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fact from a third person viewpoint

The day had swept by in a flurry of anticipation. Barbara had been worrying about what was going to happen when she finally met her friend from the net, John. They had been messaging and emailing one another for over a year but because of commitments on both sides they had never had the chance to meet. That night was going to change all that.
Barbara had been single for almost 3 years and she had bypassed any chance of loneliness by throwing herself into her two jobs as a swimming instructor for the health department and also her part time work in a charity shop. Her daughters marital problems had also taken up a percentage of her time. The internet had been her one release valve away from the pressures of life.
In her late forties and still fit, partly because of her main job she sometimes wondered why more men hadn’t made a pass at her. Some had of course, but none that lit up her eyes. She had spoken to quite a few men online but was disillusioned because most turned out to be pathological liars or quite frankly lacking in the brains department. John had been different because although he wasn’t someone she would instantly look at twice he did have a persuasive talent with his chat. She had confessed more to him than she would even talk about with her daughter.
Five foot six inches tall with short blonde hair she carried herself with a self confidence that hid a lot of her anxieties. Her pale blue eyes shine with confidence even when she was shivering with uncertainty inside.
After thinking it over for over a month she finally succumbed to John’s suggestion of a meet. His winning line had been that he would have something very special for her. He promised her that if she didn’t like he would immediately pay for a taxi to take her all the way home to Watford from where they were meeting in Park Lane.
As John had told her she had a small bag with a complete change of clothes with her although she still wasn’t sure of the reasoning behind this request. Her walk from Green Park towards the Hilton slowed as she approached. The meeting had been set for 7pm in the Executive bar immediately on the right as you enter through the reception. With a final intake of breath she made her way into the bar.
She recognised John straight away, sitting at a table to her right. He seemed to have sunken into a lavish leather sofa. His smile immediately put her mind at ease. As he stood up he spoke in a quiet, confident way.
“Good evening. Please sit there. What do you want to drink?”
Barbara could sense that he was drinking whisky so she asled for the same. Dutch courage never killed anyone she thought.
When he returned and sat at right angles to her she smiled as they clinked their glasses and had a sip. John took control and led the conversation, which was what Barbara wanted.
“I have booked a table at the Palm Beach in Berkley Square for eight o’clock so you have plenty of time if you want to go to our room and freshen up.”
Barbara was a little taken aback by the familiarity that was oozing out of John. True, she already knew that part of the agreement was that they would stay in a room at the Hilton for the night but he seemed so at ease with the situation. How many more times had he done this before?
Barbara soon regained her composure and found that after five minutes in the relaxed atmosphere she had all but forgotten her worries. In seemingly no time she found that they were in the lift heading for their room on the 15th floor. John was carrying her bag and carefully placed it on the bed before offering to leave the room if she wished. Barbara was confident enough to tell him that it was ok! And just sit down for five minutes while she freshened up in the bathroom.
Fifteen minutes later they got out of the cab after the very short trip to Berkley Square. The doorman graciously opened both the cab door plus the casino door for her. She wasn’t aware of how much John tipped him but she saw a thankful smile.
Inside she was immediately taken by the ambience. John authoritively led her to the bar and pulled a stool out for her to sit on. Without even asking what she wanted he ordered two champagne cocktails. As they were being prepared she playfully asked him if that was the nice surprise he had promised. John had a contented smile as he replied.
“Oh! No. You’re lovely surprise should be here in about ten minutes.”
Barbara’s mind raced as she tried to picture what it could be. If it was being delivered it was probably outside of the casino’s treats. Because they would obviously go back to the hotel in a cab she doubted that it was very big, or heavy. John refused to give even the slightest inkling as to what it could be. Barbara
hadn’t got the faintest idea what it could be. Like a schoolgirl awaiting Santa her eyes glistened with anticipation.
Almost on cue a waiter sidled up to their table and called John by his surname. John smiled at Barbara as he stood up and excused himself. In order to disguise her excitement Barbara picked up a menu and appeared as if she was studying it in detail. She never even read what was on it. Then she looked up as John spoke up.
“Barbara, please meet Suzanne.”
Startled Barbara turned her head slightly to look at Suzanne. She was completely taken aback by not only her beauty but also that she looked so young. In her mind she imagined that John was playing a sad game by introducing him to his daughter that he hadn’t even told her about.
Suzanne smiled politely as she looked at the bemused Barbara. Then with an air of confidence that seemed totally out of place with her youth she spoke as she sat down.
“Barbara, please be reassured that John has not only told me all about you but he has also told me that I am to be your present!”
In the moments silence Barbara gasped. She had talked with John about one of her secret fantasies being to try sharing a girl with a man but he had given her no indication that he would arrange for it to happen. Besides, if John had told Suzanne everything about herself she couldn’t imagine a girl as young and beautiful to be interested in fulfilling her fantasy. John took up the conversation in order to make things clear.
“Barbara, let me explain. I first met Suzanne just before we got chatting and during the course of our chats I realised that you two were made for each other. In your own ways. I know it was slightly naughty of me but I did show Suzanne a picture of you and told her about your secret desire.” Barbara instantly hoped that he had only told her of this one desire that she had told him. Some of the others did not involve a female. John continued as she broke out into a sweat.
“Suzanne agreed that you are one horny looking woman and when I told her that we would be meeting tonight she asked me to tell her all about it afterwards. Then it dawned on me that maybe if she came along herself she wouldn’t need to ask. Voila , I added two and two together and came up with three. You, her and me!”
Barbara was completely lost for words. She was rightly angry that John had shown her picture, innocent though it was, to somebody else but at the same time she was flattered that someone in Suzanne’s league would like what she saw. After a few more awkward looks at John she looked Suzanne eye to eye.
The eye contact said it all for her. It was so obvious that what John had said was true. She could see a look of happiness in Suzanne’s eyes. She must have something that took Suzanne’s fancy.
John broke the silence by handing a menu to Suzanne and recommending the smoked salmon for starters. As they ordered and broke into a little light hearted chat Barbara studied Suzanne. It turned out that she was 19 od Danish parents and an art student in north London. She had long blonde hair and the most beautiful eyes that were light green. Her lips reminded Barbara of Bridget Bardot, they were succulently kissable. When she sat back slightly her breasts were more evident under her white blouse. Not large, not small, perfect in fact.
It was only a matter of twenty minutes or so before she began to ease up and feel less tense. John made it easier by revealing that Suzanne must be wet between the legs because of the way she licked her lips when she saw Barbara. Suzanne’s nervous giggle revealed that John knew what he was saying. It felt so strange to be talking in such a frank manner with a man and a girl, especially with other diners less than ten feet away. John obviously revelled in it.
After drinking maybe one more glass of wine than she would normally do Barbara felt so much more at ease. Suzanne, with a little coaxing from John, revealed that she had a fantasy about going the whole hog with a woman since she was about 14 when one of her mother’s friends had kissed her on the lips in a greeting. Whether her mother’s friend had intended it or not it had worried Suzanne because it had felt so good. She hadn’t had the courage to try it, or even talk about it with any of her friends and John was the first person that she had confessed it to. For her part Barbara owned up to first getting the fantasy of being with another woman when she had seen it on one of her ex husband’s blue films.
After two hours they were drinking coffee and the end of the meeting was looming. Both Barbara and Suzanne talked less and less for fear of saying the wrong thing about what they were all going to do when they left. Sensing it was the right moment John said what the girls wanted to hear.
“Right, I can see that you two get on so I will just pay the bill now and then I suggest that we go back to the Hilton where I am sure we are all going to have a good time.”
Not quite sure what the good time was going to include both girls followed John to the door. Within seconds a black cab pulled up in front of them and John gave the doorman a nice tip for his troubles.
Once at the Hilton John instructed Barbara to take Suzanne to the fifteenth floor while he got their key. As they went up in the lift Barbara felt that she had to speak to Suzanne while they were on their own for the first time.
“I don’t know how much John has told you about me but you must know that this is the first time I have even met him.”
Suzanne’s reply both baffled and excited Barbara.
“Oh! I know that. John told me. But you must understand that this is the first time I have met him with another person. It was because you were coming that he persuaded me to join you. He has told me what we are going to do and I am so looking forward to it, especially as you are even lovelier than in your picture!”
Suzanne would not elaborate what was going to happen other than she was sure that Barbara would love it. Before Barbara could prise more out of her John joined them at the door to their room. He had two bottles of Moet & Chandon in his hands.
Barbara’s heart fluttered as he opened the door and ushered them in. To ease the tension Suzanne went in first, followed by John. Barbara dutifully followed. With a big smile on her face Suzanne immediately sat down on the end of the bed. John went over to the fridge and put ne bottle inside. Then almost as if by magic he produced three champagne flute glasses from three separate pockets in his jacket.
“First we should have one drink to celebrate our great fortune in discovering one another. Barbara, please sit next to Suzanne.”
Transfixed Barbara did as she was told. As John presented them both with a glass full of champagne he lowered himself on to his knees in front of them. After a sip at his glass he put it on the floor before taking Suzannes left hand and Barbara’s right hand and placing them on each others knees.
“Please both close your eyes and as you sip your drinks slowly move your hands up and tenderly feel each others inner thigh. Remember, you must do it slowly.”
Barbara could sense that Suzanne wasn’t going to move her hand upward until she started with hers. Nervously she inched her fingers up and slid them around to Suzanne’s inner leg. Suzanne did the same. Both were afraid to move too fast. Barbara could hear John moving but she didn’t open her eyes to see, not because she was afraid of what she might see but because her mind was raging with desire as she could feel the silky smoothness of Suzanne’s leg. Also, Suzanne’s fingers felt so sensuous as they trickled up her leg. Unconsciously both girls opened their legs further. Barbara didn’t need to check that she was wet. She was gushing.
Just as both girls were pushing each others skirts further up John told them to stop and open their eyes. Barbara looked at him with a lost look in her eyes. What would they do from here?
“ Right, stand up Suzanne. Barbara I want you to lay back in the centre of the bed. No need to take your shoes or coat off.”
Barbara quickly finished the champagne in her glass and handed it to Suzanne. Just lying on the bed Barbara decided to look straight up at the ceiling as she knew that the plan was laid out. She had no idea what was going to happen next.
“Ok! Suzanne do exactly what I do.”
With that she felt first her left ankle then her right ankle being gently lifted and moved away from each other. When they had each reached the corner of the bed she felt something being tied around them. She daren’t look down. Then the same thing happened to her wrists. This time she looked at John and then at Suzanne and saw that they were tying her wrists to the top two corners of the bed. She had seen a few pictures of women being tied up in this fashion but had never believed it would happen to her. Suzzanne was breathing fast, Barbara even faster.
Once fully tied John and Suzanne walked to the end of the bed and smiled as they looked down on her.
John then reached in his pocket and took out an incredibly small camera and after a little meddling with it he placed it on the top of the fridge pointing in her direction. As if reading her mind he spoke calmly.
“Don’t worry Barbara, when we have finished you can take the chip from this so you are one hundred percent certain that you have the one and only copy. Suzanne, for the same purpose I want you to wear this mask……………if you want.”
With that he reached into a holdall bag that was on the chair and produced a bright orange mask that would cover most of her eyes and her nose. Sufficient enough to hide her identity. Suzanne seemed to be reluctant as she put it on.
After she had hidden her identity Barbara watched with interest as John produced a large pair of scissors from the same bag. Strangely she never felt in danger in the least. He indicated to Suzanne to stand to one side and watch.
Slowly he stepped forward before leaning over. He reached over with his left hand just below Barbara’s left wrist. She watched him closely as he slowly, meticulously started cutting into the sleeve of her black jacket. Inch by inch he scythed up her arm. He stopped momentarily when he got to the breast. Smiling he continued and made his way to her lapel.
The room was silent. Barbara was breathing deeply, so was Suzanne. John just smiled. When he had cut all the way across he gently placed the scissors on the side of the bed. After looking across at Suzanne to make sure she was taking it all in he placed both of his hands on Barbara’s left arm by the wrist. Slowly he moved his hands across, unfolding the sleeve as he did so. Barbara could feel his hands on her arm but only tenderly. When his hands reached her breast they seemed to press more into her. His hands cupped her left breast before squeezing a little.
Once satisfied that her jacket had parted from her arm and left side he passed the scissors to Suzanne. Without a word being said she proceeded to do the same operation on Barbara’s right side, John just stood back and watched.
Suzanne was not quite as smooth as John when she got to the breast part but she was equally unhurried. After looking at John and seeing him nod she slid her hands up Barbara’s right arm and gently squeezed her right breast.
Barbara could feel herself gushing. She had never been touched in such an intimate way by a female ever before. It felt wonderful. Almost magical.
After a short while she suddenly felt her jacket being dragged from under her body. Suzanne handed the scissors back to John and he immediately began doing the same operationon the sleeve of her white blouse. However she never looked. Her eyes were still on Suzanne who was afraid to look back. Instead she watched what John was doing.
It was an identical operation to the cutting of the jacket. Just as slow and just as delicate. Again, when he had finished cutting, John trickled his fingers up Barbara’s arm. Again there was a gentle squeezing of her left tit.
Barbara got a whiff of Suzannes Anais Anais perfume as she leaned across her to retrieve the scissors. Suzanne was aware of this and leaned in closer as she steadily cut the blouse away.
When she had finished cutting she nervously handed the scissors back to John. Unlike the jacket the blouse was buttoned all the way up the front. One by one John snipped each of the eight buttons away. Again he pulled the garment from under Barbara.
Starting at the bottom John cut the trousers along the side seam. Slowly, making sure that her stockings weren’t even laddered as he made his way up. When he had completed the task he put the scissors down before parting the trouser s from her leg. All the time caressing her as his hands got higher.
Suzanne eagerly took over once he had finished. John just stood back and watched her handiwork with a little smile on his face.
Suzanne’s right hand pressed a little longer than John’s when she reached the crotch. She was obviously aware of just how wet Barbara was.
After John tugged the trousers away he took the camera that was recording all the action and focused it close up on Barbara’s fanny. The red thong was darker were her juices had soaked through. John wanted her to see this at her own leisure. Satisfied that he had made a good recording he put the camera back to its previous vantage point before continuing the desecration of her clothes. All he did this time was snip the side and top of her bra before handing the scissors to Suzanne. There was no touching. He just left the bra cup resting on her breast. Suzanne did the same and handed the scissors back. Satisfied that Suzanne was waiting for him to show the way John indicated that she move to be directly opposite him at the side of the bed before leaning down and sliding his hand under the loose cup on top of her breast. Within a few seconds Suzanne had done the same. With his left hand he threw the cups away before squeezing Barbara’s left breast quite a bit harder this time. Suzanne followed suit but not quite as hard as John. He then began sucking on her nipple. First of all softly but gradually harder as Suzanne followed his lead. After a few minute’s of being ravaged in this fashion John placed both his hands either side of Suzanne’s face, pulling it towards him. Their lips met and although Barbara was a little relieved that her nipples had been relieved of the ravenous sucking she felt a little cheated at seeing their tongues delving into each others mouths not six inches from her eyes. Just as she was about to tell them to stop they moved their faces closer to her and all of a sudden she felt first John’s, then Suzanne’s lips pressed against hers. John’s kiss was good and welcome but when Suzanne was kissing her she orgasmed immediately. She had never felt a woman’s lips before. The lipstick seemed to make them very sensuous. As she felt Suzanne’s tongue dancing with her own John kissed her on her closed eyes.
After a few more minutes John pulled away first of all and then Suzanne. Aware that all she had left on now were her thong, garters and stockings she waiting for the garters to be cut away. She was a little surprised when she felt the thong being snipped. She looked up to see John holding it to Suzanne’s nose.
Not knowing what to expect next she willingly complied when John told her to shut her eyes. After what seemed a long pause she felt a the tip of a tongue parting her labia lips. In all honesty she had no idea who it was but it felt wonderful. Within 30 seconds she had cum again.
While she was in the midst of delirium she suddenly felt her head tugged to one side. Before she could comprehend what was happening a cock slid into her mouth. The hands that had pulled her head to one side then slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She felt this was quite strange as it was obvious who was doing what. Nevertheless she was loving the sensations. Being licked and sucking a cock at the same time in this fashion was better than any sixty nine position she had ever experienced before. Her tongue wrapped around John’s cock as a sign of appreciation.
With her mind split between her sucking and her feeling a tongue dancing with her clitoris she was slightly relieved when Suzanne pulled away. She concentrated on John’s cock expecting it to shoot spunk down her throat any second.
Then she felt the warmth of something being slid into her fanny. When she could feel Suzanne’s knees against her thighs she envisioned Suzanne with a dildo strapped around her waist. It felt as good as the real thing, Suzanne was obviously an expert.
Just then it dawned on her that Suzanne’s legs were extremely hairy for a girl and just as she puzzled over this John’s cock expanded just prior to spunk filling her mouth. She forgot Suzanne’s unshaved legs as she swallowed John’s spunk. Just then She felt him get on the bed and with his shins pressing lightly against her arms she could sense him lowering himself in order to feed his cock into her mouth again. But he never. Instead she felt labia lips being pressed against her lips.
She wondered what on earth was going on. She wanted to voice her confusion but couldn’t because as soon as she opened her mouth to speak she could feel a clitoris sliding against her top lip. Against all her instincts she forgot the situation and proceeded to lick Suzanne’s clitoris. She was still being pounded by the mysterious other person. She reasoned that it was a cock. Indeed it was a much larger cock than the one she had been sucking but she didn’t give a damn. Whatever was happening to her was good.
Just as she felt her face being covered with Suzanne’s juice there was an eruption of spunk in her fanny.
As she felt the mystery person pull away Suzanne repositioned herself and started to kiss her. It really was Suzanne’s fanny pressed against hers as their tongues battled to savour the juice that was in Barbara’s mouth and all over her face.
After a few minutes of tongue duelling Suzanne pulled away. Barbara was spent. She heard the rustling as John and Suzanne were rearranging their clothing. Then light hit her eyes as John pulled the blindfold up to her forehead.
Before she had a chance to speak she was silenced by john putting his forefinger to his lips in a request for silence. He looked at her in the eyes as he spoke.
“Barbara. I will not say if it was my cock in your cunt or your mouth but…………….Me and Suzanne are just going downstairs for a little while. Do you want me to leave you as you are or do you want the blindfold put back over your eyes?”
“What happens if I tell you I want to stay as I am?”
“Then you will see whether or not your next cock is mine or fanny is Suzanne’s.”
After a moment’s pause as she weighed up what was happening Barbara made her decision.
“Then I want the blindfold on.”
Ten seconds later she heard the door open and close as she stared at the blackness. What could she expect?


2014-12-12 20:52:23
I am from the USA, but am enamoured of the way British people speak and write so lucidly and eloquently... never underestimate the erotic attraction of a good vocabulary properly communicated! Very well done! I had a "brain-gasm"! Yum!


2010-06-14 16:56:24
Nice... very exciting


2008-06-28 14:24:06
This story is too long. mMy cock became hard, but fell soft before the story ended.


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What's next?

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