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Harry and the Black sisters are in Harry's room, going over the sixth year spells, with the sisters still casting surreptitious glances at the /Sex Alicia/.
There's a knock on the door and Tonks announces her presence.
When the pink haired Auror enters the room, she is once more subjected to three Finite's.
"Wotcher crew."
Harry looks at his watch, "Morning Tonks. So what brings you by so early? It's only nine and we aren't set to leave until closer to noon."
Tonks' shuffles her feet a little as she gives Harry a rather peculiar look, "I know, Harry, but I wanted to talk to you and I figured this would be the best time. Is that a problem?"
"Not at all, Bella dear, please go and bring up some tea."
Bella, wearing jeans and a shirt leaves.
Tonks swallows hard as she looks at Harry for another moment, "Harry, I need a small favor from you."
Harry nods his head, "What do you need Tonks?"
"Harry, I need to say something and I need you to let me say it without any interruptions and then think about it before you respond."
His curiosity piqued, Harry nods his head.
Tonks takes a long, steadying breath. "Ok Harry, what you said during the last Order meeting got me thinking. You were completely correct, you have more experience fighting You-Know-Who directly than anyone currently alive, Dumbledore included. The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that you are the only person who can finish him off for good. That being said, I know you've already cast the servus secus spell once, and I want you to use it on me." Tonks is blushing profusely and looking anywhere but at Harry.
The young man's mind is in an extreme state of upheaval. He ruthlessly squashes his first inclination to yell at the poor woman in front of him, trying desperately to buy time; Harry manages to say, "Why?"
The relief on Tonks face is indescribable, "Harry, have you ever stopped to consider why exactly I choose to become an Auror? The Black family isn't exactly replete with upstanding members of the community. In fact, most of the family I stand a better chance of arresting than getting accolades from. Now, I'm not trying to be coincided Harry, but if I wanted to, I could easily be a very well paid model for literally any clothing company you can name, and a great many I'd feel happier about if you couldn't. I choose to become an Auror because I wanted to help track down and eradicate the dangers to our world. Does that answer your question?"
Harry's just starting to get his thoughts in order as Tonks finishes her statement. "Mostly, but I still don't understand why you want me to use the spell against you."
"I've done a great deal of research into servus secus since I found out about you using it. Not only does it allow you to get a better understanding of the person, but it also allows you to draw on the knowledge and power of the woman you use it against."
"I'm well aware of this Tonks. I still don't see your point."
Tonks takes a deep breath, "Simply put Harry, I believe that you are the only person in the world who can successfully challenge You-Know-Who and I am willing to do whatever it takes to help you. If I have to sacrifice my future so some kids can have one, so be it."
Harry studies the hard mask that Tonks face has become. "Dora, you have to understand, that the changes are permanent. If I were to use the spell on you, there would never be a way to undo the damage. You would be bound to me for the rest of your life."
Tonks' voice is shaking as she slowly walks over to one of the chairs. "Harry, I'm perfectly cognizant of the consequences of what I want you to do. I understand that if you do as I want you to, all the priorities in my world will change. I understand that my entire world will center around you. I know that my will would no longer be my own to command. I know all of that Harry, and I'm still willing to go through with it."
Harry's trying desperately to come up with another counter-argument when Cissa says, "You understand all that intellectually, but do you truly comprehend it emotionally?"
Tonks looks at her blonde aunt. "In all honesty, probably not. But then, I don't think that anyone is truly prepared for a major life changing decision."
The two women lock eyes for a moment, then Cissa turns to look at her master. "Master, the choice is yours to make, but I would like to recommend that you grant my niece her request."
Harry looks at his majordomo "Why's that?"
"First, even if her blood has been diluted by that of a muggleborn, she is still of noble stock. The Black family breeding is more than evident in her intrinsic magical capabilities; in addition, the capability to alter her appearance could prove invaluable to you in the role of a bodyguard, which is why you asked that of her in the first place. However, beyond all that, the most pressing point I have is that her heart is in the right place."
Harry can feel all his arguments flowing out of him. "Cissa dear, you fight too damned dirty." He turns his attention back to Tonks, "Ok, my dear, before I'm willing to cast that spell, we're going to need to work out some of the more mundane of the details, such as what cover you'll be using, whether or not you'll be maintaining your position as an Auror or if you'll need to resign, that sort of thing."
Tonks face lights up at the tacit approval of her request and she leans over to kiss him gently on the cheek. "Thank you master," the title rolls off her tongue, seemingly dipped in honey and Harry's reaction is neither unexpected nor unintended.
Harry blushes profusely as his cock quickly hardens. "You don't need to start calling me that yet."
Tonks reaches down and gently rubs the bulge in Harry's pants. "I know, but I want to get used to it. For now master, would you like to sample the goods you've agreed to purchase?"
Harry's head is swimming and all he can do is nod his head.
Tonks grabs a hold of Harry's hands and helps to pull him to his feet as stands up. Cissa moves behind Harry and pulls his shirt up over his head, allowing Tonks to release Harry and make short work of the clasps on her robe.
Harry manages to get his glasses back in line just in time to see Tonks let her robe drop from her shoulders. Despite already having an erection, Harry almost passes out from blood loss to the brain.
As the pink haired Auror's robe hits the floor, her future master get a look at what was hidden. She's wearing only a lacy red pushup bra and a matching pair of knickers.
Tonks drops to her knees in front of Harry, reaches up, and makes obscenely short work of the fasteners on Harry's trousers. In a matter of moments, Harry's pants and trousers are around his ankles.
Tonks smiles hungrily as she gets her first up close look at Harry's cock. Tonks takes a deep breath and then engulfs Harry's entire cock. Even with her mouth full, Tonks grin is positively evil as she focuses for a moment.
The look of concentration on the metamorphmagus' face has Harry nervous, until he feels her tongue wrap all the way around his cock.
Tonks begins to bob her head up and down on Harry's shaft while using her elongated tongue to constantly tease him.
The treatment the young man is receiving is quickly too much for him. He clenches his hands at his sides. "Tonks, unless you want a mouthful, you might want to back off now."
Tonks merely holds her head still while her tongue continues to work along his length. Just moments later, warm goo erupts into Tonks' waiting and eager mouth. The woman revels in the taste of her future master's seed before swallowing it.
Tonks cautiously rises to her feet and places a hand on the center of Harry's chest.
Behind Harry, Cissa sees what her niece wants her to do and quietly places a chair behind her master.
With a gentle push from Tonks, Harry finds himself seated. The Auror turns so her back is to Harry before she shuffles her feet back. Tonks takes a moment to make sure everything is aligned properly before she lowers herself onto Harry's cock. Both of them gasp slightly as Harry slides into Tonks.
She continues to lower herself until she's resting completely on Harry's lap.
Harry moans loudly as Tonks uses her extreme muscle control to milk his cock with her cunt. He reaches around Tonks and one hand finds her breast while the other instinctively heads further south. His mind is blank as he gently massages Tonks' nibble while simultaneously rubbing her pussy.
Tonks barely has time to wonder where Harry picked up his skills before she shouts out her release.
The sound Tonks makes, combined with the physical stimulation, is enough for Harry. He simply grunts as he releases his seed.
Tonks climbs off of Harry on shaky legs. She turns and says, "Harry, if I weren't already hell bent on being one of your mistress', that performance would have convinced me."
Harry's conscious mind has exerted enough control for him to blush at Tonks comment.
Bella chooses that moment to walk in. She quickly surveys the situation, "Did I miss some of the excitement, master?"
The raven-haired beauty's words cause everyone to break out laughing. Tonks and Harry both put their clothing back on while Bella sets out the tea.
The four talk animatedly, mostly negotiating and trying to iron out the details of Tonks' future. Amazingly quickly, 11:30 rolls around.
Tonks stands up, "Ok, the minister authorized a portkey that will take us directly to the edge of Hogwarts." She pulls out a pair of muggle handcuffs. "Everyone grab on."
The other three grab a hold and quickly feel the familiar jerk behind the navel.
They find themselves on the path between Hogwarts and Hogsmead, directly on target. The group makes its way up to the castle with Tonks leading the way and the sisters flanking their master.
As soon as they enter the castle, they hear the slight rustling of a cloak as Snape makes his appearance. "Ah, Mr. Potter, right on time. This way if you please."
Surprised that the normally loathsome teacher is treating him civilly, Harry follows the greasy-haired professor with his entourage.
The group is quickly brought into the headmaster's office and the dithering old man is sitting behind the desk. "Ah, Harry, my boy, I've arranged for Cornelius to be here in an hour's time. Do you think that the business you needed to discuss with Professor Snape and myself will be done by then?"
"It should be Albus; I have only a limited number of things that I need to discuss with each of you. Let us start with the good professor."
Snape visibly winces at Harry's light tone. "What did you need to talk about Mr. Potter?"
"Our relationship during the coming year sir; as much as it pains me to say this, the Order can't afford to have you drastically change your attitude towards me; your position as a spy is much too valuable to risk just for my wounded pride. A gradual change through the year might be acceptable; I'll leave that to your discretion, but I don't want you to jeopardize your position."
Severus nods sagely. "I'm duly impressed Mr. Potter. You have successfully disproved my initial assessment of you once more. I'd given some consideration to my treatment of you and your associates during the course of the year and I'll admit I'd been unable to balance my obligations to the Order with my new intentions to treat you as you deserve. With your permission, I will mitigate my treatment of you minutely."
"As I said sir, I'll leave it to your better judgment. Just be cautious not to endanger your position; also, if you need to come down on me particularly hard, pass word along to me about how you want me to respond for the appropriate audience."
Snape actually manages an evil smile. "How very Slytherin of you Mr. Potter. I approve. Is there anything else, Mr. Potter?"
"Actually, sir, there is one more thing I needed to discuss with you. How has Tommy been treating Bella's disappearance?"
"Interesting question Mr. Potter. The Dark Lord," Snape swallows slightly at the baneful glare from Harry, "is quite disturbed by her sudden disappearance. While not frantic per se, he's certainly been expending more of his resources then reasonable to ascertain what happened to her."
The jaded potions master shivers as something very cold slides down his spine at the teen's malicious expression.
"Ok gentleman, let me run this thought by you and see if you approve. As you well know, I got the spell to bind these lovely ladies from Wormtail. If you go to the Dark Wanker and tell him a story about how you came to me during the summer and apologized to me for all the crap you've put me through and me, being a naive idiot, believed you; you asked about what happened when I was captured and I spilled my guts out."
Professor Dumbledore is looking at Harry very intently. "You do realize what this could mean, Harry?"
"Yes sir, I'd like to think I do. If it works, then our spy gets integrated even further into Tom's inner circle, while a traitor gets disgraced, and maybe even killed by the creature to whom he betrayed my parents to. On the other hand, if this doesn't work, then Tom will know that his plans are going according to plan and Snape, erm, Professor Snape can claim that he was just fulfilling Tom's orders. He might be punished, but probably not to badly."
Albus looks at Harry in wonderment. "You realize that if you succeed as much as is possible, you're condemning a man to death?"
Harry's eyes are hard as steel as he meets his mentor's gaze. "Yes sir, I do. I also realize that if I ever get the chance I will most likely kill the worthless bastard myself."
Albus recoils at the raw hatred in the young man's voice.
Snape speaks up. "Mr. Potter, I appreciate your guile and I wholly support your plan."
"Actually sir, Cissa and Bella came up with most of this; I'm merely presenting the idea to you."
Albus clears his throat. "Well, regardless of the plan's origin, since Severus is willing to risk the consequences of the plans failure, I can but offer my support and hope for the best."
"Thank you sir. Now on to my business with you, if that's acceptable?"
"Of course my boy, do you wish Severus to leave?"
"That's entirely at his discretion sir; I needed to talk about rooming arrangements for the coming year for myself and the ladies."
Snape says, "Actually, I'd like a chance to ponder how I want to break the news of Wormtail's betrayal to the Dark Lord."
Harry snorts. "Good luck sir. I hope this doesn't get you injured."
"That's a risk I'm willing to take. For now though, good day." Snape stands and seemly floats from the room.
Harry shakes his head, "Sir, I've been doing some reading on the curse I used, and my 'thralls,' as the book so often refers to them, have to spend a good deal of time in contact with me. Including," Harry blushes, "intercourse periodically. I'm hoping that some other accommodations could be found rather than the normal dormitories."
The meddling old man smiles. "Actually Harry, I was anticipating that question and I have an answer ready for you. You and your thralls, very fitting word for the situation, are allowed you own suite of rooms. This is something no one, not even the Board of Governors can deny. There's a proviso for the Servus Secus in the original Hogwarts charter. Admittedly, the clause hasn't been invoked in almost a millennium; it's still there and still viable. Is there anything else?"
"Not that I can think of sir, at least not at this point."
"Very well then." He waves his arm and a pot of tea with full service appears on his desk. "Cornelius should be here shortly, so we can relax until then."
Bella move around to serve the two and they make small talk for the next five minutes or so until the door open and Fudge walks in.
With a nervous smile, the slightly balding man greets the pair.
Dumbledore rises to meet the Minister of Magic while Harry remains seated.
"Ah Cornelius, right on time, as expected."
"Hello Dumbledore. I'm curious as to the reasons for this summons."
"Actually, Mr. Potter here requested this meeting."
The man finally sees Harry in the chair and blushes at the mild insult. "Ah, Mr. Potter, what can I do for you?"
Harry waves his hand at a chair, "Have a seat, minister."
Very nervously, the man takes the seat recently vacated by Snape. "Now, how may I help you?"
"Minister, I'm not very good at word games, so if it's acceptable to you, I'll speak directly to the point." Fudge nods his agreement and Harry continues. "Very good sir. I have two demands of you. The first is special dispensation to learn how to Apparate early and the second is that Nymphadora Tonks," Harry winces slightly as the witch in question gently slaps the back of his head, "be assigned to me on a permanent basis as a bodyguard. In exchange for these favors, I'm willing to release a statement to the Daily Prophet in support of you remaining in office; I'll warn you, it won't be a glowing endorsement, but it will be an endorsement."
Cornelius pales at Harry's final statement, but nod his head. "Very well Mr. Potter, I appreciate your candor and I will speak to Madam Bones as soon as I return to the Ministry to have your demands complied with. However, I must ask, what must I do to earn that 'glowing endorsement' as you put it?"
"Sir, as yet, I'm unsure. I'd suggest you start by prosecuting the war in a timely and competent fashion. If I might make a suggestion sir, if you don't believe that you would be able to lead the war planning competently, you might think on appointing someone to the task. With a little effort, you should be able to turn such an effort into a Public Relations victory, 'Honest Minister Appoints New War Minister' or something along those lines."
The Minister looks far away for a moment, "Yes that might work; thank you Mr. Potter. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I have some work to get done." He quickly makes his way out of the room.
Albus says, "Harry, you do realize that this might not turn out as well as expected?"
"Of course I do sir, but I don't see as I have much choice in the matter. Now, is there anything else sir?"
"Actually, yes, there is one more matter. Do you remember the oath Ms. Granger made at the meeting?"
"Indeed I do sir, what of it?"
"Well, Ms. Granger is currently in the hospital wing with an unknown malady, and I believe a visit from you might be helpful."
Harry's on his feet in an instant, "Very well sir. Let's get going."
The group quickly makes its way down to the hospital wing.
Madam Pomfry greets the group, "Headmaster, I'm so glad to see you; I'm at my wits end!"
Harry tones the woman out as he sees Hermione laying on one of the beds.
The bushy-haired witch starts to stir as Harry approaches. She looks like death warmed over as Harry reaches her bedside.
Harry gently takes her hand, which is strangely cool, and she suddenly comes too.
"H... H... Harry? When did you get here?"
"'Mione you're in the hospital wing at school."
"How'd I get here?"
Pomfry suddenly appears at her side. "You passed out while at home."
"What happened?"
"That's what I'm about to find out. Mr. Potter, would you mind excusing us?"
"Not at all ma'am." As soon as Harry lets go of Hermione's hand, and starts to walk away, however, she starts to get woozy again.
Hermione calls out, "Harry get back here."
Despite the glare he gets from Pomfry, Harry goes back to her bed and takes her hand once more.
The mediwitch mutters, "Odd, very odd."
Harry continues to hold Hermione's hand throughout the physical until Madam Pomfry says, "Well, this is the strangest situation I've ever come across. She was on the brink of death just before you came in, Mr. Potter, but since your arrival, she's gotten progressively stronger. I've no idea how to explain it."
Albus speaks up, "I might have an explanation. Several days ago, Ms. Granger made a witches oath not to leave Harry. I'm beginning to suspect that this was the Oath's attempt to force compliance."
Harry says, "Do you mean sir..."
"Yes I do, Ms. Granger is now as bound to you as the ladies Black."
Harry's so wrapped up in his concern for Hermione, he misses the slight cue, but Tonks isn't and blushes slightly.
Harry looks at Hermione, "Well, how do you want to work this?"
"It looks like I'm going to have to move in with you. I suppose we should go and meet my parents; at the very least so they can meet the man I'm bound to and so I can get my things."
"Alright 'Mione, we'll take care of that as soon as Madam Pomfry gives you a clean bill of health."
"She cleared as of this moment, Mr. Potter. Given what we believe to be the cause of her malady, I'd recommend spending as much time with each other as is possible along with as much physical contact as is possible, at least for the time being. I'd like to do another check up in a few days if possible."
Harry says, "Unless there's a critical emergency, we'll be here in three days."
Hermione says, "Hey, don't I get a say in this?"
Harry simply glares at her for a moment before she blushes and nods her head, "We'll be here in three days."
Dumbledore says, "Very well, now that that is taken care of, I suppose you had best be about your business. I'll notify Remus that you'll need an escort."
Hermione slowly gets to her feet, which are surprisingly stable. "I appreciate it sir, but I'd rather not subject them to more surprises than needed. As I understand it, we'll have three fully trained witches with us, all who have a vested interest in maintaining the health, physical safety and wellbeing of one Harry James Potter."
"You make a valid point Ms. Granger; it will be as you desire. Now there's one last note before you go about your task. My office door is to be open to you two at any time during the coming year; as such, I've established a special password just for you two; 'dancing dementors' is the password."
Everyone in the room give him a strange look before Harry says, "Ah, thank you sir. I suppose we should be on our way."
As the group makes its way out of the castle, everyone is shaking their head, wondering if the aging headmaster had finally lost his last marble.

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