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I am working late at the office so you decide to bring me dinner. The door is locked so you tap lightly. I come out of one of the other offices into the main lobby. You can tell by the look on my face I look like I have already had a very long stressful day. I had not heard you tap on the glass door, I am so in thought about work, you tap again and it startles me out of my deep thoughts. I walk over to the door and you can physically watch the stress from the day drain away from my face and body, just seeing you. I unlock the door and step aside as you swing it open just enough for you to slide through. It's a cold evening so I wrap my arms around myself to keep the chills from outside away. It doesn't help, I start to shake from the cold. You see me shiver and walk over to me and ask me what is wrong. I tell you that I am cold and you say "come here, let me warm you up". I walk over to you and you open the lapels of the coat that you are wearing as an invitation to wrap my arms around you and let you hold me to make me warm. With one arm around my back holding the two of us inside your jacket, the other one starts to stroke my hair, pulling back the small curls that have fallen to my face throughout the day. Your touch is so gentle that I barely feel your fingers. The clip that was holding my hair back is now in your hand as you set it down on the desk next to us. You unwind the length of my hair and let it cascade down my back, onto the arm still holding me against you. I feel so safe in your arms that I close my eyes and start to lean into your body more. You put your finger under my chin and pull my face up to yours for a kiss that makes my whole body shiver, but not from the cold. As you pull your lips away from mine, I moan longing for more. You ask me if I was hungry and I tell you that I haven't eaten all day. You tell me to stay right where I am and go out the your truck for the picnic basket dinner that you brought, complete with mink blanket for the floor, candles for light, and a bottle of wine. You come back inside and I am standing waiting for you, shivering from the cold again. You lock the office door and take my hand, I follow you into my office. You shut the door, and lock it so that no one can interrupt us... just in case someone returns to the office tonight. You leave me long enough to lay out the blanket, light the candles and pour me a glass of wine. You take off your coat, kick off your cowboy boots, take my hand and lead me to the blanket to sit down. As I sit down you notice the look on my face from finally being off my feet. You take my legs, one at a time, to slide my four inch heels off my feet. I lean back and watch, sipping on my wine, you start to massage my feet. It is so relaxing that I lean against the desk for support and close my eyes. You put my feet back on the blanket and realize that I must have dozed off, because I don't move. You take off you shirt and crawl over to where I am leaning against the desk, take the wine glass from my hand and softly kiss my lips. Sliding your hand under my blouse to feel my stomach and reach around my back to unclasp my bra. I feel the heat from your hand and lips and I start to stir. I open my eyes
and you look at me and smile... You tell me how beautiful I look completely relaxed. You sit back, take my legs and put them on either side of your hips, wrap my arms around your neck, your arms around my waist and tell me to hold on. You lift me onto your lap and stand up, carry me over to the end of the desk and sit me down. You unbutton my blouse and slide it down my shoulders... following it's path with your tongue and lips. Again I shiver but not from the cold. My bra, having already been unclasped slides right down my arms. It is so chilly in the office that my nipples are hard. You reach down and take one into your mouth, rolling it between your teeth, flicking it with your tongue. You leave that one and go to the other one. You are standing between my knees as I sit on the edge of the desk. I reach up and start to unbutton your pants. God I love you in tight jeans. As I pull them down off your hips your manhood is staring my straight in the face. Hard as a rock, dribbling a little bit of come out of the tip. I reach with my tongue and lick the tip. You reach and grab a handful of my hair. I take your
cock into my hand and start to lick up and down, I put it in my mouth and slowly start to pull it down my throat. With your hand on the back of my neck, you help to guide it down my throat. You throw your head back and groan with ecstacy. The feel of my tongue ring drives you wild as I go up and down the entire length of your cock. You pull away. Your pants have fallen to the floor now and you kick them off. You stand me up and take my pants off of me. You lay me down on the blanket and lay down beside me. You take your finger tips and lightly run them over every part of me that you can reach. Teasing, touching but not letting your fingers linger in any one area. Lightly you touch my pussy lips, I cry out for you "aahhhhh Ron, touch me please" you slide your finger tip through my slit and find my clit, rub it, and work your way to the opening just a short distance away... burning for your touch. You find it and with no warning you insert two fingers, not to worry, you knew that I would be wet for you. As those fingers worked thier way in and out, I arched my back in pleasure. You pull them out and I moan. You look at me and ask me if I trust you... I tell you that I do, I know you would not hurt me. You had not let me see into your basket and you reach for it now,
pulling out a vibrator about 8 inches long. I ask what you have planned for it and you shake your head no at me. You pull out a blindfold and cover my eyes with it. Once done you start to tickle my whole body with the vibrator. Finally you get to the part of me that yearns to be touched, wants to feel full with your cock inside of me. Again you ask me if I trust you, and I say "yes" you pull my legs apart and start to work the vibrator into my pussy, the vibrations send me over the edge and I start to scream. You fuck me with it like I have never felt before. Twisting, pulling, shoving, licking my clit as you fuck me. "Omg I am going to cum
all over it." You pull it out of me and thrust your cock into me so deep that I slide up on the blanket. As you fuck me and my pussy covers your cock with it's juice, you pull out of me and turn me over to my stomach and pull my hips up off the floor. You insert your finger into my pussy and let it get nice and wet, you take it out and start to play with my asshole. I arch my back in surprise, and you tell me it will be ok, and to relax. You feel my muscles start to relax, and inserted your finger deeper into me. Once adjusted to your finger being inside of me you slip the tip of your cock into me, again I arch my back You tell me again to relax
and reach for the lube bottle in the basket. Pouring the lube onto my ass and the tip of your cock, it helps it to slide better. You push into me inch by inch, slowly, playing with my clit as you fill my ass with your cock. Finally all the way in to my ass, you give me the vibrator and tell me to put it in my pussy and turn it on. I reach between my legs and fill my pussy with the vibrator. You pull out a bit and thrust back into me... causing the vibrator to go deeper into my pussy. OMG the feeling is creating something that I have never felt before. Having both of my holes filled at the same time... You feeling the vibrations on your cock start to thrust deeper and harder into me... Telling me that you are going to cum, you want me to cum with you. You pull the vibrator out of my pussy and fill it with your cock, and fill my ass with the vibrator. You are fucking me so hard I can feel your balls hit my clit and it sends me over the edge again... "oh Ron, omg, fuck me, don't stop, fuck me, fuck me, don't stop. You pulled the vibrator out of me. I reach back and grab your thighs and pull your body to mine as you cum all over inside my pussy and pull out long enough to thrust into my ass and cum in my ass too. As we colapse to the floor, you pull the blanket over us and kiss me softly. You tell me that I am amazing. Wrap your arms around me and hold me until we fall into a light sleep together.


2008-06-12 08:53:05
you are a good writer but you need to make these longer stories.

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