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Marilyn came to work at a phone sex office. She had a sultry voice and was well educated. The problem she had was the same at every job. She was five foot two inches tall, weighed just over a hundred pounds and had thirty four C tits. Her ass was perfect and with jet black hair and olive skin, she was a knock out. Not like the fat old bitches that usually work sex lines. It wasn’t long until the boss called her into his office and started to ask her very personal questions. Did she have a boyfriend, does she like sex for real and not just over the phone? She began to feel uneasy like so many times before. She tried to excuse herself to go back to work but he moved from behind his desk and blocked the door. He put both hands on her shoulders and held her firmly as he spoke. Was she going to do as her boss ordered or not? This was his basic question. She had never really given it a label but she knew that when a man made a strong move on her, she always seemed to submit.

He told her to come back wearing a black thong and shelf bra so that her nipples were exposed and black four inch heels. She asked how she was supposed to get to the office with only that on ? He informed her that was her problem and to do as he ordered or she was fired. She needed the money, the pay was good and she liked the work. The next day she knocked on the boss’s door and just before she went in she tossed the rain coat she was wearing to one of the other workers and hurried through the door. Her boss wasted no time in telling her what he expected from their new arrangement. He took a long black scarf from a desk drawer and bound her hands over her head to a hook that could serve no other purpose. This told her that he must have done this before. Next he brought out an eight foot bull whip. He told that he didn’t care if anyone heard her or not and that he would judge his blows by the marks on her skin not by the sounds she made. With that he landed the first of one hundred lashes that she would receive. The red mark glowed across her nipple and breast. The pain was extreme but strangely warm and exciting. He waited between each lash to allow the pain to set in and see the mark rise. For the next fifteen minutes she was whipped in front and on her back. There was a knock at the door and she was left tied as he answered it. One of the girls was having trouble with her head set and came in to see if her boss could do anything with it. As soon a she saw Marilyn, she quickly lowered her eyes and turned her attention back to the faulty equipment. She was told to get a new one from the store room and out she went.

Every day for the next week, Marilyn’s day started with the whip. Every night it ended the same way. She wondered if her boss would require her to have sex with him. The start of the second week gave her the answer. She was ordered to remain in the office after her whipping that morning. The boss had a contract that she was to sign. The document made it clear that she was to become a piece of property. She was to submit to the whip, all sex acts and would be sold from time to time. She was to be a slave whore. Some of the phone sex customers would pay a lot more to meet the girl on the other end of the line. Marilyn had been singled out because of her rare beauty. She was told to sign or get out. She signed. A cruel smile came over her boss’s face as he snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor in front of his chair. She timed her breathing to allow for his cock to go completely down her throat. She pumped and moaned for next twenty minutes until his come flooded her mouth before she swallowed it all.

She was given some plane ticket the next morning following the whip and a cock sucking. As she left for the airport, one of the other phone sex girls called her aside and told her to wipe some of the cum she missed from her lip. The girl quickly gave Marilyn a French kiss and handed her the rain coat she used each day to get to work. The girl was a little chubby but nice enough looking. The look in her eye led Marilyn to believe she wanted to do more than kiss.

She was to meet James O. upon landing at the airport out west. Payment for her had already been arranged by credit card. This left nothing with which to concern herself other than pleasing her customer for the day. She slipped into the restroom after departing the aircraft and removed her slip and panties. This left her wearing a sheer skirt that came down to six inches above her knees, a shelf bra and a satin blouse which softly brushed against her nipples keeping them constantly erect. Several of the men on the plane noticed this and a couple tried to start up conversations with her. She knew better than to take a chance on making her customer mad by having someone else following her through the airport trying to get into her pants.

James O. was a man in his late fifties. He had told her what to wear and thus recognized her as she come towards him in the airport lobby. He greeted her and took her by the arm out to his car. As they drove out of the airport he mentioned that he needed a newspaper. This town was near the Mexican border and had newsboys on many corners. “Take off your blouse” he demanded. She complied immediately. He handed her a dollar and had her place it in her bra between her breasts. The newsboy’s eyes got big as he handed her the paper. James O. told him to take the money and he could touch anything his wished. In a flash the horny little bastard was squeezing her tits. Then his head came through the window and his lips and teeth were all over her nipples. Following instructions, Marilyn reached out the window and unzipped the young boy’s jeans and began to jack off his almost hairless cock. It did not take long before she felt hot cum running over her hand as the boy bit down hard on her left nipple. The last thing he saw as he straightened up and zipped his pants was Marilyn licking the cum from her hand as the car window closed.

They arrived at a nice hotel and were shown to the room that James O. had reserved. Marilyn was instructed to go down the hall and across the lobby to retrieve ice. She must bring it back inside her blouse. She knew the bellman saw her wet nipples as she paraded past him in a hurry to return to the room. Minutes seemed like hours as she waited outside the room for James O. to open up and allow her to deposit her freezing load into the bucket in the bathroom. He had run hot water in the sink. She was to put one breast in the hot water and the other in the ice bucket. She stood this way for almost five minutes until she had to shift the bucket and place the hot breast in the cold ice and vice versa. She realized that she would be tortured in one form or another as long as she was in his presence. Even with the pain, she began to feel excited.

Next it was into the shower. No relaxing bath for now. James O. simply needed to piss and did not want to mess the bathroom to badly. She could not help but open her mouth as the hot yellow liquid cascaded down her perfect body. She drank several mouthfuls without being told. She was not stupid. She was there to please. She knew it. After a quick rinse, she was tied to the bathroom door. Her hands above head with the edge of the door in the small of her back. Her master for the day, lit a candle of about two inches in diameter and a foot long. The sharp pain of the hot wax on her tender breasts made her pussy begin to moisten. How she wished her hands were free to spread her pussy lips and rub hard on her clit. He covered each nipple and then moved to her hairless cunt. She loved the wax as it hit her sensitive womanhood. Before she could cum, he blew out the candle and before it could cool he twisted her to expose her ass. He shoved the still hot candle up her ass and ordered her to hold it there until told otherwise. Out of his bag came a whip like the one her boss used. “We must remove the wax now” he said as the first blow dislodged a small amount from her body. This would take the better part of half an hour to accomplish. Marilyn came to realize that she would be whipped hard and often. This was her new life.

With the wax gone, her master turned to the candle in her ass. Marilyn’s body screamed to cum. Any kind of relief would be welcomed. “ Please fuck me in the ass with the candle. I will do anything you ask but please have mercy and let me cum!” she cried. “ I will help you with your problem but you will pay later. Do you understand?” he replied. “Anything!” was her one word answer. With a firm grip the thick, long candle turned dildo rammed up her ass. More pain. She did not care. A steady piston like motion drove the devise further and further up her ass. Like some of her high school boyfriends who fear getting her pregnant, she felt the candle ass fuck her as they had until she could no longer contain her wild orgasm. Her screams could be heard two rooms down. She clamped her legs together as her juices ran freely down her legs. A breathless “Thank you” is all she could muster. She hung limp from the ropes around her wrists.

“ I’ll leave the candle in there a bit longer, I think” said James O. He tied a slip knot around the candle with more rope from his bag and made a sort of belt around Marilyn’s belly to keep it from coming out. “ Now out the balcony sliding door with you bitch.” he snarled. It was not quite dark and she would be seen by all who cared to look. She stood there leaning against the railing, totally naked except for the rope belt that held the ass dildo in place. Her large tits sticking out from her tiny frame for the world to see. Soon she became aware of the office building across from the hotel. One of the windows of the building soon filled with some men in suits and ties. First one then another pointed her way. They may have been in town with a convention because several had cameras and were taking Marilyn’s picture as fast as the shutters would click. She figured that this is why James O. put her out there. She slowly turned first one way and then another lifting her hands to hold her hair above her head and away from her neck. Then one hand down to her nipple which she pinched hard. Her pussy was getting wet again. Now turning her back to the office window to show the object in her ass. She reached down to move it in and out of her ass as best she could. Her master noticed as her hands resting on the sliding glass door between them. To please everyone looking, Marilyn pressed her nipples against the glass and stuck her ass out as far as she could. As she looked over her shoulder, she could see other windows filling with other businessmen. No doubt a hundred or more people saw her turn once again to face them and spread her legs as first two than three and finally four of her fingers forced their way into her dripping pussy. As her second orgasm approached, she heard wolf whistles from construction workers below. She made sure they saw as much as they could. Hot juice filled her hand. Her breath grew wild. Her hand ground into her cunt as the other clawed at her tit. For two minutes she felt the contractions and spasms coming from her satisfied fuck hole.

James O. yelled at her to return inside. As she approached him, he unzipped his pants. She started to drop to her knees as he grabbed her and threw her on the bed. “ Your going to kiss me like you are in love with me,” he demanded. With that he forced his tongue deep into her mouth. “ Not good enough you slut!” he screamed as he slapped her face. Again he probed her mouth. Another slap. Now she opened wide and moaned loudly as if she was in total lust. She sucked his tongue. She acted hot as he bit her lip. She made sure he felt her tits grind into his chest. Her legs spread as she reached down to spread her pussy lips over his leg. She humped him with all her might. When he withdrew his tongue, Marilyn quickly moved her swollen lips to his ear and probed it with her tongue. She whispered “ I love you Master”. This was a lie, of course, she barely knew the man. She did it as part of her job. More kissing followed until she felt him fumble with his cock and ram it into her wetness. He pinned her legs to her shoulders and battered her for almost forty five minutes. He seemed to get off on spitting on her and calling her vile names. She smiled back and took the abuse. Cum filled her hole and ran down her leg. More than she expected from this older man. “ You’re wonderful Master! “ Another lie from Marilyn. She did however love most any cock that forced it’s way into her hot pussy.

A knock at the door caught them by surprise. The bellman appeared as James O. opened the door. Marilyn was under the sheets still hot and sweaty from her fresh fuck. “ I was told by another guest that someone was out on your balcony without clothes,” the bellman stuttered. “ Look” said James O. “ she may have gotten carried away. Let’s keep this quite.” He handed the bellman a hundred dollar bill. The bellman’s eyes wondered back to Marilyn. No poker face here. The bellman was clearly aroused. “Tell you what, just let me slip on some clothes and I’ll get a drink down at the lobby bar while the lady shows you how grateful she can be if all of this goes away.” said Master as he went to the bathroom to dress. Once the two are alone, Marilyn raises to her knees on the bed and lets the sheets drop away from her olive skin. “ Are you a whore?” asked the young man. “ If you want me to be” replied the black haired beauty with a smile. “ Will you suck my cock?” he quizzed. “ I would love to suck you off and swallow all the cum you can give me. “ she smiled again. Only ten minutes later her wonderful well trained mouth is filled completely with hot young man’s cum. “See that we are left alone and I’ll try to slip out later tonight and let you fuck the shit out of me,” she whispered. The bellman left in shock at his luck. He loved his job like never before.

She was ordered to dress in the things James O. had brought in his bag. “ We’re going out” he said as he returned from a couple of drinks at the bar down stairs.
The outfit had only two items, five inch spiked heels and a stretch to fit red dress. A tight dress. This little thing showed nipples, pussy lips, ass cheeks and leg, leg, leg. The open neck came to just even with her nipples. There was even a slit up one side that came almost to her waist. Just before they left, Master reached under her dress and untied the candle and pulled it out as he finger fucked her pussy while he had her describe the blowjob she had to given the bellman.

The lights from the strip joint glowed red as they pulled up. They were shown a table in the back corner. The hostess was tipped well. “ No one will say anything if your old man makes you give him a blowjob,” whispered the hostess to Marilyn before she left the table. One of the dancers soon approached James O. and asked if he wanted a lap dance or maybe something else. She was a beautiful Mexican. Lot’s of them came across the border to earn ten times what they could down south. “ Tell you what you do. Dance for me while my bitch sucks my cock then switch with her and I’ll make it worth your time.” He passed her a hundred bucks and told her that there was more where that came from. As the music blared, the Mexican lovely stripped to nothing but high heels and rubbed her tits in James O. ‘s face. Marilyn slipped down under the table and pulled the dress over her head at the same time. Her mouth found his cock about the time the dancer got her tit in his mouth. One song ended after another. His fingers worked their way into the dancer’s wet cunt. She used her tongue on his neck and chest. She turned and rubbed her ass over him. His fingers went up her ass. She ground against him. “Now suck me you slut!” he yelled over the music. “ Your turn to dance” said the beautiful Mexican to Marilyn. They quickly switched and had the Master ready to cum in no time. Marilyn felt the sting of his hand slapping her ass as she leaned into him. Again came a slap. Yet a third and the Mexican’s throat filled with his seed. When she come up from under the table, her cheeks still puffed out as if full of cum. Marilyn realized she had not swallowed. This would not please her customer so before she could leave the table, Marilyn French kissed the girl and sucked and drank all the seed in the dancer’s mouth. She hoped her master would think this was planned and be happy.

James O. was happy. “ I like the way you danced. Go to the DJ and ask him to let you get up on stage.” She thanked him and went to dance. The DJ said that she had to work there to dance. “ What can I do to change you mind?’’ she asked. The DJ put on a long song and said to come with him. She followed him to the men’s room. Right into a stall. He bent her over the dirty toilet seat and pulled her dress up to her waist. Then he slipped the thin straps down over her shoulders making the dress into more of a belt around her middle. “ The girls love my dick, baby” he said as he rammed it up her pussy in on stroke. It really was quite big and he kept up a steady rhythm for fifteen minutes, came and went. “ You got one hour whore and then your done.”

Up on the stage, Marilyn got a good look at the clientele. “Stay away from the bikers, they are nothing but trouble,” warned a dancer coming off stage as she went on. She looked for her customer and concentrated on him. She danced like she moved on the hotel balcony only to the music. Tips came from all sides of the stage. Before long she had a handful of ones, fives and tens. As she moved to another stage between songs a massive biker came up behind her and ran his hand between her legs. She jumped and turned around. The biker said “ Your old man up in the corner booth said you would give me a free lap dance. “ This sounded a bit odd to her but James O. was getting another of a dozen lap dances himself. She did just help suck him off. He was having fun with her she guessed. “ Sure, I’ll dance for you. Where to?” She followed him to the back by the pool tables. The next song found her totally naked and rubbing her perfect body all over this dirty bastard. Patrons are not supposed to fondle the dancers. Marilyn was being fingered in both her pussy and asshole. He pinched her nipples hard with his greasy hands. His tongue went into her ear and all over her neck. He bit her shoulder hard enough to leave teeth marks. Then things got completely out of control. She felt his hard cock though his dirty jeans as he got up from the chair and pick her up as he did. Next he threw her down on the closest pool table. The messed up the game in progress. “ What the fuck?!” yelled a player. “ You two can have her when I finish so shut the fuck up!” yelled the biker.

Marilyn knew this was not part of the deal with her master but this guy wasn’t asking for anything just taking what he wanted. In one move he rammed his cock into her sweet pussy. He pounded her so hard that her back burned from the friction of the felt on the pool table. Thrust after thrust made her cunt raw and his cock harder and harder. He began to sweat. It dripped down onto her face and into her parted lips. The salty taste reminded her of the cum she had swallowed that night. No doubt she would taste more before she was allowed to leave the club. With a final grunt from the biker, her pussy filled with his seed and he rolled off of her. “ It’s about time.” stated one of the pool shooters whose game was interrupted. He was on her before she could wipe off the biker’s sweat. More pounding, more sweat, more cum and more burning from the friction on her back. Then the other shooter took his turn. This guy was not very big but his tool was big a hell. Men don’t use much kindness when they think they are just fucking a dirty little whore. Marilyn was just a whore as far as they were concerned. One they didn’t have to pay. Just fuck. Just as the candle had really stretched her ass, this cock was really stretching her pussy. She was relieved when his breath quickened and she took his load.

Her hopes for a quick exit waned as three more bikers appeared at the pool table. They had heard about this easy fuck and were going to get some for themselves. She showed no resistance as the next biker mounted her. She turned her head to the side to avoid his breath and saw a biker chick being groped by one of her gang. These chicks are the property of the whole gang and are made to do anything one of the members demands. Her oily t-shirt was ripped off as he turned her around and bent her over a video game table. The chick quickly unzipped her dirty jeans and let them fall to her ankles. The show her man had been watching on the pool table had made him horny and this young biker bitch would give him some relief. The chick flashed back to a night when she was getting an ass fucking while bent over a bike in a bar parking lot. She was left chained to the bike after it was over so she could guard the chopper. A waitress leaving work passed by and asked her why she put up with this shit just to ride with a gang. The biker chick gave the standard answer, “ If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.” Now Marilyn watched as the chick took another ass pounding. This nearly distracted her from the pounding she was now getting from the next biker.

The last biker flipped her over and ass fucked her for nearly thirty minutes. She ran to her master when he let her up before any of the others could get to her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the biker chick pulling her jeans up and moving topless back to the bar. She had the cum of at least three bikers up her ass. How young she looked. “ Where the hell have you been?’’ James O. snarled. “Here I brought you some tip money for another lap dance” she replied. Marilyn was hoping to leave soon and got her wish. On the way back to hotel, she could tell her customer was in a bad mood. “ I can’t believe you were gone so long!” he yelled. “Well, if you had not told that biker he could have a free lap dance….” He interrupted “ What fucking biker?!! You fucking slut! You will fuck anybody. When we get to the hotel I’m going to whip the skin off your back! Hay, turn around and let me see your back. What the hell are these rub marks? You fucking slut! You dirty whore!” “ Please” she begged “ I was forced into a gang bang on a pool table in the back! Six bikers fucked the shit out of me! They said it was OK with you!” pleaded Marilyn. “Well then I guess I’ll have to whip you for being stupid,” he replied calmly.

She was not tied during the whipping. She was told to place her hands against the wall and bite down on the wash cloth folded and placed in her mouth. The whip torn through the air and landed harder than any lash she had ever felt. Ten on her nipples, ten on her belly, ten on her pussy, ten on her thighs. Now turned around to expose her back then ass then thighs. For the first time she began to go in “sub space”. Submissives often use this term to describe a feeling beyond pain. A high that comes as their bodies can no longer stand what is happening to them and go numb. A strange smile come over her. The feeling was more warmth than pain. She was pleasing her master.

During the night as James O. slept, Marilyn slipped from the bed and put on a hotel robe. Quietly slipping down the hall to the bellman’s desk, she waived to him. He took her to a vacant room and fucked her with all the energy of a young stud. Her pussy burned. She fucked him back anyway. Better to uphold her promise to him than get into trouble for exposing herself on the balcony. “What are these marks on you? Is that bastard beating you?!” asked the stud. “ I beg him to do it, “ she lied. “ It looks worse than it feels” she continued. “ I could never do that!” he swore. “ Here, just bite down on my neck while you pound me baby” she coaxed. “ See, that’s how it starts. Now bite my nipple hard! You like that don’t you?” she asked. “Yes!” was his reply as he shot his hot cum deep into her raw pussy.

The next morning brought Marilyn an ass fuck from James O. He had room service bring breakfast. This was really the first food other than cum that she had to eat in almost twenty four hours. She groomed and was taken to meet her flight home. The next day she reported to work. After her morning whipping, her boss told her to get ready to move. She had been sold. For a lot of money too. “ James O. bought you. You have a week to be back out west. He said something about pimping you out to some friends of his to pay your upkeep. Anyway, it’s a done deal so pack,” said her boss with little feeling. “ First get on your knees and suck me off bitch,” he added. As she left the office and got the raincoat back from her chubby co-worker, she thought “what the hell”. As the chubby girl did her next thirty minute sex call, Marilyn used all her skills under her co-workers desk as her tongue brought climax after climax to her little friend. She would likely never see her again.


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I love your stories!!

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Story starts off very well........ then seems to die off in the last few paragraphs. Better details and longer plot are what's needed

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very well written, i thought it was verry good

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