Billy Bob Chapter 1 (Becoming A Man)
When I was in the eighth grade my folks had gone to the Dew Drop Inn on a Saturday night to mix with folks their age, do a little drinking and a lot of dancing. On the way home their car busted through the railing over the Chattahoochee River, and just that quick I was an orphan. Ma’s sister, Hagar, was my blood relative and she took me in. Her husband Abraham was pretty strict, but I worked hard for him and we got along OK. They had a little girl, Leah, who was four years younger than me.
When I turned fifteen Abraham had a long talk with me – I thought it was going to be about the birds and bees, but it turned out to be a lot more than that. He said that when our great-great-grandparents came over from Scotland they brought some family traditions with them that were a little different. One was that when a boy turned 15 one of the older women in the extended family would take him for three days and teach him the responsibilities and the joys of sex. He might then visit with two other older women, again for three days each. From then on the boy was considered to be a man. My Ma’s older sister Sarah had volunteered to be the first and I was to take the bus up into the mountains to be with her that weekend. Then, when I came back, Aunt Hagar would teach me some more of the things that I needed to know. There weren’t any other female relatives, so that would be the end of my training.
Aunt Sarah was in her early fifties but she looked older than that. We were alone on her little farm and there was a lot of work to keeping it up. I helped all I could and that didn’t leave much time for the teaching. Aunt Sarah taught me how to be considerate of a woman’s feelings and how to make love to her so that she would be pleasured and reach an orgasm. Surprising to me, as elderly as she was, she actually responded to the caresses and fondling that she told me how to do, and reached a climax of pleasure at least once each of the first two days and three times on the third day. Since she was so old, I took the teaching just like I was in a classroom and tried hard to remember all that she told and showed me. I did get an erection several times, but I was too grossed out to take it to completion. When I was leaving, she said that Hagar would be different. She was still young and would help me to learn how to enjoy myself, but I was always to remember to make the experience good for my partner too.
Aunt Hagar was 27 and looked like a teenager. I had noticed what a great body she had when I first went to live with them and had sometimes jerked off just thinking about her. On my first day back home she got Abraham off to work and Leah to school and then pulled me into their bedroom, saying she couldn’t wait any longer for the lessons to begin. She pulled her dress up over her head and stood there nude. Then she undressed me, got down on her knees and took my penis in her mouth, pumping her head back and forth, and in no time flat I erupted into her mouth. For the rest of that day, until it was nearly time for Leah to come home, she showed me all of the different positions for intercourse and I practiced each one until she said that I’d gotten that hang of it. I lost count of the number of times that I shot a huge load into her vagina or across her tits.
The next day she had me review each of the positions with her, asking what parts of me were stimulated and what felt really good, and then had me choose the one that was the most fun for me. Well, I liked to have her on top and leaning over so that I could play with and suck on her breasts. I guess that she liked that too because that is all that we did all morning long. That afternoon she said that it was time for me to show her what I had learned from her sister Sarah. I started out just kissing her and fondling her breasts and went on to licking and kissing down her stomach into that triangle of curly black hair. I opened her lips and slipped my tongue inside, slowly running it up and down from one end of her slit to the other, taking care to tease her clit on each pass. This turned her on a lot more than it did for Aunt Sarah, and she started humping my face to get harder contact. She pulled my head into her crotch and screamed for me to “do my clit – do my clit.” Then she had one orgasm right after another as I sucked and nibbled on her clit. Finally she asked me to stop as she was completely wrung out and couldn’t take any more. She thanked me over and over for the best cunnilingus (a new word for my expanding vocabulary) that she had ever had. After we relaxed, and maybe even napped for a few minutes, she climbed on top of me and repeated the same wonderful sex that we’d had that morning.
On the following day she said that this was graduation day, but only after we had reviewed all of the things that Sarah and she had taught me. Again she quickly yanked her dress over her head and had me fondle and make love to her beautiful body while she undressed me. Aunt Hagar asked me to use my expert tongue to bring her to as fantastic a climax as she had yesterday, which I was happy to do. She almost passed out in ecstasy as I not only licked and sucked on her clit, but also had two fingers up her vagina. After she recovered, we then tried several different positions and some variations. I liked the spoon and its reverse, missionary and doggie style, really enjoyed the 69, but my favorite was still having Aunt Hagar on top. She was very athletic and generated a lot of wonderful sensations as she bounced up and down. After lunch she said that since I particularly enjoyed having her on top, she would show me a secret technique that her father had shown to her. She took me out to the garage and had me lie on a mattress on the floor under a gunny sack that was hanging by a series of ropes from a pulley attached to a roof beam. When she sat in the sack it folded up around her so that she was doubled up with her head and feet up in the air and her sexy ass and pubic hair were sticking out the bottom through a hole in the sack. She pulled on the dangling rope from the pulley and lifted herself up into the air and had me position myself under her. She let herself down until she impaled herself on my stiff rod. Then she slowly pulled the rope up and down so that her vagina slipped up and down on me. With the set of multiple pulleys she had to pull the rope a good foot to get an inch of movement on my prick. Boy that really felt good. She was in such an unusual position that she really clamped tight around my prick and at an angle a little off from vertical. After a while she began to jerk the rope faster. Then I just laid back and spun her around. I kept her spinning for at least a half an hour as I had orgasm after orgasm and so did she. I’m not sure that I would have ever stopped, but we were interrupted when Leah came home from school early and wondered what all the noise in the garage was about. She apparently watched us for a little while and then removed her clothes and asked if she could join in doing what looked like fun. Aunt Hagar freaked. Her eleven year old daughter had just caught her naked and fucking the boy who was like a brother to her, and in a very weird (but wonderful) way. She climbed out of the sack and ushered Leah back into the house, telling her that she wasn’t to tell her father what she saw just now and that she was too young to even talk about it. By this time I was completely limp so I sneaked into the house, avoiding them, got dressed and stayed in my room.
Aunt Hagar told me the next day that I was never to discuss “that damn contraption” with Uncle Abraham and certainly nothing, about what we had done, with Leah. She said that she had explained enough to Leah to satisfy her curiosity and to have her keep it a secret.

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Billy Bob Chapter 2 (Marriage)
When I first came to live with Uncle Abraham and Hagar, Leah was a real pest, but after several years she started tagging along when I went to Friday night Bible class every week. That was while she was in sixth grade, so I didn’t pay much attention to her. As long as she didn’t bother me, I let her tag. Things changed after she caught me with her ma in the garage. She wanted to talk as we walked over to the church and on the way home, the only times that we were alone together. At first it was just about me: what had it been like to lose my folks; did I like playing football at school; was I good in arithmetic (actually I was studying geometry). Then she started asking about the girls that I knew; did I like any one in particular; had I had sex with any of them like I had with her ma? WOW! Now I was freaked. I told her that she could never tell about that and that I wouldn’t discuss it with her. She wouldn’t let go of it so I did finally tell her about Uncle Abraham’s talk about how our Scottish ancestors changed a 15 year-old boy into a man. She must have thought about that for several weeks and actually went to the library to see if she could find more information. The only thing she could find, she told me the next week, was that people in Scotland used to live so far apart that young people rarely saw anyone who wasn’t a relative. It was therefore common for cousins to “have intimate relations and to marry when the first child was on the way.” She said that she would like to do that with me. Soon thereafter, she started coming into my room at night to talk, and sometimes had a very revealing nightgown on. Once when I couldn’t help but notice her body, I got a hard-on and she could see the tent in my PJs. She smiled and put her hand around it and felt it get much harder. She said that her ma had told her to not leave a man like that because he would hurt, so she pulled my prick out and masturbated me until I shot a wad over her hand. She licked it off and said that she liked doing that for me. I’ll have to admit that I liked it too, but knew that it was wrong. I wouldn’t let her do it again for some months, but did enjoy chatting with her in my bed late at night. It turned out, when I got to know her better, that she was a fairly smart girl and that we had a lot of common interests. After several months she again asked to help relieve my erection, asking so nicely that I couldn’t say no. This time she wanted me to just put my hand on her pubic area so she could feel good too. This didn’t seem, at the time, to be so terribly wrong so I did it and found that increased my excitement too. Before long we were fondling each other two or three nights a week, with both of us reaching climaxes. Needless to say, we became very close.
When I turned 16 I quit school and started working full time at the local gas station. Almost a year later was when we decided to get married. By that time we found that we were badly tempted to go “all the way,” even though we had decided that we were going to wait until after we were married. Anyway, when Leah turned thirteen we ran off to Atlanta and got hitched. Leah’s folks were real unhappy with us at the time, but accepted it as the right thing to do, just a lot earlier than they had hoped for. They even let us move in to Leah’s room until I could save up enough to rent somewhere else.
People who read those trashy magazines just don’t understand what real love is, so I’m going to try to tell what it meant to us. While we lived at Leah’s home, we made love almost every night. The hardest part of that was keeping quiet so her folks wouldn’t hear us. Leah would usually get so worked up that she’d be telling me to “do it harder” or to go “faster, faster” and her voice would get louder and louder as she approached her climax. Now I don’t mean to brag, but I’m hung pretty good and Leah does reach a climax almost every time we make love. In fact, I often have to slow down so that she doesn’t come way before I’m ready. During those early months, we were still just doing it in the missionary position, so it was hard to adjust our lovemaking so that we were both satisfied at about the same time. We were so in love that we often went to sleep still connected, and then some time later in the night I’d wake up with a full erection, still in Leah, and she would be making her vagina pulse, alternately squeezing me and relaxing and then moving her hips back and forth just a little to gently slide back and forth on my prick. She said that sometimes she could get off without me even waking up.
The following spring we were able to rent a house out in the country. It was only one room and the water and facilities were out back, but it was like heaven to us. I picked up the Sunday newspapers from some of our friends at church, and we used the colored sections and flour and water paste to paper the inside. It looked real homey and cheerful when we were through. At last we could be alone and do what we wanted when we wanted. Actually, that situation only lasted a few months.

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Billy Bob Chapter 3 (House Guest)
Leah’s best girlfriend was Rachel. Even though Rachel was several years older, they had lived next door to each other from the time they were babies and were as close as two sisters could be. Late that fall, Rachel’s folks moved to Israel and she had pleaded with them to be able to stay to finish her sophomore year of high school. Aunt Hagar agreed to room and board her for the five or six months remaining, so they let her stay. After her folks were gone, she started coming out to our place evenings and biking back to town later that night. After a few months of that, she and Leah convinced Uncle Abraham and Hagar that it would be OK if she just moved in with us for the rest of the winter.
Now that complicated our life some. We still hadn’t been able to buy a bed – just used the pallet that Leah’d always slept on. Rachel had her own furniture, a bed, chest and chair, which I hauled out to our house on a truck borrowed from the station. The very first night she asked us to share the bed with her, with Leah in the middle and Rachel on one side and me on the other. Leah thought that was a great idea, “just like old times,” she said. Now when Leah decides to do something, she can be real stubborn about it. I tried to talk her out of having Rachel move in with us, and lost, but this was just too much. I put my foot down and said “no way am I going to sleep in that bed too.” Well, that night I slept on the pallet and Leah and Rachel slept in the bed. They kept me awake with their talking and giggling for half the night. By the end of the week I was starved for some affection and told Leah so. She said that she and Rachel had already talked about that and had decided on the solution. That night she came to my pallet to make love; I was pretty uncomfortable with having Rachel so near, but Leah said it was OK with both of them. By the end of the next week, I guess that I had gotten somewhat used to the situation and it didn’t bother me so much. In fact, when Leah started moaning and yelling for me to “really move it,” I didn’t even try to shush her. After we had both climaxed and laid there for a little while, just cuddling, Rachel asked us to both get up on the bed so she could talk to us.
I couldn’t find my underwear in the dark, so, since it was so dark we both just sat on the bed buck naked. Rachel said that this just wasn’t working out for her. She could hear us making love and could even see a little bit when a car’s headlights swept by. She could see just enough that she could tell that we didn’t know the various positions and techniques that even she knew about, and she was sure that there were more that creative young people could imagine. Her older brother had told her some of them; he and she had watched her parents (through the transom over the door connecting their bedrooms) make love in various ways, and afterward had even tried some variations together. So, since she was getting really turned on by hearing and watching us, and since she really needed to release her pent-up desires, she proposed that she teach us some of the fun ways of making love and at the same time to work off her needs too. Leah was all for doing it. She said that Rachel was closer to her than most sisters and that she was willing to share anything and everything with her. I told Leah that I had been taught all of the ways of making love, but just hadn’t tried all of them with her as yet. To be honest, I was afraid and so held back, further saying that I thought our marriage was just for the two of us and that we would discover other ways of doing it by ourselves.
The two girls whispered something together, giggled, and then Leah started tickling me causing me to double over and roll on the bed. Then both girls were laughing and tickling me and having a hilarious time. Now, I’m very ticklish, so in no time I was completely helpless and at their mercy. Then, by some signal of mutual consent, they both stopped tickling me, Leah pushed me back, pressing her lips to mine and pinned me to the bed on my back, and Rachel put her lips around my limp dick. I was so taken aback that I just stiffened up and felt like this was some nightmare. She was moving her mouth up and down on my manhood and Leah was not only letting her do it, but encouraged her to do it a little faster. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Even though this was against all of my moral principles, my body quickly started responding to their actions and before my mind could decide what to do next my penis stood at full erection. Rachel would slide her mouth down until the end of me touched the back of her throat, then withdraw with kind of a twisting motion until she could swirl her tongue four or five times around the head of my prick, and then repeat the full motion again. I don’t think she had done that more than 6 or 8 times before I couldn’t help myself – I shot a huge wad of cum right into the back of her throat. Rachel appeared to swallow some of it and then invited Leah to enjoy the left-overs; as they kissed I could see Leah sucking more of my cum from Rachel’s mouth, savoring it for a moment, and then swallowing it. The two girls were really turned on by this time and Rachel said that it would be nice if they could pleasure each other right in front of me so that I could enjoy it too. With that they lay side by side with their heads in opposite directions, opened their legs wide, and began running their tongues around each others outer lips and then delved in deeper. Rachel raised her head once and asked me to come closer so I could see how she was giving pleasure to Leah. When the next car passed, I could see that she had her tongue well in and was licking around and around. She said that she was on Leah’s love button. She stopped talking then as both girls started moaning and thrashing around so that both had to hang on tightly to keep their mouths connected with the others genitals. I had to move clear off the bed to avoid their flailing around. Finally, they both reached climaxes at almost the same time and turned around and clinched each other tightly and kissed deeply, holding on to that kiss as they relaxed and finally just lay there. Well, I didn’t know what to do; I had just participated, however unwillingly at the start, in what I guessed was an orgy, and while my conscience bothered me, it certainly had felt very good. It was then that the girls told me that they had been planning this ever since we were married.

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Billy Bob Chapter 4 (Satisfying Our Guest)
The next day was Sunday and after we got back home from church, Leah suggested that we try some new things that Rachel had told her about, but in the full light of day. Before I could say what I thought about it, they both quickly shed their clothes and then came to me to help me out of mine. Now I knew that Rachel was a good looking girl, but I had never seen her nude and so had no idea as to what a stunner she really was. Her hair and eyebrows were a lustrous black, as was the luxurious triangle of hair around her privates. I would guess that her measurements were 32 – 22 – 34, very curvaceous. Her breasts did not need the help of a bra, they were perfectly shaped with small pink nipples standing out invitingly. And with all of the beauty of her body, her face was even more beautiful. The coloration of her skin was as though she had a healthy suntan. As they undressed me, and I enjoyed more fully the sight of Rachel au natural, my penis started coming to attention, much to my embarrassment. Leah laughed, touched my dick lightly, and said it looked like we were going to have some fun.
Leah said that Rachel was a virgin, but really wanted to change that before she had to join her parents. With no further explanation or discussion, Leah told me to watch her closely as she initiated foreplay with Rachel. They laid on the bed and Leah started kissing Rachel on the mouth and letting her tongue roam her lips and the inside of her mouth. At the same time she was caressing her breasts and circling her nipples with her fingers. Rachel was responding in a similar fashion but would gently bite on Leah’s lower lip and at the same time tweak her nipples with what to me appeared to be a rather hard pinch. As they both became aroused and their actions became more rapid, Rachel reached down to Leah’s genitals and started massaging her clitoris. Now Leah is very sensitive there, so she asked Rachel to use her tongue instead and twisted around so that they were in a 69 position with Leah on top. By this time I was very hot too and asked them what I could do to help. Leah reluctantly straightened up so that her pussy was still in contact with Rachel’s mouth and tongue, and allowed me to put my head between Rachel’s legs. I first licked the inside of her thighs, working my way up to her crotch. She obligingly lifted her hips so that I could lick between her lips and her anus, but then let her hips down again, inviting me in. I parted her pubic hair and gently licked around the inside of her lips. She became somewhat stimulated by this (and also by her ministrations to Leah’s pussy); between my saliva and her lubricating fluid, she became quite wet. Encouraged, I allowed my tongue to contact her clit and then embraced it with my lips and sucked on it, gathering some of the wetness in my mouth. I was holding her lips wide apart so that I could get my face in full contact with her pussy and my lips fully around her clitoris. Then I licked her clit with my tongue and circled my tongue around and across it. Now I had to hold on to her hips tightly to keep my face in her pussy, as she was beginning to gyrate her hips quite violently. She took her mouth away from Leah long enough to beg me to come on in, but I was on the verge of coming and I wanted her first time to be better than a slam-bam-thank-you-mam. So I asked Leah to bring me to a climax so that I could pleasure Rachel with some leisure, just as her ma had taught me. Leah got off of Rachel, slid down in the bed and took my penis in her mouth while I continued to please Rachel. She no longer moved her hips as violently, probably missing some of the joy of her contact with Leah, but seemed to just lay back and enjoy the experience, although with some mounting tension as she approached her climax. Leah had not moved her lips up and down my shaft more than three or four times before I came in a huge spurt. She held it all in her mouth, extracting every last bit of it from me, and then moved up to share it with Rachel. That was the crowning event and Rachel reached her climax, filling my mouth with more of her fluids. Then I moved up to kiss her mouth and share her fluids with those of mine that were still in her mouth and gently slipped my prick into her waiting vagina. She was so hot and her muscles so relaxed that I slipped right in my full length, encountering no obstruction whatsoever. I asked her if we could just lay together like that as we cooled down and feel the intimacy of our closeness, and that after a while we could have intercourse and take our time doing it so as to savor the pleasure.
While we were cooling down a bit, Leah moved up to again kiss Rachel and to massage one of her breasts, first with her whole hand and then circling her nipples with two fingers and tweaking them gently. Seeing that Rachel was enjoying that attention, I began to tongue her other breast and suckle that nipple. It had only been 5 or 10 minutes (I wasn’t watching the clock) since both of us had orgasms, but I could feel Rachel’s vagina contracting spasmodically on my penis. It had softened a bit and had started retracting from her warm envelopment, but as she pulsed more strongly and often I began to harden and grow larger. Rachel sensed that I was aroused again and said that she was ready to loved. Leah moved off of the bed so that she would not disturb our love-making and I started a slow and short stroke, only moving in and out a small distance with my prick buried fully in her love canal. I was also continuing to suckle her nipples one at a time while massaging the other breast. Looking to see how Leah was accepting my making love to another girl, she gave me a wide grin, gave me a thumbs up, and urged me to make it last for a long time. She was enjoying watching us and sharing our pleasures. She also had two fingers in her pussy and was doing it just as slowly as I was. With that encouragement, and with Rachel telling me that it felt wonderful and couldn’t I do it a little harder, I maintained my slow movement but began to come out farther with each stroke until I was almost withdrawing from her and then easing in to my full length again. The head of my penis was now very sensitive and I could feel little variations in the throat of her vagina, almost like it was slightly corrugated and had a few little pimples on its inside. I kept that up for quite a long time, surprising myself that I could hold out that long; in fact, I was quite relaxed and just enjoying the warm sensations of my movement and the warm feelings from both Leah and Rachel. Rachel was whispering endearments to me, telling me how good it felt, how much she liked it, and thanking me for making it such a wonderful first-time experience. Her voice was a little husky and as time went on she began to breath hard and finally to pant in time with my caresses. Now I was unable to ignore the passion that I had generated in Rachel and began to speed up a little. As I quickened my pace my prick swelled to its fullest and I began to pull out clear to her lips and then slam in to my full depth. By now I was becoming as hot as Rachel and I began to wonder if I was going to come before she did. I was relieved when she had her first prolonged orgasm and I was able to continue fucking her with all my might for another several minutes as she hollered for more, until she had a second orgasm. When that happened I blew my load at the same time and collapsed on her with my mouth covering hers as we let our tongues wander and said loving things to each other. Then Leah crawled onto the bed and put her arms around both of us, telling me that she appreciated what I had done for Rachel and kissing and loving Rachel and saying how glad she was for her. The three of us just laid there for a long time, enjoying the afterglow and being very comfortable as we hugged and kissed each other.
In the remaining two months before Rachel had to leave for Israel, we made love together three or four times a week as I gradually tried different positions and techniques that I’d learned from my aunts. As the weather warmed up, I particularly looked forward to Sunday when, after church, we would go into the back yard where we couldn’t be seen from the road and make love in the bright sunshine. On the last Sunday afternoon as we were just laying nude on some blankets, and looking forward to some fun love-making, Rachel and Leah had just gotten into a 69 position when Lon, the star athlete of the senior class, walked around the house and caught us. We were completely flustered; the girls tried to cover their pubic areas with one hand and put their arms over their breasts to hide themselves and I didn’t know what to do. He was initially just as taken aback as we were, but he recovered quickly and said that he had just come to ask Rachel to substitute for one of the cheerleaders at next weeks wrestling match, but had always wanted to be naked in the sun too. Action followed words as he quickly shed his clothes too. Now we surely didn’t know how to react. He then said that apparently he had interrupted a party but wanted us to continue and he would like to participate too and join in our fun. He was already getting an erection when Leah said that no way would she have sex with him, but would have me and he could watch if he wanted to. With that, Leah pulled me back down on top of her and asked me to fuck her good. Rachel said that she had wondered what it would be like to be a cheerleader and be loved by the star football player. She then walked up to Lon, threw her arms around him, and planted a torrid kiss on him. Hugging her close, his prick slipped between her legs and I could see the head protruding at the back of her thighs. His dong must have been ten inches long and thick too; I’ve never seen one that big, before then or since. Rachel was feeling that mighty thing between her legs and appeared somewhat hesitant and turned to Leah for support. She said “you’ll never know unless you try it.” With that Lon laid her down and immediately buried his face in her cunt and put both of his large hands to work on her breasts. I couldn’t tell what his tongue was doing, but it appeared to satisfy Rachel as she started telling him when she liked it or where to put his tongue in a better place. Now I was humping Leah laying right next to them, but I couldn’t really keep my mind on what I was doing so I asked Leah to come on top and screw me. She was only too willing to oblige me and soon was bouncing up and down on my rod while I watched Rachel and Lon. She was getting really hot and was begging Lon to “come on in.” This he soon did and set up a rapid thumping of her pussy with his balls slapping her ass. She told me later that his dick penetrated a lot farther into her than mine did (well duh!) and that it really turned her on. Anyway, as he picked up his rhythm Rachel was screaming “faster, faster” and “harder, harder” and then she had a whole series of orgasms. Lon finally came too and just rolled off her onto his back, panting heavily and apparently exhausted. His penis was still standing at full attention, all ten inches of it. Leah was watching all of this and mentally comparing that ten inches with my six or seven and since I wasn’t helping her at all she suddenly got off of me and plumped herself down on his big prick and continued bouncing up and down. She too found the deep penetration very exciting and it didn’t take her long before she had first one orgasm followed quickly by a second. As she stopped quivering she lifted herself off of him and laid on top of Rachel, holding her close and kissing deeply. I then told Lon that it was time for him to go, that he was not welcome to come back here again, and that if he ever breathed a word of what we had done that I would catch him some night and shatter both his knees with a baseball bat. Without a word he put on his clothes, and then said “Ladies, it was most enjoyable. If you ever want it again, you’ll have to come to me” and started to leave. Rachel called after him that she’d be at the wrestling match and afterward they maybe could do a little wrestling of their own.

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Billy Bob Chapter 5 (Helping a Psychologist)
Rachel graduated soon thereafter and left to join her folks in Israel. That left a void in our lives that we hastened to fill by rejoining the church youth group, Young Lives, or YL for short. We met every Friday night and Leah and I started becoming reacquainted with a number of old friends with whom we had lost track after our marriage. While we enjoyed the whole group, we became closer to one couple in particular. The brightest and prettiest girl in my high school class was Sarah Shanks and she had married Dr. Jefferson Clinton. Sarah had never dated any of the fellows in school so we were all a little surprised when she married Jefferson. We’d never even seen them out together before they eloped. He was the only psychologist in town, a stand-offish kind of guy, always wore a suit and tie, and was about 15 years older than Sarah. While that may sound like an odd combination, Leah and I found them interesting and enjoyed being with them. After several months, Jefferson rather formally invited us over to their house after the YL meeting. He served some blackberry wine and we just sat around and talked for a while. This happened a few more times and then we kind of got in the habit of going home with them for a little wine and talk after each YL meeting.
After a while we became close enough that we shared our innermost thoughts and feelings. It was then that we found out that Sarah had been seeing Jefferson professionally for several years because her daddy had been forcing himself on her whenever he got drunk since she was 8 or 9 years old. That was why she never dated in high school, she just couldn’t stand to have a boy close to her. Jefferson had helped her understand that it wasn’t her fault that her daddy repeatedly raped her. He had tried to help her get rid of her phobia about intercourse, without much success, but in the process they developed a love for each other, resulting in their elopement. Jefferson told us all about this one night and Sarah corroborated his story, adding a few graphic details about her daddy’s invasion of her body. He would come home from the tavern, tell his wife to go out on the porch and then he would lift up Sarah’s nightgown, yank it off over her head and make her get up to do a little dance for him. He had taught her to kind of swing and sway her cunt just inches away from his face as he pulled his prick out of his pants. Then she had to lick it and take it in her mouth until he had a big hard-on and then he would push her back on the floor and rape her until he injected a big load into her. When he was really drunk, that took a long long time; sometimes he just passed out right on top of her. Her mother would then help get him to bed. Jefferson said that he had tried to get her mother to back up Sarah’s story so they could put her dad away, but she was too afraid of him. He added that he and Sarah were still unable to have sex together after six months of marriage, but were continuing to work toward that goal. He said that if we had any suggestions on what they might do to help them reach that goal, they would surely appreciate hearing from us.
On Sunday afternoon, after we had our frolic in bed, Leah said that maybe there was a way we could help them. She said that Sarah was afraid of the violence of intercourse, that maybe she wasn’t even aware of how pleasant it could be. Her suggestion was for us to show Sarah how nice it was, somewhat like we had done for Rachel, but to not directly involve Sarah in our love making. I was really hesitant about doing that, but finally agreed that we could at least suggest it privately to Jefferson and see what he thought of it. Leah went down to his office the next day and he said that it might be worth a try. The following Friday night Jefferson brought up the idea to Sarah who at first felt she would be too embarrassed to be able to watch someone else “do it.” Leah finally persuaded her that it would just be like watching an X-rated movie, so Leah and I went into their bedroom and undressed. Then, when Leah called, both Sarah and Jefferson came in, at which I said we were just planning to let Sarah watch. Jefferson then said that her mental state was still quite delicate and that it was necessary that he be present to monitor how she was responding. However, to make us more comfortable they would take off most of their clothes too. Leah said it was OK if it would help Sarah, so Sarah skinned down to just her panties and bra and Jefferson left on his briefs. We started out standing up and holding each other closely and kissing and saying little endearments to each other. After a time, we then laid on the bed and continued our foreplay. When I started kissing Leah’s breasts and tonguing her nipples, she tried to describe what that felt like to Sarah – more or less keeping up a running commentary. Finally she asked me to go down on her to really bring her emotions to a peak. When I had my face buried deep in her pussy, she asked Sarah to come over closer so she could see what I was doing. I tried to lean my face sideways so she could see what my tongue was doing, but I don’t think she could really see it in any detail. Sarah did stay close from then on, leaning her elbows on the bed and with a rapt expression on her face. Leah continued her narrative about what it felt like, but her voice became more strained as time went on. At last she said that she was really hot and wanted me to come on in. I moved up to enter her and also to resume French kissing her. All of her talk had gotten me pretty hot too so while I tried to keep a slow and gentle pace (for Sarah’s sake) I couldn’t help but speed up and finally was just slamming the old meat to her. Leah was completely ready for this, had one orgasm and then just as I started coming had a second one. We both collapsed into each others arms and told Sarah how wonderful it was and how loving we felt toward each other afterward. Sarah had taken all of this in without comment, but finally said that maybe she was starting to feel a little different about sex and that we had helped her. With that, she and Jefferson left us to our privacy.
The following week Sarah said that she hoped we would be willing to show her again how to obtain those good feelings, maybe even that night. Jefferson said that indeed it would be a good idea to follow up on her therapy quickly, so we agreed. We essentially repeated our performance of the previous week, not wanting to introduce any variations to Sarah this early. There was a difference however. When they came in, they were both nude and initially Sarah sat in Jefferson’s lap. When I moved down to tongue Leah’s love button, Sarah again came over to the bed but this time Leah had Sarah put her hand on Leah’s breast. As things progressed, she asked Sarah to kiss her breasts and while she was doing that Leah stroked Sarah’s breast too. Sarah was a little miffed when I moved up and took her place, so after we reached our climaxes and had relaxed for a little while, Leah asked Sarah if they could perhaps be alone together for a while so she could tell her more about how she felt. Sarah readily agreed and asked us men to leave. The girls were in there for at least another half hour and then reappeared smiling and feeling very good with themselves. Sarah asked us to be sure to come again the next Friday because she felt that she was making real progress. On the way home Leah told me that she had made love to Sarah and that both had really enjoyed it.
Next week Sarah served us several glasses of elderberry wine and then said that she would like to have Leah make love to her again, but this time she wanted Jefferson to watch. Leah quickly agreed and the two of them disappeared into the bedroom. Jefferson got undressed and I did the same, deciding to not be left out, and then we went in too. The girls were kissing and moving their hands all over the others body, quickly changing to holding their breasts and tweaking their nipples. After quite a long time, Sarah asked if they could do the 69 again, which Leah immediately moved to accomplish. It did not take very long before Sarah was panting, squirming madly, and finally reached a shattering orgasm. They lay together for a while and then Leah said that she was unfulfilled – she needed to have a climax too. As I started to climb onto the bed, she said “No, we’re doing this for Sarah’s benefit, so it has to be the next step in her therapy. Sarah doesn’t know that Jefferson can be gentle with her, so I think we have to let him show her. Do you want to have him pleasure you or me?” Sarah spoke up then and said that she wanted Jefferson to pleasure Leah and took my arm to lead me away from the bed. As I started to object, Jefferson shushed me and said that as a professional psychologist he had performed similar roles many times and that he would maintain a professional clinical attitude. Further, it was extremely important for Sarah to see him as a role model and someone she could trust as a sexual partner. He would just be like an actor in a play, with no emotional involvement at all. He sounded very authoritative and made it sound kind of like a house call by a doctor, so I backed off. He told Sarah then to think of it as though she were the one on the bed and the one being loved. Jefferson lay next to Leah and initially held her in his arms, kissing her slowly on the mouth and then on her neck. His hands caressed her body and as she responded to them he moved one hand down to her love triangle and gently inserted one finger. Leah arched her body against his finger, urging him to massage her clit. As his finger probed delicately into her love passage he also started sucking on her nipples. By now Leah was really into this and was humping his finger as hard as she could and quickly reached orgasm. Jefferson left his finger where it was but no longer rubbed her love button, and placed lingering kisses on her mouth. As they cooled down, Jefferson told Sarah that they could have sex in just that way without him shoving his penis into her. They could do that for a while until she felt ready to go all the way. However, that would leave him, like right now, with an erection and his balls would start hurting pretty soon because he hadn’t had a climax. Leah responded by telling Sarah that she would show her how to keep Jefferson from hurting so bad, and proceeded to put her mouth around his dick, applying suction and moving her head in and out rapidly. Once in a while she would stop at the end of his penis and roll her tongue lovingly around the tip. Leah is really good at giving head, so it didn’t take too long for Jefferson to ejaculate into her mouth. Leah got off the bed, went over to Sarah saying that she should share Jefferson’s love juices with her. As they kissed, their tongues explored each others mouth and they shared his cum. They were so engrossed in each other that I thought they would make love again, but after a while they separated and Leah and I went home.

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Billy Bob Chapter 6 (More Therapy)
The following Friday Sarah was again eager for us to come over to their home after YL. After we had a glass of wine, Jefferson said that Sarah still would not let him approach her sexually and he was now pretty sure that it was their age difference that was getting in the way. Since she had never dated, she was missing an entire chapter of her life. What she needed in the next stage of her therapy was to make love with someone her own age so she could experience young love and fill in some of those missing experiences. He asked Leah if she was willing for me to help with this next stage of therapy and she thought about it only for a moment before saying yes. So what was I to do? I had to go along with it too. Jefferson said that he trusted me to do the right thing and wanted me to take Sarah in their car out to Lover’s Lane and, to the extent that Sarah was willing, to make out with her in the back seat. Now I haven’t told you much about Sarah, but she is a beautiful redhead with voluptuous curves. She is six feet tall, has fully developed firm breasts with little pink nipples, a tiny waist and her pubic hair is a luxuriant triangle and curly and a pretty pale tint of burnt orange. Every boy in high school had panted after her, and many had probably masturbated with her image in mind, so I actually started looking forward to our therapy session.
We left Leah and Jefferson at home and drove off. I asked Sarah to sit closer to me and put my arm around her, trying to remember just how I had acted in high school. When I parked I turned and kissed her gently on the mouth. She was receptive so I continued kissing and put my hand on her back and held her closer. She was the first to tentatively move her tongue between my lips, so as we continued French kissing I slid my hand under her blouse and up her back to where her bra was fastened. She didn’t pull away so I fumbled with the bra hooks (it had been a long time since I’d had any practice doing that) and finally got them all undone. As I kissed her on the neck and put my tongue in her ear I moved my hand around to the front and up to her breast. She stiffened up a little at that, but didn’t say anything. After a while she relaxed some so I suggested we get in the back seat as the steering wheel was gouging me in the ribs. We moved the seats forward to make more room in the back, climbed over the seat backs and settled into more comfortable positions in the back. I asked her if it would be all right to kiss her breasts and she said she thought she would like that. Lifting her blouse, I started sucking on one nipple while massaging her other breast. Sarah was saying little things, almost under her breath, like “Does it feel good?” “Yes!” “What am I feeling?” “Warm!” “Do I like him?” “Yes!” “Do I want him to go further?” “I think so!” and things like that. So I asked her to lay down on the seat while I knelt on the floor and continued tonguing her nipple but now let one hand roam down to her leg and slowly inch up the inside of her thigh. She almost sat up when my hand reached her panties and she started to push my hand away, but then lay back down and pulled her blouse up so I could continue my love making there. I let my hand stay still for a while and then moved it up on the outside of her panties so that it was resting on her pubic area. She continued whispering about how she was feeling and finally said that she would like it if I put my hand inside of her panties, which I proceeded to do. I let it roam around over her love triangle for a while and then gently edged my finger just barely into her pussy. She was starting to breath a little heavily now so I again kissed her on the mouth and inserted my tongue at the same time that I let my finger contact her love button. At first there was no reaction, but as I moved my finger around some, circling and lightly sliding over her clitoris, her whispers resumed their satisfied tone and suggestions of pleasure. I resumed giving attention to her breasts and explored where my finger seemed to give the most pleasure. Did Leah’s running commentary during our first demonstration suggest to Sarah that such was a part of love making? If so, it surely made it easier for me as she verbally guided many of my movements. By now she was no longer whispering but was telling me in no uncertain terms that she wanted more, and faster, and a little more pressure. I became concerned that she was going to climax without my entering her, so I pulled my hands back to unzip my jeans and told her that it was time for me to come in. She scooted up on the seat to make some room for me and I lifted the crotch of her panties aside and slid in to home base. I was pretty sure that after being raped by her daddy so often that she knew what to expect, so I didn’t wait for any comments from her but set up a slow even stroke, in and out to my full length. She did say immediately that I was a little bigger than her daddy was and that felt real good. Then she started urging me to do it harder. I had to put one leg back on the floor, to get enough leverage to pound into her hard, and she put one leg up over my shoulder, either to get it out of the way or because that gave her a better position. I think it must have been a good position because before too long she put her other leg over my other shoulder, leaving me lots of room to really fuck her good. It wasn’t long before I came in a big spurt, filling her cunt full. As I stopped moving, she said “I’m not ready to quit yet, keep going!” I was able to do that only for a minute or two, but my prick quickly became flaccid and finally just fell out of her. Knowing how important this was for her, I then put my mouth to her pussy and licked her clitoris as fast and hard as I could. She had been near a climax so it didn’t take long for her to have an orgasm. She then thanked me, saying that this was an experience that she hadn’t had as a school girl and that maybe it would really help her to become a true wife to Jefferson. We adjusted our clothes, climbed back into the front seat and started for home. I pulled her over close and cuddled her a bit and nibbled on her ear to show that I had really enjoyed the night and felt close to her. She told me that she had heard other girls talk about giving head in the car, but didn’t quite know how to do it and could she try it with me. Without waiting for an answer, she unzipped my pants, pulled my limp dong out and covered it with her mouth. I had to slide the seat back to give her some room and told her that it was too soon after we had made love for me to respond. Nevertheless, she continued and damned if my prick didn’t start swelling. I slowed down so we wouldn’t get back to her house too soon, let my seat back tilt back some more, and just let myself enjoy it. I suggested a little more back and forth motion and using her tongue to lick the end of the penis and she responded like a pro. Just before we pulled into her driveway, I exploded, filling her mouth as I had her vagina less than half an hour earlier. She gulped every bit of it and proceeded to lick my dick clean, swallowing all of that too. Two kids in high school couldn’t have had a better time than we had that night.

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Billy Bob Chapter 7 (Mutual Therapy)
When we walked in to Sarah and Jefferson’s home, the door to the bedroom was open and there lay Leah and Jefferson, buck naked with their arms around each other and sound asleep. Sarah screamed at Jefferson first and as he rolled off the bed I punched him on the jaw, knocking him back onto the bed. He held up his hands to protect himself and keep me away and said that they couldn’t help themselves. After we left, they both got to thinking about what we were about to do and both were angry at first and then jealous. He said they became despondent, perhaps even a bit schizophrenic, and he decided that they would have to do something positive before they both developed a phobia about sex. He asked Leah what she could think of that would make her feel better and also wind up not hating either Sarah or me. She thought long and hard and finally said that her daddy had always said that what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, so if they (Sarah and me) were going to screw and have fun then she wanted to do the same. Jefferson said that he agreed to do that only on the basis that he would be acting in his professional capacity as a psychologist, so that is what they did. He also said that by us catching them, in what he called “a compromising position,” Sarah would not have any guilt feelings about what she did with me, and after all, it is Sarah that we are all trying to help. When he put it like that (and I had to remember that I’d had a really good time in the car) then I shook his hand when he extended it and said I’d forgive him this time and I was sorry that I had slugged him. By now Leah had her clothes on and we headed for home. As we left there, she said that Jefferson had not satisfied her and could we do it in the car before we got home? I was still a little peeved with her, so I just said “No, I can’t do it for the fourth time in one night,” stretching the truth just a little to spite her. She pouted the rest of the way home and wouldn’t have sex with me all the next week..
The following Friday night Jefferson said that he had been thinking all week about what had happened the previous week and, as a professional, he had a suggestion to make that he thought would make us all comfortable again within each of our marriages and between couples too. He said that first, tonight was the night that Sarah had agreed to have sex with him – she was now ready and willing for that. Second, for all of us to be easy again in our sexual relationships, we needed to be completely open in them. He therefor proposed that each couple make love right there on the living room floor with the lights on as bright as they’d go, and both couples do it at the same time. Then the girls should make love at the same time as he and I, and finally we would switch spousal partners again. He said that only in this way would each of us feel that they had participated equally and fully and be totally satisfied. But the main thing tonight was to finally bring Sarah across the threshold of her phobia so that she could start living a full and enjoyable life. I was the only one who didn’t start shedding their clothes immediately and Leah told me to hurry up and get out of them or she would change the order and take on Jefferson right now. I think she was still quite a little ticked off with me. Anyway, I did peel down and without any foreplay tried to slide in, but didn’t have enough of an erection. Leah came down and gave me head to get me going and then we made out. We both were kind of watching out of the corners of our eyes to see how Sarah was doing. Jefferson was taking it real slow with her and played with her breasts for a long time before exploring her glory hole with his finger. As she seemed to be enjoying his ministrations, he next used his tongue on her clitoris and found that he really had to hold on to her hips to keep his face in her pussy. By this time I’d had a small climax and Leah was really pissed with me that I hadn’t waited for her. I told her she could have a really good one with Sarah next and that probably would be therapeutic for Sarah too. So we just laid next to each other and watched Jefferson finally come up for air and start a slow rhythm with his prick buried deep inside of her and then pulling all the way out, pausing for a beat before putting it back in. Sarah just lay there for a while with a bright smile on her face and then she rapped her legs around Jefferson and started humping him. With her helping him, they picked up speed and continued and continued and continued, as though they could never get enough. Obviously, that couldn’t last forever and after a while they did both reach resounding climaxes. Both Leah and I then went to Sarah, congratulating her on finally winning out over her phobia and hugged and kissed her. Leah then asked Jefferson to move aside, that it was her turn now. I sat back to watch the girls, but Jefferson came over, put his arm around me, and said that it was our turn now. He whispered that he would like to fuck me in my bung hole, but that it was entirely up to me how I wanted to do it. I really wasn’t ready for this and said so. But he said that as a Doctor he was prescribing for me that we must have sex in some way. Would I like to suck his cock? No? Well then let him suck mine. He pushed me onto my back and laid between my legs, taking my penis in his hand and started licking the end of it. With his other hand he reached up to feel of my nipples. With out my wanting it to happen, my prick started swelling and before long I had a full erection. Then he enveloped my cock with his mouth and began to move his head in and out, keeping his lips clamped very tightly on me. Leah usually just let her lips slide back and forth, but having them squeeze my penis so hard was a new and exciting experience. I started enjoying what he was doing and didn’t care any more that it was a man doing it. With all that friction, and the sensation of feeling my head buried against his tonsils on every stroke, I came big time fairly soon. It was so good, in fact, that I wanted to do the same for him and told him so. He said that he would prefer to stand, so I got up on my knees and tried to emulate his actions. He wasn’t hung real big so I had no trouble taking all of him in and gently massaged his balls too. When he came, I let my mouth fill up and then went to the bathroom to spit it out (I didn’t like the taste), but came back to lick him clean just as he had done for me. We both thanked each other for a good job. Meanwhile, the girls were still in a 69 position and going at it lickety-split – and that’s a pun son. Jefferson brought out two dildoes and said that they might enjoy a little more stimulation. He proceeded to insert one of them into Sarah’s ass and told me to hold it in and to move it about just a little, and then the other into Leah’s ass. He held onto the dildo, moving it around slowly and little bit in and out movement as well, with is arm draped across her butt, and then he reached between the girls to massage one of their breasts, Leah’s I thought, so I did the same for Sarah. With that added action, both girls had tremendous orgasms and collapsed together.
I guess that I had been really looking forward to making love to Sarah again, so when she said that after being really turned on by Leah, she wanted to make out with Jefferson again, I found that I was quite disappointed. I said so and that freaked out Leah. She demanded to know if screwing her had become distasteful to me. If not, I’d better get it on with her and this time try a little harder to satisfy her needs. Watching Sarah get fucked slowly by Jefferson, to her great satisfaction, didn’t help me get back my erection so I had to ask Leah to suck me a little bit to get started. She did, just enough to get me up, and then she mounted me and took charge. She didn’t take it slow and easy, but rather bounced on my pelvis as fast as she could without losing her balance. She was going at it so hard that every third or fourth stroke she would raise clear off of my dick, but then return so fast that she never missed getting my organ to plunge directly into her love hole. I had one orgasm, but she didn’t even slow down to enjoy feeling my cum shoot into her. There was so much friction by now that I didn’t even start to go limp, but rather got even harder. Leah continued riding me for so long, even after I came a second time, that I was so sore and bruised that I couldn’t make love again for a whole week. Actually, that weeks pause (and the previous week while Leah was mad at me) helped us identify the exact night that Leah became pregnant.

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Billy Bob Chapter 8 (Our Daughter)
The last few months of her pregnancy, Leah looked like she had swallowed a melon that continued to grow till it was huge. We kidded a lot about her melon, so when our daughter was born we just had to call her Melony. We still lived in the one-room home out in the country and didn’t have money to buy a crib, so Melony grew up sleeping in bed with us. While she was a tiny baby we had to be careful to not bounce the bed so much as to throw her off. As she grew she became accustomed to our Sunday afternoon frolic. Sometimes she would be an interested spectator, at other times she was bored and would play with her dolly on the floor. By the time she was seven Melony often crawled into bed with us to be cuddled and kissed as we relaxed and came down from our love-making. This was a sharing time that we all enjoyed. When she was eight she would sometimes get into bed during our foreplay and pretend to nurse on one of Leah’s tits while I was kissing the other one. Leah seemed to really enjoy that. Several times she removed Melony’s clothes so she could have her lay on her stomach and play with Leah’s breasts while I had my head buried in her snatch. When I brought Leah to a climax with my tongue massaging her clit, her hips gyrated wildly and Melony would laugh and hold on to keep from falling off.
When Melony turned ten, Leah decided that it was time for her to learn to enjoy sex. She initiated her into the joy of 69. Melony had taken a spurt in growth so that while Leah was licking her cunt, Melony could actually get her mouth and tongue down to Leah’s clit too. Leah did this as sort of a birthday surprise. Melony did seem to enjoy it, but the following Sunday didn’t participate in the afternoon at all. It tuned out that she had talked to one of her friends at school about it, pretending that it was something that she had read in a men’s magazine, and the friend didn’t believe that things like that were really done. She said that it was dirty and that no girl would ever do anything like that. I’m not sure what else was said, but from then on Melony started taking more of an interest in me and in how Leah pleased me. For a number of months she observed closely but made no move to do any more than just watch. She did still occasionally cuddle up to both of us after our love-making and hug and kiss us.
One Sunday afternoon I had undressed and gotten into bed and was waiting for Leah to come to bed too, but she was busy mending a little rip in her Sunday dress. Melony got up on the bed too and asked me if I was waiting for Mommie to give me pleasure. I said yes, but that was alright because she had work to do. Then Melony asked if she could take mommies place and make me happy. She said that she knew how to do it and wanted to show me. I was somewhat taken aback by this and tried to avoid answering her by saying that I didn’t really mind waiting for Leah. Then Leah spoke up and said that it was going to take quite a bit longer to finish repairing her dress and she thought it would be nice of Melony to please daddy. With that encouragement, Melony quickly took off her Sunday clothes, laid down next to me, and gave me a big hug. She then moved up so that her head was over mine and started kissing me, but this was no childish kiss. She very expertly kissed around on my lips, sucking slightly on the lower lip, then tentatively exploring my mouth with her tongue. She repeated this several times before locking her lips to mine and extending her tongue as far as she could and sliding it over and around on my tongue. Now this was my daughter, so I was enjoying her attentions in a fatherly way and feeling a little amused at the same time. My little girl was growing up. She left her lips glued to mine for a long time and then I felt her hand gliding down my stomach until she felt of my penis. It was, of course, completely flaccid. As soon as she felt that, she said “Daddy, you’re not cooperating” just as she had heard her mother say it before. With that she slid down between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. I started to push her off, saying that I’d wait for Leah to do that, when Leah broke in and said “Go ahead Melony and be really nice to your father.” It did not take any coaxing. My daughter was giving me head just as expertly as her mother does. Against my better judgment, I laid there and let her have her fun, initially believing that I would not respond sexually to her attentions. However, it did not take very long before I started having an erection. As she let her mouth slide up and down on my now-erect prick, she was also using her tongue to lick and circle the end and even letting her teeth very gently scrape the underside as her head moved back and forth. As my prick became engorged and swelled to its full size, she increased her tempo and clamped her lips around my shaft very tightly as she continued to stroke its full length. She was even able to slide my dick into her throat and to swallow while it was there; oh what a glorious feeling that was. I tried to push her head away as I felt that I was about to come, but Leah (who had come over and sat on the bed to watch us) restrained my hand and said that Melony needed to experience the full pleasure of giving head. With that I exploded and filled my daughters mouth with my sperm. She apparently swallowed all of it and continued to caress my organ with her mouth as I came down from my high. “Daddy, did you like that” she asked, and of course it was obvious that I had. Then she wanted to know was she as good a Mommie, and I had to admit that she was every bit as good, and that with her smaller mouth and throat, was somewhat more exciting.
This blew my mind. I could not believe that I had become so sexually aroused by my own daughter, and she still a child just ten years old. Not only had I been ‘aroused’ but had actually lain there and enjoyed it. I had to tell Melony that we couldn’t do that again, trying to tell her that I certainly still loved her (when she started to cry) but as my daughter rather than a grown woman. Leah was no help either. She tried to tell me that it was OK, that it was just another way of expressing our love for one another. It was then that I laid down the law that from then on Leah and I would have our sexual relations in private – no more Sunday afternoon pleasures. For the next several weeks I was busy putting up a wall and a door to make a bedroom. It was tiny, only six feet by nine feet, but it still took up half the width of the house and cut out the light from one of the windows, leaving the house partly dark in the mornings. Leah was so put out with me that she cut me off for a whole month, but finally initiated love making one night and then resumed our Sunday afternoon sessions too.
This was the way we worked things out for the next several years. However, when Melony turned thirteen she had a long talk with Leah and apparently gave her an ultimatum. Either she was again admitted to our love-making or she would accept some of the overtures from several of the high-school boys. She said that she needed to feel loved and really needed the sexual release of being loved physically. Leah argued with me that we were pushing her out of the nest too soon and that if she let a lot of the boys screw her that she was going to be hurt terribly. There was no way that we could keep tabs on her every action, so could not prevent her becoming promiscuous if she chose to do so. I had to agree that that alternative was unacceptable, but drug my feet on having sex with her myself. I could go along with Melony being with us as we made love, and including her in the hugs and kisses to include her in our love. We talked then with Melony, and while she was unhappy with not being able to participate fully, she agreed to the new conditions. I was glad to tear down that wall; it had taken up so much of the house that we were really crowded in it.
The following Sunday after lunch we undressed and laid on the bed together. This was the first time that I’d seen Melony completely nude since she was ten, and was surprised at how much she had developed. She now had a heavy patch of hair between her legs and her breasts were nearly as fully developed as were Leah’s. I knew right then that my resolve to not include Melony in our love making was doomed to failure. After all, according to our ancient Scottish traditions, she needed instruction from a man on how to become a woman and it would be up to Uncle Abraham and I, as her only male blood relatives.

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2011-02-18 19:26:40
saw the wall of text and gave up this wannabe writer needs to be sent to stand in the corner. only a total idiot would post a story in this condition this is a first draft only and needs a good editor. remove this shit and rewrite it NOW!!!!!!!!!


2010-09-30 21:05:46
Always good to get a funny comment ... tree fucking ... oh wait, i did that too! but I was 31! Anyway, I can't agree more strongly with the paragraph comment. Please people, how hard it is? It makes such a difference.

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2010-05-20 04:23:56
grossed out ? at 15 i would have fucked a tree! wait i think i did.
worth reading again thought.

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