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A guy gets lucky with his sister's teammate
His name is Mark, his sister is Isabelle (Iz to her friends), 16 she played volleyball and softball keeping her in good shape.

He had always enjoyed the girls from the teams running around in tight clothes hardly noticing him, it gave him the opportunity to watch them. He sat there watching them (from the window) as they tanned around the pool, he thought about which of the girls he would love to fuck if he had the chance.

The oldest, was Jessi, 17, she wasn’t especially tall (non of them were) about 5’7” but she had high B breasts and a small tight ass, light brown hair just past her shoulder, beautiful hazel eyes and long sporty legs. They had once been close to dating and gotten very close (even making out once or twice), prior to her and Iz becoming friends.

Then there was Katie, 16, she had short blonde hair, had stunning blue eyes, and was small about 5’ 4 but thick where it counted. Her breasts were a low C but her ass was a plump and beautiful thing. Like Jessi, Mark had known Katie long before she had met Iz. He and Katie had quite the flirtatious relationship in Spanish. He had even given her massages in class which she told him had made her wet on many occasions, however she separated herself when she and Iz became friends.

There was Porchia, 15, she was about 5’4” mixed (black & white) with a pair of pert tits (a medium B) and a tight ass.. Her dark eyes and hair complemented her light mulatto skin. She was Iz’s closest friend they spent a lot of time together. Since she wasn’t the most stunning girl, Mark felt his lust for her was two fold: she was Iz’s closest friend and therefore off-limits but she also had been the only of these girls to come on to him first, they had been in an assembly and they ended up next to each other he was texting Jessi, and Porchia took his phone and began to talk to him, end of this was that she returned his phone with her number in it and a very sexy message, telling her to meet him in the bathroom 5 minutes after she left, and he did as told meeting her in an unused bathroom. They met up and went into the handicap stall, where she proceeded make out with him, but almost the next day she became friends with Iz and not another word was spoken about it, though she continues to flirt with him..

There was Laura, 16, who was about 5’6” with dark brown (almost black) hair around her shoulder blades, and dark eyes. With a high C breast and one of the best asses he had ever seen, she had been on his radar immediately after she arrived. He had become friendly with her they had gone on a few dates making her cum once or twice, but never getting beyond third base, but once again when she and Iz became friends she parted ways with him.

And then there was Isabelle, 5’8” gorgeous C breasts, and a firm apple of an ass-

“No,” mark thought, “I can’t think of her that way, she’s my sister”

“Hey,” called a voice sexy little voice, he knew to be Porchia.

“Hey, gorgeous how are you?”

“I’m great, have you been watching us tan?” she asked coyly.

“W- no, I was just, um checking the weather”

“Really well, you’re,” she cleared her throat, “’friend’ seems to have seen us. So what were you thinking about?”

“Actually, I was thinking about that day we, ya know, madeout,”

“Oh yeah?” she stammered still quite focused on his raging hard on, “That was good day,” she smiled.

“I agree, so why didn’t we ever go further than that?”

“Well, you were Iz’s brother and we are such good friends. Its just not done. What were you hoping for?”

“I don’t know,”

“Really? I think you do know, but lets go somewhere private your room is downstairs right?”


“Great lets go there,” they headed to his room, as he opened the door, she slid past him, and laid down on his bed her legs, dangling off the bed. “So now that we’re alone,” she said in sexy voice, ”why don’t we try again and you can show me what you hoping for.”

Mark was shocked, “What about Iz and the others?”

“Most of them are passed out tanning, don’t worry about them,” she patted the space next to her on the bed and he sat down.

"But what about your boyfriend?"

"Lamar? He's not Iz's brother, what I do with him doesn't feel so, dirty." She said

Quickly he began to make out with her, and quickly he pulled at her bikini top, it came loose and her small pert breasts were revealed. They hung there perfectly.

She had small, dime sized nipples, he clasped her left breasts in his hand and suckled her nipple, “Mmm,” she moaned, and he moved on to her right. He swirled his tongue around her areola, and lightly nibbled on them, "Ah," she gasped in pleasure in pain, she'd wanted this for so long, his big strong body over hers tasting her breasts, but she wanted more she grabbed his head and pushed his head downward.

Then he began to work his way down and he pulled her bikini bottom off, her snatch had small dark hairs covering it, he slid his fingers over it and she gasped. He began to lick her clit sucking on it like he had her nipples while rubbing her whole snatch with his fingers, and sliding his other fingers in and out of her dripping hole. Porchia couldn't take it anymore“ Oh! Ahh! Please stop teasing me, get inside me. Now!”

Mark rose up and she pulled his shorts and underwear down. His 8-inch cock sprung out, and she groaned at the sitght of it as she laid back down, spread her legs, and rubbed her thighs. He walked up to and slowly slid into her cunt.

“Oh GOD! You're so much thicker than I’ve had before,” she gasped, he pumped slowly into her “Don't play be gentle, fuck me!” He began to pump in and out of her, “Harder!” she cried out he began to pump harder and hard, she squeezed him tight with her pussy while he grunted. Her breasts heaved as her back arched and her breathing became heavy and she cried out, “ Oh OH MY GOD! OH FUCK IM CUMMING!” and her pussy clenched down on his dick and he couldn’t hold it.

“Me, too” he grunted and started to pull out.

“No, please go ahead fill me up, I’m on the pill,” she said grabbing on to him. They collapsed on his bed, next to each other. ”I’ve never had an orgasm before, thank you,” she said kissing him.

“Anytime, you wanna do that again later?”

“Oh God, would I, I’d love to but,” she paused, “I’m goin out of town for spring break.”

“Damn, maybe after you get back when do you leave?”

“Tomorrow,” she looked at his clock, “Oh shit I’m supposed to be picked up soon I need to take a dip in the pool. I’ll see you when I get back?”

“Definitely,” he smiled kissing her once, and slapping her ass.

‘Ooh!” she giggled as she left.

more to cum...

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2011-10-27 06:17:47
Clear, informative, silmpe. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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2008-07-27 03:16:31
u have to give more information, whe he is comming inside her!!!more details...

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2008-06-20 14:03:33
Good story. But you can do better. Pvt in some more foreplay. It sounded like a quickie. That's hardly any fun

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2008-06-14 20:38:08
gud stry but way 2 shrt

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2008-06-13 21:48:23
good, WAY too short. WAY WAY WAY WAY too short. other than that it was pretty good

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