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This is my first story. Just thought I would post it and see what ya'll thought. Please be nice!
Some nights Stacy would fall asleep in their bed with no panties on and sometimes nothing at all. This let her husband know she wanted some much needed attention aside form their four girls. He would come in, get undressed, and slip the covers off his wife to reveal her voluptuous tanned naked body. Her soft straight short brown hair falling over her eyes, her pouting lips closed, and ice blue eyes resting under smooth eyelids. Her 40c brest resting atop her chest with small brownish pink nipples eager to be sucked and caressed. His eyes traveled down to her petite hand resting on her flat tan belly. She wasn't a fit woman but her size and shape were very attractive to alot of men. Directly under her pinky finger a few inches was a freshly shaven mound of joy for her husband Mike. He adored every inch of her body. In his eyes she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He slowly drags his finger tips from her ankles over her smooth light brown legs to the inside of her knees. Gently applying pressure to push them open to expose the smooth lips of her pussy. His fingers slid up to the opening and gently pull her lips apart so her clit is now fully visible. He has begun to harden and deposit his precum on their blue sheets.
He was a very handsome attractive man. He was 5'11'' with a head of dark hair with speckles of grey. He had a receeding hairline and a thick, neatly groomed goatee that surrounded sexy full lips. He was hairy on his chest and it thinned as it spread to his stomach. His member also surrounded by plenty of dark brown hair was a nice 9 inches with a 2'' girth at full alert.
He leaned down so his face was only inches from the snatch that he know was waiting to feel his tongue. he lightly licked from her hole to her clit and then he licked again with a little more pressure. Stacy began to moan in pleasure. He began to lick the inide of her hot cunt feeling her hips beginning to move. He placed both of her legs on his shoulders and buried his face into her snatch as both hands found her tits with their hard nipple begging for attention. She began to move her hips more to meet him lick for lick. Her hands found the back of his head and she slid her fingers into his hair. He flicked his tongue across he harden bump, juices flowing over his chin and into his goatee. He raised his shoulders so her lips would spread and open her cunt for him to shove his tongue into her little fuck hole. She moaned louder. "You eat my pussy so good. You want me to cum all over your face don't you?" Without missing a beat he shakes his head up and down for her answer. He moved a hand to her pussy and pushed a finger to her hole. Not pushing it in yet. His tongue moved all around her clit and up and down her lips knowing how crazy that drove her."OH PLEASE FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS BABY! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM!" So he plunged a finger into her juicy inside. He flicked her clit harder. Her body began riding his finger and tongue. She began to quiver and her body jerked. She grabbed his head and shoved his face into her as his fingers fucked her harder and harder. Her juicy pumping cunt came for several seconds covering his hand and face. She pushed him over to her side and his cock shot straight up to attention. She climbed back onto his face and lowerd her leaking cunt to his mouth for him to continue his deed. She licked his balls and took each one in her mouth, gently suckling. She licked from the base of his shat to the head leaving trails of hot wetness from her tongue. Her hand slid up and down in a jacking motion over his huge thick cock. Her mouth taking five of his inches inside to get it sloppy wet to make her strokes smooth. She moved her head slowly up and down as his hips moved up to meet her mouth and he began grunting into her bottom. He grabbed the sides of her hips and pulled her pussy into his mouth. His tongue fucking her juicy fuck hole. She moves her hot wet lips over his dick while pumping his shaft with her hand. His tongue flicks her clit as a finger moves in place of where his tongue once was. Her finger finds his ass and pushes against it causing his load to come that much quicker. She feels her climax rising about to squirt again. He moves his hips in rythm with her mouth. While he is fucking her face, she rides his fingers and face. The second waves of pleasure hit her like a wrecking ball. He shoots his jism into her mouth. It hits the back of her throat. She happily swallows the gift he has given her, feeling it coat her esophagus. She climbs off still stroking his softening cock. He kisses her deeply getting her juices all over her lips. "MMM I taste pretty good" she says licking her lips. "Yes you do. I plan to get more of your sweet nectar before we are through!" He kisses her again. She bends down to suck his member , collecting missed semen if any on him. Suddenly she feels something that get her attention quick. The vibrating tip of a vibrator gently moves up and down her pussy lips. He shoves it into her wet oozing hole. She continues stroking his dick as it hardens inside her mouth. He gets up and moves to the rear of her body where her ass is sticking up in the air. He buries his face into her ass, licking her snatch and lightly pressing his nose to her asshole. He briefly tongue fucks her while the vibrator tingles her clit. She moans louder and can feel the explosion getting closer. He pulls out his tongue and shoves his cock into her pulsating squirting cunt. Her vaginal walls spasm and tighten around his member. Warm pussy juice coats his dick and travels down her thighs. His cock fucks her faster and harder. She pushes her ass higher and spreads her legs wider for him to bottom out inside her womb. He pounds her pussy, his balls slapping her cunt lips. "FUCK ME BABY!! FUCK YOUR PUSSY!! OH I HAVE BEEN SOOOOO BAD TODAY!! FUCK ME TIL I AM SORRY!! OH YES! OH YEA!!!
OHHH HELLL YESSSS!!! He pulls out and she spins around. He shoots his hot sperm on her mouth, eyes, and hair. She licks her lips gathering his semen into her mouth. He collapses on the bed with her following behind him.
"I love you" "I love you too baby" They fall asleep.

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2008-09-22 13:20:36
agree with the paragraphs - the heading said 'females' did i miss something only read about a female

Anonymous readerReport

2008-06-27 05:53:20
A paragraph is and amazing tool for other writers, you need to learn what they are and how to use them. As this is not worth reading without them.


2008-06-25 03:37:08
where is everybody


2008-06-24 15:32:48
concur with reader 2008-06-24 12:1301

Anonymous readerReport

2008-06-24 12:13:01
might be a good story, but is very hard to read since it all runs together with no seperate paragraphs.
I started, but decided it wasn't worth the effort so I stopped reading.

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