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My Sister has a new boyfriend.
Perverted Deeds – Part 2

My Sister has a new boyfriend.

It has been over 8 months since Joe and I did our dirty deeds to his wife and my Mom and Sister. Things have been great around the house. Mom and Sis appear to be no worse for their night of sex with me and I get a lot of attention from my Mom and Sis. Mom seems to be more loving to Sis and me. We have not had sex again but I suspect Mom and Sis want to, I know I want to have sex with them. They are even more exciting to me. Mom and Sis being nude around the house is not at all uncommon now. At times I feel bad about what Joe and I did to them, but I don’t feel bad enough to tell them the truth. I jack off at least once a day while thinking about that night.

Sis continues to go to college and to my shock she has a new boyfriend. His name is Travis and he looks pretty much like a nerd. I don’t mean anything negative about him, but he just looks and acts like a book worm. He is about 6 foot tall and weight about 150 lbs. Sis appears to like this guy and they spend a lot of time at our house on the couch. I suspect Travis is fucking her.

I have been working long hours and I spend a lot of time at home just resting after my long work days. Mom is gone for a few days to visit her sisters. I got home and Sis and Travis were on the couch kissing and touching. They did not hear me come in so I watched for a few minutes. I am a true pervert, I love watching! Travis was giving her tits a good mauling and Sis had her hand down the front of his pants. Travis had her sweater up and was playing and sucking on her tits. When he switched tits I could see her hard wet nipple. I got a hard on instantly. Sis did not have his cock out of his pants but she was stroking it in his pants. It appeared it was not going any further so I cleared my throat very loudly and they both jumped and stopped their playing. I just laughed and told them to have fun.

I showered, relaxed in my room, and made a couple of phone calls trying to line up some pussy for the coming weekend. I decided to go to the kitchen for a beer. Sis and Travis were not in the living room I figured they must have gone out. I sat and watched TV and drank a couple of cold beers. The beers made me sleepy so I headed off the bed.

As I walked up the stairs and down the hall towards my bedroom I had to pass my sisters bedroom. As I got to her door I noticed it was just barely cracked open and the light was on in her room. I peeked in and Sis was nude on the bed, her legs were open wide, and she was holding Travis by the head keeping his face snug in her pussy. Her hips were bucking up and down and she looked so beautiful getting her pussy licked. I envied Travis!

Travis was nude also but I could only see him from the back. He was a little more muscled than I expected. I was rubbing my cock thorough my pants as I watched Travis give my Sister an orgasm. I thought she would break his neck when she had her orgasm. She raised her hips very high and her legs were clamped tight on his head. He managed to hang in there and kept licking her pussy.

As her orgasm subsided she looked at Travis and told him, “Fuck me, stuff your hard cock in my pussy!” Travis did not waste any time he raised up to enter her pussy and I got to see his cock. It looked longer than mine but not as big around. He buried his cock in her wet pussy in one hard push. She screamed and dug her nails into his white ass. He pumped in and out of her fast and hard. It only took a few minutes and he yelled he was cumming. Sis told him to wait she was not ready but he could not control himself. He pumped in deep and held his cock deep inside her as he emptied his seed deep in her pussy. He was moaning loudly as he filled her with his sperm.

When he finished he just rolled off and lay beside Sis. Her legs were still open wide and I could see cum starting to ooze out of her pussy and run down over her hot brown rose. Sis rose up a little and looked at her pussy. She looked at Travis and said, “Look at the mess you have made.” “Look at what you have done to my pussy!” He looked at her pussy and just smiled at her. She said in a demanding voice, “Lick my pussy clean!” Travis moved between her legs, his face was about 6 inches from her pussy and he was watching his cum ooze out of her pussy. She grabbed his head and pulled his face into her pussy. He knew what to do and was licking her pussy and eating his own sperm. It only took a couple of minutes and Sis had another orgasm. My cock was about to explode also so I made my way to my bedroom to jack off.

It seemed to me that Travis was spending a lot of time at our house. He was very friendly and was great at holding a conversation. I really enjoyed chatting with him. The guy is really very intelligent.

It was the next Saturday evening. Mom had gone out with her friends. I had a date and it ended early. I didn’t get any pussy but I got one hell of a nice blow job. It was her time of the month and she was not into giving up her pussy while that was happening. I ended up back at home before 10:00 p.m.

Travis and Sis were on the couch drinking beer and laughing. Sis said she only had two beers but she seemed to be very light headed to me. I drank a couple of beers and talked with them. My sister’s speech seemed to be a little slurred. I just figured she could not hold her beer.

Sis got up to go pee and I got up to get some more beer. I brought three beers to be living room and returned to the kitchen to throw away all the empties. As I returned to the living room, from the doorway I noticed Travis putting a little white pill in my sister’s beer. This really pissed me off, had he been drugging my sister to get her pussy? I was ready to kill this little piece of crap. Then I thought he is doing nothing worse than I have done to her. Sis walked by and we returned to the living room. I thought I would wait and see where this is going.

We sat and drank our beer, Sis only took a few drinks and she appeared to be almost unconscious. This really upset me; at least I did not drug her. I got up and walked to the kitchen and asked Travis to come to the kitchen. Once there, I grabbed the little piece of crap by the throat and pushed him out the back door. I cut his air off pretty good and he was struggling to breath. I told him if I ever saw him back around my sister that I would beat him to death. I pushed him down the steps off the back porch. He got up and walked away giving me a strange look.

I returned to the living room and checked Sis. She appeared to be out of it. I tried talking to her, patted her face and hands but never really got a response. Once I thought she smiled but I must have been wrong. I figured I need to get her into her bed before Mom returns. Trying to lift and move a limp woman is a task. I finally got her over my shoulder and carried her to her bed room. I dropped her on her bed and her skirt went up and her legs flew open wide. I could see her shaved pussy and the moisture was glistening on her pussy lips. I took a good look at her beautiful pussy. Oh, I wanted to eat her pussy! I could not resist her pussy. I bent over and smelled her pussy and then made one slow tongue swipe up her pussy. She tasted wonderful!

I figured I had better undress her and cover her up. I got the skirt off easy enough but I really struggled with her blouse. I got it off, put her pillow under her head and made sure she was breathing O.K. I turned her head toward the side of the bed in case she had to throw up. I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead and told her that I love her. I started to cover her up but just had to stand there and look at my beautiful sister. My cock was hard and I really wanted to eat her pussy some more and fuck her.

I could not control myself, I reached down and massaged her tits and played with her nipples. Her nipples responded instantly and were really hard and sticking up. I noticed she moved and moaned when I pinched her nipples. I got my cock out and stroked it. I reached down between her legs and felt her wet pussy. It was so wet and my fingers slipped inside very easy. I rubbed her pussy and her legs opened up wider. She moaned just a little. Her face was toward me so I just moved closer and rubbed my cock on her lips. It was just like she wanted my cock in her mouth, her mouth opened a little and I pushed it in her mouth. I could not control myself and I was fucking her face. She was actually gently sucking on my cock. Her lips around my cock felt so wonderful. I pumped into her mouth for a few minutes until I felt I was close to cumming and stopped.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and took off all my clothes. I moved between her legs, lifted them up over my shoulders, and in one quick motion my cock was deep in my sister’s pussy. I was pumping in and out fast and I could feel my sister move to meet my cock as I pushed it deep in her pussy. The way I had her legs up over my shoulders and I was leaning forward she could not move much. Even if she was drugged she was enjoying the fucking. While I fucked her I took her legs off my shoulders, leaned down and kissed her beautiful lips and told her that I love her. It actually felt like she kissed me back. I put her legs back up on my shoulders and kept pumping her pussy as deep as I could. I could feel my balls tighten up and knew I was going to cum. I pushed in deep and started shooting off in her pussy. I pumped all my seed deep in her pussy. She moaned and I could feel her pussy tighten up and convulse, she was having an orgasm. Her orgasm was so strong her legs were trembling. Her pussy was so hot and wet.

I lowered her legs and moved off to the side of her after I filled her with my seed. She was breathing hard but not like me. I caught my breath and looked at her pussy and I could see cum starting to ooze out and run down her ass. I remembered what she told Travis about cleaning up her pussy. I quickly moved over and started licking her. I licked her from her brown rose up through her pussy and started licking my seed out of her. She was moving her ass and pussy to meet my face. I noticed her hot brown rose opened up as I licked her. She was moaning loudly and I continue to eat her. It just took a couple of minutes and she tightened up, her legs went straight, she arched her back, and had a very intense orgasm. I had never seen her have an orgasm like that. I thought the neighbors would hear her moan. She was trembling all over and her juices covered my face.

I moved beside her and pulled her close to me. I held her for a few minutes while she calmed down and caught her breath. All of a sudden she started jerking and I thought she was having a convulsion. She was making a strange noise. I shot up because I thought she was throwing up or was not able to breathe. Then I realized she was trying to keep from laughing. Then she started laughing extremely hard. She continued to laugh for about a minute with a big smile on her face.

I looked at her and she looked at me, smiled and said, “You messed up our roll playing game.” “Travis loves me to play the drugged slut for him.” “We love roll playing and the pill was only a sugar substitute.” She laughed again. Then she reached up and pulled my face to hers and looked at me very serious, she kissed me on the lips and looked into my eyes. She said, “Thanks for being concerned about me, thanks for wanting to protect me, thanks for loving me, thanks for telling me you love me, and thanks for the wonderful orgasm the sex was great!” I lay back down beside her and held her tight and we both drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew Mom was covering us up and said, “We will discuss this in the morning.” She turned the light off as she left my sister’s bedroom. Sis and I slept well all night.

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2009-09-02 21:43:30
my sisters do the same almost every night

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2008-12-23 17:12:12
I wish I had a sister like her. And a mother like theirs.

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2008-10-03 09:35:59
i love fucking my sister.

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2008-08-19 00:52:50
Getting better, just don't get them pregnant and keep fucking away

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