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Chinese lady set upon by red necks.
Wei Chu, 45, left her husband in China for a new life in America and is all alone. Having come here only last month, her English is still very poor and people laugh at her because of the way she talks. Some people resent her because so many jobs have been lost to China. Also, she has trouble getting around because she doesn't understand the signs and often gets off the bus or train at the wrong place, sometimes at very wrong places. However, she is very trusting of other people.

This is about a very unfortunate incident that happened soon after her arrival. On this stormy summer Tuesday she had taken the bus out of town to see about a job she had heard about from the counselor at the Chinese cultural centre.

The ticket agent had written down that she should get off the bus at the fourth stop. This would have worked perfectly well had she got on the right bus. Amazing how much difference one or two letters in a name can make. She wound up on a bus heading into the mountains.

Two hours later, Wei Chu dutifully got off at the fourth bus stop. The bus depot was very old and dark. The bus driver had learned long ago never to question a passenger’s decision to get off so he didn’t bother telling her that this bus depot was open only on Fridays. By the time she realized her mistake Wei Chu was cold and drenched from the pouring rain. Despite her umbrella, her white blouse was soaked to the skin revealing her black, lace bra. Her black, shoulder length hair was pasted to her head. Her black, calf-length skirt was equally wet. Discouraged, she sat on the bench and cried.

Meanwhile, Clyde, Jethro and BobbiJo were out cruising in Clyde’s ’65 Jeep enjoying themselves – drinking moonshine and just looking for something to do. Not much to do since they lost their jobs when all the factories closed. The Asian imports killed the factory jobs. They stopped at the old bus depot because BobbiJo needed to pee again. She just couldn’t hold it.

Coming out of the washroom she spotted an Chinese woman crying on the bench. “Hey, what you doin’ in my town?”

Wei Chu smiled. Help at last! “I lost. You help?”

“Sure Honey. Me and my friends will help you. We’ll give you just what you need.”

BobbiJo coming back to the Jeep with a big grin on her face followed by Wei Chu who was about 5’1” and of small/medium build.

BobbiJo explained to Clyde and Jethro, “She’s lost and needs help. I said we’d give her just what she deserves.” She gave them a big wink and they knew it was fun time.

Wei Chu smiled shyly as they let her in the car between BobbiJo and Jethro. Then they drove slowly down the muddy, rainy mountain road to the old shoe factory where they kept their still for making moonshine.

Wei Chu happily thought ‘Nice womans give me ride with frens. I OK now.’

Parking at the factory door they told Wei Chu to come in and Wei Chu thought ‘Two mens big. Why stop old building? I scared, maybe they bad peeples.’

When she hesitated, BobbiJo pushed her out the car door and Jethro grabbed her arm to drag her into the building. Dark inside. She pulled away and ran out the door.

“Clyde! Catch her! She’s getting away!”

Running out the door she passed BobbiJo who grabbed at her but just managed to rip her blouse down the back. Clyde tripped her and she fell face down in the mud. Laughing, Clyde kicked her and yanked her back onto her feet. Wei Chu’s blouse was all covered in dirt and her face was muddy. BobbiJo’s face was getting pink from excitement and she ripped Wei Chu’s blouse right off. Laughing, they looked at her standing in the cold rain in her wet black lace bra with her nipples, hard from the cold rain, showing through. They stood in a circle around her and started slapping her back, stomach, tits, face. BobbiJo yanked at her bra until it tore off. They grinned as her tits popped out: nice, firm, not too small. The brown nipples were very big.

Clyde said, “My cock throbs.”

Jethro said, “Mine too,” as he squeezed his crotch.

BobbiJo shouted, “Strip her and fuck her, I want to see you fuck the bitch.”

Wei Chu’s thoughts sped through her mind as she tried to cope with the shock: ‘I run, fall, mud. They kick me – hurts! Woman rips my shirt off! What happening me?? They hitting me! HEP ME! They yell FUK. What mean FUK? I so scare. What they do me?’

BobbiJo dragged her by the hair into the old building as Wei Chu sobbed uncontrollably. Clyde switched the lights on revealing an old dusty, empty place with just a corn still in one corner, a few leftover wooden tables and some hooks hanging from the rafters. The hooks were for moving heavy boxes. Wei Chu’s breasts heaved as she took in her surroundings. Clyde grabbed her ankles making her fall over as Jethro yanked her black skirt off revealing her rain-soaked white panties. Her firm legs glistened from the rain.

Clyde remarked, “For someone’s mother, this one has nice tits and legs! What do you think Jethro?”

“I think we hang her from these hooks and fuck her ass. Then we can give her to my cousins down the road. BobbiJo can watch or fuck herself, I don’t care.”

“Jethro you shit! Just watch while you guys have all the fun? No way! Share and share alike. I want a piece too.”

“OK but us first.”

A bit of rope tied around her wrists and Wei Chu found herself dangling from a large metal hook with her toes just touching the floor. She struggled. She kicked but they just grabbed her legs and tied them to yet another set of hooks. Now she just twisted and turned when she tried to kick.

“Hey Jethro whats she screaming?”

“Beats me. I don’t know the lingo.”

Wei Chu pleaded for mercy but no one paid attention. They didn’t understand her. What could she do?

Jethro stuck his fingers in the top of her panties, pulled hard and the panties tore right off. They could admire her bare, rounded ass and the thick patch of dark hair hiding her cunt. BobbiJo whistled.

Off went Clyde’s pants quickly followed by Jethro’s. BobbiJo whistled again.

“Knock it off BobbiJo. You’ve seen these before.”

Wei Chu’s eyes went wide as their thick cocks sprang into view. She shook her head. “NO! Too big! Pleez.”

“Hear that? She said ‘please’. Now let’s see how well she pleases us.”

Clyde slapped her bare ass while Jethro fingered her soft cunt hairs and BobbiJo excitedly caressed her breasts.

Clyde’s cock stuck straight out and he pulled the ropes so her body swung toward him. The tip of his swollen cock touched the crescent of her bum and he slowly rubbed it up and down the crack.

Jethro searched her cunt looking for the soft button which he then tweaked between his fingers while holding her thigh between his legs so his cock and balls could rub her thigh.

BobbiJo’s eyes rolled back as she felt the pleasure of Wei Chu’s big nipples and round breasts. Again and again she squeezed those twin mounds and squeezed the nipples. BobbiJo had definite likes.

Wei Chu shivered in the cold. Her body shook. Her terrified eyes stared at these strangers touching her body. Feeling her body. Caressing her breasts. Trying to make her cunt wet. Using her bum like a hot dog bun? This was scarier than anything she had ever experienced, even her husband’s first time with her.

Clyde’s throbbing cock kept rubbing the crack of her ass until finally he directed it to the hole. His moist cock probed her asshole and then started to push and push. His cock finally started to slide in the tight, tight hole, squeezing his cock so hard. He forced it all the way in so his balls collided with her butt.

Jethro pulled on the ropes so that Wei Chu’s body came lower. Her cunt was now at the same level as his dark, thick, oozing cock. He rubbed on her cunt hole. His cock throbbed more and he felt his balls tighten. He lifted her legs for easier entry and directed his cock toward its destination. In it slid, one inch, two, three, four and he knew he was all the way in. Now out a bit, back in, out, in. His eyes rolled back as he felt the pleasure of Wei Chu’s hot cunt.

BobbiJo so enjoyed pulling those throbbing nipples and mauling Wei Chu’s firm breasts. Her own cunt felt very hot and wet. She slipped off her jeans and standing on a chair rubbed her wet cunt on Wei Chu’s tits. They weree almost as good as BettyLou’s tits.

Wei Chu quivered as she felt Clyde’s long, hard cock force its way into her ass. It felt like she would burst. Would it come right out the other side? She had visions of being impaled. She felt Jethro’s thick, cock invade her cunt. Too thick. Too hot! His balls slapped her as his cock slid in and out. Would it never stop? His cock was too hot! Too big! It rubbed her special spot, the one her husband always missed. She stared at the white woman whose cunt was smothering her nipples with its hot, sticky wetness. How could this be? Why would a woman do this to her? Why was it so hot? Why were her tits still hard even after being warmed up from the rain?

Wei Chu screamed out as Clyde’s cock plunged a final time and seemed to go right through her as she heard his gasp of pleasure.

She writhed as Jethro’s cock rammed her over and over until it seemed to swell beyond belief before finally exploding into her searing hot cunt. Surely that was his cock that was so hot, not her??

Wei Chu’s eyes fixed on BobbiJo’s eyes as they once again rolled back into BobbiJo’s head. Wei Chu watched astonished as BobbiJo’s body spasmed over and over while her cunt ground into Wei Chu’s swollen nipples. Why were her nipples so swollen?

When the pleasure of the three subsided and they eased themselves out of Wei Chu’s body, Wei Chu felt her own body spasm just like BobbiJo’s until she just hung there exhausted.

She felt them untie her and drag her back to the car. They tossed her out near the bus depot in the next town. As she lay naked in the mud she felt her clothes land on top of her. A bus pulled in. Poor Wei Chu put her soaked, muddy clothes on as best she could and tucked in her blouse so it didn't look so torn. As she leaned back in the seat she shivered and thought, ‘Maybe I never learn English to not lost like this. Maybe this happen again??”

Anonymous Chinese girlReport

2010-04-02 07:12:14
She's 45.. is she attractive? Her speech makes me cringe (I'm Chinese myself) and it didn't seem like she struggled too much or made any sounds when they invaded her.. I think this story is so-so and short.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-21 23:15:11
Wie Chu is out rageous. It would be nice if her adventures were listed in the order they happened. Where in my life has she been all my life? Let's hear more of her misadventures.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-01 22:21:40
Pretty good but next time add more people and and make it longer with some pain.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-10-05 17:24:16
It was a decent story with the Chinese woman being believable, however i think that your portrayal of the Rednecks is just too stereotypical to make the story perfect.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-01 11:28:54
nice not bad...

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