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The next mourning.
Chapter 3

The next morning Forrest woke up at about 10 and woke me with a kiss on the lips. I surprised him by throwing my arms around him and deepening the kiss. I reached down under the covers and grabbed his balls. I played with them as I felt his dick start to harden. He did the same to me, squeezing my balls and moving them around in my loose sack, causing my dick to harden.

Without a word, I grabbed my cloths and beckoned for him to do the same. After checking that his sister was still asleep, we tiptoed downstairs to my bathroom.

My bathroom is two parts. There is first the part with the sink and toilet. It is about 9 feet by four feet. That has a sliding door that leads to the shower room, which not including the bathtub, is about 5.5 feet by 3 feet. This also has a door that leads parallel to both the rooms and back to the hallway that you come into the bathroom by.

We walked into the first room, and Forrest turned towered the toilet, but I said it was too cold. He was a little confused, but followed me into the next room.

I closed both the doors in the shower room, and turned the heater and show on. The combination of heat, hot water, and a small space turned the room into a virtual sauna. I stepped into the shower and beckoned to Forrest. He seemed reluctant, so I tugged on his hand. He stepped in with me.

“See,” I said. “You can pee in here, and it’s warm.”

He agreed, but said, “On one condition.”

“What’s that?” I said.

He just looked at me, gave me a mischievous smile, and then started to pee. I was surprised to feel his pee running down my chest, but then realized that it felt good as it ran over my cock, around my balls, and down my leg. I gave his the same smile and started to pee on him. As well as running my pee down his chest, I turned him around, and peed on his ass, which he seemed to like especially.

We embraced under the hot stream of water and made out. Our mouths came together and moved apart. Our tongues reached into each others mouths. When we came apart, are shared saliva made a string that connected us. I swallowed his saliva, a he swallowed mine.

I turned and moved so he was leaning on a wall. I pressed my body to his, creating as much contact as possible. I turned and moved so he was leaning on a wall. I pressed my body to his, creating as much contact as possible. I ground our penises together. He brought his dick under my balls and started rubbing my but with it. I peeled apart my but cheeks so he was rubbing his cock in-between them, and over my ass.

We steeped out of the water. Forrest grabbed the soap and started to wash me. He applied soap to every part of my body. When he covered my cock, it went from partial to full erection. He washed my ass with a single finger, sliding it up and down my crack.

Once he was done, I took the soap and repeated the process. I came to his ass last. Instead of simply moving on, I stopped. As a rubbed my finger over his little asshole, I pushed harder and harder. The lubrication from the soap allowed my finger to slip in easily. Forrest gave a small moan of pleasure. I started to move my finger, sliding it in and out of his ass. As soon as it was loose enough, I added anther finger. When I stopped and pulled my fingers out of his ass, there was a small opening.

Forrest groaned. “Please, Jamie, do it. I need it so bad. Fuck my ass, please.”

I was all to happy to comply

He bent over, and used his hands to spread his but cheeks wide. His once again tight hairless virgin ass was fully displayed to me. I rested the tip of my dick on his ass, and started to push. I pushed a little harder, and my head slipped in. Forrest let out a small yelp.

“Do you want me to take it out,” I said.

“No, just wait,” said Forrest. After a moment, he said, “Ok, I’m ready.”

I once again thrust forward into his ass. When it was about half way in, I started to pull out, until just the head of my cock was in his ass. I then thrust forward and back slowly, until I my entire cock was sliding in and out of Forrest’s tight ass. Every time the base of my cock hit his ass, and I had to pull backwards, Forrest squeezed his ass, momentarily tightening his ass even further. It was the most incredible feeling. It was so much better than masturbation, or even a blow-job. Forrest’s ass was so tight I could barley even move my cock.

I sped up, going faster and faster, until my balls swung up to hit his with every thrust. Every time I thrust my cock into his ass, I moaned and then grunted as I went faster. Finally, my grunts turned to pants as I reached climax.

“I’m going to cum,” I said between pants.

“Yes,” he said. “I want your hot cum to fill my ass. I want to feel it dripping out my little ass.”

I thrust my cock one last time, till the root of my dick touched his ass. I gave one final moan, and came.

Spurt after spurt of cum filled his ass. It leaked out Forrest now non-virgin ass around my still spurting cock. As I pulled my now softening dick out of his ass, all my cum pored out of his ass and ran down his leg. He caught some on his finger and laughed.
What do you think? And don't worry, this sister will come in soon.

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2011-06-27 22:50:53
... was really good but too short...

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2009-04-11 07:19:47
I continue to find your story about forrest and jamie awsome.It makes me more horny to have sex with younger boys.I can't wait to see what happens next with them being naked together,Do they drink each other's pee at some point as well?


2008-11-21 08:16:19
That story made me so wet wow

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2008-09-23 20:56:22
please write another forrest installment soon! Are you planning to? Good work i thought the deion was enough to allow reader imagination to take the story so to speak.

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2008-08-20 10:35:25
the name realli pissed me off

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