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Chapter 30

Ken followed Linda off the school bus and the two of them waited for the yellow bus to leave before they turned to cross the road to his house. Linda stepped off the curb first and she smiled to herself as she felt Ken’s eyes on her ass as he followed her across the road and up to the door of his house. Without bothering to knock or ring the bell Linda turned the knob and walked right into the living room.

“Hi Dannie,” Linda called to her friend who was resting in the nearby recliner.

“Hi Linda,” Dannie called as she ran her hand over her swollen belly. As Ken closed the front door Linda removed her jacket and hung it in the closet before she walked over to the recliner and gave Dannie a big smile as she looked down at the pregnant eleven year old. Now well into her eighth month the girl’s belly and tits had swollen to the point that she had trouble getting around.

“How are you doing sis?” Ken asked as he closed the closet door and walked over to join Linda, looking down at his sister’s blond curls with a possessive smile as his eyes glided down his sister’s body.

“Bored, bored, bored,” Dannie sighed as she crossed her arms under her breasts and glared at her older brother. “I never thought I’d be bored of TV and just sitting around all day, but the baby is so big I can’t do much more than that any more.”

“Sorry sis,” Ken said, shifting his feet uncomfortably as he eyed Dannie’s blouse, he could see a wet spot where the milk dribbled out of her full tits.

“What do you have to apologize for, Ken?” Dannie asked as she patted her swollen belly, “I’m the one who wanted to get knocked up. I’m sure you would have been perfectly happy fucking me without knocking me up.”

“Maybe,” Ken admitted with bemused grin as he caught the humor in his sister’s voice, “but I wouldn’t have enjoyed the fuck nearly as much. Speaking of fucking are you sure you don’t want to?”

“I’d love to fuck,” Dannie said with an exasperated sigh, “but I’m just too big now. As much as I love fucking it’s hard to enjoy it when my belly is this big and my tits are so full of milk.”

“Well even if we can’t fuck,” Ken said as he reached down to grab the hem of her blouse and pull it free of her leaking nipples, “at least I can help empty your breasts so they won’t be so heavy and uncomfortable.”

“Thank you,” Dannie sighed as her brother took her left breast in his hands and sucked on the nipple. Even as Ken drank the milk from one overflowing tit Linda bent down to suck the milk from the other one. “I was suppose to use my breast pump when I got home but I knew the two of you would help me out when you got home so I decided to wait.”

“Where is Mary?” Ken asked as he took his mouth off his sister’s nipple long enough to lick his lips. “The two of you came home at the same time so why didn’t she help you?”

“Because I had to get dinner started,” Mary called from the kitchen. “I did offer to help her, but Dannie insisted on waiting for the two of you.”

Dannie grunted and her hands flew to her belly as her baby kicked, “You know Ken,” she said as she ran her hand over her bulging stomach, “I still don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl but either way I think it’s jealous. If it’s a boy I think he’s jealous because he wants to fuck me, and if it’s a girl she’s jealous because she wants you to fuck her instead of me.”

“Either way it’s going to be a few years before the baby gets its wish,” Ken said with a chuckle.

Linda had a mouth full of Dannie’s breast milk when she laughed at Ken’s comment and spurted the milk across her friend’s swollen tits and belly. Suddenly the older girl put her hand over her mouth and ran for the bathroom. “I almost forgot,” Ken said as he watched Linda’s ass bouncing as she ran, “Linda told me that she used her home pregnancy test this morning and it was positive.”

“I thought I recognized that look on her face,” Dannie chuckled, “it was the same look I saw in the mirror just before my first bout of morning sickness. Mary, did you hear?”

“Not exactly,” Mary said as she entered the living room and waddled to the chair where her brother played with her little sister’s milk filled breasts, “but I did hear Linda running for the bathroom so I guess she’s about to join the big belly brigade.”

“You got that right,” Ken said with a proud grin. “It took a while but that makes me three for three now.”

“And in a few months we’ll see if we can make it four for three,” Dannie said as she stroked her pregnant belly.

“Are you sure about that?” Ken asked as he gave his sister a hopeful look. “I thought you’d want Ben to knock you up for number two.”

“I thought about it,” Dannie admitted, “but I don’t really want to wait for the summer to get knocked up again.”

“You realize,” Mary said slowly, “that if you get knocked up again before the end of the school year that mom and dad are going to suspect something.

“Of course,” Dannie said, “but don’t you think they’ll suspect something when my baby is born a month before it’s expected ?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Mary said with a shrug, “after all, they say the first baby is usually late, and we could hedge the dates. Mom and dad don’t know when you had your last period, we could always say it was a week or two before you went to camp and you got knocked up the first day there.”

“That might work,” Dannie admitted with a frown, “and we have been able to fool them up to now. Mom and dad don’t even realize that we’ve been carrying on a daily orgy with Linda joining us every afternoon for a good hard fuck after school.”

“Just what do they think is happening every afternoon?” Linda asked, wiping her mouth as she rejoined the others.

“They think you’ve been coming over to help Ken take care of us,” Mary answered with a soft laugh. “In fact they think you’re still a virgin and that you’re being a good influence to us while you’re keeping us company.”

“Are your parents really that trusting?” Linda asked.

“They are,” Dannie said with a nod and a chuckle, “at least for now. I don’t know if they’re going to be so trusting once they realize that Ken knocked you up. In fact they may start to suspect our stories once they know what the two of you have been up to for the last two months.”

“Only if they suspect the truth,” Linda said with a wain smile.

“What do the two of you have planed?” Mary asked as she looked from her brother to her friend.

“Well,” Ken said with a wry grin as he did his best to rub all three pregnant bellies at once. “Jim offered to claim the baby was his so no one would suspect out big secrets here.”

“Now that’s what I call a real friend,” Dannie said as her belly bulged slightly as the baby gave another kick. “Taking responsibility for someone else’s baby so his friend can keep knocking up one girl after another.”

“Actually,” Linda said as she massaged Dannie’s left tit, catching the milk filled breast between her thumb and index finger until a drop oozed out from her nipple, “Jim said the one way he can think of to make sure my parents let us marry as soon as I’m old enough is for them to think that all my babies are his.”

“Do you think it will work?” Mary asked her friend.

“Maybe,” Linda said with a shrug as she leaned down to lick the warm milk that seeped out of Dannie’s nipple. “First they’ll have to get over their anger when they find out that I’m pregnant.”

“So Ken,” Mary said as she caught her engorged breasts in her hands and pushed them together until her nipples popped out from the pressure, “since Linda’s pregnant does that mean that someone else gets a chance to get fucked first?”

“It sure does,” Ken said with a broad grin as he reached out to grab one of Mary’s erect nipples as they bobbed right in front of his eyes. “And since Dannie doesn’t feel comfortable fucking right now I guess that means you get to go first today.”

“Oh good,” Mary said as she reached down to grab her brother’s swollen penis and guide him over to her father’s recliner. “I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks - and not just because I wanted Linda to get pregnant.”

“Dannie, Linda, are you guys alright with this?” Ken said as he stumbled after Mary to the same chair where he’d popped Dannie’s cherry.

“Like Mary said,” Dannie replied with a mixed sigh of pleasure and pleasure as Linda kissed her way down the younger girl’s baby filled belly, “I just don’t feel comfortable fucking right now with my belly this big. But as long as Linda is willing to eat my pussy until I cum I’ll be happy.”

“Who said I was going to stop at one orgasm?” Linda said as she pushed Dannie’s thighs apart and started running her tongue up and down the eleven year old’s cunt lips. Even as she nibbled on Dannie’s erect clit her hand searched blindly for the dildo Dannie had been using earlier. When she found the still vibrating toy she placed the tip just below her own clit and shoved the plastic cock into her own cunny with one quick thrust.

“If I didn’t already know that Linda was pregnant I suspect it now,” Mary said as she watched her best friend fuck herself with a dildo while she ate out the pregnant eleven year old. “She’s too horny to be anything but pregnant.”

“She’s not the only horny girl in the room,” Kenny said as he easily slid two fingers into his sister’s drooling cunt.

“You got that right Ken,” Mary said as she sank down in her father’s recliner until her ass was on the edge of the cushion. Ken watched as his sister grabbed her milk filled breasts and squeezed them together until milk dribbled out of her erect nipples. “Do you want a drink? Or do I have this milk all to myself?”

“As much as I’d love to suck you dry Mary,” Ken said with a grin as he ran his thumb across his sister’s clit, “I think I’d rather fuck you.”

“Good,” Mary said as she tilted her head down until she could suck on the swollen nipple. “That means I get all the milk for myself.”

“By the way, sis,” Ken said as he brought the head of his cock up to Mary’s slit, “during lunch today Linda, Jim, and I noticed Tina Hendrix in the lunch room today and we couldn’t help but notice that her belly is even bigger than yours.”

“It sure is,” Mary said with a moan of pleasure as Ken slid his prick between her pussy lips, “she’s in the same class as Dannie, Kathy, and me. The only girl bigger than Tina is Kathy, but then she’s carrying twins.”

“But isn’t she one of the girls Mark Williams fucked in the first week after you popped his cherry?” Ken asked with a groan as he fucked in and out of his sister’s tight cunt.

“Yes she is,” Mary said with another groan of pleasure as she pushed her tits together and licked the milk clean from her nipples. “And I thought she was going to kill me when she found out that I popped Mark’s cherry. It turns out Tina’s been hot for Mark’s cock for years. She wasn’t really worried about all the stories he kept telling because she always figured she’d be the first girl to get him hot enough to actually fuck. After Mark popped her cherry the day after I popped his she tracked me down and told me exactly what she was going to do to me. That’s when I figured it would be a good idea to let one person know who the father of my baby was, and I also gave her some advice on how to keep Mark all to herself.”

“I guess it worked because I hear that Tina and Mark are going steady and plan to marry as soon as they’re old enough - in spite of the fact that Mark managed to knock up two other girls before he settled down,” Ken grunted as he continued to slam his shaft in and out of his sister’s pregnant belly, he could feel his balls starting to twitch and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he shot his load, and from the way Mary’s slit was gripping his cock he knew his sister couldn’t be far from her own orgasm. “But that still doesn’t tell me why she’s so much bigger than you if she got pregnant a month after you did.”

“Some girls just get bigger than others, Ken,” Mary panted as she took her hands off her tits and grabbed the arms of the recliner to hold herself steady as her body began to shake with her approaching orgasm. “Lucky for me since her big belly makes everyone think that she was knocked up before I was, which makes my story about getting knocked up at camp seem true.”

“I guess we’re lucky at that,” Ken gasped as his balls clamped tight and he screamed, “I’m cumming Mary.”

“So am I,” Mary screamed as she wrapped her legs around her brother’s ass and held him tight against her pussy as they both shivered through their orgasms.

“I love it when you cum inside my cunny,” Mary sighed as she released her brother from her legs so he could pull his limp prick out of her full slit. “I always dream that you’re making another baby in my belly.”

“We’ll have to wait a few more months for that, Mary,” Ken pointed out, “but I like the way you think. I can hardly wait until this baby is born so we can start on the next one.”

“It’s too bad Dannie will probably beat me to number two since she’ll have her baby before I have mine,” Mary sighed as she ran her finger along the outside of her slit and brought her hand up to her lips so she could lick her brother’s cum.

“I don’t think it’s that bad,” Ken said as he turned to look at Dannie and Linda on the other chair. “I like the idea of having two horny sisters who want me to knock them up over and over again. What more can an older brother ask for?”

“I don’t know,” Mary said as she watched Ken’s slime covered cock harden, “but it looks like you’re thinking of something more.”

“You could say that,” Ken said, licking his dry lips as he watched Linda eating Dannie’s cunt as she slid a dildo in and out of her own cunt. “I’m sorry Mary, but there’s something I’ve wanted to do for a couple months now but Linda wouldn’t let me do it. But now that I finally managed to knock her up maybe she’ll let me.”

“Go for it Kenny,” Mary said with a frustrated sigh. “I can always get myself off by watching you.”

“Thanks Mary,” Ken said, giving Mary’s pregnant belly a kiss before he turned to cross to the chair where Dannie and Linda were enjoying themselves.

“Hi girls,” Ken said as he came up behind Linda and patted her naked ass, “mind if I join in?”

“I wish you could,” Dannie said as she let her nipple pop out of her mouth and licked her lips clean of her own milk, “but like I said before our baby and my belly won’t let you.”

“Actually I had something else in mind,” Ken said as he continued to run his hand over Linda’s butt.

“And what would that be?” Linda asked as rolled her ass enticingly.

“As if you didn’t already know,” Ken said with a chuckle as he pushed his index finger into Linda’s asshole. “It isn’t the first time I asked if I could fuck your ass, but up until now you always said I couldn’t waste my baby juice until I knocked you up. So, now that I managed to do it, can I fuck you in the ass instead of watching everyone else do it?”

“Sure,” Linda said as she shifted her ass around to make it easier for Ken to reach her ass as she continued to eat Dannie’s pussy and fuck her own cunt with her dildo, “I’ve been waiting for you to knock me up so you could fuck me in the ass. I love having Jim and his dad in my ass - not as much as I enjoy having them in my cunny, but almost as much. I’ve been looking forward to having you fuck me there.”

“Thanks,” Ken said as he caught Linda’s hips in his hands and held her steady as he brought his cock - still coated with Mary’s juices - up to her puckered ass hole and pushed the head slowly into the girl’s rectum as she moaned in pleasure. “Oh God, your ass is so tight,” Ken groaned as he slid his shaft slowly into Linda’s butt.

“And you’re so big in my hole,” Linda groaned as Ken slid every inch of his cock into her hole. “Fuck my ass Ken, fuck me until I can’t take it any more.”

“I know you better than that,” Ken said as he slid his prick in and out of the brunette’s bare ass, “you never have enough. You’re just like Mary, Dannie, and Kathy that way, you always want more, and I’m always willing to give it.”

“And we appreciate that Kenny,” Dannie said as her body shook with another approaching orgasm as Linda continued to lick her pussy while Ken fucked her ass and she fucked her own pussy with her dildo. “Unfortunately we do have to put an end to this fuck section before mom and dad get home, that means we have just enough time for one more orgasm before we clean up and finish getting dinner ready. So hurry up and blow your load so we can do it.”

“Almost there,” Ken said through gritted teeth. “What about you Linda?”

“Almost,” Linda panted as she felt the sexual energy building in her belly, “just a few more strokes with your cock and my dildo and I’ll explode.”

“I’ll try,” Ken said as he felt his balls starting to cramp with his approaching orgasm, “but I can’t hold out much longer.”

“I’m cumming,” Dannie screamed as Linda shoved her tongue deep into the pregnant girl’s slit and wiggled it around.

“Me too,” Linda tried to say as Dannie’s cunt held her tongue deep in her pussy.

Ken didn’t need to hear what Linda was saying as her body shook with her orgasm and her ass clamped so tight around his cock and held him tight as his balls spasmed and shot wad after wad of his baby juice deep in the thirteen year olds ass hole.

“Oh God that was so good,” Linda said weakly as she pulled her tongue from Dannie’s still quivering slit and slid to the floor in front of the recliner as she rolled over. “I wish I lived here so I could sneak into your room and fuck during the night, but I don’t and I have to get home before my own parents start to worry.”

“Can you at least help us clean up before you leave?” Mary asked as she got up from her father’s recliner and cleaned off the cum stain from the cushion before she flipped it over so it wouldn’t be as noticeable when her parents got home.

“I guess I have a few minutes to spare,” Linda said as she pulled her clothes on, “but I need to get out of here before your parents get home or they’ll realize something’s going on - even if they can’t figure out what it is.”

“Any help you can give us is appreciated Linda,” Ken said as he got up with a groan and reached for his own clothes, “but we’ll understand if you have to leave before we’re done cleaning. That is, as long as you agree to meet me for a good hard fuck before classes start in the morning.”

“Don’t I always meet you before classes start?” Linda asked with a chuckle. “I’ll see you and Jim at the usual place and time tomorrow, and this time I’ll actually get to fuck Jim without a condom. He’s been waiting for that just as long as you were waiting to fuck my ass, and I’m looking forward to feeling his cum in my cunt along with yours now that I’m finally pregnant.”

“I wish we could join you,” Mary said as she finished cleaning her father’s chair and headed for the kitchen to check on dinner, “but mom and dad are watching Dannie and me too closely for us to get away that early in the morning. Tell Jim we said hi and we’ll join the three of you for a good hard fuck when we can.”

“I’ll tell him,” Linda promised as she put the final touches on her cleaning and grabbed her school bag on her way to the front door. “See you tomorrow, just make sure you’re ready for a good hard fuck when we get together Ken.”

“I’ll do my best,” Ken said as he followed Linda to the door, “but you know how much these two like to fuck every morning. I’ll make sure I have at least one more orgasm when we meet, but no promises,” he said as he closed and locked the door behind Linda and turned to help his sisters finish cleaning before their parents got home.

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