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It was very quiet for a Friday, understandable in the circumstances, but still very quiet. You see, I live on the east coast of England and today was the day of the annual Seafront Air Show; it was a bright sunny and very hot day, so everyone would be going to see it. I’m 41 and I co-own and work at a hand car wash and wax centre. My partner in crime, Andy, was at the beach watching the planes with his family and Tony; the 20 year old know it all with bigger muscles than brains that worked with us, had also gone with his girlfriend.

I’m a divorced father of 2 girls who don’t like planes, so it was pointless me taking them, so I opened up for what little work I was expecting. I had been sitting on my own, reading a car mag for about an hour and a half, when the unmistakable sound of Beyonce came blasting into ear-shot. Around the corner came Amy, Tony’s girlfriend, in her white VW Beetle convertible with the roof down and deafening anyone within 50 feet.

Amy was a very pretty 19 year old with long blonde hair and a perfect body, her father owned the local VW dealership and being an only child she got whatever she wanted. The Beetle was an 18th birthday present, along with the private number plate that went with it.

“Hiya”, she said as she got out of the car, wearing a baby blue vest top and white denim hot pants, “where’s Tony?”

“He’s supposed to be at the beach with you” I replied.

“The lying bastard, he told me he was working today”.

“Nope, he definitely said he was going down there with you” I said.

“I bet he’s out on the piss with his mates, or he’s with that tart Angela” she said angrily.

“Why the hell would he be out with another girl when he’s got you” I answered.

“He only thinks with his cock” she said.

“Been there, done that and got the divorce papers to prove it” I said, “That was my downfall”.

“Still, while I’m here, have you got time to do me a wash and wax” she said, “the car’s got to look got for cruising around tonight with the girls”.

“Always got time for you” I replied with a smile, and set about washing the car while Amy sat and read a girls mag she had pulled from the glove box.

I finished washing and drying the car and got the cloths out ready to wax it. “Can I give you a hand with that” Amy asked.

“Nah, it’s ok” I said, “You save your energy for later”.

“I’m not frightened of a bit of work you know” she replied.

“Alright” I said, “I’ll put it on and you can take it off” and started to rub the wax onto the car. She came around behind ready to follow me along the car and then asked “Do I do it like this”.

I turned round to see her with her vest top in one hand using it to rub the wax off, she was standing there bra-less in just her hot pants. I was stunned to see her fantastic tanned and toned body and wondered what the hell she was doing.

“If a customer comes in then they’re gonna want that as well” I joked.

“Well they can’t have it” she said “this one’s for you only”.

“But what if Tony turns up” I replied.

“He’s not gonna come here today, he’s too busy enjoying himself, something I plan to do” Amy said.

I wasn’t too sure what she meant by that but was about to find out. “Why don’t you pull the shutter down and show me what you can do with these” she questioned, rubbing her firm breasts with both hands.

“I’m old enough to be your dad Amy” I said worriedly. “Good” she replied, “Then you’ll know what to do with them”.

My head was spinning with thoughts about this young girl; why me, should I do it, COULD I do it. I stopped thinking for a moment and decided why not, what’s the worst that could happen and moved to the large open doorway and pulled the shutter down, locking it and the entrance door so no-one would disturb us.

I walked over to her and she flung her arms around my neck and we embraced in a passionate kiss, our tongues dancing in each others mouths. My right hand moved to her breast and I was amazed at how erect her nipple was. I started to squeeze Amy’s left breast and play with the nipple in my fingers, she responded by rubbing my now erect cock through my shorts.

I removed my mouth from hers and moved down to her stiff nipples and took one between my lips. I sucked on it and flicked it with my tongue; Amy started to make some low moaning noises as she ran her fingers through my hair. I kept alternating my hands and mouth on her breasts and nipples while my free hand was stroking her smooth legs and gorgeous arse.

“Stand up”, she demanded, “I want to see your cock out in the open”. I stood up as requested and she dropped down onto her knees and pulled my shorts down in one gentle motion. “Wow, you’re bigger than Tony” Amy said. “Yeah, right” I replied. “He may have big muscles, but he’s only got a 5” cock”, Amy said.

Tony worked in the evenings at a local gym as a fitness instructor but apparently not everything was in proportion. I don’t claim to be the world’s biggest guy but I do have a 7-8” cock and it’s quite thick as well, though I don’t go showing it to everyone.
Amy placed a hand around my erect cock and started to gently wank me, though she only did this for about 20 seconds before she sank her mouth over it and proceeded so give me a great blow-job. She took it all into her mouth in long slow movements, occasionally coming off it to lick around the tip before taking it all back into her mouth. My hands had dropped back to her breasts and I was rolling her nipples between my fingers, giving them an occasional tweak.

Amy kept this up for a while, sometimes increasing her speed before slowing back down again. I could feel my cum building up inside me and warned her that I wouldn’t be long in releasing it, to which she replied “I want it all”. She started to speed up again, but kept the tempo up this time and I soon erupted into her mouth, spewing my cum into her throat, which she did well to hold onto and not spill a drop.
She removed my cock from her mouth and licked it all over to clean it up.

Amy then stood up with a smile on her face, undid the button on her hot pants and stepped out of them along with her g-string, showing me her fully naked body. She walked to the front of the Beetle and leant backwards onto the bonnet, spreading her legs wide as she got into position. “Your turn now” she said, “Let’s see that tongue in action”.

I moved over to her and buried my head into her wet pussy, letting my tongue find its way between her lips and up to her clit. I flicked my tongue across her clit, giving it a slight nibble every now and again, and inserted 2 fingers into her. She started to get worked up very quickly and within a matter of 30 seconds or so shuddered into orgasm.

The taste of her on my tongue was fantastic, but she wasn’t going to let me stop at that and pushed the back of my head harder into her pussy. I kept on lapping at her clit, all the time fucking her with my fingers until I felt her pussy tighten around them and she enjoyed her second orgasm. She released my head and I moved back from her as she lay on the bonnet panting.

She leant forward, turned herself around and spread-eagled herself back on the bonnet of the car, exposing her perfect arse to me. She looked over her shoulder towards me and I didn’t need any words of encouragement and moved behind her, placing my cock into her wet, but slightly tight pussy and began thrusting away like a man half my age. I put my hands on her hips to get a better steady rhythm, all the time looking at her perfect peachy bum as I fucked her.

I took one hand off and moved it round to the front and started to play with her clit and her breathing got heavier. I was giving her long hard strokes as I rubbed her clit and it seemed to be doing the trick as Amy started shouting at me, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum again”. This wasn’t the sort of language I’d normally hear from her and not being one to displease, I gave it all I had and sure enough she screamed out her third orgasm.

She slumped forward onto the car as I slid out of her and she began to slow her breathing back to normal. Amy pushed herself slowly off the bonnet and turned towards me and said “You could teach Tony a thing or two”. “Not my style” I replied, “Never give away your secrets, and talking of which”.

“Don’t worry, I’m not breathing a word to anyone, otherwise one of my friends might want to try you out for size”.

“Hey, you can’t turn down the chance of fucking a beautiful girl with a fit body” I said.

“You never know, you might get this one again” Amy replied, wiping her pussy with one of the wax cloths and getting dressed, “But right now I need to get home to get ready for tonight”.

I pulled my shorts back on, unlocked and opened up the shutter; Amy gave me a big kiss and jumped back into her car before driving off to the sounds of Lose My Breath at full volume.

Amy dumped Tony the next day and I had her twice after that session before she found a new boyfriend. She did tell her friends and a couple of them showed an interest in a one-off threesome, which was quite an experience. Tony quit three weeks later to work for the gym full time and I still work on my own when the air show is on, just in case.

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2009-05-16 11:32:46
Excellent story.


2008-06-16 04:07:46
Pretty good, but has a long way to go to be considered great.
What, no foreplay to speak of? Know few men, and fewer women who can get rarin to go in just seconds!


2008-06-14 04:37:03
not paying attention

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2008-06-11 09:23:31
Have the girls come back for mor fuck sessions and get them all pregnant.


2008-06-10 05:32:12
nice story . good grammar. nice length thugh a little more detail would be appreciated lol all in all i would give it an 8.5 outa 10

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