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Mark and Iz finally share with one another how they feel.
“Why do I have these feelings for Iz? She’s my sister.” He recalled a time when he was young when he an Iz were 4&5 until about 7&8. He had come upon a few porno’s of his father’s and he saw a man and woman kissing and playing with each others “private areas” as he called them then. He showed these to Iz and they began to imitate them. They would kiss and she used suck his penis (three inches long, big for his age), and he remembered once when he actually penetrated her.. “that’s why,” he thought to himself, “we were each other’s first and there will always be a connection.” It wasn’t long after that that his parents discovered what they had been doing and explained to them that brothers and sisters simply didn’t do those things with one another.

He went upstairs to find the party over into her room looking to talk but what he found was a guy, feeling her up. “Hey asshole get off my sister or I’ll kick your ass.” He pulled the guy away, it was Iz’s ex Ryan. Mark threw him to the floor, “Get out of here! Now!” Ryan rose started to speak, but seeing the look on Mark’s face, left.

“Thank you, Mark, I couldn’t fight him off.” Iz said, her buttoned shirt now undone. “I’m a bit weak from drinking.”

“I figured you didn’t want that, you see I was having a little talk with Jessi and Laura and they mentioned that men weren’t your preference.”

“Oh you heard about what we’ve been doing?” she said not looking him in the face. “Its not that I don’t like men, but I’ve never felt close enough to a man to want that. Well except for those times with you.”

“I know what you mean,” Mark said softly. He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face so that her eyes met his. “I’ve been with a bunch of girls, but I’ve never felt as right as I did with you.” He leaned in and he kissed her gently on the lips. He pulled away quickly, “I’m sorry, that was wro-“ Iz cut him off kissing him hard, sliding her tongue past his lips, and he echoed her behavior.

He decided that this would be his only chance to go further, so he placed his hands on her shoulders and slid away her shirt, exposing her ample breasts squeezed into a tight bra. She pulled away and undid her bra revealing her perfect breasts to him, large areoles stiff with excitement, he bent down and suckled one, “Aah,” she moaned lightly closing her eyes as he continued to suck, alternating between one breast and the other, He carefully worked his fingers down to the edge of her short and began to pull, she lifted her ass, in compliance. He pushed back her thong, and slid a finger in, his mouth on her clit, as his other hand massaged her nipple. “Oh, Oh God Mark, I’m I’m cumming,” at that moment his face was washed with her juices, his sister’s juices! And she tasted better than any girl ever had.

He began to finger fuck her even harder, and her moans grew louder and louder, “Oh, Oh My God, yeah! Yeah! There there!” and as her moans continued to grow louder still, he slid his free hand under her ass, and slid a single finger into her asshole. “Aaooh!” The shock and excitement sent her over the edge again. “Oh fuck! Oh God!” again his face became drenched with her delicious juices and intoxicated by her scent. “OH, Oh oh God, oh Katie and Porchia said you where good at what you do.”

“Damn they have big mouths,” he thought.

“And you’ve made me cum twice, you’ve tied Jessi for my single time record.”

“well,” he said cautiously, “I know I can break it,”

“Mark, we were stupid as kids, if you and I had been fertile God knows what would have happened, you might have gotten me pregnant.”

“I can make you cum without risking that, didn’t Katie tell you?”

“Yeah,” she bit her lower lip in a small giggling laugh, “She did mention you were that good…” she began to look around as if checking for witnesses, “Ok lets do it!”

With that, Mark rubbed his dick across her mound, lubing up, and then he slid into her ass, “Ah,” she gasped, “I didn’t realize you were so big, Oh God!” she said through heavy breathing. I continued on until my full 8-inch length filled her tight hole, Then I began to move in and out, “Oooh yeah! Yeah fuck my ass,” she cried out, “Aww yeah!” he continued fucking his sister doggy-style, and began to push toward her g-spot on the other side. “Oh MY GOD, I- I’m cumming! Ahh!” her hole clenched his dick as she looked back at her brother, and her lover, her juices dripping down his legs. Oh fuck Mark your better than anyone I’ve ever had.” She panted,

”Fuck the Taboo!” she said as she stood up, “Fuck the risk!” she placed her hands around his neck and pulled him down and gave him the most passionate kiss, he has ever had. “but more than that, I want you to fuck me!” she laid down on the bed, and exposed her snatch legs in the air.

With out a word, he approached slowly, caressing her thighs and he began to slide into her gently, “Oh!” she moaned her feet at his shoulders, “Oh yeah, deeper! Harder!” she cried out as he picked up speed and force, “Yeah, fuck your little sister!” he pumped harder and harder until she began to seize up headed to her fourth orgasm, her hot canal squeezing his dick tight. He exploded, as jet after jet spilled into his sister’s snatch.

As they came down from orgasm they kissed making out furiously, on her bed until they fell asleep. Jessi had finally gotten Laura to wake up she looked into Iz’s room and saw the two of them in naked forbidden caress. They looked perfect together.

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2010-08-23 14:21:55
Good stories, but a little too short and not enough sexual detail. I sequels getall the girls on the softball team pregnant including your sister. In fact have the first girl to get pregnant be your sister.

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2010-06-15 18:58:37
Good stories, but too short. Now that you've fucked nearly the entire girl's softball team get all the girls pregnant, even the one's that are now on the pill. I never fucked an entire girls softball team but I have a girls volleyball team, includig the two coaches.


2008-09-25 01:10:52
What i would suggest to do is to link all four stories into one big one. that would give you the length of a good story and i would add some deion but you definatly got a 10+ from me.


2008-07-07 15:48:57
Great series of stories. They are too short though. More detail and more sexual encounters. In the long run, get all three girls pregnant. Yes, that means your sister too. get her pegnant.

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2008-07-05 22:43:37
I'v read all 4 they are great your sister should drink ur cum

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