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Part 2 of a Series, not sure how many still one more at least.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Justin yelled “ How the fuck did you find out where I lived? Answer me bitch before I fuck you up.”

“ Now, Now, calm down before you wake the neighbors.” She responded “ Anyway you gave me your address at the clinic and I only stopped by to give you the shirt you wanted, it right over there.” She pointed at the night stand. Justin glanced over at it and she used the opportunity to come closer to him. “ You’re a good fuck. Did you know that? “ she asked “ Only there is something missing, something you’d never think of , something I’ve shown you already. Can you figure it out?”

“What the hell are you talking about, we didn’t fuck, so how do you know I’m a good lay and I’ve got no clue about anything you’ve shown me.” He told her “ Now you better come up with something better than that or your ass is about to fly out that window.”

“Such anger, think about it boy if we didn’t fuck why are you covered in pussy juice and why is your dick so red if it hasn’t been busy tearing my ass up?” She questioned “ Now why do you think we didn’t fuck, was it because it was so good it felt like a dream? Maybe I was wrong about trying to open your mind by giving you the gift that I was given so long ago, you seemed worthy. I guess I was wrong ,your worthless, pathetic more like it.”

Those words hit him hard, he’d been called them by two different women tonight. It broke him and he began to cry. “Why am I so confused? My mind just won‘t clear up. What‘s happening to me” He said as he fell to the floor.

The nurse’s plan was working, she wanted him confused, she wanted him doubtful. “Now, maybe I was too hasty , maybe you are worth it but you’ll have to prove yourself, for now you’ve had enough. You need to rest.” she said.

No sooner had those words been spoken, did Justin find himself in bed feeling completely rested. He rolled over to look at the clock and saw it was three in the afternoon. He jumped up and looked at his thigh, nothing was there, no bite marks and he was clean. It was a dream after all, man it was a bad one but at least that’s all it was.

As he walked to the shower , the past nights events with Jill rushed back to his mind, it had slipped him after the dream he had, but he knew what had to be done. He had to apologize and hope she’d take him back. That’s the only thing that could work not some stupid scheme to trick her into believing he had changed, only changing his ways would work. As he stepped into the shower the water felt different, strangely it felt more intense , wetter and hotter than usual. The soap’s scent was stronger than before and his hands cleaning his body felt stronger. “It was just the restful sleep” he thought “ It renewed me”

Stepping out of the shower and drying himself he walked back to his bedroom. He threw open the curtains and was suddenly blinded by the sun’s light. It was so strong he had to close them back. After a minute he opened them slightly and it wasn’t so bad so he threw them open again. “ Huh? I guess it was just a shock to my eyes.” He said “ After all it was pretty dark in here with them closed.”

With the light shining in he glanced at his body, it looked tighter for some reason, more fit , almost like he had been working out. For some reason everything about him seemed improved, like he’d been perfected.

He glanced down at his cock, it looked longer and thicker , curious as to how long it was he grabbed a ruler and measured it. It had been a while since he’d done so, the last time had to be years ago , it was only 6 inches ,hard , the last time he measured it. But, to his amazement it was now 7 inches , soft. Wondering how big it was when he was hard, he started to think about the dream he had and it grew to a full ,thick 10 inches. Justin couldn’t figure out why he was just realizing the perfect body he had , maybe he just never noticed before.

Now fully dressed, he strolled out of his home and started off to the animal clinic that Jill worked at . He had a strange boost of confidence. Walking down the sidewalk every woman he passed seemed like they could be his if he wanted them. All he had to do was speak and he’d have them eating out of his hands. He thought. Although he was excited about this new confidence, he had other plans. Finally reaching Jill’s clinic he held his breath and walked in.

“Hello can I help you?” Said the beautiful receptionist.

His heart suddenly beating harder by the beauty of her, He asked “ Yeah , I’m looking for Jill. Is she in ?”

“ I’m sorry she’s not in.” She replied “ Jill is taking a few days off for personal reasons.”

Justin knew what her “reasons” were but figured he try and get a little more info from the receptionist , maybe Jill said something to her. Plus he had the sudden desire of lust come over him and thought how it good it would feel to fuck her.

“ Um , sorry to pry but, did she say what her reasons were by chance?” He asked her.

“ Yes, she did and it’s none of your business.” She told him.

Justin knew he could get it out of her, something in his mind told him he could get anything from her. As he continued asking her, he could see that she was becoming more relaxed with him.

“ I don’t know why but, I feel I can trust you.” She said. “ Jill told me that she had broken up with her long time boyfriend and just needed some time to clear her mind. She said his name was Justin , he sounded like a real prick and not the good kind.”

“ Yeah, I know him he can be an ass.” Justin said not wanting her to know it was him. “What is your name anyway.”

“ Tiffany ” She told him. “ What about you”

“Umm Tony” he said “ So Tiffany, sorry to be so blunt but, do you have a boyfriend.

“ No, I don’t , why do you want to take me out?” She said

Justin had never had a girl be so aggressive at the opportunity to go out with him. It excited him and gave him the idea that he could easily fuck her. His dick got hard at the thought and Tiffany noticed.

“ Why, you bad boy, your little fella is growing big down there , I guess that’s a yes. How about you stop by my place tonight at eight o’ clock and maybe we can skip the taking out part and you can just take me.” She said as she handed him her address and phone number.

“ Sounds good to me.” He said, instinct was taking over and he forgot all about Jill. ”I’ll see you tonight and we’ll have some fun.”

The hours passed quickly and at 8 o’clock sharp, Justin was knocking on Tiffany’s door. “Come in, its open” she yelled. As he walked inside the dimly lit room and aroma of lavender pleased his senses. Tiffany was sitting on the couch wearing only a bathrobe. With a look of lust upon her face, she stood up and walked over to him. Reaching down to his crotch she said, “ Now how is your little fella doing? Does he still want to fuck me?” Her answer was given fast, as his cock stretched down his pant leg and pulsed with desire. “ I don’t know why” she said “ but, I have this huge urge to fuck you. Like my mind has no control over my body.”

“ I feel the same way.” Justin told her. “ Now lets satisfy our desires.”

With that she untied her bath robe and dropped it to the floor. Her body was flawlessly tanned, her breasts stood perfectly with nipples erect. Justin reached out to touch her and she leaned in for a kiss, as their lips touched a burning desire came over him and he grabbed her ass. With each hand he grabbed a cheek and squeezed, lifting her up by her bare ass. Slowly massaging her tight ass he never broke the kiss, his middle finger slowly probed in to her crack and rubbed her hole. It flinched at the touch of his gentle stroking.

Only now did Tiffany break the kiss, only to moan with pleasure. He let her down and she grabbed his shirt ripping it off his body. With the same swift movement she undid his pants and boxers, dropped to her knees and inhaled his throbbing cock. She was no novice at it, sucking so hard it could make you pass out from the pleasure. Justin wanted more the that, he threw her to the floor and laid on the couch , instinctively she climbed up and sat on his face and leaned forward to continue sucking his cock.

Her pussy was soaking wet and Justin licked up every drop, his desire for her could not be quenched , he ate her pussy with such pleasure. It didn’t take long to hear what he knew was coming. “ I’m gonna cum.” She yelled “ Oh GOD it feels so good.” Justin kept on licking and Tiffany came right on his face so hard that he thought she would break his nose from grinding on it. She spun around and kissed him deep again, licking all of the juice from his face, savoring every drop.

Justin grabbed his cock and with one swift move rammed it up her hot cunt. Tiffany screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. She was not ready for such a huge cock, It was so deep in her she was almost able to taste it. Pounding her hard and deep, Justin could not believe how great it felt. “ I’ve never had pussy like this.” he thought while sucking on her nipples and digging his nails it to her ass.

Barely able to say anything Tiffany asked him to fuck her from behind. She got on her hands and knees as Justin knelt behind her slamming his cock back inside her hot hole. Thrusting in and out a strange feeling came over him, it wasn’t an orgasm but a hunger, a need.

Grabbing her shoulders he thrusted deep and blew a huge load, the strange feeling overwhelmed him. An urge took over him, he leaned over her and bit into her neck, breaking the skin he started to suck her blood. It felt right, like it was what he was supposed to do, so much so that he didn’t hear her screaming in pain. He kept on sucking till he could get no more blood , letting go , her now lifeless body fell to the floor.

Her blood was pumping through his veins , his body burned like fire. The pain was extreme, he fell to the floor doubled over in pain ,screaming and then it stopped. He felt so much better now. He looked down at Tiffany’s body and felt no remorse or shame. He had done what was right in his mind now.

“ Very good, you’ve done well.” said a voice from behind him. Turning quickly he met gaze with the nurse from the night before. “ You were worthy after all and now you are a vampire just like I am.
To Be Continued

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2012-08-09 03:32:58
Girls can cut wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots basuece it's okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, basuece you think being a girl is degrading. But secretly you'd love to know what it's like, wouldn't you? What it feels like to be a girl Said by the great Madonna, and in some instances, it's so true!

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2012-05-20 00:07:39
agian with the vampire and being invited in. but the story was good and sexy!

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2011-08-02 23:43:19
fuck what other ppl say amazing i have a thing 4 vamps hehe

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looking for something dark? Check out my stories and let me know what you think.

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this may sound cheesey... but if your into twilight, you should do a kinky short story about edward and bella. that movie was so hot!

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