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He dressed me like a whore
My hubby had always talked about the Gentlemen's Club in our town and I finally told him if you want me to go with you I will. He had teased me about entering an amateur night contest but I wasn't up to that. I did tell him we could go for a little bit so I could see what it was like inside these places having never been to one.

The first thing he had me do was my outfit for the evening, a very, very short and tight mini skirt with thigh highs and boy short panties, braless with a low cut, revealing top. I was surprised that this was what he wanted me to wear but he assured me that other women there would be dressed similar. Hesitantly I agreed and we went on our "date". As we entered I heard the music, men whistling and clapping, some that I felt were directed at me, and some crass comments that I knew were about my husband and me. As we were looking for an empty table there were comments such as my hubby must need some help in satisfying me, he must be a voyeur, etc.We settled for a table near the back wall of one of three dance stages. The waitress was beautiful and took our order, a soda for my hubby since he was driving and some wine for me. I am not much of a drinker at all but I know when I am getting drunk.

Within a few minutes of our drinks arriving my hubby excused himself to go to the restroom. This made me uncomfortable and I wanted to go to the ladies room but he would have no part of that since I encouraged our being there in the first place. I am not sure if he was surprised or perhaps expected it but by the time he got back there were two men at our table attempting some small talk and introduced themselves as Bob and Tom. Neither wore wedding rings and my hubby noticed this first as I was too nervous to notice much of anything other than I was left alone, dressed like a street whore,and as far as these men knew was dropped off as my hubby left the table we were at together originally. When my hubby was trying to make me feel more relaxed one of the two ordered fresh drinks and they were there before I had the first one drank. I decided to go redo my makeup and when I returned my hubby asked if everything was ok and I replied it was. Bob made a comment that I was just as beautiful as any of the strippers on stage and that I could definitely make an excellent living doing just that. I blushed as I thanked him for the generous comment but my hubby merely agreed. This was sort of odd I thought but I didn't pursue the issue. Before I had the second glass of wine half drank I was feeling rather warm and funny and asked to be excused by our two new friends so we could go outside to get some fresh air as the club was crowded and warm , or so I thought. As my hubby and I got up I didn't notice it right away but the other two men were following us. When I said something about this to my hubby he laughed and tried telling me they were leaving to go home maybe.

As we pulled into our driveway I barely managed to keep my eyes opened but still managed to see the lights behind us. I was sure there had been something put in my drink as I was extremely dizzy trying to get out of the car and shocked when my earlier suspicions were confirmed when I saw Tom approaching me as if to help and his friend Bob saying something to my hubby. When he had invited these two into our home I was shocked since we had just met them. They told him they could only stay for one more drink and had to leave after that as they were from out of town and staying in a motel several miles from our house. Once inside, one of them asked to use our restroom as the other one was asking my hubby if he had a certain scotch. All I wanted to do was to get to the bedroom and get ready for bed. I excused myself and as I entered our bedroom closing the door behind me there stood Bob with a smile on his face that scared the hell out of me.I turned to go back out but my hubby was at the door already with Tom. It seems as if these two had already decided what was going to happed that night as soon as they saw us enter the club. My hubby now was between me and Tom and Bob was next to me. What was about to happen was a total surprise!

My hubby said "surprise", it's now or never! It seems he had taken me serious when I jokingly said I'd like some "strange" for a change. This was something he had heard before and said at one time and I remembered it was all. He helped the other two to force me to the bed, and removed my top, exposing my hard nipples. I couldn't believe he was going to go through with any of this but he evidently had other plans. See, he said, your nips are hard so you may as well lay down sweetie and close your eyes.The next thing there were hands all over me it weemed and I was indeed on the bed and my heels had been removed along with the boy shorts. I asked again if he was serious that this was happening and he said to be quiet . Now I was really sure he was serious! He mentioned me doing a gang-bang but so far it had only been dildos, never real hardcore sex!


2013-07-11 15:19:28
Has The Potential, But Falls Way Short Of Being A Story

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-16 12:09:18
Where were the drugs? She a couple glasses of wine. Lighten up, it's fantasy.


2008-06-25 12:03:29
Good start, but I don't like using drugs to get her ready. Love when a wife lets others fuck her and the husband watches and/or participates.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-06-25 11:06:43
An outline of a potentially good story. Needs some complexities and motivational development. More details.

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