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My first experience with oral fun...
Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about the background of my story…

My name is Mina. I am 5’6 and weigh 127 lbs with dark blue eyes, curly brown hair that, pale skin covered in freckles and an unimpressive 32B bust with embarrassingly large pink nipples.

Like many stories…mine begins with a stupid crush on an incredibly stupid boy whose name happens to be Alex. Standing at 6’3 he was thinner, with broad shoulders (which always turn me on) blonde hair, light honey colored eyes, a 6 inch cock (perfect for deep throat), and a low voice that could make me melt. He also happened to be the ex of one of my friends, but I’d had a crush on him for about a year and a half, so naturally (actually it was very unnatural that I would do this because I am an extremely shy girl) I went for him. Finally, after much flirting and loathing, in the winter of my Junior year in High School, Alex and I became official. Of coarse I was convinced that I loved him (but really it was only my insecurity and lust that actually made me think this) and so I was willing to do nearly anything for him. Which is how my story starts…

Alex and I had been hanging out with some friends in town, but it was getting late and I was getting bored, so he and I went back to my house to watch a movie (code name for intense make out session). We snuggled up under a blanket, and I rubbed up against his lap, while he put his arms around me, cupping my breast.

About a half hour into the movie I began to notice that his cock had grown steadily rigid against my ass, so I reached behind me and started to rub it through his shorts. He moaned as I squeezed it and I smiled, knowing that I was giving him what he wanted. I was so thrilled to be pleasing him that I hadn’t even noticed the hand that was carefully fondling my tits, but then he pinched my nipple through the light camisole and I felt a shock of lust flood through me. Unfortunately, my little burst of excitement happened at the exact moment that my dad had come down to say good night. Alex and I froze (his hand still cupping my boob and my hand still firmly squeezing his cock) and turned our heads away from the movie that we were “watching” to say good night as well. For the next five minutes he and I kept silent, waiting to hear my dad shut the door to his room upstairs, but after the lights had turned off I started to rub a little faster.

When the door had finally clicked shut, Alex let out a deep groan and roughly rolled over top me to pull down the front of my camisole, exposing my hard nipples. I gasped as he quickly pinched and twisted one nipple as he hurriedly sucked on my other.

“Fuuuck” I moaned, neglecting his cock for a moment and reveling in the attention that he was giving my body. I ran my fingers through his hair and grabbed handfuls of it, needing something to hold onto as he sent me through my very first orgasm.

He stopped then and looked at me curiously and smiled, rising slightly from his position on top of me. “Did you just…” I’m sure that he was about to say ‘cum,’ but I didn’t let him finish, instead I pulled him back on top of me and kissed him ravenously on the mouth, licking his tongue and sucking softly on his lower lip. However, it wasn’t until I had caught his lip between my teeth that he started to get back into it.

“Uhhhh” he moaned and stood to get off of me, holding me back as I tried to rise with him. “We shouldn’t be doing this here…” he stated, trying to breathe in deeply before I jumped him again.

I listened hard for any sign that would prove that my parents were awake, but I couldn’t hear anything. When I looked back at him standing before me I noticed that there was still a bulge in his pants, challenging me to my face. I smiled up at him then, accepting the challenge and whispered “the spare bedroom then?” He smiled back at me in agreement and we turned off the lights, heading to the bedroom that was just down the hall.

When we got in there we didn’t turn on the lights, or pull down the covers. We just sprawled out over the bed as we were…him with his hard erection, and me with my cami still pulled down, exposing my breasts.

“Are you okay with this?” he asked sincerely.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I replied.

He shrugged, “just making sure,” and he smiled, placing his arms on either side of my shoulders and leaning down for a much softer kiss. It was the kind of kiss that could make a girl fall to pieces, the kind that was long and promising, the kind that plainly said ‘I love you’.

I wrapped my arms around his back and lifted up his shirt to stroke the broad shoulders that enticed me…then I remembered the hard member between his legs, and I slid one hand around his belt and down to the present that awaited me there. As I squeezed, he backed off again.

“Mina, I don’t want you to feel obligated.” He said, firmly holding my hand away from his member. “You really don’t have to do this.”

“I know,” I smiled, pulling my hand from him and placing it on his face, leaning in for one short kiss, “but I want to…” I whispered just inches from his face, and then I kissed him again. Submissively, he placed his arms back where they were, and I continued with my stroking as our kissing grew fiercer. Again I caught his lower lip between my teeth and pulled lightly, and again to my pleasure, he let out a low grown that rumbled in my chest.

He pulled back from me yet again, but this time said nothing. I heard some rustling by the door, and could barely make out his dark silhouette as he moved. While he was away, I took the time to slip the cami up over my head and threw it on the pillow beside me. When he came back and repositioned himself on top of me again, I realized that he had stripped off his pants and shirt, leaving him in just his boxers.

It took him a moment longer to realize that I too had stripped my top off, but when he did he again lowered himself to my nipples and started to suck. Again I felt the rush of pleasure sweep through my stomach, and when he roughly pulled on my nipple with his teeth I moaned in ecstasy and chills covered my body in goose flesh.

Still pinching one nipple fiercely, he looked up at me and said “Did I do something wrong?”

It took me a moment to regain my voice, so I propped myself up on my elbows and took a moment to breath. When I felt I could speak, I answered “No…quite the opposite, but isn’t it me turn?” In the dim window light I could see his look of shock and slight confusion, but I simply reached down between his legs and unbuttoned his boxers, coaxing his hard cock out of its hiding place. “What do you want?” I murmured soothingly.

“Can we try something?” he asked quietly. I nodded, and he pushed me back down on the bed so just my head and shoulders were slightly propped up by the pillows. He straddled my ribcage and pressed his cock down between my tits.

Realizing now what he wanted to do, I spit in my hand and rubbed it in the valley of my chest and on my nipples, then I pressed my fingers on the outside of my tits and bushed them together so they hugged his cock snugly, not quite enveloping it. He thrust slowly at first, and when I started to move my breasts to his rhythm, he started to thrust faster. Breathing harder, but not quite moaning, he grabbed one of my nipples and pulled on it lightly. I let out a small cry of pleasure and he reached back with his other hand and quickly undid the zipper and buttons on my jeans, then, shoving his hand into the small space there, he found my pussy and began to finger me. I tightened my muscles in shock and pleasure, and he slid his fingers out from inside me.

For a moment, he stopped his thrusting, and in the light I could see him bring his fingers to his face and sniff, then he rubbed them against his thumb; obviously curious at the sticks substance that covered them. I thought I would enlighten him, “You made my wet…” I stated, but he still looked at me in confusion.

“Is that good?” he asked innocently.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his innocence, “Yes…you made me cum…” I stated plainly. He smiled down at me, obviously pleased with himself, and as soon as he started thrusting again I grabbed for his wrist, pulled his sticky fingers to my mouth and sucked my own wetness from his long boney fingers.

“Shhiiiitt” He grunted and pulled his fingers from my mouth, quickly shoving them back into my dripping pussy. My muscles again began to tighten and I started to move my hips to help him push his fingers deeper inside me. I opened my mouth to gasp, and realized that I wanted his cock. I leaned forward a little, arching my neck and closed my mouth over the soft, spongy head of his member. I sucked in hard, licking the pre-cum off of its tip, wiggling my tongue into the lovely little hole there. “Ohhh Mina” he moaned and with his fingers still swimming inside me, he knelt off of my ribs and started to thrust deep into my mouth.

I moaned louder and hard, lifting my hips off the bed to keep his fingers there and I came for the second time. Now…I thought to myself…It’s his turn.

I lowered my hips, and he pulled his fingers out of me obviously realizing what he had made me do. He licked my cum off of his fingers, and I could feel the sticky juice run out of my cunt and down my ass, and as irritating as it was, I didn’t care. I moved out from under him and knelt by the side of the bed.

Clearly thinking that we were through, he swung his legs around in front of me and stood up, only to have me push him back down again. I then dropped my mouth down on his cock, pushing it to the back of my throat. I held it there for a moment sucking hard at his base and came back up for a breath. I breathed hard, and stroked his cock fast, looking at his shocked face that gleamed with pleasure. Without warning I shoved his cock down my throat again, bobbing this time from tip to base, massaging his smooth balls with my fingertips. I then pulled off and stroked it again, dropping my head down to suck on his balls. As I pulled and sucked on his balls, he started to moan louder, which made me suck and stroke all the faster…

“Ohhhh Mina…Yeah! Yeah!...faster…” He cried, and I quickly switched places and shoved his cock down my throat again, occupying my hands with his saliva-covered testicles. “I’m gunna…” he trailed off in a higher pitched, strained voice, “I’m gunna cum…” he finally moaned and I shoved his six inches down my throat and squeezed his balls, licking them as I did so.

With another loud moan, he pushed my head further onto his cock, and I felt his cock spasm and pulse as his hot delicious cum came in thick spurts down my throat. I quickly swallowed; the tightening of my throat causing him to moan and cum a little more. I swallowed again and he let out one big sigh of relief. He then pulled out of me and I kissed his sweet cock, and gave his balls a small squeeze, that made him squirt one last little stream of seamen on the corner of my mouth. It slid down my face, but before it could fall Alex wiped it off my face with his finger and brought it to my mouth, which I opened; welcoming the sweet, musty taste of his cum.

“Mmmm” I moaned quietly, “yummy.” Alex looked at me and smiled, then bent down to kiss me. As he did so however, the phone rang.

It was a startling noise that we weren’t expecting, especially at such a late hour. I checked the clock and realized that it was 2:10. The phone kept ringing, and then I remembered where I was.

“Alex…You have to go” He grabbed his pants and shirt without bothering to put them on and ran out the door. I picked up the phone. It was a friend who was wondering if Alex was still at my house, and I quickly stated the truth…that he wasn’t…and then I scolded him for waking “me” at such an hour. I then hung up the phone and went to get my cami that was still on the bed. I heard Alex’s truck roar into life and as the sound faded, I realized that another haunting sound was coming from the floor above me. I only wished I could hide, but before I could think, I came face to face with my mom, and although I was thankful that it wasn’t my dad who walked down those stairs, I was (needless to say) busted.

I was grounded for a while, but my mom didn’t say anything to my dad (THANK GOD!). Alex and I took better precautions after that, and although we did have our fun times, it just wasn’t meant to last. We stayed together for four more lustful months and broke it off.

It has been three years now and (as I haven’t had a boyfriend since then) I still masturbate to the memory of that first night.

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2010-07-27 18:26:46
goodish but there was no build up to the sex

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2010-05-18 20:05:26
Great story! I can be your boyfriend if you don't mind that I am 50 yrs. old ; )


2009-06-12 22:14:18
very good, you really show promise as a writer


2008-06-26 08:59:58
Great story

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2008-06-24 17:27:50
u-r-gay ha ha

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