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“Hi Kandy, I hope you can come over tonight. By the way, you don’t have to worry about Roue, bring him with you, because I have a large fenced in yard. I just know he will enjoy playing with Champ. If you want, we can watch a movie, share a few beers, let our hair down, and have a girl’s only weekend.”
It’s around five o’clock Thursday and I’m lying naked on the bed playing with Roue. His doggie-tongue and cock just made me cum like crazy. Afterwards, I’m day-dreaming as he sits on the end of the bed, licking the juices off his dog-dick. I’m still horny as hell, and craving a hard-long dick. Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex with Roue, but his dog-dick is just not big enough. Let’s face it; a girl can only go so long without fucking a big hard cock.

I reach across the bed, open the bedside table and take out my eight-inch flesh colored, cock shaped, gel vibrator. After opening my long shapely leg I turn it on high and shove the toy deep inside my wanting pussy.

Roue watches me and cocks his head as if to wonder, “What are you doing momma?”

I ignore him for the moment and fuck myself deep and hard. All of a sudden, I stop abruptly, withdraw the toy and toss it across the room. I yell, "Fuck, no! I need more than a chunk of rubber to satisfy me right now! I know that is not about to happen anytime soon anyways!”

My actions scares Roue, and he rushes out of the room.

I decide to calm down and doing something else to distract my perverted mind. I get off the bed, walk over to the closet to get something to put on, then I will go get me a diet Pepsi from the refrigerator and see what’s on TV.

I stand there for a moment ogling my full figured body in the mirrored closet door. My round face frames a pair of seductive emerald-green eyes, a small button nose, and sexy voluptuously lips. Long red hair cascades over my shoulder caressing a pair of large breasts, accented by dark pink aureoles and half-inch long erect nipples. As I gaze downward, I see full hips that curve smoothly into a reddish patch of hair. This forms a perfect triangle over a pronounced pussy, as it flanks my large, always swollen cunt-lips.

I snarl at the glass image, “Hot-damn honey! You'd think someone with a hot body like yours would be surrounded by hard-dicked studs just dying to slam some good hard meat to you."

I open the door and ruffled through the closet looking for something to put on. Soon I eye a cobalt blue sexy silk night-shirt, which is one of my favorite outfits to wear around the house. I select it and tremble as the sensuous fabric ripple down across my naked body. I then step into a matching pair of slippers, turn to cross the room, and go into the living room.

As usual when I am laying down having some sexy fun, I turn the ringer off on my phone. I enter the living room and see Roue lying on the couch.

I walk over, sit down, rub his head and purr, “It’s okay baby. Momma loves you.” That seems to appease him and he is content on just watching me.

I then reach over to the table beside the sofa where my telephone and answering machine sits. I turn the phone back on notice the light on the answering machine was blinking, which indicated I had a message.

I make a face, push the playback button and threaten, "God-dam it, you’d better be a hot, hard dicked hunk!"

My friend Sally voice chirps, “Hey sweety. It's just me wanting to know what you are doing this week-end. Matt had to go out of town on business and he asked me if I’d watch his dog. Since I cannot go out like I usually do, maybe you can come over today and stay overnight. I’d love your company.”

I thought for a moment then hit the erase button, pouted and screamed at the now silent machine. “You could of said Matt and I want you to come over tonight for a hot threesome, instead of asking me to help you watch his damn dog!”

I went into the kitchen to get my drink. After a few sips I grumble, “God, I need some hot-hard big cock!”

After downing the beverage, I decide to call Sally back. After all she always had a way of cheering me up and it was better than sitting at home alone and sulking.

I sit back down on the sofa and Roue climbs up into my lap. I pet him as I reach for the phone.

I dial her number and after a few rings she picks up the phone, “Hi Sal, it’s just me returning your call.”

“Hi Kandy, I hope you can come over tonight. By the way, you don’t have to worry about Roue, bring him with you, because I have a large fenced in yard. I just know he will enjoy playing with Champ. If you want, we can watch a movie, share a few beers, let our hair down, and have a girl’s only weekend.”

“Well, I don't mind. After all, I’m not doing a fucking thing. I’m bored as hell and would be glad to join you. After all it beats sitting here at home looking at these four walls.”

“Aww honey, are you feeling that blue?”

“Hell Yes!” I shout.

After calming down I reply, “Sorry Sal. How about I bring the beer and you get the movie?”

At first Sally replies, “I’m sorry you’re in a bad mood.” Then she giggles and says in a devilish tone, “I have my ways to cheer you up honey.”

I laugh and answer, “Hum, I’m anxious to see hear how you’re going to do that Sal. See you around eight tonight.”

She answers, “You’ll have to wait until you get here.”

We both say good-bye and I hung up the phone.

I nuzzle Roue and say, “We’re going out tonight boy, just you and I.”

He barks and wags his tail excitedly, then follows me into the bedroom.

Once there Roue lay on the bed while I take a shower. Afterwards he watches me dress causally in jeans and t-shirt. I then pack an overnight bag and make sure to include his toys and food.

I then head toward the front door with Roue following me. I put his leash on, walk him to the car, secure him safely and then drive off toward Sally’s house.

Her house is about five miles out of town. It is surrounded by plush forest, which offers her privacy in a serene setting. I love going there, especially when I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city.

As I drive, I vow to have a good time, even if there were no human males present.

I stop at a Convient store; purchase a six-pack of beer, and some munchies. I return to the car and drive off toward my destination.

Soon, I pull into the driveway and park the car. I grab my things, and put Roue on his leash. I walk through the gate, up the steps and ring the doorbell.

Sally opens the door, hugs me and says, “Boy, I glad you could come over. I hate spending the weekend alone without Matt around. “

As she escorts us into the room, I see a large Golden Retriever. The dog sees Roue, checks him out, then came over to me and places his nose in my crotch.

Sally grabbed his collar, giggles, and says, “I see Champ has already introduced himself.”

She kneels on the floor, pats the dog’s head and says, “Champ, mind your manners will yah, or I'll bop your ears off."

The dog backs away from me, walks over to Roue, and soon they are playing like two kids.

Sally takes the beer, tells me to put my bag in the front bedroom, as she puts it in the refrigerator,

Afterwards we sit down on her sofa and begin talking. Champ trotted over to where Sally is and rests his head on the cushion next to her, and looks up with big, sad eyes.

She scratches the dog's head, “What’s the matter baby, are you missing Matt. Maybe I ought to find you a girlfriend that you wouldn’t be so lonely."

She continues to pet the dog and resumed our conversation. Champ responded to this attention by putting his front paws up on the sofa while standing on his back legs.

Sally chuckles as she rubs his furry neck, "Oh, I see, someone wants to sit on the sofa with us,” She pats the area next to her and purrs, “Come on you big baby.”

Turning back to me Sally continued talking as the dog climbed up beside her. It lay on his back, and she unconsciously moves her hand down to his tummy.

“Janice, here is the movie guide for tonight, which one would you like to watch?”

I reach for it, and glance over at Champ. “Oh my God, look at him Sally.

To our surprise, Champ's cock, was getting hard and halfway of its sheath.

Sally blushes and exclaims, “Sorry about that!”

I smile and confess, “Why, that the best long hard cock that I have seen for ages.”

Sally’s jaw drops like it is made out of glass and shattering all over the floor. She then spoke with a quiver in her voice, “Do…….like dog-dick?”

“Sure, what’s wrong with liking it? Look at it, it so big and long.”

Sally looked at me with big eyes, liked her lips nervously and confessed, “Want to know a secret?”

I reply, “Sure, why not.”

“I love dog-dick,” she pauses to watch my reaction, and then said, “Did you know they like pussy too!”

Playing dumb for the moment to see what she was up to I went along with the idea. I ask, “Sal, how do you know that he likes pussy?”

She lowered her eye as if to seem afraid of what to say.

I put my arms around her and ask, “What’s wrong? I hope you are not afraid to tell me something that I might not agree with or like? Don’t be, after all we are lovers too and nothing you will say or do will upset me. ”

Sally looks me straight in the eyes, and I see tears in the corner of hers. “Yes, I am afraid you wouldn’t want to be my friend it I tell you something about Champ and I?”

Then it dawned on me, she was having sex with Champ. My eyes lit up and I suggest, “If you are trying to tell me that Champ eat your cunt, I totally understand.”

She blinks, smiles nervously and confesses, “Janice, Champ does more than eat my cunt. He fucks me!”

Before I can react she blurts out, “Matt knows this too because he is the one who introduced me to it all!”

I looked at the dog then back at her, and confess, “Well honey, you’re not the only one who enjoys dog-sex! Roue eats my cunt all the time and even fucks me with help, but his damn cock is too small for me. Sometimes, I wish I had access to a big dog-cock.”

Janice leans back with a startled expression on her face. After a moment she mischievously grins and asks, “Well how about skipping the movie and having me show you what Champ is capable of?”

I reach out, pull her to me and kiss Janice right on the mouth then squeal, “Okay, let’s have some dog-fucking fun!”

Sally jumps up and yells, “Whoohoo!”

The two of us strip as each dog excitedly scampers around us. When we’re done I look over at the dogs and each one is drooling and not just from there mouth. Both cocks are hard and out of the sheath.

Sally instructs me to let Roue eat my cunt as I watch her. I nod my head in agreement and call my dog over to me. In no time, he’s eagerly licking my wet cunt.

As I watch Sally, gets on all fours in a doggie style and calls Champ over too her. I notice his long dog-cock is dragging the floor.

After spotting Sally’s position, Champ barks and goes over too her. He clamps his front paws around her waist, tries to mount, and starts humping, vainly trying to find a hole that would give his hard prick some relief. Sally’s body twists to give the dog more leverage, her face aglow with lust.

Watching the hot scene unfold before my eyes has me turned on more than I have ever been before. My body trembles as I near my first climax.

Sally reaches down between her legs, finds the throbbing, slippery piece of dog-cock and guides the thrusting shaft inside her cunt. "Hold on, Champ. Be still a minute and you can have all the pussy you want."

When Champ’s dog-dick slid inside her vagina, Sally squeals, "Good boy Champ! Fuck Momma!”

As the first few cum-drops run from my cunt into Roue’s mouth, I shriek, “Ooooooh fuck, your dog-fucking is turning me on!"

It is apparent that Champ knew what to do as he drove his long, wet, pink doggy dick into Sally’s hot hole. Once implanted, he starts hammering her cunt hard and furious.

I could tell by her face that Sally is consumed by animal lust, and she totally succumbs to the animal's fucking motions.

"Ooooh yeah, that’s it, shove it in me big boy! Make me your bitch Champ!" Sally gasped.

Immediately I start cumming, as an explosive climax overtakes me.

I look over at Sally and shout, “I’m next. I want Champ to fuck me!”

Just then, I see Sally’s body shake violently from her first orgasm. I’m not sure whether Champ has climaxed yet.

Sally quickly dismounts Champ and breathlessly utters, “Are you sure you want to do this Janice?”

“Hell yes!” I reply eagerly to have a big dick inside me for once.

Sally instructs me to get on all four and leads Champ over to me.

I stop Roue from eating me, assuring him he has done well and get in position for Champ.

He stops and whimpers as if to say, “But momma, I am not done with you yet.”

Champ raises his head, sniffs the musky aroma, and pushes his wet nuzzle and long tongue right into the hairy patch between my legs. After a few good laps in my cunt, Sally helps Champ mount me, guiding his cock inside my wanting hole.

I gasp as he stabs his still hard dog prick into me. The dog instantly starts ramming the full length of his big dog-dick into my hot wet pussy.

God did it feel good, I finally have a big-hard-dick, fucking me. I allowed him to take me and shout, “Good boy, Champ, fuck this bitch!”

With my mind lost in the lustful thrusts of Champ, I almost forget about Roue. However, when I look around the room for him, I find him nuzzling deep in Sally’s cunt.

I wink at Sally and confess, “Hey Sally, he really loves pussy!”

“I know, God he eats me better than Matt does, but don’t tell him that. By the way if Matt were here, he’d be video taping this hot action.”

I laugh and quiver hard as that idea triggers my second climax. “Ooooh God Sally, I’m going to cum again!”

Sally winked, moved Roue and came over to me. “Hold that thought baby. Do you want to experience the dog’s knot? We have to move quickly if you do because he won’t cum without pressure on his knot.”

When I didn’t say anything in reply, I guess I look startled, because she kisses my cheek. She then calmly said, “If you follow my instructions it won’t hurt a bit, I promise.”

Her words made me think twice but before I could react or say no, Champ’s knot entered my cunt. Oh fuck, it feels like someone shoved an orange in me, at first I want to scream it hurts, but surprisingly it doesn’t. I focus on Sally’s vocal instructions.

I think I’m going to pass out from excitement. When all of a sudden Champ shot a load of sticky dog cum deep inside me, I screamed as climax after climax wrack through my body.

As Sally watches Champ knot with me, she said, “Janice, try to remain calm now and don’t try to move or dislodge his cock because it will hurt the dog. You will be locked like that for about twenty minutes.”

“Okay Sal. Fuck I cannot believe I actually fucking a big-dick dog. How am I doing?”

“You did just fine, Janice. I swear Champ was smiling the whole time. By the way, I won’t tell Matt if you don’t want me too.”

“For now, Sal I want to keep this between us.”

After Champs cock slips out of my cunt, Sally ushers both him and Roue out the door and into the yard.

I roll my eyes, pout and ask, “Why’d you do that? I wasn’t finished playing with them yet?”

Sally flashes me a seductive grin and purrs, "I have something I have always wanted to try?”

“What’s that Sal?”

“You’ll see, first you must lie on your back. That’s it now spread your legs.”

I watch her climb between my thighs, and then she spreads my cunt lips apart.

After licking her lips hungrily she coos, “I’ve always wondered what dog and girl cum mixture taste like. Here’s my chance to find out.”

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that Roue is one smart dog............ he can talk since he asked her whats wrong mommy LMFAO

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You never say how big that dog dick was. Hot story!

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Complete trash! bordering on the illiterate.The fact it rates higher than 20% reflects the equally moronic stature of the majority of XNXX readers.

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