Samantha and Tanya became friends on their first meeting at university. Both of them just eighteen they shared the fact they both had Spanish mothers and English fathers. Apart from that they were also relaxed characters into music, mysticism...and men!

Tanya was slightly less experienced but even so had far more than the average girl Samantha just loved sex and making herself available to guys. From the age of thirteen she had never been without regular sex partners and university was certainly an opportunity to expand this further

After just a couple of weeks they decided to leave digs and find a house to share, which they soon did with three other girls.

At this point it is only right to describe them. Both girls were attractive, in fact Tanya was a stunner. There was probably no girl in the uni better looking than her, she had classical features with a beautiful expression hinting at confidence and inner calm. Her shoulder-length light-blonde hair was normally done in a neat bob. If she had one "flaw" it was that she was practically flat-chested but the rest of her more than made up for it. A wonderful pair of legs, lovely clear complexion, slim figure with a pert ass, long puffy nipples....a dream girl.

Samantha could sometimes look almost goofy but only when she play-acting. She was attractive, of a height with Tanya, her legs were thinner, but she had long black hair and medium sized breasts with a large pair of well-defined dark brown nipples in a state of semi-permanent erection which she hardly ever seemed to put into a bra.

The girls were both soon sexually active, most of the time one or the other would move to another girl's room, particularly the long-suffering Monica, but on a couple of occasions they both screwed in the room at the same time or one of them slept while the other fucked.

It seemed as if nothing could come between them and then Mikey came on the scene. Mikey was a tall good-looking and very pleasant Caribbean lad who was already rumoured to have the biggest cock in uni if not in the whole of England. You think that women think penis size is not important? That it's a male fixation? Wrong and wrong! Women discuss sizes and swap stories and whenever something out of the ordinary comes on the scene gossip soon spreads the news.

Some girl must have mentioned Mikey at one of those smoky drunken soirees which university life specialises in for students interested in the social aspects as much at least as the academic ones. Sammy immediately declared her intention to see for herself and Tanya expressed interest as well.

Clearly the place to go was the Caribbean party and Sammy was as forthright as usual. Shortly after being introduced to Mikey she came straight to the point.

"I've heard you have a huge cock and I love cock. So your place or mine?"
Mikey laughed.
"Ok, Sammy you look good and you talk good your place!"

Without any delay she took him out of there and back to her place, shepherding him up to her bedroom Sammie took off her jumper and vest quickly, her breasts bobbed about invitingly and she was naked before Mikey's appraising look even before he could take his coat off. He liked the look of her! This white girl was going to be fun!! Nice looking, tits, pussy and bum.....and quite pretty too.

Samantha started to undress Mikey. When she pulled down the trousers the pants came down and a stiffening black mamba leapt out at her. She gasped!

"How BIG is that THING?" she exclaimed involuntarily.

She was quickly onto it, holding the cock, weighing up the heavy balls and putting as much as she could of it into her mouth. She withdrew it and stared at the monster.

Samantha simply HAD to measure Mikey's dick...she shook with laughter as she held out the tape measure. 10.5 inches!!!! Within seconds she was groaning with pain and pleasure, impaled fully on the black boy's lovepole and enjoying several multiple orgasms throughout the course of the best night of her active sex life.

Tanya found out the hard way, stumbling into the room that night she was confronted by the sight of Mikey's buttocks as he took Samantha from behind. She was rather annoyed, having hoped to get Mikey for herself and she left the room to shack down with their friend Monica but was determined to try the black boy out herself.

Within a few days Tanya made her pass at Mikey. Meeting at someone's place she asked Mikey, staring brazenly into his eyes, if he'd like to go somewhere quieter. Mikey's cock was rising even as she spoke. Soon they were back at Tanya's room - she knew Samantha was away that night - having an enjoyable night of sex. Tanya confessed to Samantha what she'd done and after some arguing they both made up agreed they were lucky to have found a guy with such a huge cock and agreed to share Mikey's attentions.

A black man has no greater satisfaction than to see two white girls, good-looking and young if possible, abasing themselves and working extra hard on his enormous cock. In this case a lucky spectator could have shot the most wonderful porn movie ever. The beautiful Tanya and the attractive and always eager Samantha made a great complement to the oversized dark pole of meat Mikey had between his legs. How they both sucked slurped, held it for each other to work on...Samantha would be working hard on sucking the dark brown knob and as much of the cock as she could, whilst Tanya was tonguing the sensitive balls and sucking them gently inside her mouth, rolling her tongue over the as she sucked to increase the beautiful agony.

And inevitably with two over-sexed adventurous friends thrown together in this situation they ended up making love to each other as well. At first it was the heat of the moment but a delighted Mikey encouraged them and soon the three were enjoying all permutations possible in a threesome.

Samantha's tongue parting the fine long black hairs on Tanya's pussy...Tanya sucking at one dark brown nipple whilst Mikey got his monster ready to penetrate both of them beyond what seemed possible. Mikey was soon enjoying the visual side of things almost as much as the physical!

Being selfless girls they decide to give shy flatmate Monica the time of her life by getting Mikey to do her on her birthday. Monica was a short, slightly dumpy but not unattractive, girl with a pair of enormous breasts she tried to keep hidden underneath shapeless clothes but which were the talk of the house, and an enormous clitoris which would have been the talk of the university if anyone had seen it. The girls organised a takeout dinner with the dessert being huge quantities of dope.

As they all lay back on cushions after dinner drinking and smoking contentedly Sammie decided to get things going.

"Let's take our clothes off and dance!!!"

Tanya cheered, Mikey laughed and Monica shook her head in horror.

"Come on don't be a spoilsport!" said Sammie quickly pulling off her short and baring her breasts. Tanya laughingly complied baring her own succulent small ones. Monica still shook her head but Sammie advanced menacingly on her and Tanya backed her up.

"Nooo!!!!" squealed Monica as the two topless girls wrestled with her.

The girls managed to unbutton Monica's shirt and pull it off exposing her huge bra.

"Come on Monica, these beauties deserve some fresh air"

With a final twist they unclipped the massive bra and Monica's breathtaking breasts were exposed for their admiration resting on her tummy, sagging to one side and boasting aureole like small saucers which were bigger than Tanya's tits.

Impressed, Mikey moved towards Monica, and started kissing her. She quietly responded, and their tongues mingled with each other while he gently groped and massaged those titanic breasts whose monstrous size was only equalled by the dimensions of the penis he was soon rubbing against the awestruck chubby young girl.

Meanwhile the girls quietly and efficiently pulled down Monica’s jeans, took off her black socks and removed the black panties. Tanya gasped and nudged Sammie to get her to look at the huge clitoris peeping out of Monica's labia. Neither of them had ever seen anything like it.

Mikey started inserting his thick, long black cock into Monica's moist hairy pussy. She hadn't had sex for some months and, shyness apart as she'd never had sex with an audience, was eagerly anticipating the heights of unknown pleasure which that mighty weapon could take her to.
"Please be gentle", she said softly so only Mikey could hear, looking up at him pleadingly. "I've only had small ones before."
Mikey kissed her with a smile.
"Don't worry, you can trust me"

She need not have worried too much about the audience. Glancing surreptitiously across she saw to her amazement her two friends now totally naked and entwined in each other's arms as they kissed passionately! Tanya was rolling Sammie's big nipple between her thumb and forefinger whilst Sammie was penetrating her vigorously with two fingers.

He started feeding the overgrown member slowly into Monica's willing but inexperienced pussy inch by inch
Finally he was fucking Monica easily, sliding the full length of his giant cock slowly in and out of her burning vagina. She was tight but he was firm and well versed in squeezing his monster into willing girls or women. The soundtrack to their lovemaking the moans which came from their two friends who were making each other come every which way they could in a lust of lesbian sex. Monica was coming gently but regularly as Mikey hit her with varying tempos and from different angles.

Sammie and Tanya moved towards their entwined friends to "help" out!. Before long they were a mass of bodies, as Tanya sucked on Mikey's large brown balls whilst Sammie ate hungrily at his asshole. All the while Mikey relentlessly pounded away at Monica's pussy, her birthday orgasm count moving swiftly to match her new age. When an exhausted Monica finally pleaded for a respite, Mikey withdrew his still rock-like cock from her spunk-filled hole and presented it to the other two girls who happily slurped away at their friends mingled juices.

The three seducers didn't forget Monica was their special guest and then made her the centre of attention. Liberated from her shyness by the drink, dope and general debauchery Monica abandoned herself to a night of pleasure like never before. She was straight, although like most people had wondered what it would be like with another girl, and she found Tanya gorgeous like the rest of humanity but if someone had told her a few hours ago that she would be lying naked on her back with the beautiful Tanya contentedly eating out her pussy expertly whilst Mikey slowly wanked himself on her tits and Sammie sucked her toes. Her inhibitions gone Monica just lay back and enjoyed her first lesbian experience whilst Sammie held the enormous clitoris out of its hood so Tanya would torture it with little licks and sucks, treating it like a mini-penis. Monica was a human orgasm machine as the girls brought her off repeatedly. Had she been counting, which she was too gone to do, she would have realised she had twenty-five orgasms in a ten hour period.

As if the delirium wasn't enough Tanya started spreading, then licking and probing Monica's asshole with her tongue. She'd never even been touched there! A wave of relief at the fact she'd showered just before dinner disappeared into an intense bliss at how wonderful it felt to have this beautiful girl abasing herself before her, giving her such pleasure with her clever tongue, teasing her anus and tongue-fucking her rectum.

The sex went on practically all night long. At one point the three girls were on all fours in front of Mikey, wiggling their asses in the air. He moved from one to the next penetrating them at will. The bedroom rang with their moans, groans and squeals as they surrendered themselves to the power of his mighty black weapon. They worked the pole thoroughly too. It was big enough, to their delight, for the three of them to masturbate him at the same time!

All through the night there was fucking in the bedroom. Mikey would fall asleep, then wake up to find his cock being sucked by Tanya or wake up and move on top of the now passive Monica. And even as they woke up sleepily in the morning all three girls, now more sober after the evening's exertions, were all individually treated to a morning fuck by the relentless love machine. As Monica left for her room moving a bit gingerly after the fucking she had received she knew she'd had the best birthday present ever, and just hoped her friends would allow her to scale the heights of passion again some time in the future.


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This story is very well-written and so hot. One of the best interracial stories on this site.

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I remember my first black cock. I scored with a basketball player in high school, then took on several team mates. I went exclusively black until college. I dated white and black then settled in with a black stud who was hung like a pony. I became "his" and we lived together for almost 2-years. He was killed in an accident and now I'm back to dating. I know I'll find my dream man and he'll be big and black


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I am from Canada and also am speaking English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Petersburg students who are yabloko members claimed that federal agents tried to recruit them as."

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