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Cheating Wife
I’ve been happily married for nine years to a voluptuous 32 year old Italian girl. We have two small children.

Amanda has incredibly smooth olive skin and big soft tits that are fairly firm for their size. She also has a full round butt! Her lips are soft and full, and her brown bedroom eyes will give anyone a instant hard on!

I was surfing the web one day when I came across a surveillance camera built into a teddy bear. I had no reason to suspect anything, but I thought it would be great to see what happens in the house during the day while I’m at work. I put the teddy bear up on a bookshelf that overlooked the family room.

After a few weeks of watching the kids run around, I noticed something interesting when the lawn mower guys showed up in the morning. She took three cans of Pepsi out to the guys. There was one tall black guy and two Mexicans. After they mowed, the tall black guy came in the house. I could hear him telling her that she had a sprinkler that was cracked and should be repaired. She asked how much, and he said it would be less than $75.00 including parts. He told her he would have to come back later that day after they finished their rounds, to fix it.

I remember her calling me and telling me the quote. I said having anything fixed for under a hundred is a deal, and to go ahead and get it done.

Watching the video, I noticed that our kids were gone, they were at grandmas that day until dinner.

A few minutes later the black guy came into the house with no shirt on and dripping sweat. He told Amanda that the sprinkler was fixed, and asked for a drink. I saw that Amanda now had make up on, had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing a low cut white sundress that showed her tan and her cleavage. I started to worry.

The black guy, who I later discovered was named Tyler, but was nicknamed Holmes by the Mexicans.

Tyler asked if she had any beer, and she gave him one of mine! He told her she should have one as well, and my wife who never drinks beer agreed! After three more beers my wife and him were getting along way too well.

My wife said that she would go get the checkbook and left the room for a few moments. When she came back in, Tyler walked over to her and kissed her on the lips! I could see the look of shock on her face and he quickly took her hand and placed it on his bulging shorts. Tyler suggested they could do a trade out instead!

My wife had a look of lust on her face I’ll never forget, she stammered that her husband would not approve,

(really, no kidding), but she continued to stroke the front of his shorts as she voiced her objections.

Tyler kissed her again and then pulled his shorts down. His cock was hanging down like a long black snake.

He was now completely nude except for his shoes. My proper wife of nine years was stoking his now exposed cock like it was her favorite toy. Tyler pulled her dress up over her head and her big tits were now exposed to his view. She was essentially naked, except for her thong. He pinched her nipples and mauled her big tits while telling her she was going to be his new sex toy. Amanda was moaning like I’ve never heard before. She reached down with her other hand and cupped his balls as she slowly sank to her knees. She wrapped her lips around his swollen purple cockhead and Tyler told her a good girl should worship his cock and drink his cum. He asked if she wanted to experience his magic pole in her pussy. I could see Amanda's thong was soaking wet.

His cock was long and thick and hard as granite, his cock was as big as anything I’ve seen in a porno.

Amanda licked up and down his shaft like a woman possessed. Amanda ran her tongue over his massive mushroom cockhead while she massaged his heavy balls with her free hand.

He started telling her how she would worship his cock from now on, and she would do whatever he wanted, once he fucked her with it. Amanda moaned and told him she wanted him to fuck her now, because her pussy was on fire! Tyler told her lay down on the couch and he would make her his personal whore. Amanda laid down and spread her legs for him and rubbed her clit as she begged him to put it in her! “You know you still have to drink my cum like a good slave” “I’ll do whatever you want if you’ll just fuck me please” Tyler got on top of her and started to inch his massive black rod into her wet hole. Amanda leaned up and licked the sweat off his chest as he pushed his pole further in. “Oh God!, I love your cock” Amanda was already responding like a whore in heat! Tyler pushed his cock all the way in and Amanda let out a scream, a scream of pleasure I’ve never heard. As he pulled it out she started telling him how he could fuck her anytime he wanted. He told her that depended on how well she followed his orders. As he pounded her pussy harder, she promised she would do anything he wanted. “Anything? he asked” “I’ll do anything, just please keep your cock in me” Tyler laughed. “I’m going to hold you to that baby” Tyler fucked her for about 20 minutes and then pulled his cock out and straddled her chest as he put the head of his cock up against her lips. “Open up and drink my cum like a good whore baby” Amanda obediently opened her mouth and he pushed the fat mushroom head in as he started to cum in my wife's mouth. “That’s it, swallow my seed” I could see she was willingly swallowing his load. He then made her lick and suck his cock clean. Hell, she won’t even drink my cum when I get my semi annual blowjob! There was little doubt that my wife was now his new sex toy. I could only watch in awe and disbelief.

He told her he had to go back to work but would come by again next Thursday. She begged for him to come back sooner. He told her he would make her wait worth wild.

The next few weeks were basically a repeat of the first day. I also decided to add two better cameras.

On the about the fifth week, Tyler showed up at the same time, but this time he had a friend with him.

He also had a brown bag with him. The new guy was a late 40’s something black guy, he was mostly bald and had a giant gut. I would say he was not an attractive man by anyone's standard. He was in fact, fairly ugly.

Amanda looked perplexed as Tyler introduced his friend as his uncle Frank.

Tyler told Amanda that he brought uncle Frank to show him his beautiful married white sex slave. He took his

uncle over to a picture of my wife and I and our two kids and told his uncle, “This is the my sex slaves family” “Her hubby doesn’t know she has a thing for big black cocks” His uncle laughed and they both went and sat on

the couch. I could see Amanda was nervous about his uncle being there. Tyler suggested they have a drink and went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of green liquor and some OJ out of his brown bag. He mixed some drinks and they all sat awkwardly looking at each other for several minutes. Finally Tyler told Amanda to model her black bustier for uncle Frank. Amanda said she would only wear that in front of him, and that her husband had not even seen it. Tyler said that she should do what he told her or he would leave and not come back. Amanda looked at him with pleading in her eyes, but Tyler gave her a do it or else look. Uncle Frank had a smirk on his face as Amanda stood up and left the room. A couple of minutes later, Amanda walked back in the family room in black garters and heels, a tiny thong panty and the little black bustier. Her tits were pushed up and almost falling out of the top. Frank let out a low whistle as Tyler told her to do a little dance for them. Amanda hesitated for a minute, and then quickly downed her drink and started to dance slowly and seductively in front of the two leering men.

Tyler suggested that Amanda lose the bustier, so uncle Frank could see her magnificent tits.

After she removed the bustier, her big white tits were on full display for the two drooling men.

I could see Amanda’s reluctance as Tyler told her to stick her hand in her thong and finger herself.

After a few minutes of rubbing her own pussy, “Oh, yeah, those are some nice titties man”

Uncle Frank seemed pleased that his nephew was sharing my wife with him. Uncle Frank grabbed my wife and pulled her down onto his lap and started to maul her tits. Amanda protested, but to no avail. Then Frank started fingering my wife with one hand and was pinching her nipple with his other hand. Tyler told Frank that he should go ahead and make her happy! Amanda began to moan and whimper as Frank continued to finger her. Frank stood up and took off his shirt and then dropped his pants. He was even more obese naked. He started stroking his cock and I could see that it was not quite as long as Tyler's, but it was very black and very thick. It reminded me of those Hickory Farms sausage sticks everyone buys during the holidays. He told Amanda to lay down on the couch and spread her lips for him. Amanda looked at Tyler who just nodded at her. Amanda laid down and pulled her cunt lips open as Frank knelt down above her and lined up his thick pole with my wife's dripping pussy,

I could see Tyler give uncle frank a thumbs up sign. They had planned this well. Uncle Frank pushed his pole in with one quick thrust, and Amanda grunted like she did when she was giving birth. Frank brutally fucked his stiff rod in and out of my wife's wet hole. He pushed her legs up above her head as his fat gut slapped her legs.

Frank started talking to Tyler while he was abusing my wife. “Oh man, this is one sweet ass whore you have here my boy” “ I want to shoot my cum down her cock loving throat” “I think we should invite Ted over for some of this” The remarks continued as he fucked her senseless. My wife started behaving like a whore in heat, telling Frank how much she loved his thick black cock. Frank said that he was going to cum, and Amanda needed to drink his cum! He pulled his cock out of her wet hole and told her to open up and suck the juice out of his cock. Amanda

wrapped her lips around his slime coated cock and Frank took her right hand and put it on his cock and made her start stroking his cock while he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deeper down her throat.

“ Yeah, that’s it baby, you gonna drink uncle Franks cum like a good slut”. Frank pulled his cock out of Amanda's mouth and forced her head down lower and ordered her to lick his hairy balls. My wife was continually being verbally degraded by Frank as she licked his fat black balls. Suddenly, Frank turned around, and Tyler grabbed Amanda by the head and forced her face into Franks giant hairy asscrack. “Yeah, lick his smelly ass whore”. Amanda struggled to pulled her head back, but Tyler kept her face pushed into Franks ass. “French his asshole my little slut, or no more Tyler cock for you” Frank reached back with both hands and spread his cheeks apart as Tyler pushed her face deeper into Frank's asscrack. I could see Amanda's tongue sticking out of her mouth as Tyler moved her head up and down Franks crack. “You like the taste of ass, don’t ya baby?”

Amanda could only grunt as her face was buried in Franks ass for several minutes. Then, suddenly, Frank spun around and stuck his cock back in Amanda's mouth as he jerked it furiously. Seconds later he pulled it back out,

and his engorged cock started spewing ropy strands of cum on Amanda's face. The first blast hit her in the eye, and the next two hit her forehead, then Frank forced his cock back into her mouth. “You need to taste uncle Franks cum, you whore!” I could see Amanda trying desperately to swallow his load. After he finished cumming in her mouth, he pulled his wet cock out and slapped her face with it. “Lick it clean, cum slut!” Amanda ran her tongue up and down his shiny black shaft. “I’ll need a beer and a piss, then I want to fuck her tight white married ass”

Frank bellowed, as he headed for the fridge.

Tyler walked over to Amanda with his half hard cock in his hand and made her start sucking him off.

After several minutes of Amanda worshipping Tyler's cock with her tongue, he bent her over the arm of the couch and slapped her ass. He pushed his black fuck stick into her sopping wet hole and then proceeded to fuck her with a vengeance! Frank watched from the kitchen as Tyler brutally slammed his cock into Amanda.

I could see Frank was talking and laughing on his cell phone while he was drinking my beer.

Tyler told Amanda that him and Frank were going to bring their nephew and his friend over next time and let them have their way with her. Amanda groaned as Tyler reached around and squeezed her tits hard to make his point!

Tyler’s asscheeks clenched up and I could tell he was depositing a load of cum into my wife!

After a few more hard plunges, he pulled his wet cock out of her cunt and Amanda turned around and cleaned him off. Frank and Tyler got dressed and left.

Two weeks went by with no visits, but on the third week Tyler showed up with Frank and three teenagers.

They all came in and made themselves at home. Tyler told Amanda to go put on her husbands white dress shirt and some high heels. 10 minutes later Amanda walked out in my white dress shirt with nothing more on than a g string and some high heels. Amanda looked sheepish and nervous, but the boys all whistled and stared as she walked around in front of them. They looked like a pack of hungry dogs sitting on the couch with their tongues hanging out.

Tyler told Amanda to pick one and go show him a what a married white pussy is like.

Amanda walked over to the shortest one who looked like he was 16 and motioned for him to follow her.

During the next hour, she took each one of the boys back to our room and did them individually. I didn’t have any cameras anywhere else in the house, so I could not watch the sexual escapades.

After she did all the boys, Tyler took Amanda to the back room too, and fucked her for what seemed like 30 minutes.

When they came back into the living room Frank had a camcorder on a tripod and was filming.

Tyler told Amanda to go ahead and strip, and play with herself while they watched. Amanda looked at Tyler like this had gone to far, but Tyler just laughed and said, “Come on baby, you have see yourself on video at least once in your life” They all watched mesmerized as Amanda sat on the couch and played with herself.

Her white tits were covered in bite marks, so I assumed the boys had sunk their teeth into her while they fucked her.

Amanda rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipple as the group gawked at my horny wife.

Frank was filming Amanda, and rubbing his crotch at the same time when he said, “Hey Tyler, take this camcorder

and film me sticking my cock in her mouth, I’m ready to bust a nut man” “Damn, she sucks cock like a woman

possessed” After a few minutes uncle Frank grabbed her head and started cussing! “Oh yeah, suck down my juice baby” Amanda choked as she tried to swallow uncle Franks load. Frank pulled his pants up and took over the

camcorder again. Tyler told Ted, his nephew, to go ahead and try out her mouth. He didn’t need to be told twice. Ted didn’t even bother to take his clothes off, he walked over to Amanda and unzipped his pants and stuck his half hard cock in Amanda's mouth. It was long and thin and black as coal, it started to harden as she sucked on it like a two dollar whore. It was quite a scene! My wife was naked, sucking off a teenage boy, while an older fat black guy filmed it, and three others watched! After Ted came in her mouth the other two boys followed suit, Tyler told the boys to take off. My wife had fucked and sucked everyone in the room. After the boys left, Tyler had Frank point the camcorder at the couch and then Frank laid down on his back as they lowered Amanda onto his cock while Tyler made her suck him off. They switched positions twice, and then Tyler grabbed the camcorder off the tripod and told Frank to blow his load on her face so he could get a good shot of it. Frank made Amanda lick his balls as he stroked his cock over her face. Tyler moved in closer with the camcorder, as Frank groaned that he was going to hose the slut down. Franks giant cock started spewing cum, and the first shots hit Amanda in the eyes and covered her nose and forehead. He continued to drip cum on her face until Tyler told him to take over the camcorder and film his cumshot.

Tyler kept his cock a few inches above her cum covered face as he stroked himself. Within seconds cum blasted out of his cock and rained down on Amanda’s face! His cock was rock hard as kept cumming and cumming on my wife's face. When he finally stopped cumming, Frank moved in for close ups of my wife's face covered in their cum.

Then they shut off the camcorder, and abruptly dressed and left. I didn’t see any more action for a few weeks.

Then Tyler started showing up about twice a week with a different guy in tow. They would each have a turn at my wife individually, and then double team her, one getting sucked while the other one fucked her. I can only guess that he was using my wife as a paid whore, because I rarely saw him bring the same guy twice.

I also noticed that things to seemed to progressively get kinkier and kinkier. A couple of times Tyler fucked Amanda in the ass, then soon after that, the other guys were doing it to her as well. One time he brought four muscular,

athletic looking black guys who abused my wife for over two hours. They double teamed her, one in the ass, one in her cunt. Made her lick their assholes, one guy even put clothespins on her nipples. After fucking all her holes, they made her lay on the floor naked with only high heels on and masturbate for them while they stood over her in a circle and jerked their cocks until they came all over her face and tits. They sat around and laughed while Tyler told my wife to scoop the cum off her face and tits and eat it for them. Tyler looked pleased, as he had taped the whole scene.

He didn’t fuck Amanda while the four guys were there, but he came back later that day by himself and fucked her. By now it was obvious that my wife was his personal whore. Last week my wife told me she wanted to go to Vegas for the weekend with one of her friends. I’m pretty sure though that she’s sneaking off to spend the weekend with Tyler, and not her friend Lisa, like she told me. Guess I’ll have to get used to my wife being someone else's whore.

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my wife was head of a section of a small hospital for teens with problems. She had two young black aids working for her who she later told me she couldn't keep her hands off and fucked almost every day. She knew I had a burning desire to see her get fucked by black dick and told me what she was doing. She had the come over to our house with three other black aids and we stripped her naked and the black guys played with her tits and cunt until she was begging to be fucked and fuck her we did for the next two years almost every week. She left me one night after a party where several black guys fucked her and then took her to a black bar where the owner talked ( drugged her) into becoming a white slut whore with him as her pimp. He fucked her for two weeks until she was in love with his cock. Last time I heard of her she had been fired because she was fucking the young workmen and letting them watch her naked as she fucked the black aids

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