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I think this is the longest part of the series so far. If you haven't read the others, you might be lost. Maybe more to come.
The door opens with a sharp clang that rattles throughout the old warehouse. Both Katie and the Red Head jump at the sound of the door as it wakes them both. The Red Head, who still has kept the massive dildo in Katie’s pussy, quivers imperceptibly. Light floods into the room as the Red Head begins to cry fresh, new tears.

The light blinds Katie as she strains her eyes to see what is going to happen now. The only sounds in the room are from the chains holding them in place, and the soft footsteps from the door.

She hears her captor talking to another man. “…right, bag of blow is fine.” He says to the other man. “But what do you think I can GET for her? Fuckin’ hook me up man.”

They both come into view as the lights adjusts Katie’s eyes, looking her over as her Captor unchained the Red Head and dragged her back to the cage. Katie lays out on her back, still attached to the Bench as the new Arrival looks over her body intently, rubbing his chin. “Give me some time with her. I’ll get you a price.”

The Blackman nods, smiling at Katie as he walks out of the room into another room off to the side. The New Man, tan and sporting slicked back black hair, pulls up a chair. Keeping his eyes on her, he slowly lights a cigarette, blowing smoke over her body. He leans forward, inspecting Katie like someone might inspect a steak.

“Guess his crew got to you first, huh?” His tone is casual, but there is a cold, sharp edge to his words.

Katie coughs slightly as she inhales the Cigarette smoke. But it does not stop her pleading. She looks over to the man, pleading in her eyes. “Please, help me. I didn’t do anything wrong, please…” She pleads with him, half sobbing. Her body slightly, barely noticeable, shakes with fear.

The Man chuckles low. “Yeah, I know. Ain’t gonna stop what I’m gonna do to you.” He snubs his cigarette mere inches away from her inner thigh as the heat from it wafts up onto her skin.

“I’m here to see what you can do, got it?” He asks her, slightly grinning. “If I like what you do, you get to live and make us both a lot of money. If you ain’t worth shit, my friend in the back office is gonna slit your throat and you’ll just end up another sad story on the news.”

He stands up, grabbing a collar and leash from a table close by. Soon he affixes it to her slender neck before he undoes the straps that bonded her to the bench. When she is free, he jerks the collar hard, pushing her down to her knees infront of him. “Got it?” He says to her sternly and aggressively as he gives the leash a hard tug against her threatened neck.

Katie’s head jerks along with the leash. Forced to look into his eyes, she mutters softly “Yes…” as tears begin to well up from the pain. The fear.

He smiles down at her. “Good. Now’s the part you’re going to like…” He turns to the side where a small black leather bag sits. Soon he pulls out a handheld camera and flips it on, pointing down at her naked, kneeling, and helpless body. “You’re going to be a star, bitch.” He chuckles, then motions toward his pants. “Get it out.”

She slowly looks up at the camera with fear in her eyes. Maybe someone watching this will help her, she thinks to herself. Katie reaches up with her hands slightly trembling and slowly unzips his pants. Carefully she reaches her small hand into his pants and almost instantly feels his warm and throbbing-ly hard cock. She fishes it out with slow care. When it’s out, she drops her hands back to her side as she looks up at his camera.

“You know what to do with it.” He grins from behind the lens. “Sluts like you should know when to suck.”

The man gives the chain a firm tug, pulling her towards his crotch. Katie’s face pushes into his cock.

She pulls back slowly and puts his cock head between her lips, moving down his cock ever so slightly as her tongue moves and massages his head. Katie’s eyes glance towards the shadows, where the cages are. Her friend is hiding in the dark corners, hoping to not be pulled into this.

Katie turns her attention back to pleasuring the man who held her live in his hands. Her head inches more and more down his cock, pulling it back every so often as her lips massages his cock. She glances at the camera rarely as she feels the shy, nervousness of the camera rolling.

The Man grunts slightly, but seems more focused on getting footage than pleasure at the moment. The camera blinks as it records silently, and he grins as he sees her fear ridden face glance at the camera.

“That’s right.” He says with a lusty voice. “Give that shit up to the camera. My clientele love it…”
After a few more moments of Katie’s head bobbing up and down on his cock, and his recording of her fear and shame, he pulls her up off of his dick, now slick with her saliva. “Now let’s see how tight that pussy is…”

The Man gives a firm and aggressive tug of the leash connected to the collar around Katie’s neck. He half drags her across the room to the wall. Dimly lit in the lights is a metal rack with chains hanging from it. He pushes her up against the wall hard, with an evil glint in his eyes.

“Now give me and our audience a show, or…” He glances up at the chains as they gleam in the faint light. “…you can hang…”

He moves the camera up and down her young and bruised body as he gets various close ups of her trembling body. Licking his lips, he looks back at her face. “Play with yourself slut. Spread that cunt open and rub that clit.”

Katie’s eyes look into the camera once more before shutting them tight with fear and shame. Slowly, she whimpers as her hands move across her chest, still caked with cum from before. Her small hands rub against her hard nipples as they slowly wander further down her body, all the way down to her slightly wet and very sore pussy. Her fingers rub her pussy lips softly and with care as she tries to avoid the stare of the camera. The soft stroking is the gentlest thing to come in contact with her pussy in what feels like forever to her. Her mind is conflicted; the shame and disgust fills her mind as the pleasurable sensations feels like electricity through her body.

The man grins as he sees the almost imperceptible shivers through her body, noticing she’s enjoying herself despite the extreme conditions she’s forced to endure. He steps up to her, pushing her legs open a bit wider as he slides the head of his cock up and down her slit, matching the pace of her touch as he points the camera down towards the action.

“Now don’t you stop doing it, you little slut…” He says to her as he keeps the camera pointed down.

Katie turns her head towards her side, staring off into the shadows where the cages are, trying to imagine herself somewhere else. Her fingers don’t stop their slow and gentle rubbing. The gentleness of it all makes her forget where she is, what’s happening to her. All of it is ruined as she feels his cock head slightly sink into her, using her spit and own pussy to slide into her.

He grunts as he slowly slides into her, easing his length into her as he lets his cock shaft rest inside of her. The man murmurs to himself, “Niiiiice… They went to town on you and you’re still fucking tight as a teenager…”

He leans in to talk to the camera. “Take note: She’s VERY fresh, Gentlemen.”

His cock throbs inside of her as he lets it rest there for a few moments as he watches her play with her little clit with his cock inside of her. Then he begins to groove it back and forth, going easy, letting her feel every inch of his as he works it in and out.

The slow and meticulous grooving of his cock is all that Katie needs. Clenching her mouth shut, her fingers rubbing her clit feverishly, she cums onto his cock, her pussy griping and milking his cock as she does so. Shame and disgust fills her as soft orgasmic cries escape her lips.

The man grins widely, almost on the verge of laughing, as he murmuring to the camera, “Good, good. Very Responsive. She’s really a slut at heart…”

His large hand moves down her body, pushing away her hand with little force. The large fingers begin to trace slow, lazy circles against her clit. His touch is firm, yet clearly experienced as he matches the pace of his slow thrusting, working up a rhythm as he leans the camera to her face.

Grinning as his pace begins to quicken, he pushes his body into her to get more of his cock into her. “Mmm… Now that we see what a total whore you can be…” He slams his cock into her still pointing at her face. “Let’s see how much abuse you can take…”

He slides our of her quickly, then spins her around, her hands pressed up against the wall with her back to him as he spreads her legs open.

“Hope they didn’t wreck this little gem of a rosebud…” He says as he spits on his hand and shoves a wet finger into her tiny asshole, lubing her up crudely.

Katie puts no resistance up as he manhandles her body, fearing whatever punishment could come her way if she tried to fight him off. Her small hands grip the chains dangling above her tightly, preparing herself for the pain coming soon.

The man rams deep into her asshole, tugging the leash tightly to bring her head back to him sharply as he wastes no time drilling her already battered ass.

“Like that, slut?” He says into her ear, his hot breath on her ears tingling her senses. “Pretty soon you won’t know the difference between pain and pleasure…”

His thighs slap against hers as he mercilessly pounds into her ass, his cock like a piston as he gets shot
after shot of her face, of her body, as it’s forced to take his cock into her ass.

She winces, moans, and whimpers, as once again her tight hole is violated without care or caution. The pain shoots through her as he continues to ram inside of her body. She stands there, her ass full of cock, wishing it would be over soon.

The man groans, leaning his whole body into her as he works his cock deep into her ass. Soon he comes violently inside of her. Katie can feel his cock spasm as he grips her hair, pulling her head back so close to him as he whispers into her ear.

“That make you feel angry slut?” He whispers to her. “Wish you could do something about it?”

He thrusts his cock hard into her ass again, watching her wince and grit her teeth with a sick grin on his face. “Cause now, we got one last thing to show my boys…” He slides out of her, his cock slick with cum, and pulls her over to the cages, as the cum in her ass slowly runs down her legs.

The man walks over to a large chest and begins to rummage through it, looking for something. Soon, he stands straight, tossing a fairly large strap on at Katie’s feet.

“Get it on…” He says to her sternly.

Unlocking the cage, he reaches in and pulls the Red Head out by her hair, who is already crying as if she expected this. She gets on her hands and knees, slowly crawling to Katie as she stands there with the large blue dildo strap-on on her. The man takes up a position in front of them and angles them into shots with his camera.

“And now, fuck her. Fuck her good.” He says to Katie over the camera, grinning widely. He grabs Katie by the leash, the Red Head by the hair, and drags them back to the saddle-like bench in the room.

The Red Head, still whimpering softly leans her body over the saddle, her pussy in the air, her legs open for Katie, her milky white thighs quivering as he tries to hold herself still. She looks back towards Katie, fear in her eyes. Shame fills Katie once again, and softly, she mouths the words “I’m sorry…” to her.

The man circles around them both like a predator, catching each terrible moment and chuckling low to himself. “Touching, ladies…” He says softly to the both of them. His cock slowly rises in the air at the two girls’ despair.

Katie closes her eyes as he takes the massive dildo between the milky thighs of the Red Head. Carefully she rubs it against her pussy slit. The soft whimpering and cries fill Katie with guilt and hate of herself. Slowly, she pushes in. Her hands softly grip her waist. Once it is in, Katie’s hand slowly comes up and rubs her hands against the Red Head’s back as Katie begins to push in and out of her pussy.

The Red Head moans low in her throat, letting it fill her as she almost tries to squirm away. Katie’s gentle rocking allow her only the smallest bit of comfort. The Red Head’s pale breasts sway back and forth as Katie begins to her, and after a moment, Katie sees the camera pointed at her as the man steps up to the Red Head’s face, shoving his dirty cum covered cock into her mouth while he orders her to clean it.
He looks back up at Katie. “I said fuck her, bitch. Pound her, or I’m going to tell him you’re fucking scrap.”

Immediately at those words, Katie’s grip tightens on the girl’s hips, fucking her harder and harder. The dildo becomes slicker with her juices from that flaming red haired pussy. Katie looks away from the camera, not wanting it to capture her self-hate. She rocks the Red Head’s body back and forth harder, forcing her to bob up and down more forceful on his cock.

Katie can hear her moans coming out from around his cock, and her body quivers as she’s forced into orgasm under the intense hammerings, her ass pushing back against Katie, even as the Red Head cries out against the humiliation. The man laughs as he watches the two of them, making certain to get her orgasm on camera. He grabs a hold of her hair, skull fucking her at a pace to match Katie.

“Keep it up.” He says to you, in a disturbingly encouraging fashion. “If she makes me cum again, you’re good…”

Her loud, painful gags echo in the room over the sloppy fucking noises. Katie keeps the pace going as she forces the dildo into her harder. The feeling of the end rubbing against her clit excites Katie, giving her an extra incentive to fuck the Red Head harder and longer.

He grunts as he takes hold of her hair, forcing his cock into her thought even as she’s rocked into it by
Katie’s increasingly needy thrusts. She can see the muscles in her freckled back twitch as she’s stuffed in both ends by the both of them, her squeals and moans vibrating the man’s dick as he keeps fucking her mouth.

“Yeah, thasss right…” He moans out. “Mmm… fuck…”

His orgasm is close. Katie pushes harder into the Red Head, making her go harder and faster on his cock. Her grip tightens on the Red Head’s waist as she pounds the dildo pleasuring the both of them harder.

He growls as he cums down her throat, and she tightens up, squealing as he forces her to swallow every last drop. As he wipes his cock on the Red Head’s face, he looks at Katie, smiling a sick little smile.

“Yeah, you’ll do…” He says to her. “Finish up with her, you can cum if you want, slut. I’m giving you, *permission*.” He chuckles again as he turns off the camera.

As the Red Head coughs and spits a little, recovering from his load, she looks back at Katie, and starts pushing back against her ever so slightly. Her slight pushing egg Katie on as she slowly pushes the dildo into her again. It doesn’t take long until Katie cums on the strap on, the rubbings of the dildo against her clit sending her over the edge.

The man’s grin is one of smug satisfaction as he watches. Soon enough he grabs Katie’s leash, and the long hair of the Red Head and drags them through another door. He shoves both inside a dimly lit room, as Katie notices the shower head built into the wall. He leans against the door before shutting it.

“Get yourselves fucking cleaned up.” He says to them as he slams the door shut, locking behind him. After a moment, Katie can hear her Captor and the other Man in the next room talking.

“Yeah, she’ll do fine. Blondes go for a lot.” The man’s voice says. “Probably 10-15K for the first couple of weeks.”

Katie sinks to the floor, holding her knees close to her chest as she listens to them talk like she’s some toy or piece of meat. Their chuckles mingle with the sound of the running water as the Red Head slides down next to Katie. Her body is warm, and shivering as she starts to cry again.

Their conversation continues.

“So you said you already have someone interested?” The Captor’s voice asks.

“Yeah, sick motherfucker.” The other man says gruffly. “I’ll show him the tape. Probably will pay premo for some alone time with blondie. Get her fucking dolled up first though…”

The Red Head whimpers softly, snuggling into the crook of Katie’s neck, as the shower rains down on them as thoughts run through their mind of what could possibly come next…

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Please please more, it's been like seven years, please give me more oh great and wonderful author. This might be the hottest story I've read ever!

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uhh next part? been 5 years...

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Awsome story, your a very good writer. A few spelling/grammer mistakes, but hey who cares when the story is this good. Would really like to see you continue this.
Possible sugestion: When Katie is sold the red head goes with her, i think the two of them togever is awsomely hot. :)

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Please continue just found this story and it was very interesting. I would like to see what happens to Katie and the Red-Head.

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