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Part 1
This is Part One of a Series, I’m not sure how many yet but a least three parts. Be sure to leave comments and ideas for the story. This story is entirely fictional and no real names are used.

“You’re so full of shit, you’ve never done a good deed for anybody.” yelled Jill
“ Self centered, that’s the best word to describe you, God forbid you did SOME sort of good. You know what, get the fuck out of my bed and my appartment, you fucking low life.”


Justin was stunned, never would he have expected Jill would act that way toward him. “ Who the hell does she think she is.” He thought to himself “ Why should I help anyone but myself, no ones ever given me a hand. “
As he walked down the stairs that led up to Jill’s place those word kept replaying in his head, “ Loser, self centered ass, inconsiderate prick. “ Jill had made her point clear she wanted nothing to do with him, since he had no disire to be anything but fully self absorbed and nothing else. “ I don’t need her” he thought “ I could have any girl I want , besides Jill wasn’t even the best looking girl he’d ever fucked, so this was for the best. “ Yeah I’m better off without her .“

Still he couldn’t help but dwell on those words. “Maybe she had a point” he said “ I mean , I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do something nice for someone else, after all that’s what she wanted . Or was it maybe I wasn’t being considerate to her and her feelings . Could she have been testing me to see if I would do something nice for someone else? No, that wasn’t it , she just wanted to control me and that won’t happen to me, I’m a man and no woman controls me.”

The more he tried to convince himself that he was better off , the worse he felt. It was horrible, the pain of knowing Jill had slipped away, it hurt terribly. He tried but couldn’t hold back the tears , he was wrong, he DID need her and badly. His life was so wonderful with her , he was happy ,content and complete. Now, he had lost it all and had no way of getting it back.

“ I have to get her back ,but how? What could I do to show her I’m considerate of others? Helpful to others and not self centered?” he wondered. Justin’s brain hurt as he tried to devise a plan to when her back. “ I have to do something good for the community. It’ll have to wait till morning anyway, where am I going to find something good to do at 3 in the morning.”
As he turned the corner something in the window of a shop caught his eye, “

Do some good for the community” it read “ Donate Blood and get a free T shirt, show the world that you do care about your fellow man” it continued . On the bottom it finished with the phrase “ Open 24 hours a day”

That was it , well at least a start , he’d donate get the shirt and make sure Jill say him wearing it.“ She’d comment on it for sure” he said “ and then I’d tell her I’m a new man and she’d take me back.” It would work, he was sure of it. Weird though that when he needed a good deed to do, one popped up . Weirder still he’d never heard of an All Night Blood Bank. As he opened the door he suddenly felt really relaxed almost like the feeling you get when you walk in to the house you grew up in.

Ding ,Ding . He rang the bell on the counter .

“Yes, can I help you?”

He turned to see a beautiful woman standing behind him , she must have appeared out of no where. He didn’t question her , he was too lost in her beauty . Her hair was a dark shade of brown, her skin a flawless olive color, and her eyes were dark green almost black. Those were her best feature , the eyes , they hypnotized him, left him speechless.

“Yeah, I’d like to donate some blood.” he told her

“ Great” she said “ Follow me to the back , have a seat.” She pointed at a chair. “ I have to get you to fill this out and sign it” She told him as she handed him a clipboard

“Hmm, let see “ Justin thought . Name, Address ,Birth date , Blood Type , Name of Closest Relative, and a series of medical questions , he answered every one but his blood type, he had never needed to know it. “ Excuse me” he said “ I don’t know my blood type , does that matter.”

“No’ its fine, anyway I think you are O+ , no I’m pretty sure you are , I have a good ability to tell.” she said. She read the papers “ Ok, this looks good , except you have no next of kin, is that correct?”

“ yeah , my parents died in a car wreck 3 years ago” since he was adopted he had no clue about other family so as far as he was concerned he had none.
“ Sorry to hear that” she said “ but at least you have no one to answer to.”
Or no one to miss him either.

He thought he saw a smile across her face but maybe she was just being friendly. As she got her equipment ready, they engaged in small talk and Justin eventually brought up Jill and the fight they just had. He felt weird talking about this to her but she seemed to be interested and he needed a shoulder.

“Well maybe you are better off without her” she told him “ If she loves you, she’d take you how you are. I know I would , cutie.”

Upon hearing that Justin’s cock got hard, it extended to its full 9 inches and sretched down his pants leg.

“Oh is that for me “ she asked “ It looks yummy”

“ Sorry, didn’t mean to, it has a mind of it’s own” he told her

“That’s ok “ she said as she reached down and caressed it “ I like it when they get hard. Mmm it looks yummy, I would love to suck it dry. When Justin offered no resistence , she unzipped his pants and pulled it out . It was nice and hard . Nine inches long , thick , and uncut . “ That feels nice, huh, my hand stroking your cock.” she said as she continued to play with it.

“ Yeah, it feels great.” he said. All of the worry about Jill disappeared from his mind as he got lost in the pleasure. “ Suck it , please suck it.” he pleaded

She took the whole thing in her mouth and deep throated him. She knew what she was doing , running her tongue up and down the shaft, sucking and nibbling the head. She didn’t forget about the balls as she caressed them slowly.

“ Oh yeah that feels good “ He said . “This is the best I ever had, you’re gonna make me cum fast . Ohhh god it feels so good , ahh I’m cumming “ He yelled.

As he blew a huge load all over his cock she continued to jerk it till every drop came out. She bent over to lick up every drop. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain as she bit in to his thigh and sucked on it.

“Ow, fuck , what the hell are you doing ?“he yelled . As he jumped up, ran out the door and down the street to his home. He almost busted the door down to get inside. Slamming the door, he locked it and went up stiars to the shower. He had to clean himself. How could he let that happen? He loved Jill and here he was getting head from some random person. “Ow “ he yelled as his hand rubbed his thigh, he had forgotten about the bite. “ Fuck ,she drew blood when she bit me.” Right at his upper thigh there were two holes were she had bitten. “ Fuck , that’s just what I need , I didn’t even know who she was, what if she had an STD or something.” Stupid , Stupid , Stupid that’s what I am.

He finished showering and hit the bed. It was 5 A.M. and he felt very tired all of a sudden and thought a good nights sleep is what he needed to forget what happened . He was soon fast asleep and started to dream. Jill was laying next to him , telling him how much she loved him and couldn’t live without him. He told her that he felt the same way .

“I have something for you” she said , she turned around to grab it and suddenly became the nurse from the blood bank. “This is what you want right? A whore who doesn’t care about anything but pleasing you. You love me don’t you?”

“AHH, Justin woke up in a cold sweat, “What the hell was that? Why am I dreaming about her?” he wondered. He looked at the clock and noticed it was only 6 A.M. “ Fuck that’s all, I slept for just an hour.” He said as he laid back down. “ O.K. no more nurses in my dreams” he thought.

Back asleep he was in Jill’s bed. “ Oh Jill I love the taste of your pussy” he said. He was on his side licking that sweet snatch , up and down the slit he ran his tongue. He stuck his thumb in her ass and she moaned slightly but, since she had his cock in her mouth s it wasn’t to loud . Harder and harder he licked her sweet hole sucking the juices and licking her clit, he knew what she liked and made sure he hit the right spots.” yeah you like my thumb in your ass don’t you” he said

“Oh yes, shove it in baby. It makes me so hot especially with your prick in my mouth.” she told him

The smell of her pussy was wonderful, sweet and tasty, he could have eaten it for days if not for the fear of a sprained tongue.” Hmm” He mumbled as she grinded her crotch into his face , he knew she was about to cum and so was he , he picked up the pace and she followed suit . “ I’m cumming” he yelled just as she exploded onto his face . He kept on eating as she swallowed every drop of his load. She tore away from his grip and rolled on to her knees.

“Fuck me Justin , Please?. “ She pleaded . “ Do me hard .”

Justin jumped up and slammed his cock up her pussy so hard he thought he was going to break her in half. He held nothing back as he pounded her pussy . Jill screamed in pleasure, Justin knew she was a fiend for cock, yeah his little cock whore she was. He grabbed her hair, pulled it back , and continued to fuck the shit out of her.

“Yeah, you love this don’t’ you ? He said . “ You love when I fuck you like a jockey riding his prize horse , except you’re my prize whore. Take it bitch , take it ,I know you love it.

“ Oh Fuck, Fuck , I love it baby, slap my ass , make me run faster. She pleaded

Pow, he slapped her ass and kept on fucking, Slap came another hit across her ass cheeks and another.He loved to beat her while he had his cock in her. He than pulled out and slammed his cock into her ass.

“ Yeah I know you love THIS.”

“Oh fucking God, yes oh, rape my ass baby, fuck the shit out of my tight hole. I love the way you feel, it fills me right up. Harder baby, Harder. Jill pleaded

Justin couldn’t hold back to much more even though he tried to . “I’m gonna cum again.” He said. “ Let me cum on your face ,baby. He pulled his dick out of her ass as she turned around. He jerked his cock until he blew his load all over her chin and mouth. To his surprise she took his cock in her mouth and sucked the rest of his load out until he was dry. “ Oh God that feels good , what a good whore you are” He told her “ Mmm lick my nuts I love that.

OWWW !!! What the hell, did you just bit me?

He looked down to see the nurse sucking his thigh. Justin quickly woke up again and jumped out of bed. “What the hell ,not again.” he said. That’s when he noticed he was covered in cum, pussy, and ass juice.

He grabbed his thigh and it was bleeding again “ Shit, what the hell? If it was a dream how did this happen? It was a dream, it had to be no one was here but him.

He felt a draft and noticed the window was open and sitting in the corner was the nurse.


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2012-05-19 23:41:05
it was awsome and extriemly sexy. but the nurse is a vampire and vampires cant come in a house unless they are invited in. so that didnt make any since. but great story!

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2012-03-04 00:04:25
i cummed this was really good fuck!!! i need aa girl to fuck right know


2010-08-05 11:29:27
Loved it as much as I love ALL of your fantastic stories.

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2009-07-01 08:49:57
Made me cum hard, so fucking hot!

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2009-02-21 23:49:50
I really love it. I am sure i can finish the story. Please continue..

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