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Landscape maintanence men get to use more than hedge trimmers on the job!!
It was a normal, boring Tuesday at the office in the middle of a isolated shopping center. There was only four active businesses in the row of abandoned buildings. All the employees kept to themselves for the most part, except the beautician. Personality and style is what kept her business thriving, so being friendly was something she perfected.

Sasha was the manager of the insurance office in the mingle of the mix. She pretty much kept to herself, offering a wave here and there to the others only because she didnt want to seem like a total bitch. Insurance was a nessisity in which something being nice had nothing to do with. If you were gonna drive an automobile, you hade to have it.

Sasha pulled up in the parking lot at 8:56am, carried by her Jeep Grand Cherokee that she treasured. Stepping out she wore black mary-jane heels with a white and black free flowing skirt that was barely inches below her shapely ass cheeks. The black sleevless blouse that accompanied the ensamble was unbuttoned just enough for her 36c's to peek out of the black lace bra that supported them. She stood 5'7'' and was a tanned, sexy married woman of one daughter and 3 stepdaughters. She was a happily newly married woman of her late 20s to a very loving husband that adored her.

"Good Morning Miss" called one of the men.

"Hi There" she returned

Unlocking the front door she dropped her magazine. Unaware she was still being watched, she bent over to pick it up exposing the nice roundness of the bottom of her rear and the absence of panties, he thought anyways. He stared as the woman stuggled to keep everything balanced while picking up the magazine. He felt a warm sensation in his work pants as his member responded to the images his brain was sending through his body. He was glad to see her carrying so much as it aided in her having to move slowly to keep from depositing it all on the sidewalk. After maintaining her goods she dissapeared through the door. He continued to clip the hedges with nice images to keep him company for a while.

Around lunch he walked by her office window to observe her filing papers in the file cabinet. Her perky breast over half exposed as she worked.

"Do you see what I see?" he asked his co-worker


"Look at that! Damn! She is a fine piece wouldn't you say?" he continued

"Oh shit! Wouldnt you like to be behind that?" the coworker mumbled

"Oh yes! I think its gonna be a great day of work with a view like this!" They laughed

Larry and Jake had been working together for over six months now. They had little in common until now. For the rest of the hour they teased each other about the picture perfect body through the window earlier. The conclusion of the teasing led to a bet.

"I bet you can't guess what color panties she has on." Jake teased, thinking that from his view of her bottom earlier she wasnt wearing any.

"You have seen the same thing I seen. How could I know what color they are if we only saw her tits?" Larry shot back.

"Okay okay....I bet you can't find out what color they are then!" Jake suggested

"Care to put a little money where your mouth is, brother?" Larry asked

"Sure why not. I bet you twenty-five dollars that you can't find out what color they are by four o'clock!" Jake challenged.

"You're on!!" Larry accepted.

Sasha had grown very bored and tired of nothing to do. She surfed the internet for something interesting to get her mind into. She was wanting more than a computer to keep her company though. With the beauty shop closed, the other businesses closing at lunch due to it being hump day, and the workmen gone, she found her favorite porn site. She read some interesting role playing stories and viewed some pictures of groups getting in on in bars, it was then she felt the moistness between her legs. She squeezed her creamy thighs together to tease her clit that was begging for attention. Group sex had never been more than a fantasy for her, but secretly she was extremely curious. She often thought about another man sucking her nipples or sucking another man's cock while her husband ate her pussy, and it would send her into a mind blowing orgasm everytime. She was ready for her fantasy to be a reality though, with or without her husband!

Jake and Larry pulled in behind the row of buildings so they could get to work on the hedges and the bet. Larry grabbed the leaf blower and began jerking the leaves in every direction but the sidewalk. Jake got the clippers and started designing nice edges on the shrubs. As they made their way toward Sasha's window, they noticed the blinds on one side was now shut. They looked at each other puzzled as to how they were going to get a peak at the beautiful woman on the other side of the window. Larry moved a little closer. The blinds were shut but not good enough to keep a peeping tom from seeing through.

Larry briskly motioned for jake to come over. "Look at that!" Larry intructed.

"Is that....? Yes it is! I think we may get a show, man!" Jake whispered

Sasha, getting wetter by the second, slid away from her desk and preceeded over to close the other blinds and to change the "OPEN" sign to the opposite. She locked the door and walked back to her desk to sit down. Sliding her chair back, she propped her smooth tanned leg on the edge of the desk. Not knowing of her eager audience in front of the window aside her desk, she slips her hand into her thongs under her skirt. She gently rubs her fingertips over the smoothness of her mound. She slides the other hand to the button that has her breast secure and releases them. She moves to the next button and the next until her blouse is completely open and her full breast are free and her navel is in view of the men. Her fingers part her lips and she finds her clit hard and swollen, so she plays there for a moment as her pussy juice leaks onto her leather chair.

"Ah man!! Wonder if she wants some help?" Jake says

"I would happily ablige if that pussy needs some lapping!!" replied Larry

"Wonder if she wants them nipples sucked or better yet if she wants to suck something?"

"I got something she can suck!!" Larry added

"Man, I bet those pink lips would look good around this dick. BOTH SETS!!" They laughed.

" I think I need to use the toilet and uh oh...looks like she didnt lock this side door!" Larry looked at Jake as if waiting for approval.

"Lets just act like it was an accident" Jake suggested

"Lets do it!!"

Part Two coming soon

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2008-06-30 19:20:12
Good start, now get down to the details.

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way too short. neg rating

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