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Guys don't take this TOO seriously, cause you know........ It's a JOKE
New girlfriends have the advantage that they have no previous bad
experiences to project on you, but the disadvantage that they will rarely be
old enough to open their own checking account. Used girlfriends, on the
other hand, may be steady, reliable performers, with the initial problems
worked out, but I advise that you avoid models which have much more than
average mileage (2.1 SO's / yr). Much greater than the average may be an
indication that the girlfriend was a professional.


Often the potential girlfriends you see on the lot or in a tavern will be
loaded with accessories, as the dealer gets a high markup on such items as
large bosom, long legs, green eyes, etc. Other accessories will only appeal
to fringe markets, such as models which come pre-equipped with children, or
the ability run 10 miles while chanting sanskrit. In such cases you should
make a list of accessories desired, tolerated, and disliked. Note that some
accessories (such as children) can be added later, while others (such as a
large bosom) must be factory installed.

The Test Ride

When evaluating a girlfriend, a test ride is essential. The test ride ritual
begins with the so-called "pickup line", which can range from the simple if
dull ("Can I buy you a drink?") to the aggressively hip ("dance with me or
I'll kill you") to the arcane ("You're my Camus comrade, and I want to leap
you, Faith!"). rates as Not Acceptable "Smile, you'll look better." Once
on the test bed, evaluate handling, stability, and acceleration. The two
questions you want to answer are: how fast, and how far? Examine the
detailing. Does the bosom sag? Does the heater warm adequately, or does she
remain cool?

Ordering vs. On The Lot

Finding the right girlfriend can be a frustrating experience, and many
potential customers find it hard to get the exact model and accessories
wanted. In such cases ordering from the factory is an option. Delivery time,
however, is from 14 to 16 years (depending on the state you live in), and I
question the usefulness of such a practice: if you have access to the baby
factory, you should reconsider your need for a girlfriend anyway.


Girlfriends were evaluated by a dedicated group of 10 test engineers,
selected to typify the average seeking population. All tests were performed
at a specially constructed test facility, which included a bedroom,
kitchen, and living room, and at a number of bars and taverns surrounding
the facility. A series of seven tests were run, evaluating each product
according to the following criterion: intelligence, wit, humor, empathy,
initiative, looks, and performance.


Girlfriends are grouped together in categories by similarity. Within each
category, variation is not statistically significant.

Goddess: This is the woman of your dreams. She comes equipped with all the
options you want and none of the ones you don't. She can argue subtle points
of philosophy, give you a stiff game of racquetball, understand what you
mean even if you don't say it, and break a bed. No mental or physical
hang-ups. The drawback is that this model is not actually available.

Goddess-in-law: This model is similar to the goddess, but comes with
contractual retainers, such as a psychotic ex-husband, a spiteful mother, an
alcoholic father, and a bratty kid. This model tends to generate grey hairs.

Ms. Right: The best all-around choice for most girlfriend situations. Has
most of the characteristics of the Goddess except possibly in the wrong size
or hair color. Other than that, an excellent long-term investment.
Availability is extremely limited but can occasionally be found with luck.

Babe: This is the flashy, fully-loaded variety with all the options.
Unfortunately this model lacks cognitive powers and empathy. Showy, and
suitable for a parade or for impressing your friends, but not for your
long-term girlfriend needs.

Friend: The model with the most empathy. Caring and kind but you wouldn't be
caught dead in it. Availability is poor to fair, depending on quality.

Yeah, Her: The Ford Escort of girlfriends. Widely available, but useful as a
girlfriend only in a pinch, if no others are available. Tends to be spiteful
or unreliable, or have a dull finish.

Until you find her, I wish you Happy Hunting!

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2012-08-09 01:00:17
Okay, a girl gets hit a lot, I a lot tips .Number one, don't message a girl never tlkaed before. 's creepy. Especially don't message acting friends scared admit hot. , day second goes online. up person. Give eyes. Smile. , "Hey, sup?" don't stick around long, don't wanna come desperate. see a friend walk , walk away . Don't act clingy "need ", turns girls , a girl a guy turns . , probably high school 16. I recommend dating people high schools, easier. , don't sweat! overstress . Talking girls really a deal. shouldn't eggs one basket, .I know 's a lot don'ts, easy once try a few times. Practice girls boardwalk

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2012-03-18 23:00:33
i love it job well done

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2011-11-27 15:55:26
i am a woman and found it hillarious!
but my quistion is could you make a boyfriend analasys also for tips becouse im 15 years old and neva had a boyfriend and neither does my bff of 12 years old :-((

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2011-04-21 04:38:23
Well,it's tyt enough,very long though,but very good analysis but you forgeting something. Not all are like .................

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2011-04-21 04:37:44
Well,it's tyt enough,very long though,but very good analysis but you forgeting something. Not all are like .................

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