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A man goes to Maryland for pleasure and business
Maryland Getaway ~ Chapter One
By Dunchad

I had planned this trip for several months. My goal is to go back to Baltimore and try to find old friends, as well to get much-needed documents for legal issues I was about to enter. Then, I got a truly lucky break. I meet a stunning woman named Allison online and we hit it off great. Over a few weeks, we had a wonderful relationship going. We even touch on the sexual arena and have great fun.

She is a sexual dynamo as well. And kinky, well lets just say, she gave me a run for my money, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The fantasies and experiences we shared, when I see her log online I get an instant hard on and maintain it until I cum all over myself. Her perversions are as extensive as mine and then some.

Well, I finally tell her that I am going to be in Baltimore for a week and she is going crazy. She wants to meet, as well as hang out. She offers to chauffer me around, and then offers to let me stay at her place to help save on money. Well, who could say no to that? I mean, get to spend time with a smart, gorgeous and sexual woman for a week. She informs me that her daughter had recently graduated, and is still living with her while working and getting ready for college. Allison does not think it will be a problem with her daughter for me to stay with them.

So, the date arrives and I climb onto the plane. As I sit there looking through my laptop, I read all of her stories that she had written and the few pics she was ever so gracious to share with me. I could not stop my body from reacting. My cock grew and grew and stayed hard throughout the whole flight to Maryland. Several hours, a very bad movie that I even avoided in the theaters and a really hard cock later my plane lands at the Baltimore airport.

As I step off the plane, I was immediately hit with the change in the humidity and the savage heat that accompanies it. I get into the terminal, step aside and grab my phone to send her a text message. As I open my phone I see the picture I have on my phone and my still hard cock throbs. I gaze upon the background picture of Allie, as she likes to be called most times. She lying on her bed with her legs spread and her beautiful pussy showing. I send a message to Allison that I am off the plane and where my luggage will be. I ask her what she is wearing. A few seconds later she responds with “red and black and sexy”. I groan and start to make my way to the main terminal.

I stand in the middle of the crowd looking for the sexy Allie. I can not see her and am starting to worry that something happened. Then, someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn to see the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is about 5 foot 5 inches and is wearing a red nylon halter top, black nylon skirt, and red “fuck me” pumps that look to be a few inches high. She has the most kissable lips, and I do that too, I lean down and kiss her. I can not resist, and it is the softest kiss I have had in a very long time. I look into her eyes and say, “Hi!” Her blue eyes sparkle and I can see the lust in them. Allie looks me over, smiles then says “Hi.”

I grab my bags quickly and fall into step with her. She is walking quickly and asking about my flight, if there was a movie and if I was hungry. I just look at her and answer, “The flight was fine and I am hungry for you!” She smiles and my heart swells. We quickly get to her car and I load my suitcases into the trunk and slide into the warm car. As I do, our shoulders touch, electricity fills me and almost cum in my pants. I lean in and kiss her again, this time with a lot more passion and lust. My hands start roaming her luscious body. I touch her breasts briefly and she moans into my mouth.

I feel her nipples harden and thicken under my palm. I immediately start to roll them and pull on them, while I continue to kiss this erotic woman beside me. Her moans deepen and grow huskier. I pull away and can see the absolute lust and wanting on her face. “You are a naughty man, you know that.” Her lust-filled voice fills with wanton desire and the urge consumes me, to just take me right in here in her car. My hands slide down her side and over her hips. She seems to know where I am going and lifts them slightly so I can adjust her skirt some. My hand quickly finds bare flesh and it is warm to the touch. I slide my hand down until I can’t feel her skirt anymore and then go over the top of her thigh and in between her legs. She opens them for me and my hand finds its way to the center of her heat and discovers out how wet she is.

Her moans fill the car and I continue my course. I return to kissing her and look up briefly to see if anyone is watching, and no luck to be caught this time. I kiss her entire face and then her neck and throat. The whole time my hand is rubbing over her mound and feeling how smooth and clean it feels. My mouth waters and my cock throbs, a wet spot clearly visible in my pants. I slide down and make contact with her clit and she moans out loudly, I am sure someone had to have heard her. Her legs twitch and her body tightens. I am amazed; I have already made her orgasm. I slide my fingers over her lips, collect her ample juices and quickly pull my hand away and taste her. My mouth is ablaze with the sweetest tasting pussy juice I have ever encountered. My hand goes right back to her pussy, and this time tease her lips, then her clit.

She starts to buck against my hand, trying to get it where she wants… I pull away from her pussy lips as I look into her face as I slide a single finger into her wet pussy. I watch her close her eyes in pleasure as a wave course through her body. I move my finger inside of her and find her spot and watch her arch her back. Her back arches and then my hand becomes extremely wet, drenched even. I move my head down into her lap and pull my hand up. Her smell is intoxicating and her juices are heavenly. I lap it from her pussy like it is milk. I immediately put my finger back into her opening, then a second. She starts bucking and shaking and thrashing in her car. I think she is going to hurt herself. After several more minutes she orgasms again and then pushes my hand and head away.

“Stop!” “Oh gods please stop… you have me so hot right now… we need to get to my place and fast.” Her lust-filled voice pleads with me. I pull my hand free and lick it clean. She tastes heavenly, and I want to taste her pussy first hand and not cramped in her car. “You’re right Allie, let’s get going.”

We kiss and Allie starts to drive to her house. We pull into a small parking lot behind a brown stone with a few kids playing on a small playground. As we get out of the car the kids wave and yell hello to Allie. She waves to the kids and smiles at their playful antics. She grabs my hand and we get my bags out of her trunk. We quickly climb the stairs and get inside her apartment. I look around her apartment and see that it is neat and clean but not too girlie. I am a bit surprised since I knew that she has a daughter that lives with her as well.

She guides me around her spacious apartment, showing me the kitchen, her daughter’s bedroom and bathroom, ending the tour in Allie’s room. Her bedroom is more feminine compared to the rest of her apartment. With a four-poster bed complete with lace and silk with floral adornments. She shows me where I can put my things, to include an empty drawer for the small things. I put away my things while she sits on her bed watching, then she shows me to her master bathroom so I can deposit my toiletries. We return to her bedroom and start to kiss and grope each other like teenagers. After a while, we look at each other and laugh, and go into the living room.

Allie gets us something to drink and we sit on the couch talking and getting to know each other better. I let her know what my plans are while I am in town, and she agrees to assist me as best as she can. We start kissing again and the next I know we are groping each other again. This time I am not worried about it and just go with the flow of our feelings. Before long we are both naked in the living room and I am exploring her breasts and the beautiful nipples attached to them. Sucking on them on, pulling them into my mouth then gently biting down on them. Her moans fill the room and my hands are sliding all over her silky smooth skin. Then a loud gasp of shock fills the room, as a door slams. I hear someone run across the living room and into another room. I pull away from Allie and see the shock and surprise on her face.

Allie pulls away, pulls her shirt on and runs to her daughter’s bedroom. I quickly get dressed, go into Allie’s room and start to pack up my suitcase. As I am finishing Allie returns the room and says, “What the hell do you think your doing? You don’t need to leave or anything. I talked to my daughter and she is okay. She was just surprised to see her mother naked in the living room with a stranger. But, she is impressed with your package, sir.”

She slides up to me and starts to rub up against me in and removes her shirt, rubbing up against me in all her naked glory. Her large breasts are rubbing against me and turning me on again. I thought my sexual appetite was insatiable at times. I don’t resist her at all and simply remove my clothes. As we kiss more fervently I sweep her up in my arms and throw her onto the bed. I fall onto the bed, between her legs and start to kiss my way up her inner leg until I reach her dripping pussy. I graze over her swollen lips and she gasps out in pleasure. I center on her clit and swirl my tongue around it, feeling it swell against my tongue. She grabs the sheets as I suck and nibble on her growing clit. Then my tongue starts to flick over her pussy lips and across her opening. Her juices are flowing and cover my tongue, lips and chin in her heavenly nectars.

I suck on her lips and push my tongue into her pussy opening, stiff as it can get it, pushing in at least an inch and a half. Flicking it inside of her tasting her juices, searching for the spot I truly desire. Her moans get louder and deeper I know that she is close to her orgasm. I move my face across her pussy, my nose moving over her swollen clit; my chin pressing against the sensitive spot below her pussy and in front of her anus. My hands are roaming all over her body and eventually make their way to her full breast and begin to knead them in my hands. As I pinch her nipples, my tongue finds her g-spot and her orgasm slams through her body. As her orgasm flows through her, I feel my face become extremely wet with her juices streaming against my chin. I smile in delight and continue licking and sucking her.

I slowly pull my tongue from her pussy and lick all of her juices from her pussy, her legs and down to her anus. As I touch the sensitive bud she jumps a little and I get an evil thought. I continue to lick over her anus and gently press against it. My hands again roam over her body and squeeze her nipples, pinching and pulling on them, and quickly she has another orgasm from the extra attention. Her hands are on my head, entwining her fingers in my hair, pulling me from her anus back to her clit and dripping pussy. I continue to lick and suck her pussy lips and clit.

My hands are moving all over her body feeling, how she reacts to my tongue and my lips on her pussy and clit, swirling and tasting her juices. My tongue savoring her juices and drinking from her most sacred of places to be savored and enjoyed. I lift up briefly to catch my breath and look at her face and can hear someone behind us gasping. I turn my head slightly and see a silhouette in the doorway. I nibble on her clit and make Allie orgasm again. As she does I look to see the silhouette gasp even more. I see Lilly’s hands between her legs; rubbing against what I can only assume is an excited and wet pussy.

I come up from between Allie’s legs and look into her lust-filled eyes. “Do you know your daughter is watching?”

Allie pops up and looks to the door to see her little girl in the doorway only wearing a tight T-shirt and a thong. “Dear are you okay? Did we disturb you?”

For the first time I see her daughter. She looks to be a little shorter then Allie and very petite, yet large breasts; I would guess to be a 38C or D cup. I can tell she is not wearing a bra. Her nipples are very erect. Looking down, I would imagine that her pussy is wet too. I look into Allie’s face and see the pure lust in her eyes and on her face. I stand up from the bed and walk over to her daughter, reach out my hand, and wait. Allie sits up and looks at me.

“Lilly, dear, take Duncan’s hand. I promise you, he won’t hurt you at all.” Allie pats the side of the bed and Lilly takes my hand. I escort her to the side of the bed and help her to sit down next to her mother. As she sits down on the bed, she timidly reaches out and touches the tip of my sticky, wet cock head. My cock twitches and pulses at her touch, and she quickly pulls her hand away, with some precum on her fingertips. She brings her finger to her nose and smells it, then puts her finger in her mouth and tastes it. Allie watches in amazement, then reaches over and runs her fingers over the tip so she can get a taste as well.

My cock twitches and throbs with the sudden attention. Allie looks at her daughter and smiles wickedly. She leans over and takes the tip of my cock into her mouth. I moan out in pleasure, as her warm mouth envelopes my cock. She sucks on the head and then slowly moves down my fat cock until she has swallowed me whole. As she sucks on my cock, I reach forward and start to play with her nipples. Rolling and pulling on them. She moans around my cock and it feels wonderful, as she bobs up and down on me. I move one hand behind her head to guide her in my pleasure. The whole time Lilly sits on the bed next to us, watching and learning.

Then Allie pulls my cock free from her glorious mouth and rubs it all over her face, then rises up to place it over her nipples and between her breasts. She looks me in the eyes, “Take me now! Shove this fat fucker into my cunt and fill me with it all.” She flops back onto the bed and spreads her legs wide for me. I place my hand between her legs and gently slap her pussy and clit as she gasps loud and hard. Lily actually jumps on the bed from it.

I climb between her legs I position my cock, and move forward. Allie moves Lilly down a bit so she could what we are doing. If Allie wanted to use me to teach her daughter about the birds and the bees, then that is okay fine with me. Allie then moves her hands around Lilly, pulls her shirt up and is feeling Lilly’s well-developed breasts. My mouth waters and I wanted to taste those nipples that were sticking firmly out from Lilly’s breasts.

As I slowly moved my cock in and out of Allie, I watch her massage and knead her daughter’s breasts, before my very eyes. My cock is throbbing and I think it is swollen more then it has ever done before. I start to move a little faster inside of Allie and she starts moaning. She let go of Lilly’s breasts so she could grab the sheets. Now that her daughter is in the room with us, she didn’t worry about being quiet, and is screaming her pleasure as loud as she can.

Lilly then moves down and starts to examine her mother’s breasts and nipples. She is lifting them, weighing them in her hands, and feeling the difference between her breasts and her mother’s. I am in the height of pleasure. After all, how many men can say that while fucking a woman, her daughter joins them, and is just as attractive as the mother? Lilly then leans over and takes her mother’s nipple into her mouth. Allie explodes on my cock. Literally, she explodes and ejaculates all over my cock and balls. Her juices are dripping from my balls onto our legs. Then she wraps her legs around my back and starts to pull me in harder. I reposition myself and am able to get in deeper and faster now.

Allie is wrapped around me, Lilly is suckling her mother’s breasts and I am in heaven on earth. I am pounding Allie so hard and fast. She is screaming and orgasming like you would not believe. Finally, I am at the point where I know I am about to explode and I can see and hear, that Allie is at her end. Her voice is almost gone her body is covered in sweet and is flushed from all the orgasms. I can not hold off anymore. I slam my cock into her a few more times and then pull out. Allie pushed Lilly’s head toward her own stomach, just as I shoot a blast of white hot cum onto Allie’s stomach and Lilly’s face.

Lilly is a bit shocked by the feel and consistency, but she does not move, as I shoot another blast onto her face and chest. She moves closer to my cock as I shoot out the last of my cum onto her face and Allie’s stomach. I collapse onto the bed, lying next to these two amazing women. My cock is red from all the action, yet still hard, and a little bit of cum is dribbling from the tip. Lilly looks over at me, and then her mom, then leans over and licks my cock clean. Allie smiles as she watches and I moan at the feeling of the youthful exuberance she applies to cleaning me.

We rest on the bed for a while Lilly gets up, goes to her room. Allie rolls over into my arms and promptly falls asleep. I think that this is going be a very fun visit back to Maryland.


2016-05-02 20:17:30
hot little sex tale,,very erotic with lily watching and sucking his cum, then leaves,,so much more could be enjoyed here,,,wwaaaaaaaay too short,,left me hanging with a hard on!!

Anonymous readerReport

2013-12-20 19:39:33
not that good, this was way to rushed. you give no background or character development but expect us to care weather or not they get together. this is nothing but an outline for a story and is not in postable condition, delete and rewrite using a good editor.


2010-06-11 16:46:48
Very well done. Mother and daughter duos are a fave of mine. Keep writing please.


2010-05-13 11:28:52
i will say that is a nice story,i love reading it.kudos.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-19 01:46:26
To quote Slim Dusty:
"I love to have a beer with Duncan,
I love to have a beer with Dunc,
We drink in moderation,
And we never ever get rolling drunk...."
and on and on for about five more verses involving
'Patrick, Robert, Colin, Kevin and Duncan'.
Of course this would be no good at the pub with no beer.

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