Alison was my sister-in-law, or rather my brother-in-law's wife. They'd got married after a whirlwind romance but the gloss soon wore off. There was one reason Alison had always wanted to marry and that was to have babies, lots of babies. Unfortunately it was not something which they'd discussed previously. Nigel didn't want kids. Period. And at 30 she already felt as if time was beginning to run out.

Now my relations with her had oscillated from cool to tepid. She was a strange so-and-so, often dour and unwilling to participate in family conversations. Never one to use two words where one would do. I wasn't sure what to think of her for a while but then I realised there was both more and less to her than met the eye.

This was also the situation with her looks. At times she looked like a frump. At times, especially after a couple of drinks, she loosened up and started to glow; her eyes would sparkle, she would get animated and then she would look really attractive. She was a tall girl, only a couple of inches or so short of six feet, and big-boned too. This was the bane of her life, particularly her very thick calves, she always wanted to be slim and petite, but for a man it meant she had her attractions of which her very large breasts were one of the greatest. As said she could also look very pretty, with fine bone features and a good looking head of dark-blonde hair.

We had rarely had a conversation of our own during the six years we knew each other so I was rather surprised to receive a call from her one day asking if we could meet for coffee.

I agreed to meet her, it was only polite to do so, but the oddity of the event did make me ask if everything was ok to which she replied in the affirmative.

Arriving at the modern cafeteria she'd chosen I saw she was already sitting there with her usual sullen expression, which made me even more intrigued.

"Hello, sorry I'm late"
"That's alright" she said, but remained unsmiling

Once the coffees were in place, and in the absence of any conversation, I felt obliged to try a conversational gambit.

"So, how are you?"

She looked down towards her coffee which she kept stirring. When she looked up at me I saw she was blushing deeply, a shade of crimson which bordered on the purple. I wondered what on earth could be wrong.

"Look" she said, "I don't want to beat about the bush. It's a family thing and I wanted to ask for"
I could see it cost her a lot of effort to ask anyone for anything.
"Of course..."
She held up her hand, "No wait, this is not a normal easy thing to say yes to. You'll have to hear me out first and then if you say no I'll understand perfectly and it will be ok."

"You know I've always wanted a baby"
I nodded. It was common knowledge in the family
"Nigel's always been against it, but last year he agreed to one, just one"
I made some approving noise.
"We've been trying for a year. We can't have them. It's him. But he doesn't know"
I raised my eyebrows, clucked regretfully, trying to live up to the role of brother in law.

"If I tell him that will be the end of my dream, he wouldn't agree even to adopt one, not that I'd want that. Unless I divorce him which God knows I'm minded to do the way he behaves towards me sometimes. But there's something I want instead."
"What is it?" I asked her, genuinely puzzled and without a clue as to where this was leading.

Blushing harder than ever she looked at me closely, boring into my mind with her eyes.

"I want someone else to make me a baby and pass it off for Nigel's. He won't notice. He thinks he's so macho he'll never believe he's infertile." She paused. "I want you to consider doing this for me."

I was flabbergasted and more, but being a ladies man I immediately realised what avenue this opened and the idea of bedding Alison was, frankly, quite interesting.

Without going into many details let's just say I promised to think about it and get back to her and a few days on, assured of her discretion and her intention of going through with her plan, I graciously assented to impregnate her.

So the appointed day arrived. We'd chosen the date carefully so that her husband was away on business and my wife was out for a girls' night out which would end very late.

I arrived at her apartment and rang the bell. She opened the door, serious and nervous at the same time, just wearing a T-shirt and a pair of slacks. With no make-up on and not dressed for any special event.

"Would you like a drink?"

She brought us a bottle of scotch out and poured us both large neat doses of the stuff. Plucking up her courage no doubt. Mine needed no plucking!

After trying some small talk with her, not her forte, I thought it was time to get a move on. I tried to embrace and kiss her but she pushed me back.

" Let's get the rules straight. This is not an affair, this is not something I'm doing for pleasure. I need a baby and if you agree that's it. But I don't want kissing or sex..."

I interjected that sex would seem to be pretty essential for what she had in mind.

She looked away.

"The best thing is if you get yourself ready to ejaculate and...and then you put it inside and come inside and that's it"

Now I began to get annoyed.

"Listen Alison, I've put up with all this nonsense. Ok, you don't want to be seduced, that's fine but you're going to have to let me do it properly inside you. I'll try and be as quick as I can although I'm not renowned for premature ejaculation. And if you don't like it I'm off because you know you can't go to a clinic and you know anyone else will make more demands on you than I'm making."

So after some discussion we went into her darkened bedroom, she wouldn't have the lights on. In the gloom I undressed and saw her slipping off her slacks and possibly her panties. We both got into the bed on separate sides. She had her T-shirt on! This was ridiculous!

She lay on her back, legs slightly parted.

"Ok" she said, "you can get on top of me now, that's the best position for conception."

I moved on top of her, found her pussy which seemed to be very trimmed, almost clean-shaven with just some hair around the entrance and started pushing at the entrance. It was tight and uncomfortable. I struggled painfully, then stopped.

"We're going to need some lubrication."

"I haven't got any, I don't think."

"Well, we've got two choices. Either you give my cock a good sucking." Silence. "Or I'll have to go down on you."

Still silence but unlike the first one I assumed assent. She made no move to stop me as I dived down the bed and started licking her pussy which, I grudgingly admitted to myself, tasted really nice. In the process I slyly managed a few licks of her clitoris and sensed her trembling. Her body temperature seemed to have risen several degrees.

"Right" I said with some satisfaction, "I think you're ready now. Won't you take off your T-shirt? Come's stifling!" She sat up and pulled off her T-shirt. I moved my hands swiftly behind her and unclipped and discarded the huge bra. In the gloom I saw her massive breasts flop halfway down her chest

Well lubricated now I could tell the moment I started putting my cock into her that the lubrication was now not all mine. I now slid into her easily. She stiifened as the full length went it (she would later confess to me she thought of Nigel privately as shrimp-dick). To my delight I could feel my pubic bone grinding against her clitoris. Now I had her. Unless she was totally frigid I was confident my staying powers would mean I would inflict at least one orgasm on her.

I was now lying fully on top of her, with a regular pumping action, face on the pillow beside hers. I could sense her body heat rising still further, and her heartbeat thudding faster and faster. She let out an involuntary gasp, then I felt her large meaty hand on my buttock, urging me further in. I sensed this was the time to risk a kiss and wasn't mistaken, She responded and my tongue played with hers inside her mouth,

Suddenly she drew back,

"Oh my God! Oh....oh.....oh...oh.....oh....."

Unused to coming from penetration it was clear the experiecne was new to her, and her orgasm was buiding up to a climax. "Oh...John... oh...FUCK ME!!!" This was what I had wanted! My ice-cool sister-in-law losing control, losing her reserve and shyness, a few more hard strokes and she was over the edge shaking in spurts, stopping for a second then shaking again, it was all I could do to stay embedded in her as her strong body erupted in this violent orgasm.

And now nature took over. She was not just an aspiring mother, she was a horny woman too. Not content with her climax she now started pushing up with her strong hips, and within a couple of minutes she was there again

"Ohhh....ohhh.... I'm coming again, I'M COMING AGAIN...oh god...OH GOD...fuck me... oh shit....just FUCK me!!!!"

She lay back exhausted for a minute whilst I moved my penis in and out aof her slowly, very slowly.

When she got back her breath she was still holding onto me.

"Don't you ever come? That was the whole point!"
"It wasn't the whole point for me. But I do come and I will come soon now. I'm going to give you a baby Alison."

I resumed fucking her now without a pause, working the tempo up further and further as she moved towards yet another moment of ecstasy.

"Give me your it to me...make me pregnant...give me my baby...give me MY baby"

As my ejaculation approached I lifted her heavy thighs to make it easier for the spunk to travel quickly into her womb.

"Here it comes!" Slamming my cock as hard as deep as I could so she groaned I held it firmly in place whilst I nailed her. I fired my potent seed into her and counted....11.....12 spasms.....That should do the trick!

Alison kept her position with raised legs for several minutes so the sperm would reach her womb.

It worked. Within nine months Alison had the baby she'd always wanted. I did have my reward as well. The week before the birth she granted me MY wish of have sex with a nine months pregnant woman. She found it difficult to move much but the sight of her alone would have made me come at a distance of ten feet. Her normally huge breasts had grown to porn-size proportions, swinging heavy and full of leaking milk.

And, you may not be surpised at this, the boy developed a strange affinity for his Uncle John! Everyone commented on how much the boy looked like his uncle..........


2013-10-04 20:35:47
Indisputably one of the best impregnation stories on XNXX. Wonderful story, Haddock.

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2013-01-04 06:49:45
I got my sister in law pregnant but it took every day for a week for two months when her cycle was right. The first couple of times it was clinical. Then it became a bit more fun and after that it was all sex and pleasure. She had only cum a coupe of times with my brother but with me she came very time. It went wit further and we had oral sex before I had sex and came in her. After she knew she was pregnant she and I did it a few more times and I actually had sex with her six hours before she had the baby. My brother never knew she and I had become recreational sex partners. No love just great sex.

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i want pregnant to but nobody want helps me.....please somebody out ther please help me......

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2012-06-30 06:46:12
Read the comments, this should clarify things. His brother-in-law ie his wife's brother. That is how she is his sister in law. There is no blood connection. The only way the child would look like him is if he knocked her up. The family is either retarded or there just looking the other way.

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2011-05-23 13:59:00
So after the baby was born did Allison want to make a sibling for it with you as a sign of thanks for this first baby by you?

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