Some years ago I had a very good looking girlfriend. Tall, blonde, big tits, great legs and ass, intelligent….more or less had everything. There was just open problem, she was a slut. And I don’t say that lightly, but it happens to be true. She two-timed me but luckily I found out in time before we married. She got married to someone else and has cuckolded him more times than you’ve had hot lunches. A serial slut.

So I got out in time but the legacy she left me was a rather warm friendship with her two younger sisters. Talk about chalk and cheese! The younger sisters weren’t great lookers, and rather than blonde were both raging redheads, freckles and all. I had developed a closer friendship with Rachael, the middle sister, of the two. A tall girl with a lovely character, who would not harm a fly and who had a pair of gigantic breasts. Good legs and ass as well, if heavier than her older sister. She wasn’t ugly but did herself few favours by dressing unglamorously, disguising her bust as much as possible, wearing huge owlish glasses. A sort of taller and bustier Velma from Scooby Doo!

Now I had quite fancied her throughout and at some point had made up my mind to get revenge on her sister by bedding Rachael. Because the real challenge was this: Rachael was still a virgin at 27!!! I had first met her at 19 and toyed with the idea of asking her out when my girlfriend left town, as she was planning at the time. It never happened but over the years I’d seen Rachael in bikinis, in braless nighties, fantasised about doing her as I shagged her sister senseless in the room next to where the two young sisters slept, and on one memorable occasion actually saw her pussy as she sat of a sofa opposite me in her nightie with her legs up so I could see her sparse red pubic hair, only thickening on the cuntal crack, at my leisure.

Some time after the break-up with big sis I asked Rachael out to dinner and, although she sounded a bit surprised, she agreed. After that we went out to dinner regularly, although they weren't dates, just chatty meetings where we laughed a lot but Rachael did not show any romantic or sexual interest. She did dress up more than was her wont though, and on one occasion with her flame-coloured hair grown long and nicely done, wearing a blouse with such ample cleavage showing that I spent most of the night sneaking looks at her magnificent bosom, she looked very attractive indeed. On another occasion she slipped as we walked down a hill and, accidentally, I grasped her large soft breast trying to lift her. She just laughed in her awkward, horsey manner.

On the second or third outing after I walked her home she made to kiss my cheek as she always did but I moved so she ended up kissing my lips. It was a statement of intent. After that I did try embracing her round the waist before she went upstairs and she reciprocated once or twice but although she let me kiss her lips she would keep them firmly closed and get nervous.

It was clear I was getting nowhere by legitimate means and I was now determined to have her so I hatched a plan.

The test came one day when she came to my place for a coffee and asked to use the computer. I offered her a coffee whilst she worked and put a sleeping-pill in it. The effect was astonishing. Gradually Rachael got sleepier and sleepier. To my astonishment she was falling asleep sideways on the chair then correcting herself without waking up.

After a while she got up sleepily,

“I don’t know what’s come over me! I’m really tired and funny and falling asleep.”

I commiserated somewhat hypocritically and called for a taxi so she wouldn’t have to ride her motorbike. Stage one had been successful.

After this I tried to see whether things would take their course naturally, without any chemical assistance, but I finally saw things could stay like this forever and I had to bring matters to a head.

The evening in question arrived. The evening when Rachael would become a woman at the belated age of 28.

It was already well into autumn, so the central heating was on as we dined in my apartment. I am a rather good cook so with the food and the wine flowing it turned out to be a good evening socially. I was decided though that this would be the evening when I’d have my way with her.

When it was time for coffee I dissolved one of the sleeping pills and stirred it well into her mug. She drank it down without suspicion and after more chatting and laughs I noticed her eyelids looking heavier, and an occasional stifled yawn.

Rachael was sitting on the carpet, leaning against the settee. I settled down beside her and put my arm around her waist without making a big thing.
"Rachael, why don't we go off for a weekend somewhere? I know this great five star hotel..."
She still hadn't twigged. Her big eyes enlarged by the magnification from the glasses she looked at me in wonder.
"But why would you want to go to a posh hotel with me?"
"Well, we are friends...but I also really like you, you know..." moving my face towards her to leave no doubt of the nature of my "liking".
Rachael blushed deeply, her pale freckly skin showing she finally understood my interest in her.
"But...but I can't...we can' spent so long with my sister....."
"But she isn't here and we are" I tried to kiss her properly but she avoided my lips, and shook her head sadly.
"No, it's wrong. If you hadn't..."
"Well let's pretend it never happened?"

I could see I was getting nowhere. The second part of the plan needed implementing. Failure was inconceivable. I brewed more coffee, "to keep her awake", but quietly added a second pill.

By the time I reached her with the coffee, Rachael was asleep head to one side. I woke her gently...
"Come on love, this'll wake you up."
She semi-roused enough to have a barely intelligible conversation and drink down her coffee.

"Back in a minute."

I gave her five minutes. When I returned to the room it was clear she was fast asleep, slumped against the settee. I sat down next to her, she didn't stir so I put my arm around her shoulder. Still no reaction so I started tom kiss her and cautiously put one hand on her left breast. My, did it feel big and soft! I quickly slipped off her shoes and socks and sitting beside her again slipped my hand under her polo neck to caress her tummy.

Satisfied, I dimmed the lights a bit more, removed her specs and gently, gently pulled off her polo neck. Her breasts, covered in a lacy white bra, looked immense. I carefully undid the clasp and pulled the bra forward and of. What a magnificent pair!!! Milky white skin without a single freckle which had never seen the light of day, very pale brown almost peach-coloured medium aureolae and nipples which began to stiffen as I fingered and licked them. It took my two hands to weigh up each giant breast, never yet touched by a guy before. What a waste!

All this time Rachael still slumped asleep. I now laid her gently on the carpet, placing a cushion beneath her head. It was time to remove her dark tartan checked trousers, so that only a pair of sensible white panties stood between me and her virginal sex. Hooking two fingers at each end I pulled them down leaving Rachael in all her naked glory. Her pubic mound was a layer of fine red hair which only thickened on the cuntal crack which exposed a pair of largish lips.

The lips were my invitation to go down and kiss them, looking up to make sure she didn't rouse. I then started licking and sucking the lips, my tongue then thoroughly wetting her inside. I didn't want to use an artificial lubricant which might leave a trace.

I then stripped quickly, my cock a flagpole which would not be satisfied now until it buried itself deep in Rachael's underutilised fuckhole. I knelt in front of her and started rubbing her lips with my knob, miraculously they began t part. I inserted the cockhead, it met no resistance – I knew from sis that tampons had done for the hymen years ago which made my task easier. Inch by inch I fed my eight and a half inches into her, slowly and carefully...and Rachael was a virgin no more!

Relaxing now I lay on her fully, squeezing those super tits whilst I fucked her slowly and putting my tongue into her mouth through her half-opened lips. I almost wished she would wake up, to feel what it was like to have a man inside the most intimate part of her body but it was probably safer this way.

Rachael’s sleeping body was my plaything that night. I took her from the front and I took her from the back and I took her from the side. I slapped her face, her beautiful tits, her ass and her clitoris with my engorged cock. I licked her nipples, I ate her cunt, I licked her clit and put my fingers up her tight back passage. She was mine, to do whatever I wanted to do with her and I can tell you I took loads of photographs of her in the nude which I’ve kept for my personal use only.

In my wildest moments I’d thought I’d make her pregnant but common sense ruled. Although I did fuck her bareback throughout I didn’t come inside her. I nearly had an accident though, the first time I orgasmed I was so turned on that I only just pulled out in time and sprayed a hefty load of sperm onto her tits and belly which I then had to carefully wash off her.

After a few hours of having my way I simply put on her socks, bra and panties and carried her, not without some difficulty as she was quite heavy, to my bed where I slept beside her in my boxer shorts.

In the morning I woke her gently, said she’d fallen asleep and I hadn’t had the heart to wake her…I hoped she didn’t mind I’d taken her outer clothes off. Blushing she said it was ok, probably thinking all the time she had at last “slept” with a man! Of course I was the only one who knew the truth.

Her last words were to thank me profusely for dinner and looking after her. I gave her a wolfish grin.

“Oh, it was wonderful having you.”

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