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I couldnt believe it
I couldnt believe it... I had finally turned 13... I remember that day, my brother had come home with a friend I hadnt seen in a few months, I heard her say ..HEY!!! as I turned around to look to see who it was... I almost went into shock. There she was emily the girl I had fallen for when i was young. some say ou never know what real love is until you are married, well I can say it isnt true. I loved emily and would always love her.

Now emily was 5 years older then me, but I had helped her with a ex boyfriend problem in the past, she was forever grateful and said one day she would repay me. hell just seeing her on my 13th birthday was enough, but I guess to her it wasnt enough. I have had kissed a girl before but I was still a virgin and didnt really think about losing it till later, but I did what any other teenager would do, I masterbated 1-2 times a day,
My parents went outta town on business and left my brother in charge, well his girlfriend came over and they went out to eat, Emily stayed of coarse, she was so beautiful, she was half american half asian, 5'2 short brown hair, 34c cup breast and slender thighs, she was any mans wet dreams, No way in hell a kid like me would ever have a chance toget with her, i was young, well time went on we sat eat some cake and watched a few movies when she looked over at me and asked me something I will never forget.

"do you love me?" those words never left my mind, my only responce was, "Ya emily with all my heart. She smiled and told me she wanted to do something she been waiting on and lend over to kiss me. as i kissed her back I looked at her in shock. What was that for emily? she said she'd wanted to do that when she came inside the house but was nervous.. I leaned in to kiss her this time, only we didnt stop, i slid my tounge into her mouth and hers into mine as we kissed for what felt like the longest time.

"wow you are a good kisser" she said, bet all the girls are after you at school. Not really, I was sorta a out cast at school didnt care to be noticed or anything. I smiled a simple smile and replyed "I guess i mean i dont really pay attention" she only laughed and said and cuddled next to me, I asked her what was so funny and her responce was quite intresting. " haha looks like someone is happy to see me" I looked down and instantly went red in the face...uhh umm..Im sorry" are the only words to come out of my mouth,, I started to move away when she grabbed me and told me not to go.. she asked me" are yopu still a virgin?" I nodded my head and blushed. she told me something that really made me blush," hehe well then mr. teenager would you like to get lucky tonight?" I blushed so hard and lost all speech, I only nodded and smiled lightly.

she began to rub on my leg slowly and got to my pants and unbuttoned them, I was sorta nervous never have done it, she simply told me to relax, it was kinda hard when you have a beautiful girl whom you loved about to take your virginity. I relaxed as much as i could, then she reached into my boxers and pulled out my dick, she was sorta amazed how fast I was deveopled," wow your pretty big for 13, of coarse i didnt think so 6 inches was a normal size i thought for 13, well she slowly started to stoke it and kiss me at the same time.. i kissed her back and moaned lightly, she giggled and went down to it and started swriling her tounge on the head of my shaft, i moans more and looked down at her, she smiled and took the whole thing into her mouth and began to slowly suck on it while twriling her tounge.. I gasped as the pleasure was unbarable, she kept sucking on it slowly then faster and took her hand on the bottom part stroking it, it didnt take long before I told her I was gonna cum, but she kept sucking on it, I cam hard into her mouth and she swallowed it all..

it felt so good, she then came up and kissed me on the neck and told me to undress her, I slowly undressed her and started sucking on her nipples, as if i was a pro, she seemed to like it from the moans she let out, I took of her skirt and panties and she climbed on top of me slowly sliding her wet hot feeling pussy onto my already hard again shaft, I stoped her and asked if I needed a condom, but she was on the pill so she told me no, I entered her and she gasped lightly, kissing on my neck stil i grabed her by the sides and slowly started to press my dick inside her, she moaned lightly and told me to go faster, i did as i was told and moved faster into her, "harder!!!" she said i grabed her by the ass cheeks and lifted her going harder and faster inside her.

"mmm you feel so good inside me dont stop, I pressed harder thrusting my self in her, oh baby please more..mmm" I kept going as hard and fast as i could as she dug her nails into my back. after a hour, I finally came inside her...she kissed me and we layed on the couch.. it was the greatest night ever..but we havent seen each other since then.. i still think of that night on my birthdays.. it was a night you couldnt forget... the night my first love took my virginty...

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2015-12-22 22:32:29
"after an hour" don't you mean after a minute?

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2011-11-08 18:17:19
Ah, to be young and reckless.


2009-06-20 18:21:40
hey it was just a story of my first time my friend betted me to put, if u think that was my best work then you have another thing coming

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2009-05-10 08:59:10
not long enough.

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2009-04-15 19:04:49
horrible story couldnt stand all the typos, and budy wtf?!!?! 11 inches? i don't believe you, i'm 13 to and mines only 6 and a half most people i ask say theirs is between 5 and 7

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