That immense heat was good for one thing... (Kind of long, but worth it) This is my first story, so any constructive criticism welcome.
The hotel we had booked in was not one for children or teenagers, almost an ‘adults-only’ hotel, but I did get my own room, with an en-suite. There were very few people my age (I was 16, 5'8" tall, and bout 150lbs) but there was this 1 girl I saw twice - once when checking in, another at breakfast - and I was instantly struck by how stunning she was. She was about 5'4" tall, mid-to-late teens.

It was the hottest day of the holiday so far, so I changed into a loose t-shirt, swimming shorts and sandals, grabbed a towel, and headed to the pool.

That's when I saw her; coming out of the room just down the corridor from me. She had a two-piece bathing suit on, flip-flops, with her towel flung over her shoulder. As she shut her door, she turned around and saw me walking towards her, on my way to the pool. This gave me about half a second to appreciate the view, the other half to measure her up with my eyes. I would estimate at about 34B breasts, and that top showed a lot of cleavage! Her eyes were a bright blue, and she had shoulder-length brown hair.

“Do you mind if I walk with you?” she asked, “it’s just my parents have gone out, the air con in my room has broken, and to be honest, I’m a bit lonely.”
“Sure,” was my reply, completely gob-smacked she would even talk to me, “my name’s Adam, and my air con ist kaputt.”
“I’m Georgina, but I hate that, so I get people to call me Georgia. Nice to finally meet someone here that’s my age.”
“Yeah... the only reason I came on this holiday was for the SCUBA diving!” I replied, finding it easier to talk now I knew her name.
“Ooo! I’ve always wanted to try that.”
“Next time I go – which I think is tomorrow – you can tag along if you want.”
“It’s a date then.” she said, smiling sweetly. By then, we had reached the pool, and it wasn’t surprising to find it...

“This place is absolutely PACKED!!!” Georgia stared at the pool, eyes wide open.
“You know what? I might be able to convince my dad to take us to the dive centre today. Come on” I tugged on her elbow a bit, my cock instantly aroused at the physical contact with this stunning girl. I also got a good view of her bikini top label – 36C; I had underestimated her beautiful breasts.
“Could you, really? That would be amazing!” She squealed with delight.
“Hang on, I didn’t say you were invited yet.” I teased her as I knocked on the door to my parent’s room. This resulted in her having a pout on her face as my mum and dad opened the door.
“Adam, hi. Who’s your friend?” Gawd, my mum is sooo annoying sometimes, and embarrassing.
“Mum, Dad, this is Georgina...”
“Georgia” she interrupted, poking me in the ribs.
“Fine. Georgia, these are my parents. Dad, we were wondering if you could drive us to the dive centre today as well. Georgina...” (Another poke in the ribs) “...hasn’t been SCUBA diving yet, the pool is packed, and both our air cons are out”
“Lemme get my keys, and my sunglasses.” This earned me a hug from Georgia, and I could feel her nipples poking me in the chest.

“Thanks Dad” I said, getting out the car, holding the door open for Georgia.
“Awww, what a gentleman.” Now it was her time to tease.
“I’ll pick you 2 lovebirds up in bout 4 hours; gives you time to dive, and spend on the beach.” He said (told you my parents were embarrassing). We waved as he drove off, then we went in the centre.
“Hey Erkan (“Dive master” after seeing Georgia’s puzzled face) got a newbie for ya!” We high-fived each other, as we have done every time I’ve met him.
“Brilliant, but I’m busy with a first aid course. Show her the ropes, and give... John a holler. I don’t think he’s busy today.”

Half an hour later, after explaining how everything works, the various safety precautions, etc. we were ready to dive. We got into our wet-suits (My God, she looked hot in her suit) and hit the water. I made sure Georgia was ok with everything, then we swam out to the coral reefs. I felt a tap on my shoulder (normally, not a good thing) so I turned around. Fortunately, it was only Georgia pointing out a shoal of brightly coloured fish.

A bit later, whilst John was sorting out the equipment, Georgia and I got dried and changed. I heard a tap on my changing ‘stall’ door.
“It’s occupied.” I said
“I know, I wanna come in for a minute.” was Georgia’s reply. Wrapping a towel round me, and feeling quite embarrassed, I opened the door. She walked in and kissed me full on the lips, her hand resting on my chest. I broke it off after several seconds, needing air after being surprised like that.
“Wha-?” I started to ask, but she was already gone.
After getting changed, I went to look for her, but I couldn’t see her, so I told John if she came looking for me, I would be on the beach, then left the dive centre.

I walked along the whole length of the beach, looking for her, but to no avail. On the way back, I walked through the car park, and noticed my dad’s rented little red Polo, with 2 passengers. I thought both my parents had come to collect us, but as I got nearer, I saw the female passenger wasn’t my mum, it was Georgia. I slipped into the back seat, not saying more than 5 words for the whole journey. We arrived back at the hotel, we jumped out, and walked to our corridor. I started to head to go into my room, but Georgia grabbed my arm (more physical contact) and dragged me into her room, then locked the door.

“We have unfinished business to sort out.” she said in this really seducing voice, and kissing me again. This time I was ready, and our tongues danced together in our mouths. She pulled my t-shirt over my head, and I undid the strings on her top. It fell off, and I broke the kiss to step back and admire her tits. They were flawless. I started kissing, sucking, licking and feeling them, 1 after the other, whilst she was leaning on the doorframe, moaning deeply.

I lifted her up, and put her on her double-bed, then started kissing her. She was really moaning, and she had her first of many orgasms.

“Oh My God... th-that w-was amazing!” she just managed to gasp out, before I starting working my way down her body, kissing her neck, her tits, her stomach. She was moaning again as I went past her bikini bottoms, all over 1 leg, back up the other and stopped at her bikini. They were soaked, and that’s not from the diving! I hooked my thumbs around the thin straps, and she raised her arse off the bed, letting me remove the material, and feast my eyes on my prize. Her pussy was as beautiful as her tits and her face. I started to move my face closer to her pussy lips, intent on eating her to more orgasms, but she pushed the top of my head away.
“You’ve done enough work for now. Just relax and enjoy.” She said, rolling over, reversing the positions.

She started by nibbling on my ear lobes, then stroked my shoulders and chest, finally resting her hand on my shorts. Off they came, and my 7” cock sprang up, almost hitting her chin. She gasped, then started stroking it. After about a minute, she put it in her mouth, and started sucking, still stroking the base of my cock. I was fingering her by this time, hoping to make her climax again, and my finger rubbed against something different, her hymen. SHE WAS STILL A VIRGIN!!! We were both moaning, the vibrations were going to make me cum VERY soon.
“I’m cumming!” she said, as my cum hit the back of her mouth. She never spilt a drop. We laid still for a few minutes.

“ You know I’m a virgin, right?” she asked, quite shy all of a sudden.
“Yeah, but that blowjob was like you have been doing it for years!” She giggled at this, then stood up, and started dancing, getting me as hard as a rock in no time.
“I want you inside me, for me to ride you... NOW!!!” she ordered, jumping on my legs. I positioned my cock below her pussy lips, and she dove right on it, recoiling as my cock took her virginity. She was back on me almost instantly, riding my cock. I let her have control for a few minutes, until she screamed in bliss as her third orgasm rocked her body, then I flipped her onto her back.

I was pumping in and out of her, fondling her breasts at the same time. She had her legs wrapped round my hips.
“I’m gonna cum soon.” I said, starting to pull out.
“No don’t” she begged, “I’m on birth control.” That was all I wanted to hear.
“Here I go!!!” And with that, I cummed in her glorious pussy. With the cum filling up her pussy, her pussy lips started closing around my cock – she was having another orgasm!! As we floated down from our joint bliss, she got on all 4’s and sucked my cock dry.

There was a knock at the door. I threw my t-shirt and shorts on, while she wrapped a robe around her, checked I was ‘decent’, then unlocked and opened the door. It was my mum, wondering where I was, and to tell me they were going down for dinner. She looked at the room, then spoke quietly with Georgia, before walking off.

“What did she say to you?” I asked, very intrigued.
“She wanted to know if we had sex, and if that, if we wanted to, she would let you sleep in my room, with me, for the rest of the holiday.” was her reply, and with that, we ran into my room and started moving my stuff into her room.

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2012-03-19 06:26:01
I thought it was quite good
Don't change anything

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2009-06-29 18:19:34
good basic story, but seemed to finish mid sentance a lot of times which broke the flow, a little more detail is needed. ending wasn't believable

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not the best, or most beleivable ending

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Ashryl one not really. Some virgins don't bleed at all. 2 Don't over think it its a story its not like he is getting it published. I will agree with your first comment it was kinda quick make the other ones longer.


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if she had sex for the firs time the guys cock would be bloody, she would not swallow her own virginal blood. inconsistent. real girls do not act that fast when they are in a situatuon like that.

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