First step past teasing.
She was standing in the kitchen at our friends house in her new summer dress and sandels mixing a strong drink. The night was hot and humid even for Tennessee so our friends decided to have their party inside instead of around their pool. The dress looked great on my wife Ellen and in the ten years we had been married she never missed a moment to make me proud to be with her. I walked up behind her kissed her neck and cupped her breast which were braless and her large nibbles were standing at attention. She pulled the dress up to display her bare ass and wiggled it up against me. Only the wall between the party room and the kitchen kept our friends from viewing our little show of affection. We teased each other for a few moments and then joined the others. Everyone was playing guitar or singing and drinking a little too much including my wife. She and I were sitting on a sofa in the corner when she whispered that she was getting a buzz and she was horny and wanted me to finger fuck her right there. She pulled the back of her dress up so she wasn't sitting on it and I eased my hand under her dress from the back so no one would see us and slid two fingers into her wet pussy. I rubbed her asshole with my thumb and teased her clit with another finger. She was so horny that my thumb soon slid easily into her asshole. This went on for about five minutes and then without warning she stood up to get another drink. My fingers popped out and the back of her dress barely fell over her ass before she walked across the room. No one seemed to notice our little game as the two other wives at the party were almost very drunk on the other sofa and almost asleep and their husbands were both playing guitars and singing. I decided it might be time to go home because of the late hour and followed Ellen to the kitchen. She was mixing another drink when I walked in and without looking to see who was joining her she pulled her dress up over her head and took it off and stood there nude in her sandels. I thought she might be too drunk to know she was naked in our friends house but she turned around and with a devilish smile asked if I wanted to play a little game. Before I could answer she tossed the dress across the kitchen table, took a big sip from her drink and then knelt down in front of me and unzipped my jeans. She started sucking on my cock right there in the kitchen with her bare ass aimed towards the door. I was so excited by my naked wife sucking on my cock and the thrill of being caught by my friends that I came almost immediately. Ellen swallowed every drop and then still on her knees she started to finger fuck her pussy and rub her clit. We were both hoping someone would come through the door. I was so excited that my cock was still hard. Ellen came quickly a couple of times before she got up and bent over the kitchen counter. I slid my cock into her pussy and within a few minutes we came again together. I thought for sure she would put on her dress and we would head for home but she just grabbed her drink and headed for the party. Still wearing only her sandels and a smile, Ellen walked out of the kitchen into the party room. The music stopped and my friends Dave and Mike just sat speechless as Ellen walked in and sat on a stool across from them. I walked in behind her and gave the guys a thumbs up to let them know it was cool. They both looked at their wives passed out across the room and then back at Ellen. I moved behind her and fondled her breast and pulled on her nipples as her legs spread wider and wider apart. I slid my hand down to rub her clit as she pulled her pussy lips open wide for the benefit of my friends. She definitely had their attention. Ellen kissed me and asked me if there were any rules for the evening and I told her the only rules were the ones she wanted to make. She walked over to Mike and David and kissed them both as their hands ran over her naked skin. Mike slid his fingers in her pussy and David sucked on her nipples and she groped at their cocks through their jeans. Within minutes we were heading out to the pool area and shedding clothes as we went. There stood my wife by the pool, horny and naked with three horny and naked guys. Ellen laid back on a chaise and one of us worked her pussy with his fingers and tounge while another had his dick in her mouth. I enjoyed the show so much I usually just sat back and watched and played with myself. Ellen can come all night and tonight she was going to set a new record. David was getting a blow job and when he started to come he tried to pull his dick out of her mouth but she keep his dick in and swallowed it all. We found out later that this was the first time he had come in a womans mouth, his wife would not allow it. Mike took his place in her mouth and came almost immediately. While they sat back to rest I let Ellen suck on my cock until it was rock hard and then asked her to take it up her ass. I laid back on the chaise as she lowered her asshole around my cock. The guys had never fucked their wives in the ass and only David had managed to work a finger up his wife's ass so they were amazed. Ellen bounced up and down on my cock until I came again and then just sat still on my dick while she fingered her clit to another orgasm. Hot and spent we managed to slip into the pool to cool down. David regained his hard on and slipped it into Ellens pussy in the pool. Mike and I watched as David brought her to another climax. Ellen then swam over to me and gave me a very passionate kiss. She told me this was the best sex night she could ever have imagined and could we keep it going. I talked to the guys and they were game. I went into the kitchen to fix everyone a drink and to check on the guys wives. They were still passed out so I walked over to both of them and rubbed my dick across their lips. Davids wife opened her mouth to take it in but did not wake up so I headed back out to the pool. Ellen was on her knees on the deck with both guys fingering her ass. She was letting them get her ass ready for some dick. Mike was lucky enough to slide his dick in first and she fucked him well. He came pretty quick and David wasted no time slidding his dick in her ass. He took quite a while to come but swears it was the best fuck he ever had. Ellen held her ass checks apart and offered her ass to me once more. I fucked her ass for a few minutes and as she came I did too. We laid out on the chaise for a long time thinking about the evening. I asked her if she liked the evening as much as I did and she said yes and there would be more evenings to come. Mike and David and I got dressed but Ellen stayed nude as we went back in the house. The wives were still asleep when Ellen walked over to them, fingered some come from her ass and wiped a little across their lips. They would never know they had tasted my cock, Ellens ass and the come from all of us. My wife rode home nude and as she walked towards the house she stopped in the front yard to take a pee. Watching her standing in the yard in only her shoes and watering the grass brought my dick to life again and I think the newspaper delivery guy agreed. Now, that's another story.

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love the slut .

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I can see a little link between your writing style and your wife your grammar and style and big block of text are a complete disaster you moron its just a fuckin mess and your wifes arsehole is the same pure messed with your mates spunk theres no way some ugly slut gonna cut about at a party all night with just a pair of shoes on your a fucking liar and your going the right way to get STDs right enough i suppose couples with your combined IQ of 18 wear that like a badge of honour

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Sweet cock loving slut! I love watching my girl when she wants to be a dirty cock craving slut!!!


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Poorly Written, Difficult To Read & Not Much Of Of A Story


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I didn't even bother. PARAGRAPHS!!!!!

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