I meet the rest of her family, and we all go for some "family fun", but I bet she and I had the most fun...
I’ll start with a quick recap of the last story: I met Georgia on holiday, we went SCUBA diving together, ended up sleeping together, and then we moved into the same hotel room.

I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly confused as to where I was. Looking around, I saw that the TV, the wardrobe, the door to the en suite, everything had moved. I then looked at where I lying, with this beautiful girl lying next to me, and it all came back: Georgia, the SCUBA diving, our first kiss, our fucking session, moving into her room. “I am the luckiest guy in the world” was my final thought before drifting back to sleep.

The sound of next door’s shower woke me up. I turned to face Georgia, but I came face-to-face with a pillow! I bolted into an upright position, looking around for her, silently cursing myself for letting her slip between my fingers. I couldn’t hear that damned shower, but I really couldn’t care about anyone else except Georgia. Feeling very embarrassed, and even more depressed, I dragged myself out of bed, and got dressed.

“Sleep well?” I turn around as the door to the en suite opened, and there was Georgia, hair wrapped in a towel (I’ve never understood how that works) but otherwise completely butt naked, and damn did her butt look good! I could only stand there, just staring at her. I couldn’t believe I had doubted her. I scooped her up in my arms, and passionately kissed her.
"Oh! You're hungry today. Lemme get changed, then we can go down for breakfast." She is such a tease sometimes.

We walked hand-in-hand into the hotel's restaurant, got our breakfast, and sat down on the only empty table. Halfway through my waffles, I told Georgia I was off to the loo, and quickly landed a peck on her cheek. When I got back, I saw Georgia talking with two adults. I presumed they were here parents, so I walked over, planning on introducing myself.
"Hi Adam, I'm David, and this is Rachael. We are Georgina's parents." said her dad, resulting in Georgia whining about how her name was not Georgina.
"We saw you two come in together, and wanted to introduce ourselves. When we saw you leave, we thought we would come and speak with Georgina (another spout of whinging) before the both of you." her mum explained.
"Well, it's lovely to meet you." My best friend once told me to try and be as polite as possible when meeting the parents for the first time. We continued with small talk over breakfast. When they excused themselves to retire to their room, I heard David say quietly to his wife "What a nice young man!" looks like my mate was right all along.

"Hmm, our plans for today are...???" I was trying to think of something relaxing to do, like lying on a beach, or by the pool. But no, Georgia had something else in mind...
"Let’s get our families together and go on an excursion to this water park thing. Please?" was her response, tugging on my arm. I wasn't budging, so... "I'll make it up to you later."
"Well, when you put it like that, I don't see why not." I responded, with a massive grin on my face.
"Woohoo! Lets go." and with that, I'm dragged out of my chair, and halfway to the stairs before I got control of my movements.
"Meet you in the car park in 20 mins, be there or be square. And don't forget your swimwear!" she is so cheeky. We split up, Georgia went to look for my parents, and I went to look for her family (parents and 2 siblings; they thought this hotel was for families) why we couldn't look for our own, I still don't know.

We rendezvoused later than expected (her sister, Maya, who is 9, making her the youngest of the 3 kids, needed to find her sunglasses, which took 15 mins, only for her to realise they were in the car) but we set off, our convoy of two cars (well, 1 is a VW Polo, the other is a people carrier) on our way to the "family fun" park about 20 minutes from the hotel. It had everything: water slides, a huge pool, a cafe/restaurant, and miniature golf. Georgia, Anthony (the brother, who prefers Ant to Anthony, 12) and Maya all wanted to see how good I was at swimming, so we headed for the pool. Maya and Ant dived in, and swam off, but Georgia held me back by putting her hands down my shorts, going for my cock. We kissed, her hands rubbing my cock, my hands on her breasts, until we could hear the splash of her siblings coming back.

We kept sneaking in little 'sessions' like that, on the covered water slide, Georgia went down on my lap, with my cock buried in her pussy; with mini golf, we ran into the bushes, and Georgia masturbated herself to orgasm with the golf club; and at the restaurant, she had her feet pressed into my crotch, massaging me there. It was all very sensual, and making me so horny, that when we where in the car, we were kissing and fondling each other (fortunately, the two 'kids' were in the other car), and back in the hotel room, well...

I slammed the door shut, and she locked it, sticking her tongue in my mouth at the same time. We broke off the kiss, so I asked her what she was going to do to "make it up to me" first. Then she pushed me into a chair, and gave me a combined lap-dance and striptease. By the time she was naked, my cock was raring to go, and so was I, so I stripped out of my clothes.
"Please, Master, give it to me doggy style." she was on her knees, looking up at my cock with puppy eyes, then yapped like a small dog, and went on all fours, turned around, and 'wagged' her arse at me. So I scooted over and started thrusting in and out of her sweet pussy. She was moaning quite loudly now, and I knew she was on the brink of an orgasm, so I pulled out. She whimpered at the sudden emptiness, then gasped as my tongue slid along her pussy lips, then flicked her clit, while two of my fingers entered her. She used this as an opportunity to give me a blowjob, sucking and licking my cock.
"I'm... I'm cummmming" she finally managed to get out, just as her juices came out onto me. But she didn't stop giving me a blowjob, so I didn't stop the flicking, or the finger fucking, and within moments, another orgasm washed over her, knocking her onto the floor; her arms and knees unable to support her body.

I picked her up, and laid her on the bed, and laid down next to her. I nibbled and sucked on her breasts, until she mustered up enough energy to continue the blowjob, and within about a minute, I was ready to cum. Once again, she didn't spill a drop, but now she had the taste of my cum, she wanted more.
"Where do you want it?" I asked, and her response was instantaneous.
"My arse, I want you to fuck my arse. I want to feel your cum shoot up my arse while I finger my pussy." Not wanting to hurt her, I started pumping in and out of her cunt for a few minutes, then turned her over, and pushed the head into her virgin arse.
"Don't worry, the pain should subside soon." I reassured her, and started pushing my cock further in. Sure enough, she was moaning again, and started fingering herself. I lent a hand once or twice, but most of the time my hands were either on her glorious breasts, or supporting her waist.
"Almost... there" by now we were both panting, and I had given her just enough warning for her to really go to town on her clit, before we both erupted.
"Have I made it up to you now?" she asked as we lay on the bed, her in my arms.
"Definitely." I thought this would never end, but as she drifted off to sleep, the realisation came that tomorrow was my 17th birthday, which meant the day after was the end of my holiday...

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2008-06-10 00:41:57
Alright, basically the same complaints that everyone had with the first story in this series. You have a story here that has the potential to be GREAT: your intro was terrific, and the material is there for an extremely erotic follow up; you just need to give more details. Tell us about the foreplay, how she tasted, what she was wearing, how tight she was, anything (within reason) to elaborate the sex scenes.

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2008-06-10 00:41:48
Alright, basically the same complaints that everyone had with the first story in this series. You have a story here that has the potential to be GREAT: your intro was terrific, and the material is there for an extremely erotic follow up; you just need to give more details. Tell us about the foreplay, how she tasted, what she was wearing, how tight she was, anything (within reason) to elaborate the sex scenes.

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