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"James was ready to start the year and was looking forward to fucking as many little cunts as he could."
First off, I've been reading stories on this site for some time. I am eager to post my own that I have been developing for over a year. It was originally written for myself. I have written almost 200 chapters of this story and I have decided to post it for you all to enjoy. I would like to say that all characters are fictional and have little relation to real-life people (there are some exceptions). This story contains incest, rape, threesomes, non-consensual sex, and much more. I do not want to hear stupid comments calling me sick or twisted. Let's see you write better. This is the prologue to my story and doesn't contain any sex...yet. So, I apologize if the beginning is a little boring and uneventful. There will be more, that I promise you. So, I'm just warning you. This chapter (prologue really) contains no sex but does mention it a lot. Please enjoy =]


James Bowker was 28 (nearing 29) years old and pretty well off in life. On the outside, he seemed like a pretty normal guy. He had short brown hair with bright green eyes and he was well-built. He looked ten years younger than he actually was. He had his own apartment, but spent a lot of his time at his childhood home with his mother (whom he was close to) and his sister Via, who was nearly fifteen.

But, if you examined James a little closer, you'd see that he was not quite normal at all. In fact, some may call him sick, twisted, perverted, even a nymphomaniac. His job as a janitor at an all girls school gave him easy access to young girls, his favorite. Truth was, James was a sex fiend, and as horny as they come. And young was how he liked them.

His mother was pretty much oblivious to this fact and it was how James wanted it to be. He'd rather not his mother know what a sexual deviant he was. And as for his little sister, he'd never touch her in a sexual way. She attended the school James was janitor at but James usually tried to fuck girls who weren't close to Via or her friends. It just wasn't right. It was true that he was into the younger girls but thinking of doing anything with his sister always made him uncomfortable (as well as unbelievably horny). Just the thought of taking his sister's innocence made him shudder with disgust (and maybe a little desire, if he thought about it long enough).

It was his second year at Crimson Valley Girl's School and the previous year he had gotten away with a lot. He screwed a lot of young girls and was getting quite good at keeping them quiet. He threatened them with various things if they ever told (his favorites were rape of their mother, murder of their father, or some other sick and twisted fantasy he could think of at the time). Being his second year at Crimson Valley and all, he decided to start keeping track of his sexual conquests with the various girls. He wanted to break his record from last year, which was a grand total of 106 girls he violated in some way. Most of the times they wanted it, and they wanted it bad. James had the idea that the reason the girls were all so sexual was the pent up frustration from going to an all-girl's school. No boys (aside from teachers and staff) were allowed inside the school perimeters. It was like a drug--he had to stick his dick in their little pussies. He loved to make them suck his dick, he loved goin' down on them, fondling their developing breasts, fingering their hardening nipples. The thought that he was taking away their purity turned him on so much that the more he thought about it, the more his dick felt like it was going to explode.

One Saturday night after going out to the bar with his best friend Andrew, he sat in his bed watching a porno, a notebook in his lap and a pen in hand. He decided to keep something like a diary, writing down everything. He figured it'd be easier to keep track of the girls and maybe even call on them again if need be. Some of the girls could be little sluts! A lot of them liked taking his cock hard and deep and what could do, but give them what they wanted, sometimes even begged for?

He would write the girl's first and last name (if applicable), their age, their bust size, their sexual orientation (bi-sexual/lesbians were common when you found yourself in an all-girl's school), how many time he fucked them and if he did anything else other than fuck (a suck was always welcome), if he forced them or if they wanted it, and lastly, whether or not they were a virgin (James could usually tell).

He usually didn't force girls but more like talked them into it or coerced them. He didn't really mind looks too much but he preferred them thin, tiny, and innocent-looking. Although, as long as they had some nice tits and juicy cunt to fuck, he didn't mind how they looked.

James was ready to start the year and was looking forward to fucking as many little cunts as he could.


This is only the prologue, as I mentioned above, and the following chapters will contain explicit sex scenes and much more action. I promise!
Keep watching for more! You won't regret it!



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