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Melissa was like a lot of young girls her age that had
kissed and felt up her girlfriends as a curious child but never
thought much about sex. It was mostly just a natural curiosity
to inspect other girl's bodies to see if they were like her or not.

Her family lived in Birmingham, England. Her parents
bought a semi-detached home in a nice residential
neighborhood. The homes were the latest thing in their day.

She was an only child. In every way she was an average
sandy haired blonde child. She was proud of her hair and kept
it long. Because the hair would get damaged and the ends
would split, she would have to trim it. By the time she was
fourteen it reached the small of her back.

To earn a little spending money of her own Melissa
started babysitting for some of the local families. When the
children were sound asleep she had time to herself. It was
during these times that she did her homework. When that was
done she looked for things to read while watching the Tele.
Some times she found erotic material to read. This broadened
her sexual education.

One couple that lived a couple of houses down the street
from Melissa's home was that of Anne and Mick. They had a
young child that Melissa looked after on regular bases. They
were a fun loving couple that liked to party and go out a lot.
Mick was close to six feet tall, a true son of Ireland. He had
done his duty for Queen and country in the army. That meant
that she didn't get married very young.

Anne had been working in a haberdashery for men. Mick
was buying clothes to reflect his position in engineering
company. She had a few romances in her youth and was ready
to find a man that was ready to settle down. She was a natural
chestnut haired gal that bleached it a little to make it look
lighter than it really is. She was a little taller than most women
were. Her biggest complaint about her body was that her hips
were too wide.

Shortly after they moved into their home they had their
baby. They knew Melissa from the neighborhood. She had a
good reputation for being a good babysitter. When they needed
to use a sitter they found her to be a good sitter.

When it was shortly after Melissa's fourteenth birthday,
they had asked Melissa to sit for their baby while they went to a
party. Melissa was happy to sit for them because the baby was
easy to care for. She slept soundly after she was fed.

When Mick and Anne got home they were both pretty
drunk. Mick went upstairs and to bed right away. Anne stayed
downstairs with Melissa. She poured them both a glass of
wine. She sat with Melissa on the davenport. She was in a
talkative mode. She was asking Melissa a lot of questions.
Melissa responded with truthful answers. Anne's questions
were becoming more personal. She told Anne all about her
sexual experience or lack of.

Anne asked Melissa if she was ready for a stronger drink
because she wanted Vodka and orange juice. She was up and
took Melissa's wineglass before Melissa could even answer.
When she returned she handed Melissa a tall glass of strong
orange juice. Melissa could smell the Vodka.

They sat back and sipped their drink before Anne started
asking questions. Anne moved closer as if she wanted to ask
questions that Melissa might be uncomfortable saying out-loud.

When the glasses were about half empty Anne took
Melissa's glass from her and put them both on the table in front
of the davenport. Then to Melissa's surprise Anne placed her
hands on Melissa's cheeks and kissed her on the mouth.

Melissa was a little rigid at first. She did think that this
woman of about thirty-three or four was very sexy. She began
to warm up to the thrill of the kiss. Melissa wrapped her arms
around Anne's shoulders and returned the kiss.

Anne put her tongue in Melissa's mouth. It was so large
that it filled Melissa's mouth. It almost took her breath away.
The kiss lasted a long time and Anne put one hand around
Melissa's back. Anne took a hand full of the hair and pulled
Melissa's head back so that she could kiss her even harder. As
she was kissing Melissa, she used her free hand and felt the left
breast. The youthful breast was firm and the nipple could be
felt through the bra and blouse. Anne undressed Melissa to the
waist. She played with the breasts as she told Melissa how
lovely they were.

Anne stood up and unhooked the straps of her black
cocktail dress. As it fell to the floor it revealed not only that
she did not have a bra on but also she had a magnificent 36-d
size breasts. She was standing there in lace panties that were
made only a little darker where the dark tingle of pubic hair
showed through the lace. She kicked off her sling pumps and
rolled the delicate panties down her hips and legs until she
could step out of them. The only thing she had on were her
dark nylons with the lace tops. They looked very sexy.
Melissa got a good view of the carefully trimmed pubic triangle
of dark hair. She wanted to reach out touch it to see if it really
was that evenly cut.

When she was totally naked she lay on the floor. She
reached for Melissa's hand and pulled the girl down on top of
her. She drew the girl up her body so that she could kiss her
again. This kiss was even more exciting because their naked
breasts were pressed against each other.

Anne placed her hands on Melissa's shoulders and
pushed her down her body until Melissa was sucking on each
nipple of her breasts in turn. It was a thrill to find that milk was
squirting into her mouth. The hot milk was thrilling to Melissa
as she drank it. When Melissa's sucking became painful, Anne
pushed the longhaired girl down her body.

Melissa knew what Anne wanted her to do. She had
never licked a vagina in her life. She was a little afraid of doing
it. Just the same she opened her mouth and felt the short-
cropped hair under her tongue. When her tongue touched the
labia covering Anne's clitoris slide back and Melissa sucked the
bean sized nub into her mouth.

Anne was throatily whispering instructions at Melissa.
As Melissa sucked her first pussy as she followed Anne's
instructions. When Anne climaxed she bucked her ass off the
rug and pulled Melissa's face hard against her cunt. Anne lay
there resting for awhile as Melissa caught her breath. Melissa
rested her chin on the short hair.

Anne rolled the two of them over and started kissing
Melissa's face, neck, throat and breasts. As she was sucking on
Melissa's breasts she started undoing the skirt of the girl. As
she worked her way down the smooth body she pushed the skirt
and panties down too. She gave Melissa's pubis a light kiss as
she moved down her body enough to pull the skirt and panties
free of her feet. Anne moved back up Melissa's legs feeling
and kissing the soft skin of her inner thighs until she reached
the downy soft light brown hair of the young pussy. Melissa
had never been kissed like this before. She had only climaxed
before by masturbation. She had never reached a climax from
someone having oral sex with her before. The release she felt
when she climaxed left her weak. Even as she breathed it felt
like her chest had a heave weight on it.

When she recovered she still felt weak and Anne helped
her to get dressed. Anne simply put her pumps on and took a
housecoat out of the hall-closet to walk Melissa home. At the
front door Anne asked Melissa if had enjoyed what they had
done. She cautioned her not to talk about what they did, with
the promise that they could do it again. Then she kissed
Melissa on the mouth and squeezed her breast on last time.

Melissa went upstairs and undressed for bed. When she
was settled down under her bed covers she could smell Anne's
perfume. She was so relaxed that she fell asleep quickly.
Sometime early in the morning she woke up and the smell of
Anne's perfume stimulated her. She put her hand under her
nightgown and stimulated her clitoris until she climaxed again.

The next day when she got home from school she
changed clothes. She told her mother that she was going to
visit Anne and help look after the baby. Her heart was
pounding in her chest as she rang the doorbell.

When Ann answered the door she had the baby in her
arms. She beamed as she stepped back to allow Melissa to
enter the house. Melissa followed Ann into the sitting room
and sat next to her on the davenport. As they talked Ann
opened her blouse and pulled out her breast and the baby
reached for the tit with both hands. Melissa could not take her
eyes off the sight of the baby sucking on the full breast.

Ann took out the other tit and offered it to Melissa.
Melissa wrapped her arms around Ann and took the swollen
nipple into her mouth and sucked on it until she felt the spray
inside her mouth. Some was hitting her on the tongue and some
was hitting the roof of her mouth. When the baby fell asleep
Ann excused herself long enough to take the baby upstairs and
put her to bed. When she returned to the sitting room, she
brought with her a long double headed latex rubber dildo in a
transparent blue color.

Melissa was both trilled and apprehensive at the sight of
such a long tool. She knew that it was meant to be inserted into
the vagina. She had never inserted anything into her vagina
before. She had heard and read about the pain of the first time
any girl gets penetrated for the first time. Ann handed it to
Melissa to allow her to inspect it. Melissa could smell the latex
rubber and the unmistakable odor of Anne's pussy on the dildo.

Anne undressed the girl and spread her legs as she knelt
between the girl's legs. She removed a tube of some sort of
lubricant from the pocket of her dress. She unscrewed the cap
and applied some to the head of one end of the dildo. She
moved her face close to the girl's pussy and licked it. She used
her fingers on her left hand to open the labia and she used her
right hand to place the head of the dildo into the opening. She
started slowly inserting the thing into the opening. When it
started stretching Melissa's hymen. Melissa felt a stabbing
pain. She moaned in her pain. Anne pulled the dildo out. It
was streaked with traces of thin blood. She licked the shaft
clean and licked the traces from the flesh of Melissa. Melissa
was getting into the action and the pain had subsided.

Anne gently inserted the dildo back into the vagina and
as the canal stretched to accommodate the rubber toy. When
Anne measured the depth that would fit in Melissa she pulled
the girl down onto the carpet. Then she lifted her dress Melissa
saw that she didn't have panties on. She squatted over
Melissa's body and guided the other end of the dildo into her
cunt. Then she sat on the floor and laced her legs between
Melissa's legs. By holding Melissa's hands she could rock
their bodies back and forth. The action moved the dildo in and
out of their pussies. Melissa was the first to climax. Anne kept
up the action until she climaxed too. It took a little work to turn
around with the dildo still in their bodies, but when she was
lying on top of Melissa she kissed her on the mouth for a long

After they dressed Anne made tea and as they sat facing
each other in the dinning area drinking the tea, Anne hook hold
of Melissa's hand and stressed that Melissa should continue
playing with her girlfriends and babysitting her regular
customer's. She assured her that she loved her but if she spent
too much time visiting her it would become suspicious.

Melissa was hurt by what she felt was a rejection. As
much as she knew that Anne was right, she wanted to be with
her as much as possible.

The next day after school she told her mother she wanted
to visit her girlfriend Jennifer. She took her schoolbooks with
her. The two girls went upstairs to Jennifer's bedroom. The
selected some CD's to listen to as they did their homework.
They gossiped about their classmates and teachers as they did
their homework. When they finished their homework, they sat
on the floor next to each other with their backs against the bed
as they talked.

Melissa asked Jennifer in a confidential tone if she had
ever thought about having sex with another girl? Jennifer
blushed as she paused before answering the question. She
finally admitted that she had one time. Melissa pressed her for
details. Jennifer told her that when she was twelve an older
cousin visited with her parents. They slept together in her bed.
The cousin had cuddled up next to her and before they went to
sleep her cousin had placed her hand on her thigh. She worked
it up under the nightgown and put her hand on her vulva.

Melissa encouraged her do continue. Jennifer said, "You
can't tell anyone!" Melissa assured her that she would never
tell anyone. Jennifer went on to describe how her cousin had
played with her pussy for awhile. She confessed that her cousin
had rolled her over onto her back and got under the covers and
sucked her pussy. Melissa wanted to know if she had sucked
her cousin? Jennifer paused before admitting that she had
sucked the cousin's tits and pussy.

Melissa placed her hand on the knee of Jennifer and
slowly moved it up the inner thigh. Jennifer grabbed Melissa's
hand with both her hands. Melissa thought Jennifer was
rejecting her advance. Jennifer pulled Melissa's hand to her
crotch and placed the palm right on her warm panties.

Melissa moved around so that she was lying on the floor
face down between Jennifer's legs and placed her face so close
to Jennifer's panties she could feel the heat. She could smell
the laundry soap on the material and the small of Jennifer's
pussy. Melissa placed her mouth on the bulge of the vulva and
licked her friend. Jennifer was stroking the back, shoulder and
hair of Melissa. Then Jennifer lifted her but off the floor and
reached under her dress to pull her panties off. Melissa had to
sit up long enough for Jennifer to get the panties past her feet.
Melissa moved back into position and found that her friend
shaved her pussy, so that she only had a narrow strip of dark
hair above her crack. When she clamped her mouth on the
mound she stuck her tongue against the clitoris and whipped it
back and forth. Jennifer grabbed two hands full of hair and
really got into rubbing her pussy on the face of her friend. Her
climax left her short of breath for awhile.

If was Jennifer that suggested, that they take a shower.
They undressed each other and walked down the hall to the
bathroom together. Jennifer adjusted the water temperature and
pulled Melissa into the shower. She backed Melissa against the
wall of the shower and knelt in front of her. As the water
cascaded over their bodies Jennifer parted the labia of her friend
and kissed the opening. She was shaking her head from side to
side as she drove her tongue in and out of the hole. When
Melissa climaxed she slid down the wall until she was sitting on
the floor of the shower. Her eyes were closed as she recovered.
When Melissa opened her eyes Jennifer was squatting down
looking Melissa in the face with some concern. Melissa simply
smiled and gave Jennifer's nipple a little tweak. They
eventually dried each other with a couple of large bath towels
and dried their hair before they returned to Jennifer's room to
get dressed. That was the start of Melissa's relationship with
her best friend.

Melissa had sex with Jennifer whenever they could be
alone long enough too do it. She continued baby sitting for
Anne one or two times a month. They would have sex before
she would go home.

That summer Melissa had planned the year before to
spent the summer on a camping trip with her Girl's Guides
(Girl Scouts in the US). The troop had been planning the trip
down to the last detail for months. The day did come when
eight teenagers and two adults packed up two vehicles and
headed for the forest reserve. Mss. Baker was the leader that
was driving the vehicle Melissa was in. She was a woman of
about thirty-three. The plan was for them to drive to the
trailhead and pack up all their gear for the hike two days to a
little lake.

It required each girl to carry a lot of gear. The gear had
been divided up so that every girl had some portion of the food
required, that way as meals were consumed the packs would be
lightened up equally. They divided the tents so that each girl
either carried the tent or the poles and rain fly.

The first day was pretty uneventful. The scenery was
nice and the weather was clear. The girls were full of
excitement and very talkative for the first couple of hours.
Then as the climb got steeper that talking stopped. The girls
that were the most out of shape started falling back. The
second adult stayed back to make sure that everyone stayed in
sight. Melissa stayed up with Mss Backer.

As soon as the reached the camp sight for the first night
they set up a rain fly just in case it rained. They made dinner
and started setting up the two man tents. Melissa was sharing a
tent with one of her friends. The next morning it was cool and
everything was damp. They left the rain fly until last for
protection and the hope that it would dry a little. It didn't, so
they finally had to shake it out and roll it up. They tied it onto
the bottom of Mss Backer's pack and the crew struck out up the
trail. The trail up the mountain had only one way to go. As
long as they stayed on the trail they would not get lost.

The girls hiked at their own pace, so they spread out
along the trail. Melissa was able to keep pace with Mss Backer.
They talked as the walked. All the girls had dressed in military
surplus gear for comfort. It did start raining. It was a gentle
rain. They stopped long enough to cover themselves and their
packs with ponchos. Just the same Melissa's socks and pants
got wet.

When they got to the lake they set up the rain fly for
cooking and started heating soup. As the girls arrived they each
got a cup of soup. They waited for the rain to stop before
setting up the tents. Melissa had worked up a sweat under the
poncho working to set up the rain fly and start the pack stoves
to heat the soup.

By the time the rain stopped Melissa was running a
temperature. Mss Backer placed the back of her hand on the
forehead of Melissa and felt it. She told Melissa that she should
sleep with her for the night. She told the other adult to change
tents for the night because Melissa was coming down with a

As they started settling down Mss Backer told Melissa
that they had to get her out of her wet clothes and share a
sleeping bag to share body heat. Melissa entered the tent and
sat on the sleeping bag as she pulled her clothes off. She had a
torch (flashlight) that the lends came off lighting up the tent like
a candle. When she was down to her bra and underpants. Mss
Backer entered the tent and closed it up behind her. The night
air that came in with her gave Melissa a chill.

Mss Backer apologized for letting in the air. Then she
started taking off her clothes. She was soon down to her bra
and panties too. Melissa was impressed with Mss Backer's
body. She was a good tennis player. Her figure was slim and
her breasts were not large. They were hard and pointed with
dark areolas on the tips. Melissa could make out that Mss
Backer's pubic hair was thick. It looked like a black scouring
pad between her legs.

Mss Backer moved into the sleeping bag and pulled
Melissa with her. She had to hold her tightly to get them both
into the tapered bag. Melissa was pressed against the hard
breasts as Mss Backer reached around her to zip up the bag.
She turned out the torch. She used her hands to rub the arms of
the girl. Melissa's butt was cold to Mss Backer's touch. She
rubbed it vigorously. Their bodies were soon getting warm.

Melissa's face was almost between Mss Backer's tits. As
the bag began to get warm, she could smell the soap Mss
Backer used. Then she began to smell the pungent odor of Mss
Backer's cunt coming up from between their bodies. She
wanted to feel the woman's pussy, but was reluctant to do so.
Mss Backer may have really done this to warm her up.

Mss Backer could feel the breath of Melissa on her
breasts. She could tell by the quacking breath that the girl was
getting excited. She finally ran her right hand between their
bodies and turned the palm of her hand so that she could cup
the vulva of the girl. Melissa let out a moan. Then she opened
her mouth and took one of the dark nipples into her mouth and
sucked the woman. It was not long before the air inside the tent
was heated.

Mss Backer unzipped the bag. She lay Melissa on her
back. She kissed and licked the girl's body. The space inside
the tent was cramped. Mss Backer did manage to turn around
so that she could suck the girl's pussy and lower her cunt to the
mouth of the girl. Melissa was thrilled to stick her tongue into
the dark brush of her scout leader's cunt. When they had
exhausted each other they fell asleep in a tangle of arms and

In the morning as the tent went from darkness to
brightness Mss Backer had to excuse herself to go pee. She
slipped on her boots and unzipped the tent. Melissa covered
herself with the bag to keep warm. When Mss Backer returned
she got in and sat down to put her clothes on. When she got out
of the tent to start breakfast, Melissa had to dress too and go

The day was spent on nature hikes and the two adults
were pointing out different plants. They cautioned them to
move quietly and not talk too much. They began to see animals
and birds.

Long before it got dark they had made the evening meal
and cleaned up the pots. They had made a campfire and were
sitting around it telling ghost stories. As girls started drifting
towards their tents the other adult asked Mss Backer if she was
going to sleep with her tonight. Mss Backer said she wanted to
make sure that Melissa did come down with anything again.
The woman got a hurt look on her face. Mss Backer said,
"Maybe she should make sure that your tent mate didn't get
hypothermia either." The woman got a look of recognition on
her face. She wrapped her arm around the girl and asked if she
was ready for bed and if she was cold. As they walked towards
their tent the farther they got from the fire the less you could
see of them.

That left Mss Backer and Melissa to put out the
fire. Rather than wet the wood they shoveled dirt on top of it
and made sure the ground was cold before they washed their
hands before bed.

This night there was no coy playing of games. As soon
as they were undressed they opened both bags. Mss Backer lay
on her back and Melissa covered them with the second bag as
she lay on top of the women. They sucked each other's breasts
and pussies until they both had climaxed. This night Mss
Backer added something new. She draped Melissa face down
over one of the packs, then she parted Melissa's butt with her
fingers and started licking the crack. When her tongue passed
over the anus it puckered. Then Mss Backer concentrated on
the hole and before long her tongue was inside. Melissa had a
climax that was so strong she could feel juices dripping out of
her cunt. Mss Backer was licking it up.

When Mss Backer assumed the same position next to
Melissa on the pack, the girl didn't have to ask what she
wanted. Melissa got behind her and did the same thing to her.
The thing she discovered was that Mss Backer had a ring of
hair around her asshole. Just the same she licked it and stuck
her tongue in the hole.

The next morning neither of them was in any hurry to get
up. Mss Backer was masturbating Melissa when the other adult
tapped on the tent door and invited them to breakfast. Mss
Backer told her that we would be there soon and had to kiss
Melissa to keep her from making too much noise as she

When they got dressed and got out of their tent Melissa
saw the knowing look that the other woman and her friend were
giving them. This day as they were on another field trip her
Melissa's friend walked with her and told her all about the
woman making love to her all night. Melissa confirmed that
her and Mss Backer had been doing the same thing.

Melissa started noticing that the other girls in the troop
were showing signs of developing close relationships. She saw
them holding hands and feeling each other's butts. On the way
back from the stream with a bucked of water, she even saw a
couple of girls feeling each other up as they kissed.

By the end of the week the girls were even more brazen
with their show of affection for each other. They were coming
to the campfire with no shirts on and feeling each other in front
of the adults. The most Mss Backer would do was lift a tit as if
weighing it. The last night before they went home was an open
orgy that lasted most of the night. Melissa had tasted every
pussy before she followed Mss Backer to their tent.

Melissa was happy to get home to enjoy the new games
with her neighbor and girlfriend.

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2009-03-05 23:20:07
This would probably be good for a quick 30 second jack-off i think

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2009-03-05 10:49:37
well i liked it it was kinda good but could use some story to it


2008-12-14 22:18:15
"They were a fun loving couple that liked to party and go out a lot." Anne "had a few romances in her youth and was ready
to find a man that was ready to settle down." Evidently she reconsiddered on the settling down bit, eh?

Mick "had done his duty for Queen and country in the army. That meant that she didn't get married very young." Erm, what?

Still, I liked the stories of Melissa's sexual adventures. The major criticism I would have of your writing is that it lacks emotional depth. The mechanics are there - good plot, sentence structure, flow, pace, etc. It just lacks (no pun intended) intimacy.

Excellent work, though. You've got real talent there! 9/10


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There was very little story, just a lot of sex.


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Good Read...enjoyed it a lot ~

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