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Hey, let's have one together
I worked for my Aunt one summer, she owned a great house and swimming pool, turning it into a fun "swim club".

Little did I know she would not be there, it was only my drunk uncle and I. Well this meant at 16 it was mainly me doing all the work while he went to the bar.

The house was quite large and my aunt rented rooms out, the back studio to a studly guy that had a lot of sexy lady friends. This made my 16 year old cock hard all of the time.

There were two "older women" , lol, like 24 and 26, they were lesbian,

Then there was Lynette, a cute 19 year old that fell in love with Mr. Studley. Well who would have guessed that Anne, one of the lesbian women fell in love with Mr. Stud too, ( ok, I do not remember his name ) lol.

So the night Anne found out that Mr. Studley proposed to Lynette she went ballistic, So Mr. Studley being the nice guy he was, took her to dinner and talked with her.

As I went to bed... ( I had the room overlooking the pool ) someone came in. I may not have mentioned that I was a virgin at the time.

A sweet voice asked if I was awake,,, I managed to whisper back yesssssssssssssss,

I saw her silhouette through the moonlight of the sheer curtains, I could not believe it was the beautiful Lynette. She had come to talk to me. a geeky 16 hear old guy,,, this awesome, beautiful 19 year old woman. omgomgomg

She tentatively came in and asked if we could talk. I said sure, duh :)

She sat on the edge of my bed in tears. she was so worried about Anne and Mr. Studley going out to dinner. I caressed her and tried to say it was ok... but was she leaned in to me,,,, I felt her softness... smelled her sweetness and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

So I put my arms around her and loved how her breasts felt against me. mmmmmmmmmmmmm..

She had come from the pool area and was wearing only her biking... and omg, she had such beautiful tits and such a nice ass. mmmmmmmmmmmm...

She asked if I wanted to share some beer,,, likd duh, a 16 year old , of course I said yes , lol

So we chatted a bit, laughed,,,, talked about me being so young, such a fun summer for me, she teased me about all the cute girls at the pool,,, me being the pool boy, she asked how many girls I had sex with. When I told her none she actually thought I was lying,,, but it was true.

So we laughed, drank more beer and enjoyed one another. She asked if I had ever had sex,,, of course I had to say no.... then she asked if I had kissed a girl....well I felt relief because I had. :)

Then she put her cheek to mine,,, then her lips and we kissed,,, OMG,,,, she was the sweetest thing I had ever felt.... as our lips met and our tongues played. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

When she put her hand on my leg,,, mmm, I felt bold and pressed my hand into her breast. and omg,,, her nipple got sooo hard.

This made an impression on me and she noticed my hard cock. mmmmm

She sat back, untied her bikini top.... and watch me as I sat in awe of the first tits I had ever seen in person. she looked down at my har dick and said. oh my honey. mmm,,, what is that about. mmmmmmmmm

I was so embarrassed, but my cock was so hard looking at my first real tits.... she giggled and asked if I wanted to touch them. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yesssssssssssssssssssss I said. mmmmm... she took my hand and put it on her breast as she took her other hand and rubbed my hard cock through my shorts. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I almost came but her tits felt so nice, her hard pink nipples .... she pulled me to her to lick and suck them, mmmm,,, while she stroked my cock,,,omg I was in heaven. mmmmm

She took off her bottoms and got me naked too,,, she giggled when she saw my dick spring up,,, I felt bad until she told me how nice it looked and how big and thick it was.. mmmm, must bigger than Mr. Studley's

She told me we can only do this once and we cannot tell anyone.... She went and got some oil and started stroking my cock, mmmmmm,,, I said stop before I cum,,,, so I rubbed the oil over her beautiful tits, sucking her lucious hard nipples.... mmmmm...sliding my fingers over her clit. omgomgomg,,, she was so wet,,, as I slid a finger in her yummy cunt. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

She kissed me so hard while I felt her pussy and her tits. she stroked my cock and my balls and ass. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

She laid back and spread her legs, grabbing my dick,,,, , I thought it would be hard to get in, but I had pre cuma nd oil, she was so wetttt,,, she grabbed my ass and pulled me in her tight wet cunt. omgomgomgomg

My first cunt made me explode instantly... she came too and told me she was cumming,,, and omg, I felt her warm pussy juicy squirt all over my cock and balls. omgomgomg

We both laid back in exhaustion. my first f
uck,,, making such a hot woman cum, mmm,,, and she so happy I filled her cunt with my hard hard cock and virgin cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

She asked,,, mmmm baby,,,,, would you like to fuck my ass too. mmm..

OMG,,, my cock got hard again. mmmmmmmmmmm

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2008-06-19 21:26:19
Thanks for the input, it was my first, I have a ways to go to make it hotter, hope you like my next one better


2008-06-19 11:44:56
OMGOMGOMG! What is up with that? would add character to your stories if you kept the chatspeak to a minimum and MMMMMMMMMMMMM every few sentences doesn't help either.

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