Any man working as a vice president of any company would have women at his fingertips 24/7 and I was no different. I’m a vice president for a construction company in New York City with my main job being finding big clients and closing deals. The story I’m about to unfold is not like anything I’ve ever experienced while working for this company, it took me by complete surprise.

My agency building is located right in the heart of the city, from my office I have the most beautiful view of the city; sometimes I find myself staring out over the distance for hours on end instead of finishing projects. I have a large oak desk that sits in front of a large window that shows the view of the city. There are black leather couches on either side of my desk, and whenever I have someone come to my office they have to walk a good 15 feet until they reach my desk. I’m a big deal and I’ll be the first to say so.

We were doing business with a large athletic organization who wanted to construct a gym on the north end of town. This was a multi-million dollar deal for the company and would also earn me the promotion to president that I wanted badly. Our first meeting was Monday morning so I had the weekend to finalize my presentation to why this athletic organization should choose our business.

In making a good presentation everyone knows that telling what the possible clients want to hear is the main objective. The people I was presenting to were Karen Hyde; she was a driven woman who intimidated even me. Jack Casey was in his late 50’s, and was very kind. And finally Tina North, she was Karen Hyde’s go-to girl as I liked to call her. Everything Karen wanted done, Tina would do by any means necessary. Karen and Tina were who I was worried about impressing the most since I’ve heard horror stories about them erupting in the middle of presentations when things weren’t going to their liking.

Monday morning came and I was ready for my presentation. I had my slides all in order, my ad campaigns all set out, and a small model of what the building would look like all prepared; all that were left were the people I was presenting to. I’ve never met any of these people face to face, the only information I have is from conference calls with them and advice I’ve gotten from my colleagues. The possible clients would be arriving in twenty minutes, so I sat in the boardroom and collected my thoughts before I gave the biggest presentation of my life.

The twenty minutes flew by, and before I knew it I was standing tall greeting Karen, Jack and Tina. Karen and Tina were beautiful women. Karen in her mid-40’s had straight, shoulder length brown hair with auburn highlights, dark brown eyes and full red lips. She was wearing a red blazer matched with a red skirt and black shoes. Tina looked to be in her mid-20 but was really in her late-30. She had long, fiery red hair that was twisted up in a bun; if it were down I would think she’d look like an Amazon woman. She was dressed in a very nice business suit, tie and all. Both of these woman were beautiful to say the very least, but ogling them was the last thing on my mind.

“Would you care for some water before I get started?” I asked with a smile.

Karen and Tina glared at me as if I was just wasting time, but Jack; who was the head of the athletic organization; graciously accepted a glass.

I could feel Karen and Tina watching me as I started my presentation. They both sat upright in their chairs, not flinching a bit. Their eyes were focused solely on me and moved with me as I would pace back and forth while I gave my presentation. Jack sat in the middle of them with a smile on his face and seemed to be enjoying himself much more than either of the women.

After I finished my presentation I received a soft applause from Karen and Tina and a very enthusiastic well done from Jack.

“How about I take you guys out to lunch? Joe you put a lot of work into this presentation and looks as if you could use a break!” Jack said as he stood from his seat and shook my hand.

“I would love that!” I replied. I couldn’t help but notice a small smile on Karen’s face; almost a seductive smile, but perhaps I was just thinking that since the presentation went so well.

I opened the door for my guests and they walked out of the room Jack first, then Tina and finally Karen. However, when Karen walked by me, she was swinging her arms quite freely and nicked the head of my penis as she was walking. I wouldn’t have thought she did it on purpose, but the expression on her face made me realize she definitely knew what she was doing.

I suggested going to a restaurant that was near by the office building and very delicious. When we arrived we were promptly seated at our table and drinks were ordered. Jack asked for my suggestion on what to eat for lunch and I suggested that no other place in the city makes a better French Dip sandwich than the restaurant we were eating. Small conversations about the various sporting events that take place in the city, concerts and all of the hottest night clubs to go to were discussed.

We ordered our food and within 15 minutes we were served. I remember the faces of Jack, Tina and Karen as they were served and how surprised they were with the amount of food they were given for such a small price.

“Joe? Could you show me to the ladies room please? I need to freshen up a bit.”

I smiled led Tina to the bathroom. The bathrooms were private; one person stalls with a locking door behind them for maximum privacy. When we reached the bathroom it was occupied so I waited with Tina until it was open.

“So, what is your status?” Tina asked me.

“Well, currently I’m single but then again I’m so busy at work I don’t have time to go out and socialize. What about you?”

Just as I finished my sentence the bathroom became unoccupied. Tina waited a few moments for the woman to leave the area before she pulled me into the bathroom with her and locked the door. He gave me the most passionate kiss I’ve ever received in my entire life. Her hands brushed through my hair, her eyes tightly closed and her lips were locked onto mine. I tried to push her away to figure out what came over her but she would only press harder against me.

“Don’t tell Karen whatever you do! I let her walk all over me and get whatever she wants, but you are mine!”

When I was about to respond Tina locked me into another kiss and her hand was rubbing the outside of my pants where my penis was becoming erect. All I could think about as she massaged my hard-on is that I didn’t want to cum and ruin such nice suit pants. I didn’t have to worry long because she unbuckled my belt and was playing with my penis out in the open. My hair was a mess, my suit was getting wrinkled, and there was lipstick all over me but I didn’t care the least bit.

“Mmm you want me to suck on him?”

“Go right a head!”

Tina got down on her knees and devoured my entire penis into her mouth. I could tell she was sucking hard, not only by the sensation I was receiving, but by her cheeks being sucked in and out as she pleasured me. She was working at a fantastic rate, her red hair was no longer in a bun, and now wildly flowing as her head bobbed back and forth. She would stop and lick the head of my cock, then slid her tongue all around my shaft.

“If you want to seal the deal Joe, you’re gonna have to cum for me!”

I knew I wouldn’t have any problem with that since this was by far the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I was about to cum before she stopped.

“Haha oh, you thought you were going to be the one with all the pleasure? Think again!”

Tina took off her suit jacked and unbuttoned her white dress shirt. She was wearing a white lace bra that held her beautiful C-cup breasts in place. Discarding of her top pieces of clothing, she removed her bottom garments and stood in front of me wearing nothing but a white lace bra with a matching white lace thong. She walked towards me and gave me another kiss before she turned around and started rubbing her gorgeous ass against my cock. I placed both my hand on her thighs and moved them slowly towards her warm cunt. Massaging the outside of her panties I could feel her wet pussy juice all over my fingers before I inserted them into her. She started to breath heavy as she fucked my fingers.

“I haven’t been fucked in so long Joe! I need your cock in me right now!”

She walked over to the toilet, put down the lid and spread her legs. Placing one leg on the towel bar next to the toilet and one in my hand, she guided my hard rod into her juicy vagina.

It was warm and so very wet. I could hear the juices squish when I would thrust in and out of her. I grabbed her other leg and sped up my pace. She ripped off her bra so I could watch her breasts bounce with the rhythm of my penis fucking her. The faster I went her tits would bounce together and her nipples were such a bright pink that I couldn’t help but slow down and suck on them.

It had been close to twenty minutes since we first left the table, I’m sure Jack and Karen were wondering what was taking so long, but I couldn’t care less about them or the deal. I continued to fuck her beautiful, pink vagina and listen to her wild orgasm. Her hands were latched onto my arms as I penetrated her as deep as I could. We locked lips again as I was about to explode. Our tongues swimming in each other’s mouths and my penis working her vagina, I could feel a load of cum building and reading itself to fill up her cunt.

“Joe! Joe! Wait!”

I slowed down and I started to worry that I had done something wrong; if not fucking a woman who could very well decided if I were to be promoted was wrong enough.

“I want you to finish in my ass!”

I pulled out of Tina, so close to cumming, I held on for a little longer. She bent over placing her hands around the top of the toilet. Her small, anus hole was asking for me to give it a good fucking. I spread her butt cheeks, rubbed my pre-cum around her ass hole, and dove in deep. I fucked her ass hard and fast, squeezing her cheeks tightly around my cock.

“Ok Joe! Fill up my ass hole! Fill my ass hole with your warm, hot jizz!”

I was going full speed and released a wad of cum into her ass. As I finished, and my cock softening she pressed herself against me, allowing my penis to fully enter her anus. She grinded against me for a minute or two, and then moved her ass away from my cock.

“Thank you Joe. I needed that.”

She gave me another passionate kiss and we dressed together in the bathroom. My suit was wrinkled, my hair was messed up, and my face was covered in her lipstick. I cleaned up the best I could before bringing Tina back to the table.

“Sorry it took so long. Joe had to show me where the telephones were because I had to call my sister.” Tina said.

“Oh… you couldn’t use your cell phone?” asked Karen quickly. My face started to become bright red, when Tina shot back “I’m almost out of minutes and I had extra change so I thought I’d use the payphone.” Karen didn’t seem to by it, but it was enough for Jack who had already paid the bill and was ready to leave.

“So? Are we all set then?” Jacked asked as he looked around the table. We all nodded and headed for the door.

“Oh, I’m going to accompany Joe back to the office for some final details, Jack, Tina, I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

My face started to get red again as Jack and Tina left me alone with Karen…


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