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"What a day," Pamela Watkins sighed while filling her brief case with paper work. It had been a long day, court appearances, lunch with a client, and an afternoon of dictating letters to her secretary, Kari. It was well after six o'clock and all she could think about was having a tall cocktail and not thinking at all about the law for at least an hour! She exited her office building and hailed a cab and gave the cabby an address on the near north side. Ten minutes later she was standing in the lobby of her favorite after work hangout waiting to check her coat. She stopped in the restroom to freshen up before making her way towards the long bar at the far end of the room. The soft music playing in the background was already having a soothing effect on her psyche. When she neared the bar the regular hostess, Fran, smiled broadly and offered, "Good evening, Mz. Watkins, and what may we do for you this evening?" She hadn't realized how really tense she was, so after a moment's thought she replied softly, "I think I'll have a spike and a pussy!" "Very good, Ma'am," Fran replied smoothly, "please follow me!" Down at the far end of the bar were several empty stools. Fran nodded to a tiny waitress who quickly outfitted one of the stools with a massive nine inch dildo. After it was firmly attached and sticking up from the middle of the seat, two young women appeared out of nowhere and lifted Pamela's skirt above her trim waist. Then Fran, after giving Pam a knowing smile, dropped to her knees and removed the lawyer's panties leaving her totally nude from the waist down! The cool air quickly caressed Pam's smoothly shaven lips causing her to gasp slightly while she stared at the monster latex cock that would soon be buried in her pussy! Fran stood up and took a deep whiff of the damp panties and nodded to the women to get on with it. Even though they were quite petite, they had no trouble at all hoisting Pamela up in the air before letting her now gaping cunt down on the thick invader!

As each inch slid inside of her now out of control vagina a string of absolutely brutal orgasms flooded her satiated cunt! When she was completely impaled, the two girls let her skirt fall back into place, hiding any evidence that she was getting the fucking of her life! Then just as quickly as they had appeared the two women were gone while the bartender placed a Tom Collins in front of her on a napkin! Fran touched her arm and whispered softly into her ear, "Now there, does our vagina feel all better now!?!" Pam's pussy was trying desperately to grip the massive organ, and with each attempt her pussy lurched a little bit farther towards another climax! With sweat breaking out on her forehead she managed to stammer, "I-it feels wonderful, so full and thick, I just love getting fucked like this!" "Of course you do, dear," Fran replied gently. "I have a confession to make," Fran went on. "What is it?!?" Pamela gasped as a her cunt ratcheted closer and closer to climax. "T-tell me, what is it?!?" "Ohhhhhh, not much," Fran answered casually, "just this." It was at that point that the young hostess produced a small remote control device. Then after giving the poor woman a quick wink, hit the button, causing the fat dildo buried deep inside of her to buzzing!!!

The dildo was a giant vibrator!!! Fran had to grab a hold of Pam's arm to keep her from falling off the stool as orgasm after orgasm shredded her innocent pussy into confetti! When she was sure that she couldn't take anymore Pam's head rolled to one side while begging for Fran to turn it off! "Had enough, eh?" Fran asked a matter of factly. She quickly shut off the screaming little monster while Pam leaned forward in a heap on the bar with her pussy still crammed full of hard rubber cock!!! "Jesus," Pam gasped, "w-what the heck was that?!?!?" Fran giggled and replied, "We've made some minor improvements since your last visit, do you approve?" "Good grief, yes!" Pam sighed. Fran gently squeezed Pam's arm and whispered, "I have to get back to the other customers now, are you ready for your treat?" She was still slightly stunned but managed to reply, "Yes, let's go for it!"

After taking a sip of her drink, Pam casually glanced down the bar and watched as at least fifteen other women were in the process of having their pussies reamed by the monster dildos that were connected to their stools. A tall blonde was just about to get her gun when Pam heard a soft voice say, "I'm ready when ever you are, ma'am, and by the way, my name's Lena." Pam turned back, a sitting on the bar in from of her was the cutest little eighteen year old she had ever seen in her life! Short blonde hair, tiny breasts, slim hips, and of course a completely shaven vagina! The blonde sat on the bar with her legs spread and an expectant look on her pretty face. "Do you like getting sucked?" Pam asked while casually brushing her fingers over the little vulva. The little girl gasped at even the slightest touch to her pussy, and with a little laugh Pam added, "I guess that means yes!" With her eyes now glazing over, the little blonde shoved her cunt forward in a wanton display of lewdness that made Pam's convulse several times as it whipped itself into another frenzy!

With her own cunt on fire, Pam finally leaned over and pressed her warm mouth against the sweetest vagina she had ever tasted! The young woman groaned loudly while Pam's tongue gently lapped at her now bulging labia. Succulent!!! That was a perfect deion for Lena's pussy!!! Everything about her was tiny, that is except for her clitoris which was by now sticking out past Lena's very engorged pussy lips! She wasn't quite sure, but Pam couldn't remember ever having seen a clit that was so fat and long! Even though the light was dim, it was clearly evident that Lena's clitty had a head that reminded you of a tiny cock! Pam just stared at the little darling for a second or two, before finally gently licking the head until the poor girl shrieked as her orgasm whistled through her excited cunt! It was time for her too as Pam bounced her ass up and down on the bar stool, pounding the monster dildo in and out of her well fucked pussy until her own cum racked her vagina for one last time! She nearly devoured Lena's pussy and clit while her cock filled cunt spasmed out of control!!!

A few minutes later several of the attendants came over and helped Lena off the bar and off to the dressing room. Pam tired to dismount the huge cock that was still buried in her snatch, but her legs were too far gone and she had to have the attendants lift her off her stool and cock! When she was finally out retrieving her coat Fran stopped by and asked, "So, was everything all right!?!" With her pussy still twitching like crazy Pam replied, "Perfect, hon, absolutely perfect!!!"



2007-09-15 00:43:54
ooooooooooomggggg.. one of the best stories ever! I absolutely loved it.


2007-02-19 15:42:33
gr8 story-and wats with all the french posts? 10/10


2007-01-13 12:27:45
I wish there was a bar around here like that. I love big clitties and have my own now in need of attention.


2007-01-10 15:26:02
this author sucks!!!


2006-06-09 03:59:21

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