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It is 2 in the morning and we decide to go for a swim in the neighbors pool wearing nothing but towels wrapped around us we sneak in the gate and you turn to kiss me before you get in you slide your arm around my waist and reach for the edge of my towel... your hands searching for my moistness... pulling me harder against you so I can feel every inch of your hard member... knowing I am the reason it is so hard and now throbbing it makes me wet, just as your fingers slide into me..... I moan softly into your mouth as your middle two fingers slide easily inside my wetness grabbing hold of your shoulders as you slide your fingers in and out of me... my knees go weak you pull out of me and set me back so that you can climb into the pool.... I reach and find the tuck of your towel and yank it away from your hips.... I admire every inch of your body as you climb the steps into the above ground pool it is a warm summer night so the water is still warm from the sun earlier in the day as you lower yourself into the pool you curl your finger and motion me to come to you my body is on fire and I could never deny you I untuck my towel and let it slide down my body, I can feel your eyes on me as I walk to the stairs, slowly climbing each one getting to the top, I start to descend into the pool and as I reach the first step into the pool you stop me, running your tongue and lips up and down, kissing and nibbling on each leg until I can take no more you let me step down to the next step and gently work your mouth in the same way on the back of my knees up to my mid thigh... teasing me with each flick of your tongue the next step down will allow you complete access to my wet slit and as I step down you sit me down on the step and part my thighs my juices running down toward my ass
kissing the inside of each of my thighs, slowly working your way to my slit with your tongue... admiring my trimmed and shaved bush inhaling my scent drives you wild and your tongue slides between my lips....starting from the bottom and sliding up toward my clit finding it you suck it into your mouth and I nearly slide off the step as I can't control my body any longer, I start to shake with orgasm you grab my body and pull me off the step into the water and keep your arms around my waist so that I don't fall, you bring your lips to mine for a kiss so I can taste myself on your lips working your way down my throat to my breast you take my nipple into your mouth and I put my head back reaching and running my hands through your hair... begging you without saying a word not to stop I want to feel you inside of me and you can feel my desire building again I wrap my arms around your neck and you grab me in the water, lift me and pull my thighs to either side of your hips I can feel your rigid cock pressed tight against my slit.... I beg you to slide inside of me you tell me to put you inside of me... I reach between our bodies and grab your rod, put it to the entrance of my soaking hole pulling me onto you as you thrust forward into me I scream out your name with my arms around your neck for support, you reached down and spread my thighs, putting your hand on each cheek of my backside... you start to bounce me up and down on your hard cock... you feel so good... you walk over to the edge and turn me around... holding onto the side of the pool, you enter me from behind and reach around to play with my clit as you slide in and out of me. pumping into me harder with each thrust and your fingers against my clit, I start to explode again and again... my muscles clench
tight around you, I can feel you get ready to explode.... reaching down to tease my clit, one more thrust and you release the first of your hot seed into me and I continue to tease my clit as you spill into me and with one last thrust you growl at me and as I cum one last time the porch light comes on. we look at each other smiling and trying not to laugh, Val, the neighbor's wife steps out wearing nothing, her hair a little mussed from sleep... she came out to take a dip in the pool because she was too warm to sleep. Looking over at the pool she sees us and smiles. Deciding she wants to play she climbs into the pool with us and walks over to
where we are, still holding onto the edge of the pool, she takes my hand and pulls me under the water with her, she takes your cock, already getting hard again and wraps her lips around it and begins to suck you down her throat. She comes up for a breath of air and begs me to lick her while she sucks your hard manhood. We decide the best place to do this 3 some is in the grass so we all climb out of the pool and as Val climbs the stairs in front of me I reach up and slide a finger inside
of her making her squeal with delight. Sticking my finger into my mouth to taste her sweetness. She lays down in the warm damp grass on her back and you walk over and straddle her face so that she can suck you into her mouth and throat. I lie down on my stomach and spread her thighs, seeing her wetness I waste no time in sliding my tongue into her. Her voluptuous body writhes beneath my tongue as she slurps and sucks you completely into her mouth. I slide my middle finger into her and lube it with her juices with my other hand I find her sensitive little nub... begging for attention and begin to rub my finger across it and to lick and suck her
lips into my mouth and tease her...she bucks her hips against my fingers and mouth as she moans around your cock. Suddenly the door opens and her husband, Joe walks out, the light is too bright for him to see us where we are but he can hear us and he walks over to find us in this position. The look of shock and amazement on his face. I raise my hips into the air silently begging him to come fill me. He knows you well enough that you guys talk about our sex life and he knows that I like to be filled in both my tight holes at once so he gets down between my knees and runs his finger over my lips to see feel that I am wet enough for what he wants to do to me. Bringing his finger back he knows he can do it and with ease. He grabs his rigid cock and slides it into my wet tight pussy and covers it with my juices, slides out and I feel him at the entrance to my even tighter bum... he slides the head in and I can feel it stretch around him, slowly so I have time to adjust to his size he slides another inch in and I scream into his wife's twat... you knowing what I will beg for in just moments get up and move Val from under me so that you can lay down there and fill my pussy with your growing hard on. Watching Joe slide his large cock into my ass has yours harder than ever as you slide into me you pull Val onto
your face so that her and I are facing each other and I slide my hand up her slit to make sure she is still wet and I again suck her off my fingers. I slide my hand up her body, over her small perfectly round breasts teasing her nipples, moving my hand up to the back of her neck I bring her to me for a tantalizing kiss...she is grinding against your face as you lick her, suck her clit, and finger her pussy and you and Joe pump in and out of both of my holes. Joe reaches around and rubs his fingers across my clit and I start to buck against you both... feeling the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time coming on I can't hold back. I start to shake and scream,
I dig my nails into your chest, not hard-just enough to let you know how amazing this feeling is. Val slides her mouth over mine to help quiet me so we don't wake the neighbors. As I finally come down from my physical and mental high, I take Vals hand and smile at her to let her know it is her turn. I slide off you and Joe and move to make room for Val, she straddles you and I take Joe’s cock in my hand and guide it into her wetness for the natural lube she will provide for her rear entry,
my thumb on her clit and my palm guiding Joe causes enough of a friction against her, she immediately cums, covering Joe with her juices... I slide in and lick every drop that I can with my tongue and continue to tongue her while Joe starts to push into her virgin ass. Stroking you up and down while you are waiting to find warmth in her tight sopping pussy I lick the head of your cock and you jump and buck against me. she sits up just enough for me to guide your length into her eagerly waiting sheath and you both begin to pump into her furiously. I begin to rub her clit and can see her body tense as she moves closer and closer to her release. I finger
myself as I watch. I hear you grunt and I know that you are close. Val starts to scream and shake against you and Joe... I can see Joe’s face and he is close to release too. You pull out of Val and with one thrust you push me back on the ground and slam into me... spilling into me, your groans of passion fill the night air. I look over at Val and Joe, he is playing with her clit as he sends one final thrust into her cute little tight ass and spills his seed into her and collapses against her back, holding her close. We all decide that we need to take a dip in the pool to help us all cool off.

Are you up for some late night skinny dipping?

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2008-06-12 13:07:30
Sweet, hot horny story and it's true you say, there's nothing like a little extra furn in the relationship. Its only in my fantasies that I dream about action like that. A 10 for you.

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