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Fucking Ashley was every guys dream.
Ashley: “He just can’t get me to an orgasm.”

Samantha: “I always here him bragging to his friends about how he gets you off so easy.”

Ashley: “Oh my god I can’t believe him. Wait till I tell everyone how small his dick is.”

Samantha: “Are you serious!”

Ashley: “No, I don’t have the heart; it’s just that I have needs and he can’t fulfill them.”

Samantha: “Have you tried finding someone else.”

Ashley: “I can’t cheat on Zach.”

Samantha: “Well if he can’t satisfy you then no one can.”

Ashley: “Well let’s say that I would cheat on him, who it would be with.”

Samantha: “Well I was dancing with Michael at one of Randy’s parties and I was able to feel his dick through his pants. I know he’s big.”

Ashley: “Michael, I’ve seen him around but I’ve never actually talked to him.”

Samantha: “Well girl if you want some big meat then you need Michael.”

My leg started to fall asleep as I squatted in my hiding place. Anybody walking in right now would find out about me eavesdropping on this entire conversation. Luckily no one really came through here which might be why this conversation was being held here.

I really didn’t mean to listen in on this conversation, I just happened to wander in here without attracting notice from the two girls. Now any right minded fellow would tell Zach what he just heard. But the only problem is that I’m Michael.

And that Ashley was one hot ass girl. She was a little shorter than me at 5’7” but also had a hot body. She had long tan legs that formed a pretty little ass. Her breasts were medium sized but seemed bigger with her flat stomach.

Her face was flawless and with a pair of amazing grey eyes. She ignited lust in every guy in school. She also caused many fights between them but she didn’t do that intentionally.

Her boyfriend Zach was considered by many a “lucky bastard”. Nobody knew how he managed to do it but she started to date him.

Still she was one of the most wanted girls in school. But everyone kept back since she had a boyfriend.

Now I had a chance as I learned about her dilemma and how I was the solution. Just the thought of me in her hot ass body made my dick stir.

Ashley was in a few of my classes and so was her boyfriend. But in the classes he wasn’t in, were the ones in which she started to sit near me.

Every once in a while she’d glance over at me with a flirtatious look in her eyes. I wanted to make a move but I didn’t want her to suspect me. If she found out that I had listened in on her conversation it would fuck up everything.

Plus, if anyone found out I put the moves on Ashley, Zach would know. In high school, word spreads in a heart beat.

One day I happened to stay after school. I was sore from explosion training in the weight room and needed to relax in the whirlpool.

The athletic trainer had to work the softball game so I was alone in the training room. I started the whirlpool and lowered the temperature of the water. I put on my swim trunks and slowly dipped myself in the water.

I started to shiver but slowly accustomed myself to the cold water. My muscles relaxed and I closed my eyes to enjoy my time in the whirlpool.

After a couple of minutes the door opened. The athletic trainer entered with the last person I expected, Ashley.

She went into the athletic trainers’ office to change to a shirt and tight workout shorts. She then got on the examination table and laid down. The athletic trainer got the heat pack and placed it on her thigh.

“I have to go back to the softball game so you’re going to have to take it off after 15 minutes. Ok.” He left before she could answer.

There was silence, except for the sound of the whirlpool. I couldn’t stand to be in silence with her.

“So what’s the matter with you?”

Ashley looked around as if to see if anyone was around. “Between you and me, I’m faking pain to get out of the game. It is way too hot to play.” She then directed the conversation my way, “What about you?”

“My muscles are just really sore from weight training.” After I said that, that flirtatious look from class came on her face.

“Well I’ll see if I can make them feel better.” She then did what I never expected her to do.

She removed the heat pack and walked over to me. She went behind me and started what I think was a neck massage.

If this was a massage then she was doing a crappy job. She was feeling my muscles and my chest. Not to brag, but I’m pretty well built.

“That feel better?” She said it in a seductive tone that made my dick fill with blood.

“Oh yeah.” Because of the cold water my erection soon disappeared.

I knew where this was headed so I decided to get out of the whirlpool. I switched off the whirlpool and grabbed a towel.

Ashley was staring at me intently. I thought she might be mad about me getting out but I followed her eyes to where she was staring.

My wet swim trunks clung to my skin and revealed my well endowed penis. I couldn’t help but grin because I knew she wanted it.

I finished drying myself off and put back my towel. Doing this Ashley had not once taken her eyes of my dick. Her beautiful grey eyes were just staring at it not knowing what to expect.

I knew where she wanted to go with this. I had to get her out of her trance first.

“Hello, I’m up here.”

She jumped as if she had no idea I was there. “Sorry it’s that I haven’t seen a dick that big, ever. I mean Zach doesn’t even have it that big.”

Immediately she gasped at what she said. “I didn’t mean to say that.”

“It’s alright, I won’t tell anyone.”

Relieved she said, “How big is it exactly?”

“Fully erect I’m about ten and a half inches.”

Her eyes widened wider than ever before. She then grinned and licked those beautiful lips of her.

“Well I’ll be the judge of that.” She came up to me and started kissing me. Her tongue started to search for mine as I kissed this hot ass girl.

Ashley then grabbed my dick. The second she touched it, it became hard. She felt it through the fabric of my trunks.

My hands which were late to the action started to feel her tits. Even through her shirt they felt great. They were the perfect size and firm.

I broke our kiss to remove her shirt. Her sports bra was removed easily as I continued groping her breasts. Her little nipples became hard and instinct took over.

My mouth was on those little nubs giving Ashley pleasure. I pulled on them lightly with my teeth and she moaned unexpectedly.

She now seemed to take control of the situation. She pushed me towards the wall and started to remove my swim trunks.

Her soft hands moved up and down my shaft as she spit on it for lubrication. Before I knew it she was licking the head.

She continued licking the head and all over the shaft. Her tongue explored my meat as if there was no tomorrow.

Soon her entire mouth was on my cock. She took about half of it in one try.

The warm wetness of her mouth was heaven. I got off so much watching her pretty little face bob up and down my dick.

She started sucking the head hard while stroking my shaft up and down. This new sensation made my knees buckle.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer with this. “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum soon.”

She removed her mouth from my cock and said, “Don’t you worry about that, I want that cum of yours.”

My dick immediately went into her mouth. She started sucking hard and then deep throated it.

This pushed me over the edge and I started cumming. I came hard down her throat and she immediately started gagging.

My dick slid out of her throat in mid cum. But she didn’t let a single drop escape her mouth. She jerked the last squirts of cum out of me and swallowed.

“Delicious,” she opened her mouth and showed me my cum residue still in her mouth.

After receiving an awesome blowjob I was completely lusting over her. I wanted to see her pussy and I wanted to see it now.

I picked her up and laid her down on a taping table. She seemed to have read my mind as she started to remove her shorts.

As they came off I saw the wet spot in her panties. I removed those also and admired a beautiful sight.

Her fat pussy lips were practically dripping and waiting for me.

I ate her pussy and tasting her juices. I opened those pussy lips and darted my tongue inside.

“Oh yeah eat my pussy,” she moaned as I started on her clitoris.

She started to play with her nipples twisting and squeezing them. I decided to finger her a while.

I slipped my middle finger in the oven that was Ashley’s pussy. My finger was enveloped in the tightness of her pussy.

She moaned loudly as my finger went in and out. Her breathing became fast and I knew she was approaching her orgasm.

I curved my finger and hit her G-spot all the while sucking hard on her clitoris.

“Oh, I’M CUMMING!” She screamed so loud I thought people would come in to see what the screaming was about. But I really didn’t care now; I was drinking her cum and savoring it.

Her orgasm subsided and she was breathing hard. She lifted herself and kissed. Her tongue danced with mine as she tasted her own juices.

She grabbed my now hard cock and broke our kiss. “I’m guessing you want my pussy now, huh?”

All I could do was nod knowing she was going to let me fuck her. She turned around and bent over the table.

I never thought I would ever see Ashley bent over naked in front of me. I was going to savor this moment.

Grabbing her ass cheeks I felt their firmness. I squeezed her cheeks and said, “Damn girl, you have a fine ass.”

“I’ve caught you staring a couple of times.”

“Well can you blame me?”

She giggled and said, “I guess I can’t but you better hurry before anyone comes in.”

I took my now throbbing cock and guided it towards her cunt. I rubbed it against the lips to get it moist and entered the oven that was Ashley’s pussy.

The head of my cock had only just entered and already I felt like I couldn’t fit anymore in her. I was starting to wonder if she was a virgin; but I remembered how small Zach’s dick was.

Ashley started moaning, “Push it in harder.”

I did as I was told and pushed harder, stretching Ashley’s innards like never before. There were cries of pain but were soon replaced by cries of pleasure.

“Oh Mike, you fill me up so good.”

My pace increased and she started to meet my thrusts. The slapping of our flesh was loud but I could care less; my dick was in Ashley which is something every guy in this school wanted.

Ashley’s pussy was gripping my cock and it felt great. Every time I took my cock out, I plunged back in harder.

With one hand on her hip I grabbed an ass check and squeezed. “Yes, yes, harder, faster, yes,” she cried, “Fuck me with that huge dick of yours.”

My balls began to tighten and I knew I would come soon. And judging by Ashley’s short breaths she was close to her orgasm.

I increased my pace and slammed harder into Ashley’s ass. I grabbed her tits and squeezed her hard nipples.


Her cunt spasmed around my cock, which was enough to drive me over the edge. I felt the cum rise out of my dick and into Ashley.

I plunged in one last time, as deep as I could go. I was in heaven as I pumped load after load of my man juice into her. Her pussy was milking my cock for all of its cum, squeezing every last drop.

We stayed in this position for a while, letting our orgasms subside. I was first to come to my senses and said, “C’mon, we gotta get dressed before anyone catches us.”

“Your right,” she moaned, “We also have to clean this mess. She pointed to the mixture of our cum all over the floor.

“I guess so.” I got dressed and helped Ashley clean up the cum. All during this she had not put on a single piece of clothing. So while she was bending over to clean; I got a fine view of the ass I fucked.

“Ashley you should get dressed before anyone walks in,” I said cautiously.

“I’m gonna get dressed, but I just wanted you to get one last look at me naked.”

“Why, am I not going to be able to fuck this fine piece of pussy anymore,” I said barely able to suppress a grin.

“Michael, you know I’m with Zach.”

“C’mon,” I said grabbing her pussy. Cum started to drip out of it and onto my hand.

“No, I love Zach even with his small dick.” She moved my hand away and wiped her pussy with a wet paper towel.

“I understand,” I said with disappointment relevant on my face.

“Tell you what, I’ll let you keep these as a souvenir.” She tossed me her panties. They were still moist from Ashley.

I helped Ashley get dressed and she didn’t mind how I grabbed her ass and tits. We made sure there was absolutely no trace of our fucking in the training room.

As we left the training room Ashley gave me her number and her MySpace address. Even though we couldn’t go out we became really good friends. She talked to me more often during school and introduced me to Zach. Zach and me also became friends; but not as close as me and Ashley were because of our little secret.

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I lost the password to this account but it was written by me years ago. It was only my sophomore year in high school and I'm glad you all liked it. I'm in college now and my writing has improved. Maybe I will write more about some new experiences.

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