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You had been gone for a couple of days and came home earlier than you were supposed to. You came home in the middle of the night (about 4 a.m.) and I was sleeping... all alone in your big bed. The blankets only covering part of my body, my hair swept all to one side. Where the blanket lay, you could tell that I was not wearing anything under the covers. Deciding to wait on a shower, you take your clothes off and climb into bed with me... thinking that the movements on
the bed would stir me just a little. I never moved. Laying on your side, propped up on your elbow, you watch me sleep, playing with my hair. As you pull your fingers through my hair, I moan in my sleep. Taking your fingers from my hair you start to run them over my shoulders, down my arms, across my back. You start to run your lips and tongue across my back and I start to moan and reach for you, not quite awake yet, you wonder if I think that I am dreaming. Running your hand
down the curve of my butt and hip, searching for the spot that you know holds the passion that will ignite completely once you touch it. Finding my clit, you gently stroke it, and reach back to insert your finger into my pussy, it slides right in and my hips move to reach for more. I open my eyes, realizing that I am not dreaming and I turn to roll over and face you and you won' t let me. "No, don't move. I just want to touch you, run my hands all over you." I moan again as you slip your finger back into me and wiggle it around a bit. "I want to make you cum. Then I am going to make love to you until the sun rises." You slip one hand under my body to find my breats and fondle them, roll my nipples between your finger and thumb. With your other hand, making my body ache for you, you keep flicking at my clit and putting your fingers in and out, one, then two. Teasing my body with your every breath, every touch. Making my body jump to your fingers and every touch that you leave me with. Writhing, begging for more. As I start to shake and I reach for the pillow as something to scream into, you pull me over and lay me on my back, with your fingers still ingside of me, you bury your tongue against my clit and I buck my hips off the bed, sending me over the edge, you feel my body orgasm around your tongue and fingers. You pull your fingers out of me and climb up to lay with me curled against your chest. You wait until my body is done contracting and you reach down to pull my mouth to yours for a kiss and you see tears in my eyes. "Baby, what's wrong? why you cryin?" is the question out of your mouth... you know you didn't hurt me. All I can say is that "no one has ever made it all about me." That is the most memorable sexual thing that has ever happened to me and that you wanted me to experience something completely unselfish. You kiss away the tears left on my face and move down to my lips. Capturing my lips for a kiss so sweet, so gentle, I put my arms up around your neck, pressing my body closer to yours. Running one hand down over your chest, I stop right above your heart, as I can feel it pounding against your chest. I tell you not to worry... "mine is doing the same thing." You lay me down on the bed so that every inch of our bodies are entwined and run your hands where ever you can touch. I reach down and grab your cock in my hands, thinking that the touch of my hands would bring him to life
but no worries there... he is already standing at full attention. I beg you to make love to me "Please Ron, make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me, I want to feel your heart beat inside of me." You take my legs and wrap them around your waist, put your arms under my back for support and grab hold of my shoulders and bury yourself as far as our bodies will allow, slowly thrusting in and pulling back out, moving your hips from left to right. Knowing my body the way that you do, you want to prolong any orgasms until both of our bodies are exhausted and ready to go over that edge together. Knowing that this is agony not only on me, you pull out and lay on top of me, kissing me, playing with my boobs, biting at my nipples, gently tugging them. Once you have had your fill of palying with my body and are ready to put yourself back inside of me, you take me with one swift motion, causing us both to cry out for each other. You wisper in my ear how much you missed me while you were gone and how happy it made you to see me sleeping here in this bed. I tell you that I missed you as well and how much I wanted you every day while you were gone. You could not hold back any longer, you start to thrust in and out of me faster, harder. You look at me and take my lips passionately for a kiss and feel my body start to contact around you and with one final thrust you lay next to me, still inside of me, with your body shaking, holding me close to you. As you lay there sleeping, I watch from the bed as the sun starts to rise. Closing my eyes, we sleep like that most of the day..............
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