this is my first time writing, so be nice
Last period on Thursdays in Mr. Sanders class was never fun. This social studies teacher just ranted on and on about pilgrims and Indians and who knows what else. No one ever paid much attention. This particularly Thursday afternoon was miserable. As Mr. Sanders droned on and on, I glanced around the class room to see how what everyone else was doing.

Susan, obviously being a teacher’s pet, was sitting alert and listening at the front of the class. Ryan was drawing. Chloe was blowing bubbles with her bright pink
chewing gum. Kevin was making a paper air plane.

As I took a glance towards the back of the room I noticed Harry. He was gorgeous, and I’d fallen for him on the first day of school. Since it was now June, it had been a while. I got the nerve to talk to him a few times, but his beautiful green eyes, tan skin, dirty blonde hair, and perfect body was so breath taking, I found it hard to speak in his presence.

I had gotten better though, I had even called him over the weekend. The year was almost over, I figured, I might as well give it a shot. But as my eyes fed on his beautiful face, I noticed something. His eyes had rolled up and his head was up, in a relaxed position. I looked down and noticed his hand down his pants, jerking off his hard cock at a rapid pace.

I let out a giggle, which I tried to cover with my hand. Mr. Sanders hardly noticed, as he continued to talk about Columbus’ great adventure. As much as I tried not to look, my eyes wandered back to Harry many times throughout the period. He had taken his hand out of his pants, but I couldn’t get that vision of such a gorgeous boy jacking off out of my head. I also kept looking down at the large tent that had been formed in his gym shorts. I felt myself starting to get wet, as I imagined his dick, and all the things I could do with it.

Now, I’m not completely new to boys and sex and that whole scene. I’ve given a few hand jobs, gotten fingered once, but I was obviously no pro. My visions of what me and Harry could do weren’t very erotic, but they still had my juices flowing. By the end of the period I was so wet and so horny, I knew I had to make a move.

I somehow got up the courage to go talk to him. As I approached his locker, I couldn’t help glancing down at his still stiff cock. He must have noticed because he started laughing, though making no attempts to hide his erection.

“Can I help you?” he said, jokingly.

I took a deep breath, and did what I walked over there to do.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come swimming tomorrow after school. We just opened my pool and it’s nice and clean!”

Nice and clean? I thought to myself. That sounds so stupid. God.

“Sure. That’d be cool. I’ll bring my bathing suit to school and take your bus home tomorrow after history.”

“Alright sounds good,” I said, “see you tomorrow.”

I hurried away, not fully realizing what I had just done until I was halfway down the hallway. Harry was coming to my house. Wow. I had to get prepared.

I rushed home, found a bathing suit, and tried it on. It was perfect, although a bit worn out. It was a string bikini: pink top with white polka dots, and white bottom with pink polka dots. My small but perky 34B breasts looked just right in the top, while my cute, nice butt stuck out just right. I was little for a 16 year old. No more then 5 feet tall and only 95 pounds, but I had the curves in all the right places. I was pretty happy with my body, and new I was the object of many boys’ affections, but until now, none of them were right.

As I began to fantasize about what tomorrow would bring, I felt myself getting wet again. All that day I spent my time preparing for tomorrow. I got out my make up, I did my hair, I got the perfect outfit ready, I even found condoms, just in case.

I laughed to myself as I put them in my drawer, knowing I probably wasn’t going to use them, but imagining what it would be like if I did. I imagined how it would feel to have his dick in my hands, in my mouth, even in my pussy. For the umpteenth time that day my pussy got began to get wet again.

Stop. I told myself. Whatever happens tomorrow happens. He probably doesn’t even want to hook up with you. Maybe he just wants to go swimming. Or he doesn’t want to sit home on a Friday afternoon alone.

That night I had trouble falling asleep, but before I knew it my alarm clock was blaring in my ear. I had set it for an hour earlier so I could make sure everything was completely ready. As I said goodbye to my mom and ran to catch my bus, she asked me why I was so happy this morning. I hadn’t told her that a boy was coming over. She didn’t get home from work until 9, which would give us plenty of time to hang out, so my mom didn’t even have to know he was coming over.

“Nothing mom, just happy it’s Friday,” I said. An excuse that satisfied her.

All day I was just bracing myself for last period. As I walked into class I noticed Harry sitting next to my seat at a table I usually sat at by myself. Since we didn’t have assigned seats, this was permitted. I walked towards my seat, my heart racing, my palms sweating already.
“Hey you. Ready for today?” he said, with an eager look on his face.

“Yep,” I managed to mutter, as I glanced down at his again, hard cock.

As class began, I found it harder and harder to concentrate on Mr. Sanders, as Harry kept shooting my playful glances, and touching my leg with his. Soon, his hand was on my knee. I felt myself getting wet, as I again glanced at the tent in his new gym shorts. He slowly moved his hands up, stopping in the inner thigh, about half an inch away from the joint. Then, he continued up, putting his hand into my Soffe shorts and letting it rest right on my pussy, with only my underwear between it and his hand.

As I felt him press down, I let out a long but soft moan. A few kids glanced back, but Mr. Sanders didn’t notice anything. Harry flashed me another playful grin, and looked down at his now huge tent, and the wet spot beginning to form at the top.

The period went on much like this, him playfully pressing down on my pussy, making me moan and making him laugh. By the end of class, I could hardly control myself. I wanted nothing more then to feel his dick inside of me, now.

I went with him to his locker to get his bathing suit, and then we both practically jogged to the bus. Once seated, I decided to tease him a bit now. I let my loose tank top fall low, revealing my lacey pink bra. Once he noticed that, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from my chest. Then, I dropped my hand to his now rock hard dick. I just let my hand rest at the base of his cock. He began to edge himself up, hoping my hand would slide lower, but I made sure it stayed where it was.

Finally the bus ride was over, and he toppled over me, trying to get off the bus. We got to my house in a frenzy, and he ferociously began making out with me as soon as my front door was closed. He took my shirt over my head and cupped my B breasts with his big hands. I moaned a little into his mouth, which just made him kiss me with more force.

Before long, his shirt was on the floor too, along with my bra. He was now rubbing and pinching my nipples, while I playfully grasped and rubbed his cock through his shorts, driving him crazy. He started breathing heavily, moaning into my mouth. When he couldn’t stand it any longer he shoved his shorts down, revealing his light green boxers.

As I continued to rub and stroke his now wet and hard cock through his boxers, he moved his hands down my body to my shorts. He slipped his hands under the bottom of my shorts, and grasped my ass in both hands, pushing me into him. I moved my hands, so that his dick and my pussy rubbed against each other under our layers of clothing.

We just stood there, him against the wall, me grinding into him, for what seemed like forever. We were both panting by now, and moaning into each others mouths. I wanted nothing more but for the few layers of clothing separating our bodies to just disappear, leaving nothing but our naked, wet, parts. Finally, he broke away from our embrace.

“Let’s go into the pool,” Harry managed to say through his anxious breaths.

“Okay, I just have to go find my bathing suit,” I replied. Surprised at his sudden lack of interest in the amazing moment we were having.

“We don’t really need our bathing suits, do we?” Harry said, greedily, as he pulled down my shorts, revealing my bright pink undies.

I was in shock, but I let him finish undressing me, and then undress himself. We were both standing in my kitchen, completely naked and dripping wet. His 7 inch dick stood tall, as he examined my body. After a few minutes of us taking each other’s bodies in fully, he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside.

Being outside completely naked made me feel very uncomfortable, but after we got into the water I felt better. Looking at the water glistening on Harry’s shoulders, and perfect abs, made me want him even more. He swam over and pressed his body into mine, making his dick finally touch my pussy. But no, I wasn’t going to give in that easy. I wasn’t done playing.

I pressed him against the wall of my pool and told him to sit on the edge with his legs hanging into the water. When he did this, his dick was about the same height as my mouth, just how I wanted it.

I eagerly licked at his balls, taking one into my mouth and then the other. He gasped, and held tight to the edge of the pool. Then I licked up his shaft, not missing a spot, causing another chorus of moans and groans.. Finally, I got to the top. I licked the entire thing, making sure his whole top was completely covered in my saliva. Then I took it into my mouth and began sucking. He let out a long loud moan, which made me want to take more into my mouth.

I went down until I had about 3 inches in my mouth. This is when I started gagging. I had never given head before, although a lot of my friends had told me about it. I wanted so badly to take the entire thing into my mouth, but I just couldn’t do it. Harry eagerly pressed my head down farther, wanting me to deep throat him. I took a deep breath through my nose, and continued down.

I finally managed to get his entire dick into my mouth, after a lot of gagging, and many tears. Harry’s head rested on the top of my head, his moans getting louder and louder and his breath coming out in jagged, short gasps. He then began fucking my mouth, pulling my hair to make my head go up and down on his dick, as his hips moved in unison with my head. After a few minutes of this, he pulled my head off of his dick and slid back into the pool.

I looked into his eyes, seeing the desire he wanted for me. I wondered if my eyes mirrored the same need. As he shifted position so that my back was against the side of the pool, I faintly thought about the condoms in my dresser drawer. We really should be using one, but I wanted him so badly I really couldn’t manage going back inside the house and get them and then wait for him to put it on.

My legs opened, wrapping around his waist until his cock was pushed against my pussy. He slowly pushed in, as we both let out a loud moan. I couldn’t take it anymore, this was amazing. He pushed past my virginity, causing so much pain it was almost unbearable. But with every painful move I was also overwhelmed with pleasure. This felt better then anything else I had ever experienced, and by the way his eyes rolled back and the way his moans and groans sounded, I knew this was pleasuring him too.

After what seemed like not long enough, I felt his body twitching and he said he was going to cum. He asked me if he should pull out. I knew he should. I had been given the “if you have sex you’re going to get pregnant and ruin your life” speech many times. But his dick felt so good inside of me, I just couldn’t tell him to take it out. He pounded into me a few more times and then I felt his liquids fill my pussy. He let out a loud and slow moan, as he came hard.

We stayed like that for a little while, his dick reducing in size and hardness, and my body beginning to relax also. It felt so good, so right to be wrapped up in this embrace, that when Harry pulled out of my pussy I almost broke down in tears.

“Don’t worry. We can do this again whenever you want,” Harry assured me, after seeing the pout on my face.

I hoped he was right, because I could already feel my pussy getting wet, and I already wanted him back inside of me.

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everybody needs to get a life and not feel sorry for the writer for example: you are the worst writer in the history of the whole fucking world ♪♪♪♪♪

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thats what me and my friend did

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I did the same in aquatics class with a girl named vics and jade lol


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good premise . the sexual descriptions better than average . more development of the inter relationships of the protaganists would make the totality of the plot development better . the ending is such that a follow up story is logical and has several directions it can take .

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