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We had decided to get together... and I found a couple of other guys willing to meet with us so we went out for drinks at a local club dancin and gettin hot...every girl was jealous and trying to get all you guys away from me and you only had eyes for me. Hands running all over each other on the dance floor... anywhere you could touch... kissing... licking... everyone at the club was watching as the three of you started to unbutton my shirt, slid it down my shoulders and off my arms, caressing my breasts with hands and mouths one of the other guys knew the bar owner so we wouldn't get kicked out... someone grabbed a drink and poured it down the front of me... you reached down and started sliding my skirt up my thighs grabbing as you reached the curve of my ass, I wrapped one leg around you while the other two guys got on thier knees and began to run their hands all over me I wrapped my arm around your neck and brought your mouth to mine for a kiss as I felt someone's finger on my pussy. Slowly you undo my skirt and slide it down my legs... leaving me standing there in nothing but my thong.

I reached for one of the other guys and started to unzip his pants to reach in and grab his cock to start sucking, as I went to my knees to suck him you went down on the floor and slid between my thighs and started fucking me with your tongue as you were fucking me with your tongue and I was sucking on one cock I began to want more... the second guy came over and pulled his cock out and began to slide his hand up and down it's hard length.

I reached out and grabbed his cock and brought my lips to the large head and began to run my tongue around it, over and over, each time I did he groaned. My hips moving and bucking with each flick of your tongue, I wanted all of you... filling each of my tight holes and mouth... the pounding of the music began to get faster and just as you felt my body start to tense and orgasm you slid your finger into my tight ass, with both cocks filling my mouth I couldn't scream out as I covered your face with my juices and bucked against your finger in my ass trying to get more. Looking around the club at the disipating croud... I was searching for a place to move
to for the four of us to fuck with complete abandon. as I continued to survey the room I saw people everywhere who had decided to join the party we started... I looked at the stairs and the owner was motioning for us to join him in his office. We got off the floor and walked over to the stairs following the owner up the three of you had shed your clothes on the way and were now completely naked. Spotting a big overstuffed couch in one corner I pulled you down onto it with me and straddled your lap, your cock standing hard and begging for attention, I wrapped my hand around it and positioned my still dripping pussy over it, thrusting down onto you. One of the other guys came over and got down on his knees and pulled my cheeks apart and began to fuck my ass with his tongue. Watching from across the room the owner and his friend began to talk about the way we were fucking and his office was at our disposal... that we could use his big cherry wood desk if we let him stay and watch... possibly joining the forray... with his tonuge still in my ass, he began to slide his finger in and out as I rode you harder and harder... I looked over my shoulder and begged him to fuck my ass. With no further encouragement he got on his feet and positioned himself for easy entrance to my tight little hole... my pussy still filled with your cock felt so wet... he slid his cock into my ass and with each stroke I could feel myself getting closer to cumming again...
you reached up and took my nipples into your mouth one at a time, and he started sucking on my fingers... I could feel each of you was nearing orgasm as you both started pumping harder and faster, "Oh God yes, fuck me. I want your hot cum." as he was ready to shoot his load he pulled out of my ass, stood next to me and came all over my tits. As it slowly dripped down to my nipple, I leaned forward as you got ready to cum and you licked the cum from my nipple as you sucked it, brought your lips to mine to share the cum with me as you pulled out and came all over my tits. Our two watching friends were working their cocks eagerly as they
watched and I walked over to the desk chair and sat the third guy down in it and straddled his lap... once my ass was filled with his cock he put my legs over each arm of the chair... spreading my pussy wide for another hard cock, sliding me up and down his length. The club owner quickly shed his clothing and came over to the chair, leaning over us he thrust his cock into my waiting, dripping pussy. As he thrust in and out of my pussy he grabbed a handful of my waist length hair and pulled my head back to bare my throat, and force my mouth to open further than normal. looking over at you - watching, I motioned for you to come to me... your cock
was already growing again from watching me get pounded from both front and back. You walked over and put your cock in my mouth and proceeded to pump in and out of my mouth. I came again and again, drenching both cocks that were furiously fucking me now, wanting release. Both men grunting with each stroke I could tell they were nearing release... taking your cock out of my mouth I continued to stroke it but I wanted to watch both of these men cum. The club owner came first,
he shot one shot into my pussy, then pulled out and came all over my stomach and tits. The owner's friend pulled out of my ass and slid into my pussy also shooting one shot into my pussy then sliding his cock between my lips against my clit as he finished shooting his load onto my stomach. Our third friend watching from the couch was fucking his cock with his hand and ready to cum again. I motioned for him to come over and do the same that the other two had done. I wanted you to be the last so that you could again fuck me with your tongue and taste the five of us and then share it with me. As our third friend came I could feel myself again
ready to cum... I begged you to cum with me... I wanted to taste the flavors of all of us and you knew how I wanted it. You pulled me out of the chair and laid me down on the desk, stood between my legs and put my feet on your shoulders, slowly entering my swollen wet pussy, your finger against my clit, you slide just the head of your cock in and out of me as you rub my clit, harder and harder, feeling my muscles tighten ans I start to scream and grab the sides of the desk, you thrust into me once and as you do I arch my back and cum all over your hard cock, mixing the juices from the four of us so far, I want to taste all of us, knowing that I want you to suck them out of me, taste them and share them with me, I tighten even more around your cock making you buck against me and start to cum one last time. Following suit with the other three guys, you cum inside of me once and shoot the rest over my stomach and breasts. I am so full of cum... both mine and that from the four of you. as you kneel between my thighs and bring your lips, and tongue to my sopping pussy I moan as you pull my thighs further apart, opening me to
your waiting tongue, making a spoon with your tongue you suck everything that you can out and slide up the length of my body, bringing your lips to mine, I eagerly open my lips to share the sweet mixture from your mouth. After showering in the private bathroom, the five of us sat talking and drinking into the morning hours, as the sun began to shine through the windows, getting horny again, I started to slide my fingers in and out of my pussy, each of you looking at each other, I could see how it was affecting all of you, I got on my hands and knees on the desk and could feel everyone's hands and mouths on my body. We stayed there as the sun rose
high in the sky, sucking, fucking and cum everywhere.

I am cumming for you all over my fingers right this moment........
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