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After a long separation, Mark showed me new things...
I hope you all enjoyed my story of the first time I had with a guy. As I stated in the end of that story, we continued that relationship for a year or so. Mark then got into some trouble and my parents would not allow me to hang out with him. He got sent to a juvenile home for a while. This story picks back up around a year after his trouble when I was out riding my bike behind the church we both attended.

Mark rode up to me.
"It has been a long time man!" he said.
"Yeah it has." I said nervously since I did not want to get caught hanging out with him.

We talked for a while, sitting on the cover of the trash bin behind the church. It was another hot Virginia summer day. We were both glad to be just sitting in the shade for a while.

After the small talk, and him explaining to me what really happened to get him sent away the talk moved to what we had done in the past. He asked if I had done it with anyone else, and I told him that I had not.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had started puberty since we saw each other last and that his dick had grown and gotten hairy. I still had the same hairless small pecker. We were both in the 6th or 7th grade by now.

I of course did not believe him, you know how guys lie about the size and appearance of their dicks. He got off the trash bin and went over under the emergency steps. He told me to come over there.

He kept his back to me and told me to give him my hand. He put my had on his pubes and proved to me that he was hairy. I wanted to see it again. He told me no, that he was beyond all of that now. Disapointed I kept playing with his pubes. They felt nice in my fingers.

All at once, with out him expecting it, I reached down and grabbed his dick. To my amazment he had definitly grown. It felt huge in my hands. I could not believe it. I started stroking it and he began to moan.

"Lets go down to the woods." he told me.
We had messed around in the woods behind the church many times before. There was a clear spot surrounded by a lot of under growth, we were well hidden.

We both got on our bikes and raced to the bottom of the hill as fast as we could. No sooner were we in the woods, I was down on my knees and pulling his dick out of his shorts. When I pulled his waist band down his now 7 inch prick slapped me in the face. We laughed a bit and then I put his massive cock in my mouth.

Mark faced fucked me, for what seemed like hours. I loved it. I loved feeling my drool running down my cheeck. I tasted something salty and I backed away. He laughed and told me that it was ok, it was only pre-cum.

I stood up, still stroking his dick and told him I wanted him to suck my dick. He got down in front of me and took my still small and hairless penis in his mouth. It was just like old times, and it felt great.

He looked down at his watch and told me that he had to go give his sick grandmother her meds, but he would be right back. I went back to the trash bin and waited for him. He was only gone 5 minutes or so, but during that time I reflected on what had just happened and remember just how good it felt to suck cock. I remember thinking that it was like a cherry lollipop.

He came back and we headed back down to the woods and again, it took no time before his cock was in my mouth. This time it was soft, so I sucked him until I felt his entire hardness in my mouth. He told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass like old times. So I stood up and with out thinking about the growth his cock had gone through, I spread my own ass cheeks to let him fuck me.

He positioned himself behind me and I felt him rubbing his cock up and down my ass hole. It felt great. With his other hand he was giving me a reach around. I was in heaven...that is until he thrust. He forced his cock in my tight virgin ass. Immense pain followed by an even more immense feeling of pleasure shot through my body. He leaned back against a tree and pulled me on to him. He fucked me hard, and I enjoyed it, like the young little bitch I was becoming.

He pulled his cock out and there was blood on the end of it. I freaked a little, but he told me that it was ok.

He wiped off his dick and started rubbing it. He started to move faster and I was intrigued by this. I was standing in front of him and he told me to move. I did not want to, I told him that I wanted to suck his cock again. He told me no, that he was going to show me cum.

He leaned back against the tree and started jacking off with serious speed. Mark started to grunt and some thin white liquid shot out of his dick. He started pumping his cock even harder and then long strings of his white cum shot out a few feet from him. He moaned and rolled his eyes in the back of his head. He kept going until all that was left was a few droplets hanging on the end of his pecker. With out thinking, I got down in front of him and took his now soft cock into my mouth and tasted cum for the first time. I knew then that I was hooked.

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Very nice, remember me of my first taste of come, wonderfull

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