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A Queen among Queen's captured four long years ago by a God among men, proving he can be gentle but tough with the women he'd dreamed of for so long.
She squirmed a tad as he entered the room, trying to cover up with what little he had given her before having her arms chained to the wall.

My name is Azraelia, ive been trapped in this place for so long now I nearly forgot my old life. However every time he glances at me he sees hate and revenge glittering in my unnaturally violet-lilac eyes. My hair once was like a black cape as soft as silk, glittering with a purple hue in the light,but thats damn near changed since him. My hair is now grimy and has a shattered effect to it from when he takes a knife to it if he thinks its become to long. I was once a Queen, loved by all till he invaded my tribe of warriors, men and women alike. He claims to love the fact that I fight no matter what the odds are, and still I fight, no ones touched me in years, im still as virtuous as when he found me. Hes told me how much he loves my hour glass form, with a slender enough waist to make my breasts look twice as big as they naturally are, and plump-ish hips to give that look of pure perfection.
I suppose that Dark God that has taken me has noticed my powers weakening, because he has taken me, still chained however not as tight to his chamber so he can help me heal. I am grateful for it but he has taken all from me already but the worst hes done is chain me. I dont know why that handsome Dark God has done so little to me. However I know that if he tries to seduce me again with his gold, hypnotic eyes I may not be able to resist him. Especially with the flowing hair he ties at his neck, that soft blond flowing hair....
"Azraelia, did you hear anything I just said?",He asks.
I gulp softly, "N-no, I was distracted, Gregori."
"Ohh, please tell me by what, theres not much to distract you from hearing me." He says, like he knows the answer, like im sure he does.
I sigh softly, giving up this one time, still too tired to fight anymore. "I was distracted by you and you damn well know it."
"How could you be distracted by me? You are 19 and ive had you for four years, well I havent had you in the sense i'd like but ive had you here."
"Four years as a captive, chained and never talked to aside from you, I grow weary of it, I was a Queen none could match and you took it, you took all of it, your even taking all my sense with your extremely amazing looks."
He smiles, knowing hes nearly won,"Azraelia, thats not the women I knew." He sits next to me while I lay upon his bed and runs his hands through my shattered air.
"At this point Gregori, I dont care anymore." I sigh softly and rub against him, knowing my hatred and thoughts of revenge are fading.
He leans in and kisses me, gently and just a light touch on my lips. "Why back down now? After all these years, why now?"
"Because I grow weaker and weaker then I had ever thought possible."
"You need blood dont you? Ive noticed your not a full blooded vampiress, but you do need blood on occasions."
I nod and close my eyes, slowly giving up the fight when I smell thick rich blood. My eyes snap open and I gave at him, "What are you doing?"
"Giving you what you need, take it, its the best I have to offer."
I smile and grab his wrist, pulling it my mouth as I suck the wound.
He gasps softly and slides his free hand down to my thigh, gently caressing,"That feels amazing."
I slide my hips to the side, his hand sliding between my legs as I give a soft moan, sucking his wound still, then slowly closing it with my tongue. He groans as his hand slides between my legs. rubbing my pussy and inner thigh. I look up at him and slowly starting to kneel, his hand still touching my pussy a tad. He starts to probe a bit, then to my shocked pleasure he slides a finger in, I gasp from the sheer pleasure of that one finger, growling softly with want of much much more.
He smiles and kisses up my stomach, ripping off the thin strip that covered my breasts, he starts sucking my nipple as his finger probes deeper into my pussy, making my muscles clench with a hot reaction. I slide my leg over his two so that im straddling his hips. My hands moving down to undo the strings at his pants, feeling his cock pop out and rub against my pussy, I moan softly and look down, watching as he removes what little I had left that had hidden the bottom half of my body, my eyes growing wide as his sheer size.
"My god, you could nearly split me in half with that." I whisper in shock.
"Oh but trust me my fiery tempered Queen, I will not, not only because itd be a waste but because I know what to do with it."
He grins and slowly removes his finger from me, teasing me by flicking my clit oh so gently and rubbing his tip against my pussy's slit, trying to prolong the moment he's waited four long years for. He realizes theres one more thing he can do to prolong the entrance, he smiles and lays her on her back, sliding between her llegs, rubbing his cheek against her inner thigh, then ohh so slowly he slides his tongue against her slit, sighing softly he continues to tease her like this till....

To be continued if I get positive feedback or enough positive requests for it.

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