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John lives with is dad, Johns dad is married to a women named lauren. She has blonde hair and 34 C bra size John could never stop looking at them. He really enjoyed looking at her. Sometimes she would catch him and he would quickly look away. Sometimes he would try to catch her changing down stairs and one day he say and was amazed by what he saw. Then she looked up and he ran away.

He only saw his dad everyother weekend so he didnt to see his stepmom that much but that was ok because he has the hottest baby sitter for his little brother she had nice boobs about 32 D's he loved looking at them. Sometimes she would bring her boyfriend over and he would watch her give him blowjobs and one time he watched them have sex and would jack off one time the boyfriend left and he came out and said i saw that

She went crazy and was like dont tell ur mom i cant be fired he said well will you give me anything she said maybe in a sexy voice then she started to give him a blowjob and suck really hard he yelled and he blow a loud in her mouth and she said wow for a little 13 year old your good. he said ya 8inchs is good i know. Then the next day he went to his dads house and was he excited to go.

He loved to go there they had so much to eat, a big house, cable tv but the best of it was his step mom she was so fine even all his friends thought so

One day Johns dad asked him if he wanted to go to the store john said "No im going to watch tv" His dad said alirght i will be back in 20 minutes. John runs up to his dads room to watch direct tv. As he is watching it he sees a really hot girl on tv.

John quickly grabs his dick and starts to masterbate and he keep going and going and he was about to cum when he heard someone coming up the stairs, so he put it away. It was his step mom she didnt even notice him there. She started to undress. John thought he was dreaming, now she was just in her bra and panties.

She turns around and says "Oh god im sorry i didnt no you where in her...e. She is staring down john looks down and relizes he has a boner. She crawls up onto the bed and lays down next to him. She goes "Oh my that is big" It was 8inchs. she looks up at john with puppy dog eyes and ask if she can touch it.
He nods and she slowly grabs it and goes "its very nice" he goes "so are your boobs" they both laugh. Then she starts to jack him off she looks up at him seeing him moaning and groaning. then she put his mouth around and was licking really good slurping like crazy.

He went "ahh lauren ya im going to cu." then he took his hand and shoved her head into his dick all 8inchs. She comes up and said "yum that is very good, now you have to repay me" he goesxs "should i finger you" and she goes "yes please" he puts his hand in and her head just sinks back she yells "FASTER, HARDER YES YES YES!!!" He stoped and she goes "why did you stop"

He asks "Can i lick your pussy?" she said "of course you can baby" he starts licking it like crazy he went up down and went in really far. Her liquid poored into his mouth all warm and really tasey. he gets up and they start to kiss eachother deeply.

She asks him "Do you want to have sex?" he ryplys back fast "if you want to" and she wanted to they get ready she takes out a condom and says "Are you ready baby" she goes "hell yah!" he takes his dick and sticks it deep into her pussy she moans and grons like no other.

They both start rocking real hard and he just came so fast right into her and she shouted out a scream like no other and they both just start kissing eachother but then they hear the door open...

"John im home"

They look at eachother "OH SHIT" they say in a wishpear.

if you like there will be more if not then im done.

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2008-06-18 11:56:18
You have a good story but your english and spelling need a lot of work that the computer can't fix. We go to school to learn english for a reason - so we can communicate our ideas through words. You must have thought that part of english was not important when you went to school. But it is! It is not too late to learn. Good Luck.

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2008-06-16 14:11:10
Oh Please use your spell checker at the very least and perhaps get a friend to help you with your English

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