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It was too hot to sleep with any clothes on- let alone the thick cover that was on the bed. I lay on the bed with the covers laying in a heap on the floor- my hair fanned out on the pillow hugging the second pillow like it were a teddy bear. Watching me sleep- moaning softly as I change my position, giving you a better view of my body- slowly my hand starts to roam over my body- my moans became more intense and slowly start to get louder. You tried to just watch as my hand reached between my thighs and I moaned "Make love to me" in my sleep and my thighs spread invitingly, you quickly shed out of your clothes and lay down next to me. Turning your body to face me you run your hand across my stomach, down to the outside of my hip, and further down my thigh, reaching my knee and gently pulling my leg over yours. Spreading my thighs as my foot rests on the bed behind your knees. Slowly your fingers burn a path up the inside of my thigh- feeling, searching, finding the wetness of my pussy- begging for your touch. Putting your thumb against my clit you slowly slide two fingers inside my hot wetness. Looking down at me- my eyes still closed- my breasts inviting you to suck my nipples to erection- you lean down and take one into your mouth, your tongue swirling around my nipple, gently biting, sucking it. My back arched at the feel of your touch, my hands grabbing hold of the sheets on the bed, biting my lower lip trying not to scream. Pulling your mouth away from my breast, your hand still pressed firmly into my tight wetness, you look up at my face to see if you have succeeded in waking me with your touch- to find my eyes hungrily devouring you, begging you for more. I want to feel your body pressed against mine, I run my hands across your stomach, up your chest, across your shoulders, I bring my eyes back to yours and you see all the desire and passion my body is feeling there in my eyes. My hands pull gently against your neck to bring your lips to mine, slowly I run my tongue across your lower lip- watching your eyes, your other hand coming up to touch my face- as you run your thumb across my lower lip, I gently lick it as I suck it into my mouth. Hearing you growl, pulling your thumb away, wrapping your hand in my hair, using every last ounce of control you have, your other hand slides out of me and up my body to join the one wrapped in my hair, disappointment at the emptiness I now feel- I move my leg as I feel your body turn to fit against mine- the head of your cock pressed hard to the opening of my pussy, bringing my knees up and spreading my thighs wide for you, feeling you slip inside me as I do this. I moan in ecstasy. "Take me" I whisper to you as I wrap my legs around your hips and open myself to you even more. Feeling a new fullness as you thrust your cock into me so deeply your balls resting against my ass, your lips crushing mine as you lost control- giving yourself to me as much as I was giving to you. Buried deep inside of me- not expecting me to be this tight- you let me adjust to your size inside me- feeling me stretch around you. With my legs wrapped tightly around your hips I thrust my hips upwards, gently squeezing my muscles around your pulsing cock even tighter. Growling as you tear your lips from mine, you slide your cock out of me and thrust back into me hard and deep, watching my face- seeing the pleasure before hearing me scream. Wrapping your arms around my waist and rolling us over so that you are now on your back with me riding your hard throbbing cock, spreading my thighs to take you deeper with each downward thrust, your hands grabbing my ass- spreading my cheeks to drive yourself even deeper still. Letting go of my ass one hand reaches up and plays with my breast- cupping, kneading, pinching- moving from one to the other- your other hand finding my clit. Knowing how hard it is for me to give up complete control of my own body, therefore making it hard for me to have an orgasm, you want me to know complete abandon in your arms. Gently rubbing your thumb across my swollen clit, I put my hands on your thighs as I rode your hard cock up and down- your thumb still against my clit I bury your cock deep inside my warm wet pussy and grind my hips back and forth. I lean back and put my hands on your knees as I grind against your cock and thumb your cock buried deep inside me. I feel my body start to shake as my pussy tightens around your cock, my body quivers as I lose control and you wrap your arms around my waist holding me tight against your body as I collapse against you. Rolling me on my back with your hard cock still inside me you kiss my lips tenderly as you begin to thrust into me, wrapping my legs around your waist I meet your hips thrust for thrust. Our kisses deepening as your cock pounds my pussy bringing me closer and closer to yet another mind shattering, body quivering release. My hand wraps around the back of your neck as I pull you closer to me wanting to feel your hard body pressed tightly against mine. Pulling your lips from mine your hands grab my hips and pull them off the bed as your thrusts become harder, my back arching, my hands grabbing handfuls of the sheets, my tits bouncing as you pound into me. Feeling your cock as it grows inside of me and your balls tighten as they slap against me. Wrapping your arm around my hip and holding me tight, your other hand finds my swollen clit and your finger rubs against it, still swollen and sensitive from the first time sending me quickly into another body quivering orgasm as you bury your hot seed deep inside my pussy. Our juices flow together and cover your cock as you collapse on my body brushing my hair out of my face and gently kissing my face as you curl me tight into your arms and roll so that we are both lying on the bed. Nuzzling my neck as you pull my hair up away from my neck and leave a trail of kisses along the side of my neck. I rest my head against your shoulder as we lay there for a few moments regaining control of our bodies and basking in the passion and desire of each other and our bodies. I lay my leg across your thighs as my hand leaves trails across your chest, I lean up on my arm and look down into your eyes, “You are so amazing. I have never given myself to a man like that before.” "Well darlin get used to it because I will do everything I can to make you feel like that every time that we make love. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with and you deserve to have everything your heart desires." Pulling me tighter against your body I curl into you and listen to the sound of your heart beating and your chest rising and falling with each breath, sighing to myself as I close my eyes... basking in the wonder of you...wondering what I had done to deserve you.


2008-09-06 16:04:45
a very sensitive story, well done. you speak from your heart and your joy of sex.
well done

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2008-06-18 22:45:01
Tomany words not enough spaces.

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