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After nailing two of his sister's friends, Mark comes home to find his sister and her friends throwing a party but the real party is in his bedroom.
Mark's parents had left town, and when mark returned home around midnight he found a party going on in his house. As he entered he could tell it was mostly Jocks looking for some ass, so he wasn’t too angry, but he decided to for go the festivities and just go to bed down stairs, he went down stairs and stripped down to his underwear, but as he reached for his door knob he heard something. He put his ear to the door; it was moaning! If some guy was trying to get laid on his sheets he was gonna kick his ass. He cracked the door and slowly opened it. What he saw amazed him.

There were definitely two people on his bed and neither was a guy. It was Jessi and Laura, and Jessi was fisting Laura. Laura’s eyes were closed, as she wriggled around on his bed her snatch under a ravenous Jessi.

“Oh fuck! Jessi yes! Yes that’s it!” Laura cried out “Oh GOD OH OOOH!” she sounded a little drunk, and close to the point of passing out. Jessi’s legs were hanging off the bed her shaven snatch exposed to Mark, he was rock hard and there was an open hole. He approached her as Laura’s moaning got louder and louder. He got to his knees at Jessi’s feet reached out his hand and slid a finger into that sopping wet cunt. “OOOH!” Laura called out, loudly then fell to her side passed out from her intense orgasm.

“Oh! Who the-?” Jessi saw and felt him. “Mark what the fuck?”

“I could say the same to you,” he said pulling his finger out and licking her juices from it. “You face fucking Laura on my bed. Is she your first or can I just assume those stereotypes about softball girls aren’t all lies, eh?”

“Only partially, I mean I love the taste of girls, I’ve eaten out the entire softball team,”

“When you say ‘entire softball team’ does that include-”

“Iz? Oohhh yeah.” She giggled her dark hazel eyes lighting up, “I hate to brake it to you but your sister is quite the nympho, she, Laura, and I have had some intense sessions.”

“But she’s had boyfriends,” he said arguing.

“Yeah but she’s never fucked any of them, and she lost her hymen in an accident when she was young, or something. I honestly think she is the only one of us who is completely playing for the other team.”

“What?! I just watched to tongue fuck a girl until she passed out and you don’t think you’re gay?”

“Well yeah I love the taste of girls, especially Iz. She was my first. Her perfect breasts, her shaven pussy, She fingered me, to my first orgasm. Then she put on a strap on and fucked me harder than any man. But according to Katie and Porchia, you do pretty well,” she smiled.

“So wait what are you saying?” Mark stammered.

“Listen just because I like girls out doesn’t mean I don’t like good dick,” she reached out and pulled his underpants down, his rock hard 8inch cock shrank a little in the cold air of the room. ”But to tell the truth of all the men and women I’ve been with your sister was the best,” his dick grew back to full length. “Mmm, does that excite you the idea of your sister? I know she excites me, but right now I want to see if you can fuck like she does.” With that she spread her legs and “Show me what you got,”

He walked up to her and pressed into her soaking wet cunt. “Oh my God! I didn’t realize you were so big.” He lifted her legs and put them on his shoulders, then began to fuck her like crazy. Her tits were bouncing wildly as she moaned and groaned, “Oh, oh shit! Oh fuck!" she called out closing her eyes. Suddenly, she looked dead at him with passion in her eyes, "Yes Yes! Fuck me hard like your sister,” All of a sudden all he could see in his mind was his sister getting fucked.

“oh I’m cumming!” he grunted.

“OH! ME TOO!” she cried out, her body locking up and her pussy squeezing tight on him, as jet after jet of filled her tight hole. “Oh my god… your even better than Iz” she panted. “I can barely move.”

“Well your gonna need to cuz I can’t hold back anymore,” Laura said, apparently she had been sitting there awake while Mark and Jessi fucked. “I want to feel what everyone else is talking about, and what Jessi was yelling about,” She walked over to him, and they began to make out, as Jessi went to the far end of the bed and began to finger the hell out of herself. Laura placed her hands on the bed, looked over her shoulder, and said, “How do you want me?”

“That’s perfect,” Mark said as he grabbed her hips and rammed into her ass, using all the juices as lube. Doggystyle and she had the perfect ass for it.

“Oh yeah, harder! harder!” she called out he plowed into her plump ass over and over. "OH Oh my God I- I’m cumming!!” her juices dripped down his legs. “Oh God Mark stop teasing me, please!” he complied, and he slid into her inviting pussy. “Aaooh! God that’s good.!” She cried out as he began to ram her harder and harder, “Oh fuck, Jessi you were right he is better than Iz,” once again the Image of his naked, sister fucking a girl drove him to the edge,

“I’m cumming!” he grunted

“OOOhhh me too! Me too!”

Jessi rose from her seat and squatted down onto Laura’s moaning mouth and Laura immediately began to tongue fuck Jessi, “Oh Fuckin yes Laura OH I’m cumming.”

Their collective moaning and groaning seemed to go on forever. His sheets were soaked with their collected juices.

“Oh fuck, the girls were right,” Laura said panting and laying down next to Jessi, who was barely conscious.

“Hey, Mark,” Jessi said pulling him close and kissing him, and whispering so that a now unconscious Laura wouldn’t over hear. “I noticed something while you fucked us. You only came when we mentioned Iz.” His half-stiff dick now rose to full length. “MMmmm, That is the point I was going to make, every time we mentioned Iz you got even more aroused. Why is that?” she smiled.

“I dunno, I guess because you were referencing having sex with her and Ive always been turned on by lesbians,”

She got dressed as he spoke. “If you say so, anyway your secrets safe with me,” with that she woke Laura and helped her dress, and kissed him as he walked out.

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2016-03-20 02:16:45
I want someone to lick my little pussy so bad now

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2008-06-20 14:19:04
Dude! Is he superman? He got like 3 erections in a row! Sorry to break it to you pal, but you've disappointed me. This story's crap. The kind that's in loose motions... :(


2008-06-20 10:52:46
Sorry but they are seeming more and more like crap. I know it's fiction but why write something you wouldn't do for real. To go from a girls arsehole to her pussy would just invite infection. Is the chance of infection what turns you on? If the tags included ass to pussy or ass to mouth I wouldn't read them.

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2008-06-15 14:34:29
nice work loser,jobless dork,geek.nerd like freak

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2008-06-13 09:45:58
This is not a good as parts1 & 2, it just goes to show that you should not try too hard (or too long), as it can affect your performance.

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