giving me a tickle to enjoy. Thoughts aside, the cashier girl to make her way out of my sight, towards the front of the store as I would be shunned to the back room of canned goods, ramen noodles, and cereal boxes.
The day dragged on, fantasies were to enter my head as I wheeled various food items into the isles of the grocery store. Women would pass, some as young as 13 and old as 30 would roam in my head. The forceful will to rip there shirt off and watch the breasts of theirs to bounce, jiggle and the nipple perhaps to harden with the cold AC air. Even watching a 14 year old, the breasts not yet developed but a noticeable size to cup, Their skin also exceptionally smooth, leaving me to want to destroy such innocence with my seed onto there face.
Moving towards the front of the store, the assistant manager would come to me. The woman was perhaps 26, the body of hers a lust I too crave. Her hair blonde, eyes a gentle warmth that would pierce the soul, that’s if I held a soul.
“Could you please take down the display in isle 2?” her mouth opened, the white teeth to show as well as an smile. A trick she would play, and one that would work only if she tried harder.
“I get off in 10 minutes...I..” i tried to finished but her words over powered.
“Awe please...” her tits jiggled a little with there C cup size. The white shirt to reveal a outline of the bra. Her technique worked, as my dick did the speaking.
“Alright...” I made my way towards the isle.

Time would pass, surely enough from favor to favor, and occasional customer help 40 minutes would pass, the display taken down. Walking past the assistant manager she gave no look, as I made my way towards the clock. It would be only fate, that the cashier girl was clocking out with me. Smiling at her, she made small talk as we walked up the stairs together.
“Have fun?” she spoke sweetly to me, the lips moving. My mind again adding in, ‘wonder how many cocks she sucked’. “You know same old...” I replied with a tiring voice. Clocking out, my mind again went into a deep sense of lust. The time of night was 11pm, and parking lot where my car was located is pretty deserted and for being a small town not yet a city Rape came to mind. Forcing her, pinning her down and driving my cock into her cunt, her screams and resistance to add a sweeter pleasure, pretending to feel her hand push me away and slap as she lay helpless, naked and breasts jiggling in ever so direction.
“CJ...” she spoke the words a rope to my lust filled day dream. Looking back, her large upheld breasts were near my face as I stood blocking the stairs. “Sorry..” I moved to left her by, the skin of her arm to brush against mine as well as smelling the scent of a young lady. The perfume not close to a woman’s but sweet to be attracting like a girl. Following her out, lust drove deeper into my heart like a nail. The hammer to be her steps and her ass swaying with every step within those tight jeans made my cock stiffen lightly. Steps would become harder, as she passed my car she took out her keys from the purse. Moving towards my car, sliding into the drivers side I adjusted my mirror to follow her. Tonight is going to be my awakening, the tickle she gave while brushing my arm was the spark to this bomb.

Chapter 2
A Full Beast

Following a car was never so much fun. Setting a nice distance back between her car and mine led me to wonder if she knew I was there. Then it made me shake, the hairs to ignite on edge of my skin. My cock to stiffing more within the confided pants, and heart rate to raise beating heavily and fast against my rib cage. A ski mask was pulled from the back seat to the front as well as a knife, duct tape and box of condoms.
Her car began to slow down as it turned to the right into the drive way. Driving past I turned around and parked within view of the house. She just got out of the car, ass of hers to sway and breasts to give a light jiggle from her quicken step to the house. She entered, and turned the lights on. It seemed as though her parents weren’t home. Grabbing my tools, and making my way towards the house. My eyes to look side to side, and breathing to increase more. My heart beat to remain constantly hitting the rib cage of mine as my cock itching for action as well. Pulling out my knife, I went to knock on the door.
“Wait, I’ll be right there...” Her voice was to be muffled but in little time a crack was to appear leading inside the house. With that my shoulder crashed into the door, throwing her back as I quickly closed the door. Moving towards her, she screamed as my knife in hand moved forward to her.
“Shut the fuck up...” I lowered my voice to disguise it the best I could. Her scream did not cease as she struggled moved backwards to get up. She would turn to stand as I tackled her to the ground. The knife of mine to press the cold metal against her neck, “I said shut up.....” with that she fell silent with muffled whimpers as he head continued to eat carpet. Moving my hand to my pocket withdrawing the duct tape I taped her wrists together. Moving my finger up her arm the small hairs would begin to raise to greet my finger. Moving back onto her my nose would gain a whiff of her hair. The smell to intoxicate me as my member throbbed into her ass of her jeans. I bet she could feel it, cause her whimpers grew more as she realized this robber wasn’t stealing anything.
Standing, and forcing her to stand with forced her onto the living room couch. Her eyes to look at mine as the sweetness from before dissolved into pure fear. Feeding upon this my cock wouldn’t last much longer within the pants. Taking the tape to the mouth of hers she tried to speak but nothing I would allow spill out.
“Were going to have fun....” I licked her face, the eyes of hers to close and small bead of sweat to form at her brow. A Muffle would try to escape, my knife to move to her shirt collar and the other hand to assist to cut. Putting the knife away my hands ripped the shirt apart, as she jumped at the sudden action. The breasts of her to jiggle as I moved my hands onto her bra, the eyes of hers closed and head moved back as tears rolled down her cheek. Unlatching the bra, and letting the teenage breasts to fall outwards hanging slightly down, the nipples of hers semi hardened as my hand began to caress the soft skin. Moving my fingers around the slightly reddish nipple I began to rub them. She moved some more as her knees rubbed together. A slight hardening sensation came to grow from her nipple. Moving my hands back to the button of my pants I pulled it down with the underwear. My cock sprang upwards and throbbed as it tried to get harder then it could with only succeeding with releasing more of the pre-cum onto her thigh. Moving back down towards her chest, and down to her small lean belly I began to unbutton her pants. Her legs moved together to deny access. As her whimpers heightened again, Frustrated my fist clenched and punched her in the face. The hair of hers to fly all over and cover the red mark I produced. Her tears only began to exit more and sobs of pain to make her open her legs. Pulling off the pants, her panties covered what I craved, and what my cock was itching for.
Forcing her knees open with mine, i moved my lips to her neck, licking and sucking lightly upon the area. Moving downwards I tasted a salty sweet with her tears landing onto her breasts. My tongue to make circles around her nipples and my other hand to move down her belly slowly onto the front of her panties, I took my time to let my darker side feast upon the fear she emitted from the flesh. Rubbing up and down the pussy of hers, and mouth sucking hard onto her nipple, my body trembled with joy. She force back her moans as I made her body forcefully to arouse itself. Moving the panties forward the my hand dove into her snatch, the hair less crotch almost sinfully smooth as her juices began to coat my fingers. Moving the clit around, I pinched and my mouth gave a small bite to her hardened nipple. Pulling my head back it escaped my teeth and caused the breast to bounce back into its own natural position.
“Im going to fuck you, and fuck you over and over again...” I slapped her face as she tried to scream some more though whimpers only followed.
Using my hands on her knees I forced them open as my cock painstakingly made its way towards the warm wet pussy of hers, I felt her struggle though fear over came to make her body shake as the head of my cock touch the entrance to her pussy. The pre-cum of mine to mix with her own juices, Sliding deeper in I felt a slight resistance though I made it through. The pussy of hers now giving a slight hug around the rock hard width of my cock as I enjoyed the feeling of the wet inner walls welcome me in. She struggled some more, as her hips only made my cock fall in deeper. Moving my hands to her ankles, I lifted them upwards into the air. The pussy of hers to move around and the inner walls to play with my cock as I moved her legs upwards into ‘V’ like fashion. My hips began to move back, her pussy to give small resistance. Her back arched a bit as she felt my cock move backwards, then finally back in. The motions were slow at first, though I plunged my thoughts into all that I held back. Moving into her roughly, my balls bounced into her ass cheeks as they jiggled with the tremendous forces into her. Her breasts moved up and down as the nipples would point in all directions. Moving closer into her, my cock rammed only harder into her wet pussy, the juices to slowly run down her cunt into the couch. My pre-cum only to add to the lubrication allowing myself to glide easily in and out of her. Feeling my balls moving closer to my dick, the sinful passion would start to enter its finale. My hips met with hers, the noise to enter the air and the wet sounds to add to my ears. Moving my cock faster, and faster she would began to moan as well. Her eyes to remain closed, and the sounds grew louder, and a heat would be burning the tip of my cock as it started to spasm. She winced as she felt the spasm of my cock releasing my hot cum inside of her.
Panting, I felt my self continued to cum more into her pussy. The load began to drip out, as i savored the feeling of my seed around inside of her. Pulling my cock out, drips of cum began to fall onto the carpet as a slow white sticky trail followed out and down her pussy onto her ass cheeks. Pulling up my pants, my hands shaking and my inner beast fed. I began to exit the room as she fell to the ground in front of the couch. Her sobs louder then ever, as the tape would fall off allowing her to cry out loud. Exiting the house, I looked at my clock 12:30AM. Time flew by during what seemed like a forever. Climbing into my car, I turned on the radio, the ski mask of mine to be thrown into the glove compartment....though it seems the blood from my cock returned to my head. My brain started to kick in as I looked towards the Box of condoms to the passenger side. It seemed as though, I left the crime messy and evidence within her pussy. My heartbeat would race again as I looked over at the knife just past the condom box.

To be continued...

(P.S. comments would help, this is my second time writing one of these and first time submitting and again sorry for any typos its early in the morning.)

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