1st story be constructive not destructive, or just kill it if u will
I observed her as she walked trough the class with her blonde almost white hair, she wasn't exceptionally pretty but I needed to have her so much still.
I knew she'd be the first who I'd take.
Let me Introduce myself
I'm John 15 years old and in the 9th grade, I'm a fairly smart kid and I have alot of fantasies
I've been dreaming of raping a girl for years now but never actually thought of doing something with it until a while ago

all I needed was a reason to get her alone over to my house.
A reason she would come home with me after school when my parents wouldn't be at home.

After a lot of brainstorming which got me nowhere I decided to tell her I was buying a present for my mom's birthday and needed a women's touch to help me find one. Nervous as shit I asked this from her at a wedenesday afternoon in June. I knew that if she'd say no and tell people I'd look like an ass.
She said yes and my hart jumped. Kiki came with me to my house. She never having been there I decided to give her a tour. I showed her the whole house but when she I showed her my room on the attic I silently stepped behind her...
I grabbed her mouth and her lower stomach and told her she'd die if she screamed, I'd never dare kill her but she didn't know that, she completely taken by suprise made a muffled noise. Then she tried to fight back, having anticipated on this I smacked her around a little so she knew I was too strong for her.
I dragged her on my bed and lay next to her still covering her mouth.
I started let my hands glide all over her body. It 'wasn't like she had huge tits or anything but yet it felt so good. I guided my hand to her pussy, not really knowing what to do now, I hadn't really planned this going so well.
She kept making muffled pleading let me go noises, which only turned me on more. I whispered will you make a sound if I let your mouth go? She didn't responded so I pinched her nipple real hard. She screamed and I repeated myself. She quickly shook her head avoiding more pain.
I slowly started unbuttoning her T-Shirt and jeans overlooking my prize.
When I got her in bra and panties I start rubbing her pussy and forcing my tongue in her mouth. God this felt better than I ever imagined. If only I had done this much earlier...
I whipped my now hard dick out and told her to get on her knees and suck it.
Holding it before her mouth I told her she'd die if she bit me.
Then I forced my cock trough her lips and the sensation was so intense..
I started slamming it deeper and deeper until she started to gag. But I didn't care and kept on slamming until I came which went dissapointingly fast since this was my first time. I told her to clean my dick with her tongue and almost came again in the process. While I was overthinking how great I had things going for me at the moment she punched me in the nuts and tried to ran. I saw my whole world crashing down on me in one second... If she'd get away I would go to rehabilitation shit or a maniac house or whatever...
I quickly flew down the stairs behind her and got her at the bottom jumping on her endangering me and her.
I then hit her in the face and stomach not to hard but so hard she knew I ment it.
I told her if that's how u want it bitch...
I felt incredibly aroused by this whole chase with the adrenaline pumping trough my vains and dragged her to the shower.
There I started once again feeling her still naked body up. I turned her back to me and shoved a finger up her pussy. Being suprised it could fit there after all te stories I read about how tight it would be I decided to go for it and shoved my penis in there breaking her hymen ignoring her now annoying pleas to let her go. She started to scream due the pain so I quickly muffled her again.
Dissapointed my cock wouldn't completely go in due the tightness I kept pushing till it would. I know turned the shower on because seeing her naked body all wet would only turn me on more.
She whimpered please let me go now. You got what you wanted... I said I'm almost done dear not telling her I was probaly never gonna let her go.
I started rubbing her anus because anal always turned me on alot.
I used some shower gel on her anus to make it nice and slippy. Even tho I liked hurting her as much as I could I wouldn't want to rip my own cock apart in her ass... After a while of gentle poking I started going deeper and deeper in her ass while rubbing and licking her breats. She screamed again so I just gave her a headbut, using my hands for other things.
After I came in her ass I decided this would be enough for today.
I know had a 15 year old girl traumatized which I couldn't let go and which I definately couldn't kill.. What the fuck was I gonna do I dragged to the attic again there taking a rope and bound her wrists and anckles.
I figured what I would do with her wasa question for later. For now she was my fucktool whenever I felt like it.

there'll be a part 2 if I get nic and constructive comments

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2008-08-12 05:54:32
You're (supposedly) 31, and yet you have way too many spelling and grammar errors. From your story, i can tell you use some sort of instant messaging... sadly, this isn't the place for another msn-put-together story. Get a life, learn to spell and above all, learn to format your story properly.

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2008-08-11 00:32:26
so you decide to rape someone for your first sexual experience? oh okay.

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2008-06-24 01:55:42
lol, no way josh can get away with that

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2008-06-23 14:18:18
You have way too many spelling errors. Learn to spell and use a hell of a lot more detail.

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